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The Cat Is Out Of the Bag: Ron Paul Is a Top Tier Candidate
The media monopolies seem to be only fooling themselves; the cat is out of the bag, Ron Paul is a top tier candidate. Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a force to be reckoned with within the GOP. According to the last quarter filings he has more money in the bank than John McCain and sources tell USA Daily that Paul’s next quarter numbers will surpass expectations. Fund raising ability is as much an indicator of a campaign’s popularity as are poll numbers. Whether you agree with Paul or not on the issues, his campaign is serious and has national support despite media censorship.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

AP discovers the 'Ron Paul Revolution;' campaign's Meetup deadline nears
usaGo here to see what the Paul campaign's "Meetup competition" is all about (hint: raise money for his effort and you might win). Don't hesitate if you're a fan: The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. ET tonight.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Is it About Ron Paul or is it the Revolution?
Ron Paul supporters are everywhere on the web and around the country. loveTheir grassroots campaign claims to have 37,000 volunteers working on the “Revolution”–with evol being LOVE. But what is more important to these supporters–Ron Paul or the Revolution?
August 31, 2007 Permalink

POLL: Who should be the next President of the United States?
August 31, 2007 Permalink

A Ron Paul Blueprint for Dismantling Big Government?
Yesterday Lew Rockwell published his first 30 day by day plan for eliminating big government. Here's an excerpt: DAY TWENTY-THREE: The EPA is cleaned out, with all "clean air" and similar big-government laws repealed. Ten thousand lawyers leap from their balconies. Private property is established in air and water. Americans harmed by pollution are free to sue the polluters, who are no longer protected by the federal government.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Truck 2 - Over the Top

August 31, 2007 Permalink

Underdog Paul Inspires Political Passion
Bush "did nothing but increase the size of government. The Republican averyabcParty needs to move back to its core principles," Knapp said. Many Paul supporters share Knapp's disdain for what he called a "neo-conservative clique" and hope Paul can spark a Goldwater-style insurgency.
At 46, Kevin Leslie has never bothered with politics. After watching an interview with Paul during his 1988 campaign as candidate for the Libertarian Party, Leslie told himself, "If this guy ever runs for president again, I'll back him."
August 31, 2007 Permalink

ACLU joins fight over sign touting '08 hopeful
Bryan Orr, 24, put a sign in front of his home on West Minnehaha Drive orlandothis month touting Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul. But a Clermont official told Orr that he had to either pay a $50 refundable deposit or take down the sign -- and violation would lead to a $250 citation.
Orr challenged the city's code, calling it an infringement of his political free speech. So he contacted the media and the ACLU to gain awareness for his cause and some extra publicity for Paul.
It worked.
The ACLU Foundation of Florida sent a letter to Clermont on Thursday arguing that the city's implementation of the code was unconstitutional. The civil-rights watchdog also threatened Clermont with a federal lawsuit if it tried to pursue enforcement against Orr.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Praise for Paul
It is disingenuous and incorrect to suggest that Dr. Ron Paul does not support the voting rights of minorities or that he wants to make it easier to victimize children. He simply asserts the U.S. Constitution says what it means and means what it says: that these issues are the responsibility of the states.
Without that understanding of our governmental structure, it is easy to see how someone uninformed on constitutional theory might assume that Ron Paul is simply on the wrong side. Nothing could be further from the truth.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Partisan disillusionment and the Internet fuel supporters of Ron Paul's presidential bid
NEW YORK: Passengers on a plane leaving New York could see three heraldwords in 4-foot (1.2-meter) block letters painted on a rooftop terrace in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood as they ascended: GOOGLE RON PAUL.
The entreaty to search the Internet for news of the Republican congressman from rural Texas who is running for president is one of the more visible signs of enthusiasm from a do-it-yourself base of Web fans. Their support does not show up in public opinion polls, but it is unmatched among presidential candidates in its passion.
On their own, the fans have developed a Ron Paul Revolution logo, marketing the idea through YouTube. Message boards and Web sites debate his virtues.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Paul Grabs Attention of Alienated Voters
The iconoclastic "Dr. Paul" is a libertarian advocate of minimalist WSJgovernment, a foe of the Federal Reserve and anything else not explicitly allowed by the Constitution, and perhaps the most antiwar candidate in the race. Thanks to the unprecedented number of early debates, he has been able to share the stage with his better-funded Republican establishment rivals. But it is the Internet that has amplified his message and introduced Mr. Paul to voters alienated from both parties. His rise, though modest, is testament as well to the power of his noninterventionist message, even in a party led by President Bush.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

Showdown Over Iran We can stop the coming war with Iran – but concerned Americans must act quickly
It is also true that – naturally – the major Republican presidential antiwarcandidates are even more vehemently calling for an attack – and they won't rule out using nukes. The only sane Republican in the lot – Ron Paul, of course – is plainly horrified by this, but the Republicans' willingness to contemplate a nuclear Armageddon in the Middle East is hardly surprising, coming from a party effectively in the grip of deranged "born-again" dispensationalists – for whom rumors of nuclear war are part and parcel of the "good news" that Christ is returning. It has been widely noted that the Republicans have become a party of authoritarians, but it's much worse than that: they've morphed into a party of lunatics, as well.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

A band of Ron Paul supporters
If Golden Bear makes it to the top five, they'll be able to promote Ron Paul lrwat the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Currently, they're at number 6, about 600 votes from being in the festival. Give them your vote!
August 31, 2007 Permalink

The Net’s Affinity for Ron Paul Explained!
However, Paul has managed to garner an astonishingly high level of support from one demographic, that which includes bloggers, blog
readers, and internet technophiles. Paul has scored overwhelming
iconsvictories on online polls frequented by such individuals. And, although Republican commentators suggest this is a result of a few conspiring techies unleashing an army of bots to influence poll results, there is a far simpler explanation. Paul’s libertarian philosophy resonate with this internet savvy demographic. Here is why.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

It’s no joke: Ron Paul the real deal
In a campaign where a frontrunner without experience tricks the media badgerheraldinto reporting otherwise and a guy who reflexively wants to “double Guantanamo” wins the Iowa straw poll, a little common sense can be refreshing. But in today’s political climate, there’s no sense more uncommon than the Constitution. That’s why voters from all across the political spectrum should seriously consider voting for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.
August 31, 2007 Permalink

An Account from a Maryland Ron Paul Supporter
Just as an aside, I was walking past the Jews for Jesus booth a couple of booths down from GOP booth. One of the Jews for Jesus calls out to me, “Oh, Ron Paul, give me 5 good reasons”, which I promptly rattled off. He agreed with me, surprisingly, but unsurprisingly opined that we didn’t have a chance. I said, well, you don’t know unless you try, and anyhow, we are on an unsustainable path as a nation, so change is either going to come from ourselves or from external agency. He agreed, but asked if it were possible to make the RP changes without marching on DC in an armed revolt. I said, don’t know until you try, and we can’t just stand by and do nothing. A nice exchange, but left me shaking my head at the irony of a Jew for Jesus admonishing me about long-shot campaigns.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Come out and join us at the Texas GOP Straw Poll!
As most of you are aware, the Texas GOP Straw Poll takes place this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. It is crucial that Dr. Paul win his home state, and will all of our combined support, he will do just that!
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Censorship of Ron Paul's success
If you where to go to last week you would have noticed Ron Paul's overwhelming support across the nation. This site allowed you to view their votes from any state. Ron Paul was winning by large margins, then suddenly they dropped him. We must all write them and ask them why they are censoring the voice of the people! He was leading in almost all of the polls by large margins, then sudden they took him off the ballet. This will not stand! Speak UP to them and tell them!
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Republican Jewish Coalition Excludes Ron Paul From Their Candidates’ Forum
Let them know how you feel, but be nice. Remember you are representing Ron Paul (or Tancredo or Hunter). Will these control freaks never learn. You can’t silence Ron Paul’s supporters. You just make them mad.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Skyspot Advertising Campaign for Ron Paul In Orlando, FL

August 30, 2007 Permalink

Is this illegal? Pay fee or fine to post political signorr
CLERMONT - Bryan Orr believes in the political process. That's why he posted a sign supporting a presidential candidate in his front yard.
Now Orr's facing a different political process, one that could force him to remove that sign.
The 24-year-old Orr thinks that's wrong. So does the American Civil Liberties Union. A
fter the sign went up, Orr said he was notified by Betty McMinamen, the city's code enforcement officer, that a local ordinance mandates a $50 fee to post a political sign. Failure to comply could mean a fine of $250.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Supporters Try To Give Romney Political Advice
Mitt Romney was in Huntsville for a fundraiser last night, and local Ron Paul supporters used his visit as an excuse to wave Ron Paul signs and distribute campaign literature.
Around 25 people showed up, everyone had a good time, and a lot of rush hour drivers had the opportunity to honk enthusiastically at the Ron Paul folks.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

The record of Ron Paul; his actions speak louder than campaign rhetoric - 1st in a series
rpI contend that part of being a conscientious citizen is being a knowledgeable citizen. One of the reasons we have legislators who relinquish their responsibilities to the executive branch and an executive branch which mictrates on the Constitution and the judiciary making law, is that too many of us do not do our due diligence as citizens. Too many of us simply vote along party lines, we vote for the candidate with the best hair, we vote based on who the New York Times endorses, or we hold our noses and ’vote for the lesser evil’, if we even vote at all. This must be rectified if we are ever to get back the freedoms that the government, which we elected, has usurped.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Everything in Texas is bigger… Especially the lies they tell
Ron Paul and I would disagree on a lot of things, but we agree on a lot of the big issues. We both think the PATRIOT Act is anything but patriotic. We think consumers’ rights should be more important than a corporate stranglehold on how people use content or technology after they have already paid for it. We think law abiding citizens should have every right to own fire arms for hunting, recreation, or home defense but convicted criminals should not. We both believe in a balance between personal financial responsibility and helping your neighbors when they fall on hard times. We disagree on a few things, but I attribute that to differences in our generations and the fact that he is a Christian (not the currently in vogue hypocritical variety, either) whereas I am an Atheist.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

How A Dark-Horse Can Win The Nomination
So in that spirit, I seized upon the darkest of dark horses in the Republican column, Cong. Ron Paul of Texas, and sketched out a plan of attack for him. That doesn’t mean I’m for him: It means that pursuing a definite strategy he can come close to winning — and maybe win if fortune smiles. Be­lieve it or not, I’ve heard far and wide from people who say it makes sense. Of course it does! It’s the only way for a candidate with little money who is fighting those with big media budgets.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

The Foot of the Tyrant
That one lone voice for me has been Ron Paul. I don’t believe I have ever LRWwitnessed a more inspirational act of selfless courage than that of Ron Paul when he said the words that our government/media hate machine refuses to recognize – even though it is a big, fat, smelly, purple elephant sitting in the middle of the room. The world hates us and we have been attacked (and we may be attacked again) because of our actions overseas – because of our foreign policy of aggression. Ron Paul was viciously attacked for those words, but he refused to back down. As a result, his popularity has escalated and he is now a very real force in the 2008 presidential election.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Book Project
I got it into my head that Dr. Paul could really use a book about him -- written by us -- to help spread the unbiased word about him during the upcoming campaign.
Since the MSM seems intent on ignoring him and us, we need to exploit the channels that are available to us in such a way that we cannot be ignored. It seems to me that the last bastions of free speech are the internet and books.
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Paul Gains Another Endorsement
Ron Paul's campaign recently announced that it has gained the endorsement of Dr. Stephen King. Dr. King is the past president of Gun Owners of New Hampshire. In a campaign press release, King said that he was supporting Paul because "Considering all of the 2008 Presidential candidates, Democrat or Republican, Dr. Ron Paul is the only one I trust to protect our right to keep and bear arms without compromise."
August 30, 2007 Permalink

Orange County Register Takes Notice of the Irvine Meetup #59!
Irvine is Ron Paul paradise
You may have forgotten about presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, but OCthere’s apparently plenty of people in Irvine who haven’t. His positions include no amnesty for illegal immigrants, no abortion rights, and the argument that Iraq war is a mistake.
Allen Barlett at the Powder Blue blog has posted that the Irvine Ron Paul Meetup has raised more dough for Paul than any other group in the country. (Neither Allen’s nor Ron Paul’s site say just how much that is.) Apparently, this fundraising is a competition, and the winner gets a visit from the congressman.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

