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We have the Power: Ron Paul, James Sugra, Trevor Lyman, and the “Money Bomb” that Rocked America


The best ideas often stem from the inspiration of motivated individuals, filling a need where they see necessity. 

“Remember, remember the 5th of November!” 

What to most began as a movie tagline based on British history, turned out to be a record setting day in Republican fundraising.
A testament to the power of an idea, James Sugra was inspired to use his talents to create a video in support of what he believed in; Ron Paul.  One idea starts it all.  When people synergize, amazing things start to happen, for instance, the money bomb created on November 5, 2007.  For Sugra, the power of the individual was not lost.  Refusing to succumb to the paralyzing idea that We the People are powerless to change the world.  James went forth with conviction, and created a video that united a grassroots movement to make history.  This one idea by a common man, elicited the support of other talented individuals who had the skills to set his vision in motion, and thus propelling Ron Paul into the limelight. 

One such individual is Trevor Lyman.  You may have heard his name all over the media. He is responsible for taking James’ idea, and creating the website that raised 4.3 million for Ron Paul in a mere 24 hours; an event unparalleled in history.   That is approximately $3000.00 per second!  Of note, Barak Obama and Fred Thompson recently tried to duplicate Ron Paul’s success, but failed miserably.  This is a testament to the fact that Ron Paul is backed by living and breathing people, not soulless corporations seeking political favors.   Without the spark of inspiration from James Sugra in the first place, this website probably would have never existed, nor would have history been made.

Currently, the newest idea by the same group in support of Ron Paul is I’m sure there will be many others to follow.  The take away point is that we are not powerless, and we have unlimited potential when we collaborate and act in accordance with our own best interests.  Everyone is blessed with various talents and abilities. Each person has invaluable contributions to offer. 

I have personally met James Sugra, at a sign waving in Dana Point a few weeks ago.  We spoke for a few minutes about his videos and his ideas, and I expressed my gratitude to him for starting what became a windfall of media publicity, and also a turning point for Ron Paul’s campaign.   We here at would like to personally recognize Trevor Lyman, James Sugra and those American Patriots who made history happen. 

In James Sugra’s own words, here is how the idea for came to be:

November 5th for Ron Paul,

The message started on Oct 11th, 2007. I just got home from work and did my normal routine, logged on to my favorite websites and checked out what was the good message for the day for Ron Paul. I have been an avid supporter for the last 7 months supporting him in many ways from donating to being active online. I’ve been a lifelong Republican since the first time I was able to vote. Please note:  I did not vote for Bush the second time, but I did support his original message which Dr. Paul proclaims as good policy.

I got my inspiration from someone saying we need a day where we can all do a mass donation. I immediately thought of November 5th as being a great day to do this but I figured someone had already thought of it. I searched the web for an hour typing in key words and nothing came up. There was an energy that came over me. To this day I still do not understand it.

I started posting a viral message all over the web under different aliases to get the word out on the streets. I tried contacting some of the most popular authors of Ron Paul YouTube videos.  I thought to myself it was time to take action. On Oct 15th, I launched the initial video. I spent 4 hours making November 5th for Ron Paul.  Immediately I was faced with the question:  how many donors were feasible?   So I went to the spots where Ron Paul supporters gather:  MySpace, Face book, YouTube and Meet Up to figure out what a good number would be.

November 5th for Ron Paul! The video that started it all.

I decided to aim high and make it 100,000 people at $100 dollars apiece. I had received criticism from multiple people saying it was too high many times. I figured if we didn’t make the exact goal it would at least inspire people to donate more. I knew even if we raised a couple million it was good publicity and we would reach the effect of the 10 million dollar goal through the media. The message was never about” V for Vendetta” or Guy Fawkes, although my first video was inspired by that idea. I figured it was a good hook that could inspire people to participate in  a mass donation.

This was never about a violent revolution it was about fighting fire with fire. The media had down played almost all Ron Paul’s success. I created a message that made people stop, think and put their money where it counted; in Dr. Paul’s campaign for undisputed validity. Even today I feel like we stopped them from removing Dr. Paul from the upcoming Iowa debate.

On Oct 18th at 12:06 am, I was contacted by someone by the name of RonPaulMeetUpVideos on YouTube otherwise known as Trevor Lyman. His very words to me were: “We’ve built a website for this... can you update your video to give the link?”

I knew from the beginning something special started the first day I released the video. I received 3,500 hits, around 50 comments and positive feedback from everyone saying, “Count me in.” It was simply amazing. I would be lying if I said I knew the extent of what was about to occur and how it created shock waves so powerful through the media. It has cemented Ron Paul in the GOP race.

As the days went by,  I watched anxiously with my fellow supporters as we took our message to the web and made a viral campaign that would not soon be forgotten. People from all around started contributing different things. Someone came up with the idea for the countdown and even included the fact we had day light savings time. Another person created the famous graphics. This was a revolutionary grassroots effort that came from so many people.

As the days approached November 5th I heard something shocking. I was informed by my mother that November 5th was my father’s birthday. I had completely forgotten about this fact because my father passed away 9 years ago when I was 18 years old. He was a first generation immigrant from Argentina who very much believed in America and all the hope and aspiration it offers.  This was about one week before November 5th.  I got the chills so badly, you would have thought I saw a ghost.

I give 100% credit to Trevor for organizing this effort and taking it to its full potential. This message would be nothing if it wasn’t for Ron Paul and the inspiration he has stirred in all of us. I am nobody.  I am kid at heart with a dream from Huntington Beach, CA.  This is a story for all of Ron Paul’s supporters and for all people: You can make a difference. Do not sit at home and hope for the best because we only get one shot at this. On November 5th, 2007 we proved that loud and clear.

Yours Truly,
James Sugra

Meet Up Group member 59 Irvine

November 18, 2007 Permalink

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