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News Articles

McCain - The GOP's best and brightest. (The old school GOP that is)

Does the GOP really want this man as our President?

July 19, 2008 Permalink

The saddest choices for President ever.

July 19, 2008 Permalink

State GOP cans their convention

At their state convention in Reno, a committee report was brought to reviewjournalthe floor, recommending the slate of delegates who should attend the national convention. But remember all those newcomers, anxious to participate in the political process -- the ones party leaders were welcoming last fall? They insisted the party platform be amended to include some mention of sound money and an end to the Federal Reserve -- the Ron Paul plank -- and proceeded to insist additional delegate nominations be accepted from the floor.
All perfectly legal, no doubt.
But so much for "welcoming all that new blood."
Yes, the result in Minneapolis is a foregone conclusion. But can we, perhaps, be subjected to substantially fewer expressions of puzzlement the next time we hear that Americans are giving up on the political process, expressing doubts that partisan activism "is any way to change things"?
July 19, 2008 Permalink

The Ron Paul Factor

The story begins with the GOP debate held at the Ronald Reagan nolanPresidential Library. ABC News conducted a poll after the event that asked, "Which Republican came out on top?" After just more than 18,000 votes had been collected, 15,568 Americans had voted for Ron Paul. The closest candidate to the congressman was Mitt Romney with a grand total of 221.
ABC News contributed Rep. Paul's popularity to Internet activism, but this is problematic since he also won several polls that only allowed one vote per IP address.
The GOP debate at South Carolina followed the same trend, but this time the media was out for blood. The congressman's views on foreign policy had stirred controversy and FOX News was ready to pounce.
July 19, 2008 Permalink

Nevada GOP Cancels Convention, Opts for Conference Call

Citing a lack of interest, the Nevada Republican Party has called off its wall street journalstate convention and will instead pick its delegates to the national convention by private conference call.
The state party broke up its original convention in April when supporters of Ron Paul hijacked the proceedings and tried to elect delegates for their candidate to the national GOP convention in September.
The news provides further evidence of a fractured and unenthusiastic Republican Party in some parts of the country.
July 19, 2008 Permalink

MAJOR PROJECT: DVDs For Delegates to Elect Ron Paul

G. Edward Griffin (author of The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve) makes a pressing case for all delegates and winning the nomination.
ALL aboard folks! It is time to take the power back! Please help and support this project in anyway you can as it will have major impact on ALL delegates to the convention.

July 18, 2008 Permalink

Welcome to the National DVDs for Delegates Project

We Can Still Win the GOP Nomination - This Project Will Continue dvds4delegatesThrough the End
Fact 1: The convention can still nominate Dr. Paul for the Presidency—even with the “Official Campaign Ending.”
Fact 2: There is no law requiring Delegates to vote for the candidate they are “bound” to.
There is no law preventing his nomination at that convention, even with the campaign organization closing. We checked with our lawyers.
These Delegates are Morally Bound, not to a particular candidate, but to Represent the People who supported that candidate. If they are presented with pertinent information that was previously hidden from them—they are Morally Bound to adapt to that information and make the best choice they can for their constituents.
July 18, 2008 Permalink

GOP cancels state convention; panel to pick Nevada national delegates

Longtime Nevada Republicans said they've never experienced an rgjaborted state convention.
The dispute is almost certain to end up in court.
"I'm confident whatever decision the executive board reaches will stand on the record," he said.
Mike Weber, a Republican activist who chaired the insurgent convention, said he's prepared to take his challenge of whatever slate the board puts forward to the Republican National Committee.
"Denying the right of ordinary Republicans to participate in the selection of our national Republican presidential nominee is an intolerable violation of Republican rules and principles," he said.
July 18, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on One to One with Bill Goodman

On location at Western Kentucky University, Bill sits down with U.S. Rep. and presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) to discuss health care, the economy, the war in Iraq, education, and other issues at the forefront of the 2008 presidential election. Paul also discusses his campaign strategy and his book The Revolution: A Manifesto. A 2008 KET production.

July 17, 2008 Permalink

Nevada GOP won’t reconvene convention

The Nevada Republican Party says it won't reconvene its state las vegas sunconvention because it cannot not get enough delegates to attend.
The party recessed its first state convention in April after supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul objected to last minute rule changes.
A group led by those Paul voters met in June to elect what they say is the a legitimate delegation to the national convention in St. Paul in August.
Moyle says that meeting was invalid. He says the state
executive board will now appoint delegates to the national convention. The dispute is likely to be decided by the Republican National Committee.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Statement before the Financial Services Committee Humphrey Hawkins Hearing on Monetary Policy

Mr. Chairman, today we find ourselves on the verge of an economic crisis speechesthe likes of which the United States has not seen in decades. Our economy is very clearly in a recession, and every time someone tells us that the worst has passed, another serious event takes place, as we saw once again last week and early this week. Everyone now realizes that the situation is dire, yet either no one understands the cause behind the credit crisis, or no one is willing to take the necessary steps to ensure as orderly an end to the crisis as possible. Instead, we hear talk of further bailouts. The Fed-brokered takeover of Bear Stearns, a supposed one-off incident, has now been joined by a potential bailout of the Government-Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Dr.Paul talks about Bernanke's Testimony

Dr.Paul talks about Bernanke's Testimony. Inflation. Economy

July 17, 2008 Permalink

Proof Media Ignored Ron Paul Campaign

As you can clearly see, Paul is destroying McCain in popularity when their media coverage is close to the same. Bit notice how despite his popularity, the news starts covering McCain overwhelmingly in the beginning of 2008. Despite the fact that Paul is nearly three times as popular on the internet at the beginning of 2008, the media pays him very little attention compared to McCain. This is crucial, as this is when voting is starting.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Range of acceptable opinion small

Bernanke can usually provide no more answer to Paul's questions than red and blackto repeat economic generalities or sometimes simply affirm that Paul's suspicions have some truth, without recommending any solutions. But an economic measure called the Producer Price Index (PPI) seems to somewhat bear out Paul's hypothesis. A chart of the PPI over the past 90 years, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows prices in this measure holding relatively stable until about the mid-70s and then taking a sharp upturn. Could this be related to the fact that the American dollar was fully taken off of the gold standard in 1971, and full control of the money supply was given to the Fed? Paul's answer is yes, and his solution is a return to the gold standard.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 07/16/2008

Glenn Beck...Ron Paul told you about this last year.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Suddenly Everyone Agrees With Ron Paul!