My Favorite Ron Paul Video
If you haven’t at least Googled Ron Paul, do yourself a favor and do that now. I am a registered Democrat folks. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. A friend spoke to me about Ron Paul and I took her advice and Googled his name. I think it might have changed my life, and I am not kidding. Never have I been inspired by someone who was running for the office of the president before. Never have I considered actually donating money before. But I am inspired by him and his constant truth and principle. I actually donated money to a political campaign. I am still shocked by that, and the fact that I will continue to donate as I am able until he (hopefully) wins the primary.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul is for Real People. Let’s Do This.
There are so many of us out there who bitch and moan and don’t do anything about it. We have representation in congress and in the senate, but we don’t contact them. Many of us don’t even vote. Well it’s time to get involved. There is momentum behind the little guys with big ideas this time. Let’s not waste it.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Non-Inverventionalist Foreign Policy a Hit With Republicans
Ron Paul's grassroots support among Republicans is gaining momentum across the country as the race for the good ol' party's nomination gets serious. More and more Americans of all political parties are realizing that the Iraq war is a colossal fraud and failure, and that the ambiguous "war on terrorism" may soon include an unprovoked attack on Iran. Dr Paul, who advocates an immediate and complete withdrawl from Iraq and direct diplomacy with Iran has gone from an fringe, "dark horse" candidate to a serious "top-tier" contender for the GOP nomination.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on Faith2Action
Hello all, Ron Paul is supposed to be interviewed tomorrow on Janet Folger's program "Faith 2 Action"
The call in number is, 1-800-347-9829
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Photograph of Headquarters
Here is a photograph of the Ron Paul 2008 national office in Arlington, Virginia. We have the entire second floor; about 3,000 square feet. The photograph was taken around 6:00 o'clock this morning.
arlingtonhqAugust 29, 2007 Permalink

Texans Applause as Ron Paul Calls for Abolishing Income Taxes, Federal Reserve, Patriot Act and Supports Withdrawing Troops from Iraq
In Texas City, Texas, this past Sunday, 1700 supporters gathered at the Doyle Convention Center to celebrate presidential candidate Ron Paul’s birthday. Ron Paul a Texas congressman gave a 50 minute speech at the bash.
Interrupted by numerous applauses, Ron Paul called for abolishing the Income tax, Federal Reserve, and the Patriot Act. Paul also called for ‘a foreign policy of peace not war’ and said that he’d remove the U.S. Navy from the Persian gulf and start immediate talks with Iran and said that he’d bring troops home from Iraq and elsewhere.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Just March Out Iraq Exit Strategy Might Just Work
I think Ron Paul is right in his belief that we just marched in and we should just march out again. I also believe with certainly that the withdrawal strategy should be well thought out by our generals and not by our politicians including Ron Paul. Here are a few of my ideas.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Freedom Index by The New American
This is extremely interesting, these guys rank our congressman on how well they uphold the constitution of the Unites States based upon their congressional past votes.
"The average House score for this index (votes 1-10) is 40 percent; the average Senate score is 38. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the only representative to earn a perfect score of 100, and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) was the only senator who scored 100."
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Anti War? Support Ron Paul and not Obama
While Obama’s primary focus seems to be on “spreading freedom” to foreign nations, giving more power to the World Bank and the UN, Paul appears to genuinely want the best for US citizens. As more people begin to research the candidates online, surely, many other undecided voters will come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the only candidate who will serve the interests of the American people and not a warmongering rich elite.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

LETTER: Ron Paul for president
Regardless of political affiliations, most Americans are sick of flip-flopping, bought-and-paid-for politicians. They are primed to support an honest candidate that will bring change and policies that will ultimately benefit everyone. This nation is sick and it needs a doctor to restore its health. I implore you to please help me inform our fellow Americans about Ron Paul. He is our only hope in this next election.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Top 25 Ron Paul Groups Alone Raise at least $315,000 in 10 Days
The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is currently having a fundraising contest between the meetup groups. While we don’t know how much money has been raised total, or how much each group has raised, we can take a pretty good guess.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Iran Attack On Within A Year
"If I were a betting man I would bet that they will attack Iran before the prisonplanetend of this administration, which means in the next year or so," the Congressman told the Alex Jones Show today.
"The plans have been laid just like the plans were laid to go into Iraq a long time before they did but they had to wait for the right opportunity."
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Internet into votes: A sound “online” strategy for the Ron Paul grassroots
Will Ron Paul’s internet support translate into votes? There is a general documented discrepancy between internet support and actual polling data. This is because older voters still make up a majority of voters, among other reasons (including outdated polling methodology).
Here’s an easy-to-implement partial solution:
1. Teach your friends and family to use the internet.
2. Show them a clip of their favorite TV show, or music video on YouTube. 3. Help them look up a Ron Paul video and ask them what they think.
If they can use the internet, they have complete access to Ron Paul. The rest is up to Ron Paul, and he sells himself remarkably well.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show 8-28-07

Part #1, Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show

Part #2, Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show

August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul in Los Angeles
Wednesday, September 12th , Dr. Paul will be in the Los Angeles area for a public appearance and a day of fundraising events.
The schedule for the day:

9-11 AM, Ritz Carlton in Pasadena: $500 per plate Breakfast
2-4 PM, University of Southern California (USC): Public Rally
4-6 PM, USC “Town and Gown”: $500 per plate Cocktail Reception
7 PM, Bill Johnson’s house, La Crescenta: $2000 per plate dinner

We Meetup members are a FORCE to be reckoned with! Meetups have organized and executed events and created an awareness buzz that has astounded people all over the country including the media. RON PAUL SUPPORTERS CANNOT BE STOPPED! Let’s marshal a huge force for the Rally that will get the media’s attention and show that Ron Paul has the kind of real support that will carry him into the White House.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

War protesters urge president to bring troops home
The vigil, which was part of a nationwide movement sponsored by the left-leaning, attracted a variety of protesters, from liberal Democrats to supporters of the anti-war Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Comprehensive Health Care Act
Madame Speaker, America faces a crisis in health care. Health care costs lewcontinue to rise, leaving many Americans unable to afford health insurance, while those with health care coverage, and their physicians, struggle under the control of managed-care "gatekeepers." Obviously, fundamental health care reform should be one of Congress' top priorities.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Facebook Student Network Tops 20,000
Sources close to the Ron Paul campaign say that a new website directly fmnndevoted to student activism is about to be rolled out that will further build up Ron Paul's message and popularity in the receptive college sector. The catalyst for tapping such student activism was an independent, volunteer effort that apparently raised close to $50,000 online for the Ron Paul campaign in the second quarter of '07. The campaign has high hopes for more such funding success during the rest of '07, as well as for the building of an ever-larger base of student volunteers.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

MSNBC Tucker: former stripper discusses liberty and Ron Paul

August 29, 2007 Permalink

The GOP, McNickle & Paul
The only hope for the Republicans would be to nominate Dr. Ron Paul, the PTRTexas congressman, because he always opposed the occupation of Iraq and all this global police work so popular with the neocons. He would end our interventionist foreign policy and save the taxpayer a lot of money. Paul is not "a flop on defense," As McNickle said. He wants to defend America, not a global empire. I ask Mr. McNickle -- before he takes any more potshots at Ron Paul -- to read the U.S. Constitution and please explain to his readers how it guarantees defending a global empire.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Open Letter to the American People
openletterAugust 28, 2007 Permalink

LETTER: Ron Paul for president
Regardless of political affiliations, most Americans are sick of flip-flopping, bought-and-paid-for politicians. They are primed to support an honest candidate that will bring change and policies that will ultimately benefit everyone. This nation is sick and it needs a doctor to restore its health. I implore you to please help me inform our fellow Americans about Ron Paul. He is our only hope in this next election.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Cumulative Straw Poll Votes Since Iowa
We all know how Iowa turned out, but what about the polls since then?   The following is a cumulative count of all votes since the Iowa Straw Poll: 

Ron Paul 30% 772
Mitt Romney 23% 581
Fred Thompson 18% 470
Rudy Giuliani 10% 266
Sam Brownback 7% 168
Mike Huckabey 5% 127
John McCain 4% 110
Duncan Hunter 1% 34
Tommy Tancredo 1% 15
Other 1% 24
Total 100.00% 2567
August 28, 2007 Permalink

City Commisioner Candidate's Truck Caught Pulling Up Ron Paul Signs
A pick-up truck marked with "Steve Wade City Commissioner at Large" was putting dozens of signs up on S Florida Ave while I watched outside the window at the place I work.
Not only were they putting Steve Wade signs up everywhere I seen two Ron Paul signs get tossed in the back of their truck, I seen one get pulled up right in front of my window and tossed in the bushes
I immediately went out side and put the sign back up and said "What the hell do you think you are doing, you can't take down other peoples signs". They ignored me, got back in their truck and left.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

With or without Ron Paul the revolution is not going away, so get used to it.
The dividing elements in our nation need to let go of the idea that we are a divided country. Ron Paul is a candidate we can all get behind both left and right. We all want to be free people right? Does anyone see another candidate for President that wants to promote our liberty more than Ron Paul and has as good a chance as he does of winning?
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Bringing Politics Back to the People - The Do-It-Yourself Campaign of Ron Paul
The Ron Paul campaign isn’t spending a lot of amcronmoney right now because they don’t have to. The spending time, money and talent coming from Ron Paul supporters across the country is cash one cannot measure but has become important to the credibility of the campaign. You cannot write off Ron Paul because he has thousands of supporters in all 50 states willing to do things on their own initiative while other campaigns simply spend money on TV ads or give handouts to voters like free bus trips, straw poll tickets and meals. Indeed, former Massachusetts Governor Willard Romney’s campaign has become a literal welfare agency in order to win votes.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Supports Rally at the Republican Midwest Leadership Conference
Sunday, August 24, 2007 A group of about 75 Ron Paul supporters gathered in Indianapolis on Sunday to support Ron Paul by walking the streets of downtown Indianpolis and handing out literature. Additonaly our goal was to get a little press coverage and influence delegates and attendees of the Rebpublican Leadership Conference.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Google Trends shows Ron Paul On Top Again for August.
augustAugust 28, 2007 Permalink

Happy Birthday BBQ for Ron Paul
Texas City, Texas – An overflow crowd of energized supporters rose to their feet and cheered as Congressman Ron and Mrs. Carol Paul arrived; a chorus of “Happy Birthday” for Dr. Paul then followed from the standing-room-only gathering, mainly of constituents from Texas’ 14th congressional district.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul interviewed by "The American View" on God/Government; Abortion; Homosexuality; And Much More
mp3August 28, 2007 Permalink

The Web 2.0 Election: Does the Internet Matter in Election Politics?
But predicting the next US election based on Internet popularity might be a big mistake. There appears to be a growing disconnect in what the Internet might suggest vs. the picture that polling data paints. Judging by MySpace friends and YouTube channel views, America is preparing for a showdown of Barack Obama (Democrat) and Ron Paul (Republican).
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Dr. Paul is NOT a member of the CFR or Trilateral Commission
Dr. Ron Paul is not a member of the 'club'......"I'm not a member of any secret society...I haven't been invited by the Trilateralists of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). I don't get to go to their meetings."
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States?
Click on the candidate you would vote for:
August 28, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul Michael Medved Show interview
Courtesy of Ron Paul Audio
mp3August 28, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Builds NH & Goldwater Rump
Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) is steadily building a presence in New Hampshire, now numbering five staffers plus "MeetUp" volunteers and groups that have bestowed endorsements. In fact, there are several more prominent "shoes to drop" in endorsements that will further solidify Ron Paul's claim as the rightful inheritor of Barry Goldwater's libertarian-conservative mantle.
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on C-span 8-26-07

August 28, 2007 Permalink

Let's cut to the chase: conservative Republicans have only one choice for President in 2008: Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Unlike the GOP frontrunners, Paul is the real deal.
No real conservative could support Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, or Newt Gingrich. When it comes to historic conservative principles, each of these men is as phony as a three dollar bill. That they are now attempting to cast themselves as conservatives is more than laughable: it is downright hilarious.
August 29, 2007 Permalink

Boston Freedom Trail Walk Photos
We made a stop at the statue of another American Patriot, Samuel Adams. We handed out a lot of literature and overall have a very favorable response.
bostonAugust 28, 2007 Permalink Presidential Straw Poll, Round two! (same disrespect)
Let's go back to our roots overwhelmingly win this straw poll. This is a good one to destroy the competition on. Place your vote (leave #7 blank) and then forward this on to another Ron Paul list/website. You can also voice your displeasure for question number 7 on the posting for this poll that made here in their forum:
August 28, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: The Internet Frontrunner
Paul easily laps the GOP field in numbers of people who watch his YouTube videos, "friend" him on MySpace, or mobilize volunteers through groups on
"We are way beyond anything I ever dreamed about, first on the Internet and then translating that into fund-raising and translating that into volunteers," Paul said before taking part in a parade.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Is Ron Paul crazy?
Either way, getting rid of the income tax must lead to a cut in government spending. Ron Paul is one who advocates both openly, without the veiled results of Huckabee and Thompson. For people like Cavuto these reforms are too radical, but how are they more radical than the ballooning growth of spending in the last 5 years or the irresponsible FairTax?
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul March in Indy
On Sunday the whole Ready family participated in the Ron Paul Freedom March in downtown Indy. I counted 55 people there, parading around downtown Indy for several hours. One of the attendees put together this photo collage, and it's not hard to spot us, as we were towing the girls in their wagon.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Manifesto
Here is Ron Paul's political manifesto, Freedom Under Siege, a courageous book on civil liberties and the rights of Americans that are relentlessly under assault from government. It was written in 1987, on the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, and is back in print for the first time.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Straw polls and PayPal
Many political pundits from the mainstream media dismissed Ron Paul's campaign for president from the day it started. However, when support for Dr. Paul came alive via the Internet, those so-called experts had to acknowledge (reluctantly for most of them) that there is support for Ron Paul. But then, they tried to dismiss that support as little more than an Internet craze that could not translate into "real support on the ground."
August 27, 2007 Permalink Announces Free Ron Paul DVD Giveaway, an independent site supporting the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul, has announced that they will be giving away free DVDs about Ron Paul's campaign.
The DVDs were produced by and are supplied courtesy of the Ron Paul - President '08 Salt Lake County, Utah Meetup Group and are being offered free-of-charge on the website.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Walk Rocks LA - 72 Ron Paul Supporters March In Support of Ron Paulwalk
In just one of 29 simlutaneous walks in 29 different states around the USA today, 26 August 2007, 72 Ron Paul supporters walked 10 miles from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to demonstrate support for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and to show the world that Ron Paul supporters are, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. The event was in celebration of Dr Paul’s 73rd birthday!
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Dominates Online Straw Poll - Almost Two Thousand Votes in Three Days
Ordinarily, very little can be made of such results. They could be flukes. The web site's target audience could be Ron Paul, etc. But gets an immense amount of traffic all across the United States and it is a non-partisan website that talks about all of the candidates.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Why I Support Ron Paul
As a soldier I traveled the world, experienced many cultures and met many people...
Now that I am a little older I am happy that I did not go the corporate route and become another puppet. America needs leaders, leaders that will not bow down to the Neocons. Ron Paul is one of those leaders. Corporate America will do everything they can to ensure he does not win. It is time to become more than just another cog in the wheel of corporate America. Support Ron Paul and by doing so you will be supporting a leader that believes in the constitution and believes in you.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Top-Tier Republican Candidates Duck Texas Straw Poll
Planning to attend the event is Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Why We Need President Ron Paul
his isn’t to say that Congress isn’t an important part of the problem. It is. But adult supervision by a President who respects the Constitution would have tremendous impact.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

The Lone Star Long Shot
For the Paul campaign, this poll shows that 34 percent of the people have responded to their grassroots message of freedom. It shows that Paul, without money or major media coverage, is able to convince a third of those polled to vote for him. That is an accomplishment. Compare such results to Romney, a candidate with money, media and formidable political machine. When Romney is placed head to head with Clinton, he receives 40 percent of the vote, just 6 points ahead of Paul. If Paul had Romney's money and media, the country could be looking at a replay of the election of 1980.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Ron says: Here's What I Don't Want To Do For You
So I started thinking about all the other things Ron DOESN'T WANT TO DO FOR US and I ask for your help in expanding the list:Ron doesn't want to collect our taxes.
Ron doesn't want to draft us or our children to fight & die to expand the "empire".
Ron doesn't want to spy on us, or our e-mail & phone calls.
Ron doesn't want to ID chip us or our animals.
Ron doesn't want to devalue our money.
Ron doesn't want to take away our vitamins, supplements & our right to the health care of our choice.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

All America Walk For Ron Paul
Here are some reports from around the country - this came in an email from the LA/North Hollywood Meetup. Read on then post your news from your walks yesterday below!
August 27, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Birthday BBQ Was Stupendous
What a great event today in Texas City, Texas. 1,700 happy and enthusiastic people came to cheer Ron on his birthday. And cheer they did. During a 50 minute talk, I lost count of the standing ovations.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Giuliani: The Worst Possible Choice for President
So, to wrap up, Giuliani has a poor track record as Mayor, surrounds himself with crooks and creeps, has little to no relevant experience, and uses the biggest tragedy in American history to make himself wealthy. He should NOT be elected President of the United States of America. He likes to think that he is running on the strength of personal charisma and the reputation he gained nationally during 9/11, but those are not real. In reality, he is an arrogant man with little respect for the rights of others who is standing on the shoulders of the thousands killed at the World Trade Center, including 2,819 innocent workers, 343 fire fighters, 23 NYPD police officers, and 37 Port Authority police officers. He is building a path to the White House over their bodies. Is this the man who should be leading the United States of America?
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Group Hopes To Shine Light On Unknown Presidential Candidate
He's not yet a household name, but a group of Michiana residents are working to change that. About 35 people gathered in Mishawaka for a roadside rally in support of 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

‘Iraq for Sale’ at our expense; Ron Paul is not buying
paul headAccording to “Iraq for Sale”, the Iraq War is the most privatized U.S. war in history. With “cost plus” billing there are HUGE incentives to overcharge the government at our, the U.S. taxpayer’s, expense. Yet it was said, “everyone does it.”
To understand how “cost plus” discourages fugality and encourages overcharging, consider that if an item costs $10,000 and the company gets to make a profit of say 10 percent, then that means the company makes $1,000. Now if they charge $100,000 for the item they make a profit of $10,000 plus the overbilling.
August 27, 2007 Permalink


Fox News Ron Paul Supporter Forced To Remove Campaign Sign

August 27, 2007 Permalink

Paul right about foreign policy
On foreign policy, Ron Paul is correct. It is disappointing to see so many presidential candidates unwilling even to consider the possibility that U. S. foreign policy might actually contribute to anti-American sentiment abroad. Ron Paul, the sole candidate who dares to discuss this relationship, is routinely lambasted at the Republican debates. Rudy Giuliani and others, desperately seeking to flaunt their patriotic prowess, scoff at Paul and his analysis.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Can One Support the Troops & Not Support the War?
Cathie Adams stated in her July 1st Texas Eagle Forum e-mail, "It is my firm conviction that no presidential candidate in '08 can claim to support our troops, but NOT support their mission." Such a statement is not only an affront to presidential candidate Ron Paul, who claims this as his position, but to all of us who DO support the troops, but do NOT support this war.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Texas Straw Poll - Aug 31-Sep 1
The Texas Straw Poll is August 31 and September 1 in Fort Worth. We need people to show up here. The voting rules are very strict so most people who come will not be able to vote, but what we can do is make a huge (and polite) showing for Ron Paul outside.
August 27, 2007 Permalink

Freedom Rocks (and so does Ron Paul)--Here and EVERYWHERE
I've said before that one of the things I find most interesting about the whole Ron Paul Revolution is that it seems to be so much more than just part of another American Presidential Election--there are some signs, at least, that the Ron Paul Revolution is something of an international phenomenon. My fellow Americans: the world is watching us; let's not let them down!
Ron Paul - Freedom Rocks

August 27, 2007 Permalink

Why Ron Paul Can Win
When undecided voters go online to search for information on the candidates, they will be stunned by the widespread support for Ron Paul on YouTube, MySpace, and elsewhere. When they tune in to the remaining Republican debates, they will respond as viewers of the initial debates did, with a newfound appreciation of Ron Paul as a serious and credible candidate.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

A Ron Paul Counterrevolution!
It will come when Americans, in hundreds of communities throughout the nation, decide to put the man in office who is pledged to enforce the Constitution and restore the Republic. Who will proclaim in a campaign speech: “I have no interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed in their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

Bringing Ron Paul to the masses
Now obviously Ron Paul isn't funded by the top industries and corporations, that's why we believe in him and his message is so pure. But unfortunately that means he has a very modest campaign budget to adhere to, so he can't spend all his money on 1,000,000 campaign signs. But We will get more into the funding part later. First let's talk about why campaign signs this early on are so important.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Kicks Off Campaign Texas Style
"What America's all about ... get the government off our backs, out of our wallets, quit regulating us to death, and also a foreign policy that was devised by our founding fathers ... mind our own business and bring our troops home. Balance our budget and just let the people alone," Paul said.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)
We were very pleased by the fact that we were able to mobilize our members, and to show the organizational strength of Ron Paul in Pennsylvania. The list of victories continues to grow, and we know we are doing our part to spread the word. Believe me, people are beginning to notice as I saw firsthand and this is making a huge impact.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

As Barack Obama is Exposed, His Fans Look to Ron Paul
Almost everyone wants change from "politics as usual" in Washington (and pretty much everywhere). Many young people at first turned to Barack Obama. But as they find out that Obama belongs to a cult which is attempting to highjack and redefine Christianity in terms of Marxist socialism, they become disillusioned with the "sexy boy." It turns out Barack Obama not only offers more of the same. He offers much, much, much more of the same.
August 26, 2007 Permalink

Top 10 Reasons why Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination

August 26, 2007 Permalink

Government should be limited, not added to
If you look at the terrible job our government has done in these areas it's easy to see they were right. While all the other candidates would call for reform of our government's programs, only Ron Paul sees we must truly phase them out, while not pulling the rug out from under those who have planned their futures around them.
August 26, 2007 Post Link

Students for Ron Paul Competition
Introducing the first Students for Ron Paul competition. This contest tests your creativity, imagination, and design abilities. It will determine who can think outside of the box and develop fresh ways to cause students to react, mobilize, and vote for Ron Paul.
August 26, 2007 Post Link

Houston Chronicle- Ron Paul's campaign buzz resonates on Internet
Linda Lagana, a Merrimack print shop owner, headed to a GOP debate in nearby Manchester last June "feeling angry and hopeless about the state of our country." But after hearing the 72-year-old Texan speak, "I felt for the first time hope," the longtime Republican said.
Though Paul's message focuses chiefly on liberty and the Constitution, the obstetrician has a hard-to-pigeonhole record as a pro-gun, anti-war abortion opponent who'd abolish the income tax, dismantle the Homeland Security and Education departments, quit the United Nations, end the war on drugs, militarize the border and return to the gold standard.
August 26, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul most likely leader to save us
The quest for global domination is at the heart of America's problems, and unless this country finds the leadership and the will to eviscerate the whole rotten system and substitute honest politics, our days are numbered.
Our country has been "dumbed down" for so many years and our politicians have had their crooked way for so long, the people have become accustomed to accepting them.
August 26, 2007 Post Link

Tales of a Ron Paul Revolutionary - by Ernest Hancockbor
A great deal has been written about the Ron Paul Revolution and how effectively people have used this common theme to advocate for the message of freedom that Ron Paul represents. But criticism of a logo by people that don’t support their favorite candidate’s name so closely associated with the word ‘revolution’ has been lost in an ocean of support for the idea that Ron Paul’s campaign _is_ a revolution.
I want to take this opportunity to address the minority of Ron Paul supporters that don’t feel that their traditional Republican values are being represented by a sea of Ron Paul Revolution signs.
August 26, 2007 PermaLink

Be part of the media slap down for censoring Ron Paul
Anybody that has followed Ron Paul's campaign have seen with their own eyes the mainstream media blacking out everything about his results, his popularity and his following. In the recent Iowa straw poll, he placed third and they didn't even mention him. They talked about the first few and then gave percentages rather than giving the rank thereby skipping Ron Paul all together. In addition, thousands of youtube videos showing Fox calling the winner of the Republican debate and pushing Rudy as the winner while clearly the viewer votes on several online media polls were overwhelmingly in Ron Paul's favor. They are trying to keep Americans who rely on the TV news to get information from even hearing about Ron Paul, because they fear him. They know he will restore our Republic and bring back the Constitution.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

An Open Letter to Sean Hannity
Many of us are on to you, Sean. You’re far from being a Great American. RON PAUL IS A GREAT AMERICAN! As far as the war goes, you and your so-called conservative colleagues are nothing but useful idiots to our own establishment – no faction of which, left or right, could care less about protecting our national sovereignty or the original intent of our Constitution – and that establishment is a far greater threat to us and our remaining freedoms than any Middle Eastern religious/political movement.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

The Censorship of Ron Paul
So ask yourself this...why is the media doing this? What is their motive? Why are they silencing the candidate of the people?
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Excellent compilation on Ron Paul's media apperances and positions.