It seemed that Ron Paul was everywhere today, and that everyone was in agreement with him. Let’s start with Fed Chairman Bernanke: “Congressman, I couldn’t agree with you more that inflation is a tax, and that inflation is currently too high.
July 17, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on Kudlow and Company, 07/16/08

Kudlow praises Paul for his performance at the Federal Reserve hearings. Paul stands up for hard money and a gold standard while the panel makes excuses for Bernanke.

It is time that America listens to those who have been correct about our current financial crises - the Austrian economists. No more monetarists, Keynesians, or big governments enablers! Money should be in the hands of the people, not the government!

July 16, 2008 Permalink

Fed Chairman: Lenders OK, But Unknowns Abound

With the latest government reports showing a marked increase in consumer prices last month, the issue of inflation and a weakening US dollar also prompted a strong response from former Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul.
“You’re probably the biggest taxer in the country, even bigger than the Congress,” Paul said of the Federal Reserve and its control of the amount of dollars flowing through the US economy.
”I maintain that as the increase in the supply of money is a tax, a regressive tax it hurts the poor and retired,” he continued.
“Every time we see the cost of living going up, we are indirectly paying a tax.”
July 16, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 7/16/08

Ron Paul discusses inflation and how it's really just a hidden tax.

July 16, 2008 Permalink

UPDATE: Ron Paul March on Washington All 26 parts In One Place

Complete...26 parts now available.

Ron Paul March on Washington All 26 Parts July 16, 2008 Permalink

GOP Asks the Net For Advice, Paulites Answer the Call ... And Answer, And Answer

When the Republican party issued a clarion call last week for its wiredgrassroots supporters to submit ideas online to build the party's platform, RNC officials probably weren't expecting a concerted push for the dismantling of the Federal Reserve and a return to the gold standard.
"Get rid of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and go back to a sound gold and silver based currency," wrote Cathy, a contributer from Stevensville, Mont., in a post to the "Jobs and Economic Growth" section of the site.
It's just one of pages and pages of comments submitted by users complaining about the Federal Reserve; abolishing the bank is one of Paul's core policy issues.
July 16, 2008 Permalink

Dr. Paul TV Trifecta Today!

Americans continue to open their ears and minds the the message of limited government and free markets. Dr. Paul will be on cable news three times today:
1) FOX News with David Asman, filling in for Neil Cavuto, at 4:06 pm ET. 2) CNBC with Larry Kudlow at 5:30 pm ET.
3) CNN Headline News with Glen Beck.
Check your local listings, as this program re-airs several times. Dr. Paul’s segment should hit in the middle of the program. On all three shows, Dr. Paul will discuss housing and financial markets
July 16, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke [Complete] 7/16/08

Ron Paul takes on evil fed chairman Ben Bernanke. Opening Statement and Q&A.

July 16, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul fans push GOP buttons

McKay said that the "shenanigan" treatment of the Paul camp at the state convention in Spokane definitely sparked some Paul backers to run for PCO. He said the new people may not be ready for county officer positions yet in the party, but they can learn the ropes of grass-roots politics.
"People are getting involved in the political system for the first time and (seeing) what they can do to improve it," he said.
McKay said that he himself was done with Republican politics until Paul's run for president fired him up again.
July 16, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Statement on H Con Res 385

Condemning the Attack on the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires , Argentine, in July 1994 and for other purposes.
speechesThose pushing for a US attack on Iran are using this tragic event to foment fear in the United States that Iran and Hezbollah are perpetrating terrorist acts in the Western Hemisphere . This is another in an ongoing series of resolutions we see on the House floor pushing us toward war against Iran . I have no doubt that we will see another similar resolution on the floor next week, and the week after, and so on until we find ourselves making another tragic mistake as we did in 2002 with H J Res 114 giving the president the authority to attack Iraq.
I urge my colleagues to resist this push to war with Iran before it is too late.
July 16, 2008 Permalink

McCain: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...Iran

July 16, 2008 Permalink

Jim Rogers Horrifies the Liars by Telling the Truth

Courtesy of the blog, we have this fantastic clip of Jim Rogers on CNBC talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the proposed bailout. Watch the others stumble and stammer as they try desperately to perform the media’s function of defending the state and the status quo against Rogers’ relentless attack.
July 15, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul @ Mr. Smiths Friday July 11th 2008

On Friday July 11th, I woke up, went to hand out pamphlets to the members of congress in regards to Nafta, and then went to protest in front of the Federal Reserve, then we decided after a long day of activism, let's go get some beer... little did we know that after about 30 beers... Ron Paul would show up, and give an impromptu speech... which I happened to tape.

July 15, 2008 Permalink

Operation St. Paul

Today is the fund raising day for a wonderful project run by the people at the The American Liberty Coalition PAC. They call it “Operation St. Paul” and their goal is to raise $50k in order to cover St. Paul, MN with wonderful billboards like these:
opweration st. paul
July 15, 2008 Permalink

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