August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Christians who love Bush; seek redemption via Ron Paul
What we need is an old-fashioned AMERICAN President. A President who will put the interests of America above the interests of internationalists. A President who will stop selling out American workers to China and Mexico. A President who will keep his word to support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. A President who will protect America’s borders. A President who will stop using America’s fighting men as the world’s policemen. A President who is more concerned about the economic well-being of Americans than he is about constructing some “global economy” for the multinational corporations and international bankers. And, yes, a President who believes in telling the American people the truth. Show me a President that will do this, and I will be happy to support him, whether he tells me he prays or attends church or calls himself a Christian or not. {You really should start getting on the Ron Paul for President bandwagon Chuck. He’s your man, and he’s even an actual Christian!} And any President who does not do this, George W. Bush included, I will oppose, no matter what he calls himself.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Another Great Ron Paul Supporter Video
From the fellow who brought us this great video, here's another really good one. I think the reason why I like these are that they seem to take sort of a civilized "family values" approach. Really, really nice.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Others Silenced at ABC News Debate -- The Media is Selecting the Front Runners
There has been no evidence to suggest that the poll numbers themselves directly impact how voters vote but there has been mounds of documented evidence to suggest that the media props up the candidates that are high in the polls so much so that voters are affected. In short -- voters are affected indirectly by poll numbers through the media's emphasis on polls.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Ron Paul backers to hike to Ridgefield Sunday
Ron Paul supporters will walk approximately 11 miles Sunday from the War Memorial to the Danbury Mall to Ballard Park in Ridgefield in support of Congressman Ron Paul's candidacy for president.
Members will be parading with signs and handing out flyers, brochures and other materials supporting Mr. Paul’s “Freedom Message.” Congressman Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Ms. Morales [ a Young Republican] recommends Ron Paul
CNN accidentally interviews a Ron Paul supporter

August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Ron Paul in Top Tier of Straw Poll Results
Even more impressive has been Ron Paul's record in head-to-head matchups with the other candidates in the straw polls. Not only does Dr. Paul have a winning record against every candidate except for Romney and Thompson, none of the others has earned more votes than him more than twice in seventeen tries. Anyone who thought Dr. Paul's fifth-place showing in Iowa meant that the second-tier candidates were gaining on him should consider these results:
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Aaron Russo, 1943-2007
Most recently he produced a documentary film, America: Freedom to Fascism, showing a quest to discover which law requires Americans to pay federal income taxes and finding something quite different.
And in 2007 he was one of the first to endorse Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) for President, doing so even before Paul announced his candidacy.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

May Aaron Russo Rest In Peace
In our last telephone conversation, Aaron told me he’d kick my butt if I didn’t do what I could to ensure Ron Paul is the next president of the United States. This was his style. While some have viewed his rough-appearing exterior in a negative manner, those of us who knew him realized what a Teddy Bear he truly was. For those who aren’t aware, Aaron has a long history with Congressman Paul.
August 25, 2007 PermaLink

Aaron Russo maker of several hit films and "America from Freedom To Fascism" has died today.Aaron Russo

The film below is a must watch for every American if they wish to learn the truth about the IRS sham.
Aaron Russo extensively interviews Ron Paul in this documentary.
In memory of this great man please watch his revealing film below.

America from Freedom to Fascism


August 24, 2007 PermaLink

Brody File Guessing Game: Which Candidate Wrote This: "I Freely Confess That Jesus Christ is My Personal Savior."
I know the Ron Paul supporters wonder why their candidate doesn’t get more attention, especially considering he has been consistent for a long time in his Christian beliefs and conservative social values during his time in public service.
August 24, 2007 PermaLink

Ron Paul: Aging Infrastructure
Even the most ardent liberal and passionate conservative can agree that when they pay gasoline taxes, the least they expect is a road and bridge system that won't crumble beneath their feet. Before any subsidies or welfare payments are paid out, before social security is handed out to illegal immigrants, or health care is given to everyone, before bridges to nowhere are built at home, or entire countries bombed and rebuilt abroad, before any other myriad of exotic government projects are even considered, infrastructure should be attended to and taken seriously.
August 24, 2007 Post Link

RP is Hot News! Welcome Aboard!
We Paulies know in our hearts there is no General Election for us. This is it. If Ron Paul is not in the General Election, I am sorry, I am not going to be "borged" into supporting Romney or Guiliani or Thompson or even Obama. So our time, is Right now. We have exactly 4 months, we must concentrate. We must take Daily and nightly action. We must raid the other campaigns supporters, talk to them, get them to join us. Why them? Because they are the trend setters. They are worth a 1000 points. They by themselves will bring in many more to our campaign, if they come. As my mother says, sugar attracts more bees than salt. So be sweet, but go for the kill. Drain other campaigns of their supporters.
August 24, 2007 Post Link

New York Times campaigns against Ron Paul
How else to interpret this weaselly story that tries to downplay Ron Paul's rock star reception at Google by quoting second quarter donations as if they were the response to Ron's successful appearance. Since second quarter donations closed two weeks before Ron's record-setting Google visit, and we know that one Google employee handed Ron a $2,300 maximum donation check at the Google Talk, what can one conclude but that the Times deliberately figured out how to prop up the Big Dems at Ron's expense?
August 24, 2007 Post Link

Calling All Presidential Candidates: Who Will Stand Up and Be Transparent?
"Signing the Oath of Presidential Transparency was a no brainer for me," says Rep. Paul, the first candidate to put his name on the pledge. " I will aggressively pursue full openness and accountability within my administration if elected president."
August 24, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: The Censorship Continues (Part 2)

August 24, 2007 Post Link

A Canadian Reader Wonders Why Joe Guzzardi Considers All G.O.P. Candidates To Be “Sad-Sack”—What About Ron Paul?
Has VDARE.COM joined with the controlled press (better known as the MSM) by not backing a candidate that embodies most of the policies on illegal immigration it advocates?
Unless VDARE.COM comes to its senses, it will be left behind by the growing popular movement behind Paul that has the potential to shake the U.S. and Western World to its foundations.
August 24, 2007 Post Link

After Ron Paul Makes Meteoric Gains, Romney "Borrows" Philosophy
What this all shows, besides the fact that Mr. Romney has an amazing ability to learn to adapt as quickly as a chameleon, is that Ron Paul is having a major effect on the campaign. The man who everyone scorned, laughed at, made fun of, and generally ignored, is now the man to be emulated, copied, and listened to as closely as E.F. Hutton.
Ron Paul’s success has been frightening a lot of candidates. Despite continued low national polling numbers (many have consistently questioned the methods of the pollsters) Ron Paul did amazingly well this weekend in two straw polls. He won by a landslide in Alabama receiving a whopping 81% of the votes, while Mr. Romney received 5%. Dr. Paul also took New Hampshire by storm in the Strafford County GOP straw poll on August 18, 2007 receiving 73% of the votes cast. Two days earlier Dr. Paul came in third by a hair in the Illinois Republican Party straw poll. While on August 14, 2007 he came in first in the Gaston County, N.C. straw poll with 37% of the votes.
August 24, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul and the Tenth Amendment
Relying on a “benevolent dictatorship” in the form of an omniscient and increasingly-powerful federal government is a dangerous game. Evidence to date suggests that it doesn’t work all that well. While we have functionally ignored the 10th Amendment to our Constitution for some time now, I’m hopeful that enough people are waking up to the dangers of centralized power that we’ll again legalize the Constitution and the 10th Amendment.
August 24, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Sloan Ranger Interview of Paul Levinson About Media Misreporting of Ron Paul
mp3August 24, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul's Straw Poll Results
August 24, 2007 Post Link

Stephen Colbert shunning Ron Paul??
As many of you know, Dr. Ron Paul appeared on the Colbert Report shortly after the first Republican debate. The debate showcased Rudy Giuliani's ignorance (he might be legally retarded) while also highlighting Ron Paul's sincerity, honesty, and understanding of foreign policy. Colbert decided to have this quirky fellow who few had heard of on his show, as he likes to do with politicians who seemingly have little shot of winning a race but who have original viewpoints.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Meetup Competition Update
We're now five days into the Meetup fundraising competition, and we are very encouraged by the donations that have been sent in thus far. We still have a long way to go, though, to meet our competition goal of $1 million raised for the competition.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Another Innovative Stunt by Ron Paul Supporters
I am continually amazed at the creativity of passionate people coming up with innovative, effective ways to increase Ron Paul's name recognition among the voting public. Every single bit of this activity is being initiated, funded and coordinated by local individuals without the knowledge or support of the official campaign.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Maryland State Fair and Straw Poll Aug 24 - Sep 3
This is also our one and only opportunity to let the MD straw polls speak for Maryland with our vote for Ron Paul. We can vote anytime during the duration of the state fair with a valid state identification.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul is right about the war in Iraq; supported by U.S. military op ed
If an opinion piece in The New York Times by an Army Specialist, four Sergeants, and two Staff Seargeants is any indication, Dr. Paul’s position on our involvement in the Irag quagmire, is correct.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Support your Constitution

August 23, 2007 Post Link

New Paul4Prez Videos
Three more Ron Paul videos on the Hope4America channel on YouTube:
Ron Paul Unites Left and Right
Ron Paul and the Environment
Ron Paul's Presidential Judgment
August 23, 2007 Post Link

“Paint the Town Ron” National Contest! - A Ron Paul Revolution
Please forward this to all Meetup group members and our hardcore activists!
Every city/meetup or you can have meetups join together on a state level to compete to have the biggest event and best video all in one night.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

POLL: If the election for President of the United States were held today, which of the following declared or potential candidates would get your vote.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Web may help put Rep. Paul in the running for president
Why did we hear what Lindsay Lohan has been up to but not about which presidential candidate had the most donations from members of the Army, Navy and Air Force, along with the veterans? We are in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and in a general war on "terror." I would have thought which presidential candidates are getting support from the men and women making the sacrifices would have been more newsworthy than Lohan.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins Five Straw Polls, Mainstream Media Remains Silent
Whether it's Washington, Alabama, New Hampshire, or South Carolina, the message is the same. We want our freedom, our rights, our money, and our country back, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Thousands are driving from all over their states to show support resulting in straw poll victories for Ron Paul with percentages as high as 81%. Dr. Paul has placed in a total of 16 straw polls now, tying him with Romney and thrusting him far beyond Giuliani in terms of visible support, and not a word about the trend can be heard from the mainstream media.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Candidates, young voters to chat in real-time
NEW YORK (AP) — In the latest chapter of new Web-empowered debates and interaction with U.S. presidential candidates, social networking site MySpace and MTV will bring together the 2008 hopefuls and young voters for real-time online conversations.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

The Presidential Poll: Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani recently sent its reporter, Kira Wissman, out about town in the Pittsburgh, PA area trying to get a pulse on public opinion towards the 2008 Presidential elections as we are about to conclude the Summer of 2007. Questions such as: Have you heard of Ron Paul? Are you following the Presidential Elections? Do you think Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic Election? Do you think the media influences the course of the election?
August 23, 2007 Post Link

The Ron Paul REvolution – The Road to Freedom
The Ron Paul Campaign has a National Headquarters that maintains a website and does fundraising but that is the smallest part of the campaign. The real Ron Paul campaign is being carried out by unpaid activists working in their communities and on line through action taking place with individuals and small, local groups. It is an replication of the original form for cooperative action that empowered the American Revolution. Its activists think of it as Revolution II.
August 23, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Brings Hope
Ron Paul represents real change for our nation, perhaps difficult changes for some, but an end to the old manipulations. Dr. Paul wants to reduce the size of our government and reduce government intrusions. He wants to bring our troops home to protect American borders and he wants to put more of our hard earned money back in our own pockets. And he is one of the very few politicians that admit the truth about governmental plans to erase the borders between US, Mexico and Canada and the elitist’s creation of the North America Union. Ron
Paul brings hope, something that is sorely missing in our nation today. And as our mainstream media declares him an Underdog, with little chance of winning, I know that, sometimes, Underdog’s can change the world.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

A RP You Tube Contest?
As the saying goes, "money talks, and bullsh*t walks".Lets have a friendly RP video Contest. Anyone up for some money?Prizes will go out to the best newly created original RP You Tube videos (not posted up or ever shown before) and submitted to me by Sunday, October 6th, 2007. The goal is to be very persuasive & get warm bodies voting for RP in the Primaries.
$1,000 1st Place
$900 2nd Place
$800 3rd Place
$700 4th Place
$600 5th Place
A Ron Paul Bumper sticker...for last place.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul earns the world’s attention
Blogs in the international community are spreading Ron Paul’s message of freedom and giving tutorials on libertarianism, hoping to inform their fellow compatriots and to rally U.S. citizens in support of Ron Paul. The phenomenon is becoming widespread and growing as meet-up groups form around the world as far as Australia, Belgium, and Baghdad to discuss Ron Paul and create inspiring videos. This is what the world is saying about Ron Paul:
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Mike Gallagher interviews Ron Paul

August 22, 2007 Post Link

Paul Out to Slay The Creature from Jekyll Island
GOP presidential hopeful, Congressman Ron Paul, has truly entered the arena of battle when he declared the central bank and the Federal Reserve ‘illegal and unconstitutional’ before a national audience on C-Span during the Iowa Straw Poll. Paul has attacked the ‘printing presses’ and the ‘inflation tax’ referring to the lack of a gold standard or use of gold to anchor the currency.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

You And I Are Ron Paul
But in a manner of speaking, yes, I am Ron Paul. And so are you. Every one of us in the Ron Paul R3VOLution is indeed Ron Paul. We are his surrogates as we spread his message, our message, of liberty, freedom and a return to the rule of law and the adherence to the Constitution of the United States. And as Dr. Paul has pointed out, he is us. He is our representative and champion as we work together in building a better future for all Americans.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: 'Chaos we created' in Iraq has made 'suicide terrorism' worse
"We should become alert and understand what motivates suicide terrorism," Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul told Joe Scarborough today on the host's MSNBC-TV Morning Joe program. Occupying other countries is such a force, Paul said, and "if you ignore that and go off and do the same thing that motivates terrorism, the problem gets worse. The chaos we created (in Iraq) actually has made our problems worse."
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: The Pro-Second Amendment Republican Candidate for President
The choice is clear: Vote Ron Paul for President
secondAugust 22, 2007 Post Link


August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul August Funding Surge?
Texas congressman Ron Paul’s fund-raising is a smoothly-oiled machine that continues to generate funding in support of his free-market candidacy. Sources close to the campaign believe that August was another good month. And then there’s a growing additional boost: Ron Paul’s MeetUp groups, which number 36,000 – by far the largest for any candidate – are now contributing a good deal of tangible support. Time, money and volunteers are pouring into the Ron Paul campaign in a wave of energy and resources.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

honkRon Paul Parking Lot
"We’re the only president candidate [support] group out here. That says something about the people who support Ron Paul," said Dan Turney, 27, of Arlington. "The message must be good because we’re out here in 108-degree heat."
August 22, 2007 Post Link



One Family’s Effort Ships 1,000 Ron Paul Bumper Stickers
INDIANAPOLIS – August 21, 2007 – In July, Jeff and Amy Ready decided it was time to spread the word about the Ron Paul presidential campaign. The husband and wife team launched a simple website at and from it, began sending free bumper stickers to Ron Paul supporters all over the country.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins Washington State Straw Poll
Ron Paul supporters turned out for the presidential straw poll held by the South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican club this evening. Supporters canvassed people as they entered, providing slim jim handouts. We used the one with the picture of Ron Paul with Ronald Reagan. The results were as follows:

Paul, 45 - 28%
Thompson, 40 - 25%
Giuliani, 29 - 18%
Huckabee, 12 - 8%
Romney 12 - 8%
Hunter, 10 - 6%
Gingrich, 8 - 5%
McCain, 3 - 2%
Brownback, 1 - 1%
Gilmore, 0 - 0%
Hagel, 0 - 0%

TOTAL 160 - 100%
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Message from Ron Paul
We can return to first principles, and build the brightest, most brilliant future any people on earth has ever aspired to. Help me teach this lesson. Help me campaign all over this country, in cooperation with our huge and growing volunteer army. Help me show that change is not only possible, but also essential. Please, make your most generous contribution ( to this campaign for a Constitutional presidency worthy of our people. Invest in freedom: for yourself, for your family, for your future.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Ron Paul On Air With Jennifer Horn WSMN Nashua. Part 1
mp3August 22, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Ron Paul On Air With Jennifer Horn WSMN Nashua. Part 2
mp3August 22, 2007 Post Link

Granny Warriors for Ron Paul; travel Texas in the Warwagon
The Granny Warriors just returned home from the Houston Meetup for Ron Paul and the GOP’s Big BBQ Bash at the Koeinig’s Ranch in the Ron Paul for President Warwagon. Regarding the upcoming GOP Texas straw poll, Linda had this to say:
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Detractors, like Don Surber, Need a Wake Up Call
This post is dedicated to Don Surber of the Daily Mail, and to the republican "establishment", that so far is afraid of debating the candidacy, issues, voting record, and principles of Ron Paul forthrightly while hurling ad hominim attacks alone. What are they afraid of? Is this a reflection of just how the neoconservative and CFR controlled republicans view a traditional republican or paleoconservative--or the Constitution?
August 22, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul on Bay News 9 in Tampa FL

August 22, 2007 Post Link

Socialists and Neocons versus Ron Paul
What is it then about Ron Paul that inspires such fevered attacks? I will say what I believe. I believe the battle for freedom takes place not only in the upcoming election, but also in the arena of ideas. In this arena, I believe Ron Paul’s message is more powerful than any political shenanigans that can be put against him. I believe also the embittered detractors have good reason to be up in arms. With every Ron Paul victory, they have found their intellectual weaponry to be unexpectedly brittle and ineffective against the message of freedom.
August 22, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul
mp3August 21, 2007 Post Link

Why I am voting for Ron Paul
I am voting for Ron Paul because he supportexudes integrity, and when he says that he will end the war in Iraq I believe in the veracity of his statements. I also find myself in agreement with Paul on matters related to the finance industry - the parasites who shoot craps while standing on top of the world that is carried on the shoulders of the less fortunate, whose sweet and labor contribute to our economy through the actual production of goods, not simply speculations - as is the case with the finance industry - regarding the successes or failures of those who tangibly provide for America’s material conditions.
August 21, 2007 Post Link

A Neocon Club Against Ron Paul
Constitutionally, pork decisions are supposed to be Congress's. So Ron Paul supports the legislature as versus the executive bureaucracy. Of course, Ron votes against all pork spending on final passage. And again, earmarks--even if they stand--do not increase spending; they only allocate it. It's a separation of powers question.
Ron Paul opposes the entire neocon agenda of executive supremacy, centralization, Fed bailouts, and perpetual war. So expect more distortions from the "big-government conservatives."
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Combat Veterans Support Ron Paul

I have created a simple Youtube video endorsing Ron Paul and encouraging other service members to vocalize their messages as well. I feel that there may be several other service members who are willing to make Youtube videos and start Meetup groups, but because they don't see it on Youtube, Technorati or DailyPaul, they are hesitant to join in the momentum. . . I believe there are several thousand soldiers, airmen, marines and veterans of every branch that are both active duty, discharged or retired that would like to spread the word as well.
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul to Participate in New Hampshire Debate
Ron Paul has accepted an invitation from the Republican Party of New Hampshire and FOX News and will participate in the Republican debate scheduled for Sept. 5 in Durham, New Hampshire.
New Hampshire GOP Chairman delivered the invitation to the Ron Paul campaign on Monday.
Lew Moore, campaign manager for Ron Paul, said “Dr. Paul is pleased with the opportunity to deliver his message of freedom, peace and prosperity to the Nation, from the Granite State.”
The Republican debate is being dubbed “First in the Fall.”
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul's Victory in the Deep South
Most importantly, we find once again that among the 2008 candidates Ron Paul has a unique ability to inspire people. Everyone was invited to this straw poll. Ron Paul’s supporters did not behave unethically or exploit some loophole in order to register such an impressive vote total. They simply showed up. To my knowledge, the Ron Paul campaign did not issue invitations to supporters to attend the poll, much less provide funding or logistical support. Instead, Ron Paul Meetup groups and other forums got the word out.
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Intro Videos
Many thanks to the great many of you who sent me your favorite Ron Paul YouTubes. I knew I'd get a lot of responses, but whoa!
A few people asked if I'd post some of them here, since they, too, have people they'd like to persuade.
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul on NAFTA Superhighway
A North American road to nowhere
"The chief project thus far of the SPP is the so-called NAFTA superhighway which would connect Mexico, the United States and Canada, cutting a wide swath through the middle of Texas and up through Kansas City," warned Republican Congressman Ron Paul in a statement read at one of the morning news events in Ottawa yesterday.
"Millions would be displaced by this massive undertaking which would require the eminent domain actions [expropriations] on an unprecedented scale. ... A Spanish construction company, it is said, plans to build the highway and operate it as a toll road."
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Sacramento's B-Day Present to Ron Paul
Yesterday (August 20) was Ron Paul's birthday. Folks from the Sacramento, California area staged some "covert ops" to commemorate the day--and video-taped portions of it for our viewing pleasure. Way to go, Sacremento!
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Voices: Ignored candidate
Do we want a president who does his own thing? Or do we want a president who abides by the Constitution and governs accordingly? Do we want a president who has more respect for the Constitution, his country and the citizens of America than a political party, big business or the New World Order?
August 21, 2007 Post Link

John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul: A 'War on Drugs' Study in Contrasts
Without a doubt, some readers will think to themselves that Dr. Paul’s position is naïve. But despite our DEA's intensive, intrusive, and expensive efforts to interdict marijuana and other drugs, only a tiny fraction are seized. In economic terms, supply continues to meet demand. But unfortunately, our policies are making all the wrong people rich and causing serious social problems along the way.
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Paul marks birthday with stops in region
“We all woke up and found out that we’re not alone,” Merrimack resident and Papergraphics co-owner Linda Lagana said. “I’m very concerned that our government is trying to take the country away from the people. It’s time to fight back. I think now we’re all empowered and know we’re not just one crazy person. Our mission now is to get more people to hear this message and wake up.”
August 21, 2007 Post Link

Dallas Fox channel on Ron Paul

August 20, 2007 Post Link

Christians, You Can Vote For Ron Paul Without Holding Your Nose
With the vast majority of the current candidates (Republican or Democratic), you have to “hold your nose” as you vote for them because you have to ignore one of the following:

-Their current positions on issues important to most Christians (i.e. abortion or gay marriage).
-The disconnect between their support of “family values” and their personal lives (multiple, documented affairs and divorces)
-The disconnect between their current (while running as a Presidential candidate) positions and their past positions and voting records.

In the past few months, I have discovered a candidate that will allow me, as a Christian husband and father, to vote with my nostrils fully open.
His name is Ron Paul and he is currently running as a Republican candidate for President.
Ron Paul not only declares his faith in Christ, he has an unblemished seventy-one year history of demonstrating his faith; you will not find a trail of “dirty laundry” anywhere to be found on this candidate.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: High Risk Credit
As markets went on a rollercoaster ride last week, our economy is coming close to a day of reckoning for loose credit policies being followed by the Federal Reserve Bank. Simply, foreign banks we have been relying on to buy our debt are waking up to the reality of much higher default rates than predicted, and many mortgage backed securities have been reduced to “junk” ratings. Wall Street fears the possibility of tightening credit and the tightening of America’s belts. Why, they say, “if Americans spend only what they can afford, think of the ripple effects throughout the economy!” This is the cry, as the call comes for the fed to cut rates and bail out companies in trouble.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Establishment Media Ignores Ron Paul Straw Poll Success
If the race was on a level playing field and the establishment media afforded as much attention to Ron Paul's success as they gave Mitt Romney after the Iowa straw poll, the Texas Congressman's campaign would be given unstoppable momentum, which is why at every turn the press have sought to dismiss, ridicule and ignore the only Constitutional candidate on the roster - Congressman Ron Paul.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Tops Straw Poll Trend?
Unnoticed, or at least unreported by the mainstream press, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) seems to be doing very well in straw polls – finishing first, second or third and often convincingly beating so-called “top tier” candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani..
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul in the New Hampshire sky
planeIn a normal campaign, the place to find out about this type of promotion would be campaign headquarters, but not in the grassroots driven open-source Ron Paul campaign. You go to the activists and then they tell you whodunit! I'd be willing to bet the Ron Paul campaign didn't even know about the plane until they read it in the papers just as we did.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul supporters: Have you registered as Republicans?
I see a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there, but I wonder how many of them have registered as Republicans so they can vote for him in the primary? How many of them know if they need to register as a Republican? Before Ron Paul can run for President, he needs to win the nomination of the Republican party, something a lot of people are forgetting.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Obama Crowd
So get out there..... Start the FRIENDLY hello's to the Obama crowd.... They HATE hillary, they HATE the WAR....and they will HATE the DNC when Obama is not Hillaries VP choice.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Republicans, protesters gear up for first Texas straw poll
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Surfside, the only Texan in the straw poll, has kicked off a new effort to try to win it.
His staffers are encouraging supporters to call 17,000 potential delegates and encourage them to register and attend. They are also reaching out to Paul supporters in other states to help boost his turnout at the poll.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Paul's candidacy deserves support
Dr. Paul cannot be bought by any special interests. Among other items, right now he is pushing legislation to close our borders, support American business and end the Iraq war. But the liberal media gives him very little coverage. Ron is honest, loyal, very intelligent, tough and very capable. He is a strong candidate and can win with our support.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

Your vote for Dr. Paul in the Texas Straw Poll on September 1st will send an unmistakable message to the GOP backdoor deal-makers: Texas conservatives are dead-serious about demanding leaders who follow their platform. With that, you will help further the conservative cause in this country more than anyone could have in the past several decades.
August 20, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Free Talk Live Interviews Ron Paul!
mp3August 19, 2007 Post Link


August 19, 2007 Post Link

So much for unity: Rutherford throws hissy fit, Ron Paul supporters claim “straw poll sham”
Apparently in Illinois this threatens the comfortable world of the self anointed party elders. Maybe McKenna’s new 'We are Illinois' gimmick should be more appropriately called 'we are scared.'”
The Radar congratulates the Paul supporters, and hopes they stay with the fight to reform this once “Grand” Old Party.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Illinois Straw Poll shenanigans
2) But the real story of the day was how McKenna & crew reacted to a large number of new Republicans who turned out in support of Ron Paul’s message of Goldwater republicanism. According to rules established by the ILGOP, voting was to take place between 11am and 4pm. While Rep. Paul finished in 3rd place behind undeclared candidate Fred Thompson, it was discovered that as late as 3:30 pm Ron Paul was in 2nd place with 151 votes to Fred’s 148. Curiously, ILGOP staffers then announced the polls would remain open until 4:30pm 'because it rained earlier,' then they said the polls would close at 4:15pm. But alas, at 4:08pm they got the results they wanted and closed the polls. We’ll let our readers draw their own conclusions.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Remember to send your gift by Ron's birthday on August 20th!
20August 19, 2007 Post Link

NASCAR Style Scoring of 2007 Republican Straw Poll Results
nascarpollI’ve scored the cumulative performance for each candidate. 1st place scores 100, 2nd scores 98, 3rd scores 96, etc. A score of 0 in any given poll means that candidate either wasn’t included or got no votes. The candidates are ranked by total cumulative score. I have included announced candidates, unannounced candidates and write-ins. Basically if someone tried and got nothing, placed or won big I’ve included them.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Paul supporters turn out for GOP straw pollsign
“Ron Paul believes in freedom and the Constitution, and as a historian it is my sincere opinion that he is the greatest congressman in American history," said Thomas Woods, an Auburn native whose book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" was on the New York Times bestsellers list when it was published in 2004.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

How Ron Paul won the Alabama Straw Poll
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Why This Soccer Mom Supports Ron Paul
I must admit that I usually lean to the left in politics, but gosh darn it I like Ron Paul! Let me tell you why.
If you are a parent of more than two children you have probably experienced the whining, grabbing, and the cruel crossfire that ensues between two siblings who are vying for the same toy. I would estimate that at least once a day I have to resolve some sort of fight over something the kids want at the same time or don't feel that they can share.
This is much like our political system.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Revolution in the Heart of Dixie
One person told me that he hadn’t seen anything like in Alabama this since George Wallace. Several of the old-timers brought up Barry Goldwater.
No matter how many of his supporters admire, respect or adore him, this wasn’t about Ron Paul. At this point, Ron Paul is the face of the movement and his political accomplishments combined with his consistent conservative/libertarian track record have more than earned him this spot.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Radio Creating Audio CD For Ron's Birthday Bash
*Record a Happy Birthday Greeting for Ron Paul! Your recordings will be placed on a cd and sent to Dr. Paul for his birthday. Sing it, say it, tell it from your heart! We will also be playing your birthday wishes on Ron Paul Radio on Monday, August 20th. Record your 15 second message here:
August 19, 2007 Post Link

To My Republican Friends: The Case For Ron Paul
So, my fellow Republicans, what is it, exactly, that makes you criticize Dr. Paul as a Republican, when virtually everything he has ever said publicly is consistent with those principles? Is your criticism of him wrapped up in the mainstream media and Party establishment view that his fidelity to the Constitution is wacky? Is it wrapped up in their view that he's a "fringe candidate"? Is it wrapped up in the view that he can't possibly win? Is it wrapped up in the fact that you haven't taken the time to actually find out anything about the candidates, but believe what someone else tells you? I suspect that all of those things are true at some level for most Republicans out there, but let me just address some of those views.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Operation “College Campus Blitz” for Ron Paul
School is about to start and we need those students to learn about RonPaul before anyone else attacks. That is why I am proposing that we all go to as many schools as we can as close to the start of school as we can and hand out information. Most schools start somewhere around August 20th. It will be relatively simple, cheap and a fantastic way to reach all of the students. I will be running the whole show. The campaign cannot work with us on this. Something about FEC rules….whatever. Nevertheless, Operation College Campus has begun.
August 19, 2007 Post Link

Republican Assembly Holds Informal Straw Poll
Out of 266 ballots cast, it was Texas Congressman Ron Paul by an overwhelming majority, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a distant second.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins NC, AL, NH Straw Polls, 3rd in IL
Ron Paul continued his strong performance in votes requiring active participation and informed voters, racking up wins this week in straw polls in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Alabama, and placing third in Illinois.
August 18, 2007 Post Link
Rollin' With Ron's Revolution Suggestions From Drivers to Other Drivers About Supporting Ron Paul for President
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Birthday Song by Steve Dore
A beautiful birthday song for Dr. Paul, by Steve Dore.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Also Wins Big in New Hampshire
Dr. Paul received 208 votes (73%) for a landslide victory against Mitt Romney today at the Strattford County, New Hampshire straw poll. Romney received 26 votes. Mike Huckabee came in third with 20 votes. Tancredo (8 votes), McCain (7 votes), Cox (5 votes), Hunter (5 votes), Thompson (5 votes), Giuliani (3 votes) and Brownback (1 vote) finished the field.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins By Landslide in Alabama Straw Poll
Tom Tancredo - 0 (0%)
Sam Brownback - 2 (.75%)
John McCain - 2 (.75%)
Mike Huckabee - 6 (2%)
Rudy Giuliani - 7 (3%)
Fred Dalton Thompson - 9 (3%)
Duncan Hunter - 10 (4%)
Mitt Romney - 14 (5%)
Ron Paul - 216 (81%)
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins Big in Alabama
Ron Paul received 216 votes for a commanding first-place finish in a straw poll today sponsored by the West Alabama Republican Assembly. Mitt Romney came in second with 14 votes. The poll was open to Alabama residents.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: The Censorship Continues (Part 1)

August 18, 2007 Post Link

Presidential candidate Paul has fair booth
“We’re getting a lot of interest,” McKay said of the booth. “(We’re getting) a lot of people who either don’t know who Ron Paul is, or … some people are already voting for him.” McKay said he thinks some fairgoers are simply curious because there is no other presidential candidate with a booth at the fair.
The group of Paul supporters is extremely grassroots.
They don’t work with Paul’s national campaign organization, aside from receiving some brochures from them.
They funded the booth by themselves and have had a lot of things donated to the effort.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

AUDIO: Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton Interviews Rep. Ron Paul
mp3August 18, 2007 Post Link

Understanding Ron Paul’s Stance on Abortion
I now respectfully ask my current readers to ponder the same question and to consider the importance of keeping the federal government at bay on ethical issues such as abortion, which are best suited to be dealt with locally, not nationally. Despite the fact that I disagree with Ron Paul on his contention that life starts at conception, I agree completely with his call to make complicated social problems state issues. Why? Because I’ve read the Constitution.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Tom McClintock interviews Ron Paul

Part #1, Tom McClintock interviews Ron Paul

Part #2, Tom McClintock interviews Ron Paul

August 18, 2007 Post Link

We have to do this. There is no other option.
What I see right now is that we are at a pivotal moment in history. We will either succeed in passing the glorious benefits of Liberty to those that come after us or we will witness the descent of a tyranny unimaginable by those who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to pass that gift on to us.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Mark Levin learns about blowback.
Today Ron Paul supporters taught Mark Levin what blowback is all about. Ron Paul supporters shut down Levin's ability to take phone calls, by flooding his phone lines with pro-Paul message. This was done in response to Levin asking his listeners to call in to Ron Paul's office to tell him he can't win.
Levin had to resort to long rants and tried to drag time out by playing music for the last 3/4ths of the show to downplay the blowback. At the end he taunted Ron Paul supporters for their efforts, which seems to only infuriate them further.
Since it doesn't look like he learned his lesson, it appears that supporters are regrouping and will repeat this Monday...until he gets the point. Additionally Ron Paul supporters are notifying ABC and its Advertisers that there will be a boycott of their products until a public apology is issued.
August 18, 2007 Post Link

Hope For America Day In 3 Days, 5 Hours, 10 Minutes
In just 3 days, it will be "Hope For America" day. That is the day that Ron Paul was born, in 1933 (making him 73 when he accepts the presidency. Not this birthday --- the next! We hear in YouTube-Our Debate would wish him well, and I will be celebrating every day of it. Today, the first day, I will make it so that people who read this actually understand how to get Ron Paul elected.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Teleconference: August 26th Walk In Support of Ron Paul's Freedom Message
The teleconference is ON for Saturday at 4 PM PDT, 6 PM CDT and 7 PM EST. Please join in! Currently there are 15 states participating but we need all 50 on board! Thank you. If you are already planning a Walk or other public Ron Paul support activity for August 26th, please reply and let us know the details! Thank you.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

NeoCon Host Mark Levin asks Audience to call Dr. Paul to say "He can't win"

Levin gives out Ron Paul Congressional Phone number and listeners to call saying "Ron Paul can't win." I guess since he on WABC, he feels he has to parrot George Stepanopolus. His show comes on 6-8 eastern 877-381-3811. His e-mail is His forum ask "who's Levin's best friend is" to get in. post answer in comments.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Illinois Straw Poll
Heavy rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of Ron Paul supporters yesterday at the Illinois State Fair. Those supporters canvassed the fairgrounds introducing people to Ron Paul and asking them to vote in the straw poll held by the Illinois Republican Party. Voting started at 11:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Straw Poll a Crushing Defeat for Republican Darlings.
In just one week Ron Paul was able to secure almost ten percent of the Iowan vote. Huckabee was able to secure 18% without the millions and media of Romney. People need candidates they can be excited about. Republicans are tired of business as usual, and do not want to see the usual suspects paraded infront of them once again. If the GOP does not react to this trend, Hillary Clinton will stroll effortlessly into the White House. It would be folly to assume the loyalty of the Republican base which has been ignored through amnesty bills, expansion of welfare, and expansion of the government. The GOP needs to start looking to the second tier if they are serious about defeating Hillary in 2008.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

The Politics of the Texas Straw Poll - We Can't let Ron Lose!
Only two presidential candidates have confirmed their attendance: Ron and Brownback. The event is being held in Ft. Worth -- right in the heart of neocon country, and a good long 4-5+ hour drive from the state's main population area, Houston and the gulf coast (Ron's). Hence, unless WE can get Ron's delegates there, he may NOT WIN IN HIS HOME STATE! We simply can't allow that to happen.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

U.S. senator rips sign from hands of Ron Paul supporter
In the Chicago Tribune there is an article about the illionois straw poll that gives results. But there is also a tiny blurb at the end...which grabbed my attention.

"They frequently interrupted TV reports of the event and at one point, Romney's Illinois chairman, state Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-Chenoa), ripped a sign out of one Paul supporter's hands and threw it on the ground"

August 17, 2007 Post Link

Building Momentum: Paul Up to 18.9% in Illinois
With more of these straw polls coming up, we expect to see Dr. Paul's momentum continue to build. Upcoming events in Alabama and in Texas, Ron Paul's home turf, should once again show that his ability to mobilize voters goes beyond what the so-called "scientific" opinion polls would have us believe. As he continues to demonstrate that he can bring voters to the polls, he will overcome the biggest factor holding him back -- name recognition. Those who hear his message of Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace can't help but be attracted to it, and in the coming days more and more people are going to hear its clarion call.
August 17, 2007 Post Link


Reminiscences - Debate 101
At one point, to counter the enthusiastic calls of the Ron Paul supporters, the Mitt-Mitt’s got the bright idea to start chanting, “Who’s Ron Paul!” It took them a while to realize this wasn’t a good idea.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Is Really Pissing Off The Socialists
The people at KOS want a big government that is intrusive in every facet of our lives. They want a government that takes money from hard working people and gives it to people who are content to suck at the public tit. Ron Paul wants to work for a smaller, less intrusive government. Ron Paul wants people to be accountable for themselves. Ron Paul wants to balance the books and get us out of debt with countries like China. If that pisses off the socialist left, I say we need more of the same.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

postcardNew Ron Paul Postcards by Joe Alexander
"The Ron Paul bandwagon takes off, hauled by those two sturdy reliable horses, Aurum and Argent. The sheep and asses stuck inside the fence aren't paying attention, but those clever independent cats sure do like the music!" --Joe Alexander.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Detractors Need a Wake Up Call
Whatever reason one may decide to berate Ron Paul or his supporters, it might be helpful to step back and consider what you’re really against. Are you honestly just mad because there are so many articles out there praising Ron’s policies and his stances on the issues? Then why are you reading them? Is there someone with a gun at your head forcing you to read them? Then don’t read them and leave the rest of us who want to read about Ron Paul alone. Are you mad because your candidate isn’t able to generate the kind of grass roots support and Internet buzz that Ron Paul is able to generate? Then write articles about how great your candidate’s big government tax and spend programs are going to be and try to create that buzz yourself. Perhaps you’re against a certain issue that Ron Paul is for. Fine, then make that argument and make an intelligent, well thought out argument supporting your point of view, don’t simply dismiss those who support an opposing point of view by calling them names. Or, perhaps you’re against freedom and liberty. Perhaps you’re against the constitution. Maybe you’re one of those who feel the constitution is a quaint antiquity and the bill of rights just gets in the way of your security. Perhaps you simply don’t want to make your own decisions in your life and feel the government should mandate everything for you from what you learn in school to the kind of job you do to what doctor you see for your health care. Perhaps the idea of an endless war on terror appeals to you. Whatever the reason, you’re going to have to defend your position. Ron Paul has rubbed the magic lamp and now the genie is out. The ideas of freedom and liberty are once again loosed upon the world and they are gaining support. Name calling and ignoring Ron Paul and his supporters will not make them go away. People care again. If nothing else, politics in America has changed because of Ron Paul, and I think that’s a good thing.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

More on the Illinois Straw Poll
The big news about Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair will be that Mitt Romney got 40% of the vote. But the bigger news would have been that libertarian, anti-war Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul came in 2nd.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

A $20 Ron Paul Revolutionary Idea

August 17, 2007 Post Link

One reason why the youth should support Ron Paul
If you are under the age of 40, I believe you should support Ron Paul. Why? 2 security. 15% of your monthly paycheck goes towards this archaic institution, and if you fall in that age bracket you won't see a dime from this "investment" for your future. Essentially, the government is taking an extra 15% of your paycheck...on top of the income tax.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

LETTER: Supporting Ron Paul
Can he win? Whenever he gets off a plane there is a spontaneous rally. Whether in New Hampshire or California, enthusiasm for him is growing by the day. The fullest source on his information is the internet at
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Image of Newspaper with the grassroots ad
As you all probably know before the Iowa straw poll, Ron Paul supporters have created an ad to be run in the newspaper. The money was raised within 24 hours(I can proudly say I donated to the cause), and the ad was created within a couple of days.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: The Unoriginal Candidate
Let's face it: Ron Paul doesn't have a lot of new ideas. His foreign policy harkens back to the very first President, George Washington. George Washington, who gave up a dictatorship, given to him by the continental Congress to prosecute the revolutionary war, was crazy. Washington was the original "decider" and gave up all of that power so that a bunch of politicians could meet and draft the Constitution. That same tired old document to which Ron Paul keeps referring in speech after speech. Now, if Washington would have just kept his dictatorship, he could have written the Constitution himself.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Consider Rep. Ron Paul's ideas in presidential race
The war in Iraq is costing taxpayers $12 billion per month. President Bush, during his term of office, has not vetoed one spending bill the Republican-controlled Congress has put before him.
Federal debt and the trade deficit to China have spiraled, along with the size of the federal bureaucracy.
August 17, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Finishes Third in Illinois Straw Poll
Mitt Romney – 40.35%
Fred Thompson – 19.96%
Ron Paul – 18.87%
Rudy Giuliani – 11.61%
John McCain – 4.12%
Mike Huckabee – 3.04%
Sam Brownback – 1.08%
Duncan Hunter - .65%
Tom Tancrado - .33%
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Top 10 Reasons why Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination.
#2 -He has support from the U.S. Military. Military contributions among Republican presidential candidates place Ron Paul on top at 49.5%, which is nearly as much as all the other Republicans combined.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Walks the walk
There is a Presidential candidate I'd urge you to study. His name is Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has served as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the 14th district of Texas, for a total of 19 years, beginning in 1976.
He appears to be the ONLY Presidential candidate who truly believes in limited government. His record speaks for itself, showing that he walks the walk, rather than simply talking the talk. He has something to offer nearly everyone.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul being ignored
There is a new paradigm in politics occurring today. If the mainstream media does not acknowledge it and start reporting the truth it will lose all credibility with the people. The backlash could be irreparable.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Granny Warriors for Ron Paul!
Here are a gutsy group of women, and their spouses, who are putting a lot of effort and funds into supporting Dr. Paul for president. Read about the experiences of the Granny Warriors in Iowa, Spartanburg rally, and New Hampshire debates. They have the motor home pictured called the Warwagon and it is all decked out in support of Ron Paul. As you can imagine it makes quite a splash when it drives into town. They need our help to keep the vehicle (a moving billboard) on the road.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul, What we want

August 16, 2007 Post Link

The good new' days
If a politician disagrees with the Constitution they should create an amendment. Every sane American must agree on this issue or cease calling themselves an American. No-one wants to pay for oppression by the IRS. Given enough exposure to the unflinching truth of this message, people will understand and agree.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Online Rally Update has proven itself ineffective for distributing important announcements to the 600+ meetup groups. Indeed actively prohibits any member from contacting more than 25 groups in one day, and these must be done individually. It is hoped that leaders or members from each of those groups will join this list and then pass the information on to the list for each respective group, if relevant.
It is vital that we improve our communications channels if we hope to organize effectively in support of Dr. Paul.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: Statement of Faith
We live in times of great uncertainty when men of faith must stand up for our values and our traditions lest they be washed away in a sea of fear and relativism. As you likely know, I am running for President of the United States, and I am asking for your support.
I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator.
I have worked tirelessly to defend and restore those rights for all Americans, born and unborn alike. The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideal of liberty. My professional and legislative record demonstrates my strong commitment to this pro-life principle.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Help Ron Paul Win the Texas Republican Straw Poll
Ron Paul could WIN the Texas Republican Straw Poll in Fort Worth, Friday, August 31st and Saturday, Sept. 1st. But first he needs a little bit of your HELP. The #1 thing you can do right now is to help us make 17,000 phone calls within one week to all the Texas Republican delegates whose phone number we have. It is critically important that we do voter identification with these delegates to find out 1) who supports Ron Paul and 2) who is undecided. We need to do this NOW in order to get these folks to Fort Worth, possibly on buses from around the state.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul’s View On Homeschooling
I was looking for some well known supporters of home school, and I ran across Ron Paul. He has been an avid supporter of the home school movement, and has even proposed legislation to help out the home school families.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Suggests Letting Young Opt Out of Social Security
It doesn't take a mathematical genius to know that private investment of the money forcibly taken from wage earners for Social Security would reap a far greater return than will ever be paid by Social Security. Younger Americans should jump at any chance to leave the currently compulsory program. But only Congressman Paul presents such a choice.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

What Ron Paul supporters SHOULDN’T apologize for
There’s nothing in the world wrong with any of those folks, and they’re all perfectly sincere in their support of their candidates. But there is something about actual political PASSION–again, not the rehearsed for the camera kind, but the genuine article–that is utterly alien to them. They understand the operation of a political campaign, and they believe in its truth, but they don’t grok the JOY of it. They are, in short, willing to do whatever it takes to get their man elected–just so long as they don’t end up looking undignified in the process.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

WTP Takes Action Against Vote Fraud
Last Thursday, two days before the August 11th presidential Iowa Straw Poll, Bob Schulz and seven other Plaintiffs filed suit in federal court in Des Moines, Iowa seeking to permanently prohibit the state of Iowa from conducting any Straw Poll, Caucus, Primary, Special or General Election unless the voting and vote counting was open, verifiable, machine-free, and computer-free.
August 16, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Online Brief: Insiders and Outsiders in Washington
Those of us on the outside, the vast majority of the citizenry, have effectively been removed from power. Our democratic voice amounts to little more than voting on occasion, that day every couple of years where we have our say, and then we are expected to shut up and take it until we have the privilege of voting again. Our representatives go off to Washington where they are wined, dined, and financed by people and groups with interests that are economic, political, and military, but certainly not human. The people we elect to represent our interests may throw some money into their region or neighborhood from time to time, especially just prior to an election, but it cannot be said that they represent our interests in any fundamental sense.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: Washington’s Lone Champion of ‘Sound’ Money – Visionary or False Prophet?
Nine years earlier, in 1979, Republican Ron Paul was serving his first stint in Congress. That year, he wrote a tract called Gold, Peace, and Prosperity, which advocated a return to a gold-redeemable dollar. Although Dr. Paul was not the only voice in support of gold in ’79, twenty-eight years later he still supports a return to asset-backed currency, and he is making the idea one of the central themes of his 2008 presidential campaign. Is he crazy, or is the rest of the country simply blind to the abuses of fiat money?
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Newspaper Coverage of Ron Paul in Iowa: B+
All in all, then, newspapers did pretty well in their coverage of Ron Paul and the Iowa Straw Poll. The Washington Post is a major, regrettable exception, but does not seem to be in the majority of newspaper coverage. And, as unacceptable as the Washington Post's poor coverage was, it is still not in the same league as ABC's outrageous failure to mention Ron Paul's first place position in reporting the results of its own poll, or in showing just a lone Ron Paul supporter an Iowa rally, when in fact there were throngs.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Tommy Thompson’s Brother Said to Endorse Ron Paul
“Ed’s endorsement will certainly help them in Wisconsin,” said one source close to the campaign. “He’s very well known there, along with his brother, and has great name recognition. The announcement may come as soon as today." The Ron Paul campaign is also expecting some other significant endorsements in the near future, according to this source.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Ils Aiment Ron Paul
Republicans have not been known recently for their warmth toward the French. But at least one contender for the G.O.P. nomination has developed a dedicated, if small, fan base in Paris: Representative Ron Paul of Texas, an anti-Iraq war libertarian.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Illinois Straw Poll, Aug. 16
The Illinois Republican straw poll will be held on Thursday, August 16 at the Illinois State Fair from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. To vote, you must be an Illinois resident at least 18 years old. Voting is free of charge.
Kent Snyder, chairman of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, will speak on behalf of Ron Paul.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul wins Iowa exit poll
Vote In Sunshine conducted an exit poll at the Iowa straw poll, here is what they found:
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Hagel's no Ron Paul
It isn't likely that Hagel can appeal to the growing number of Paul's supporters. We appreciate Hagel's stand on Iraq, but don't see him as a champion of freedom, smaller government and strict adherence to the Constitution.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Dr. Paul in NH August 18th-20th
Well my friends, we here in Hillsborough County are gearing up for a long-awaited visit from Dr. Paul this weekend and it's going to be a blast!
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Help Stop Tyranny and Join The Ron Paul Revolution. Freedom Isn't Free.stencil
I have taken the liberty (pun intended) of making a poster/stencil of Ron Paul with two different phrases at the bottom. One says "Save America Ron Paul 2008," and the other "Defeat Tyranny Ron Paul 2008." I created this to be a stencil that can be simply printed, cut out and spray-painted anywhere. However, after printing a few out, I realized that they also make really good looking as-is posters to put on community bulliten boards, telephone poles, etc. Either way works great, but the Ron Paul graphic spray-painted black from the stenicl looks really, really good.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

College Students for Ron Paul: It's Not Just Online Gambling Desperate for Candidate
You only have once chance to vote for your first Presidential candidate. Make it a vote you are proud to have cast! Never let anyone trick you with that nonsense "you shouldn't vote for him, he doesn't have a chance." The only prize you should be seeking is to change the country the way you believe it should be changed. Another ridiculous saying is "don't waste your vote, you have to vote for the lesser of two evils." When you do that, you are voting for evil. You are sending the message that you support that evil person and all of his/her policies.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul DVD (.com) - 3.5 hours of media coverage, interviews and debates!dvdrpProfessional looking DVDs containing over 3 1/2 hours of media coverage on Ron Paul, and his 2008 campaign. This DVD has proven to be an excellent tool to get the Internet into the hands of those who don't have a clue about Ron Paul; WHO he is, WHAT his message is, and WHY it's important to everyone in this great country. Order discs for cost.
August 15, 2007 Post Link

All-America Walk in Support of Ron Paul’s Freedom Message
On the day before his birthday, let’s give our candidate back some of the inspiration that he has given to us. Come on, people! We can do this! Let’s put this country on notice that the Ron Paul Revolution is HERE and EVERYWHERE. On August 19th we will gather to walk in EVERY state of the union. With signs and banners and literature and LOVE in our hearts we will spread the word of our support for FREEDOM and the return to CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT!
August 15, 2007 Post Link

Berkeley Analysis Confirms FMNN Report of Big Iowa Win for Ron Paul
Now a statistical analysis by a Berkeley mathematics professor has come to the same conclusion. The analysis declares that Ron Paul was a "clear winner" of the Ames Iowa Straw poll - as FMNN reported.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Builds GOP, Goldwater-like Rump Party
The twilight of his career is also its capstone. He is creating a conversation that will echo in the history books much as the ancient Roman historians do today. Seen from this point of view, from the point of view of the Great Conversation, Ron Paul’s opponent are political hacks and bureaucrats whose disposable speeches have no resonance and are void of meaning and content as soon as they are uttered.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Evidence Suggests Ron Paul Was Cheated
A host of curious events at the Iowa Straw Poll at the weekend has raised questions as to whether there was some kind of tampering with the final vote count, with evidence to suggest Ron Paul may have been wrongly placed in fifth position behind Mitt Romney and three second tier candidates.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Why Libertarianism is a Superior Political System
We humans seek to attain and accumulate resources in the most efficient possible manner for our individual self. When the most efficient manner available is attaining the resources from other individuals through ceorcion or theft (including fraud), it tends to reduce the overall efficiency of society because those individuals who lost their resources to the coercion and/or theft will divert their resources to attempting to prevent future losses of resources by such means.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

West Virginia Holding an EMAIL PRIMARY - ACTION ALERT
CALL TO ACTION: We need to get this info to email addresses of as many West Virginian Ron Paul supporters as possible. BECAUSE, in order for a voter to participate in this email vote, they need to "enroll", i.e., apply for a username and password by the end of November. AND, we need to find some 600 Republican voters here (as of Sept 1 -each county gets roughly one per 1000 "R" voters) who are willing to pay $25 and sign-up to be a Ron Paul delegate to the state convention. MOUNTAINEERS - TAKE SOME TIME and read the following links
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Enter Ron Paul and the Libertarians
Every election cycle I hear the same old thing. The Republicans are for the rich people and the Democrats are for the little guy. LOL Both parties have sold out the average American. The Democrats want to make us a communist country. Never mind that communism or socialism has been a miserable failure in every country it has been tried in. The Neocon Republicans talk about low taxes, small government and personal liberties, but give them a little power and they will let the highest bidder rape our country.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul's Birthday is Hope for America Day - Aug 20
August 20th is Dr. Ron Paul's birthday! Let's make it his best birthday ever by showing him how much support he has, and how much he means to all of us. In his interview on "This Week" with George Stephanopolis, he said that the campaign had quadrupled its donations, and took in $2.5 million. Then he said, "Can you imagine if we quadruple that again?"
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Wins Gaston County Straw Poll
John McCain: 2.4%
Rudy Guiliani: 4.9%
Mitt Romney: 7.3%
Newt Gingrich: 7.3%
Mike Huckabee: 9.8%
Fred Thompson: 31.7%
Ron Paul: 36.6%

Given how much time and money the Ron Paul campaign has spent in North Carolina, I’m sure they’ll be pleased.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul- Leveraging Technology in Asymmetric Political Activism
Ron Paul’s message has of course been resisted by the corporate controlled main stream media outlets, but that is having a greatly reduced total impact on the candidates message distribution especially among the tech-savvy voters. Conservatives throughout the nation have started to feel the resurgence of real compassionate conservatism in the GOP fostered by the campaign of Ron Paul. A groundswell is hard to miss.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul is most faithful candidate
As for me, I plan to vote for the man who has been faithful to his wife of 50 years and always faithful to the U.S. Constitution. That man is Ron Paul.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Fuzzy Math: The Iowa Straw Poll
Under scrutiny, the Iowa Straw Poll seems to suffer from fuzzy math. Anybody who assumes the final vote count was accurate suffers from fuzzy thinking…
August 14, 2007 Post Link

(Sigh…) Time to Cancel My Wall Street Journal Subscription
I’ve been a Wall Street Journal subscriber for years, and a couple years ago transitioned to the online WSJ for access while traveling, searchability, and a desire to save paper. My impression of the WSJ was that it was a credible and balanced reference for informed living. But that belief has been shaken over the past few weeks.
First was the recent article, “Ron Paul’s Earmarks“. I read it, rolled my eyes, and wrote the following letter to editor (which to my knowledge has not been published):
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Message from Ron Paul
Phew, what a week -- what a great week in Iowa. But first the important news: my wife Carol had a heart-pacemaker implanted on Sunday, and she is doing much better. She had a scare -- me too! -- and we are both so grateful for all your good wishes and prayers. They worked. And now she is safely back in Texas.
As I campaigned from morning to night in the August heat the last week, sometimes I'd get tired. And then I'd think of all the supporters, working in Iowa and so many other states, who never stop no matter how tired they are. Could I ever do less? Never. And I never will.
What could be more important than this movement of ours -- for freedom, peace, and prosperity? We hold the future of our country, of our children and grandchildren, in our hands. We can never stop, never flag. And we never will.
August 14, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: The Campaign Begins -- Iowa Straw Poll

August 13, 2007 Post Link

Was Ron Paul the Real Iowa Straw Poll Winner?
And Ron Paul is sitting pretty. Why? Because Paul's organization is catering to the truly conservative demographic - those who see Iraq as a big mistake, and those who really want a libertarian-style minimalist government. And, from what I've seen and read from supporters of Ron Paul, they are "true believers" who aren't going to be peeled off by the marquee names on the ballot. They are ideologically driven, not motivated by the pretty face or where the big money is lining up.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Paul ‘pretty pleased’ with straw poll finish
Benton said other campaigns have “peaked” and “declined,” but Paul, with his “fresh retail efforts,” is the candidate who is actually building momentum.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

"Paulites'" Online Organization Pays Off
A Wall Street Journal postmortem analysis of the poll results called Paul's fifth placement "impressive," given his "narrowly-defined" candidacy.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul - The 'Forgotten' Candidate
He has created quite the buzz online, and when news agencies decide to mess up, the internet community rallies back and makes sure that Ron is taken care of. Online, even a lot of Democrats are backing Ron Paul, because he is a man with morals and his platform that he has, in my opinion, is one that most people, Republican or Democrat, can agree on.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: High Risk Spending
Waste, fraud and abuse are often easy targets. Everybody knows a story of the government doing something absolutely ridiculous and wasteful. Plus, recent headlines have been packed with stories of corruption in Washington.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Strafford County GOP Picnic and Straw Poll
Congressman Ron Paul will be attending a picnic in Strafford, NH on Saturday, August 18th. The picnic will be hosted by the Strafford County GOP, and will begin at 12:00 PM, running till 5:00 PM. This is will be a great opportunity for Ron Paul supporters in New Hampshire to have some fun, great food, and hear the Congressman speak.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul's EXPLODES!
Yeah, he is just an unknown.....
4August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Update: Ron Paul Internet Appeal Gaining Momentum, what many techies believe is a more accurate traffic log than alexa because of their broader user sampling, shows Ron Paul's official website traffic starting to outdistance itself from Rudy Giuliani's official website traffic.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: How a Fringe Politician Took Over the Web
Paul supporters say his success is just the results of the wild, wild web operating at its finest, giving voice to a movement that would otherwise find no traction in traditional media. "If we have 20,000 passionate supporters who go and vote in an online poll and Rudy Giuliani can only get 1,000, we're not going to apologize for that," says Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign communication director.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Some advice on writing letters to the editor.
An important way to get the media to pay attention to any subject, whether it is Dr. Paul's candidacy or anything else, is to write them about that particular subject.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

GOP Fails to Spin Gold From Straw Poll
Rep. Ron Paul also shocked people in Iowa. He finished in fifth place and garnered more than 9% of vote in spite of only three trips to Iowa. His advertising was minimal, releasing just a few ads that came out last week. A supporter of Paul's emailed me on Friday saying he would be happy to see Paul get 3% of the vote. They blew away those numbers.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Malfunctioning Diebold Voting Machines Run By Romney Team Member At Iowa Poll
Ron Paul supporters were angered at this weekend's straw poll in Iowa by the fact that Diebold voting machines once again malfunctioned and caused significant delays in the count, coupled with the fact that a Mitt Romney team member was placed in charge of overseeing the voting procedure.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Comedy Central Needs Our Help
I received the following email from Comedy Central. I pass it along to you all, since Comedy Central - between the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report - has been very fair and positive with Dr. Paul. They are looking for votes for a funny caption a Ron Paul photo. Please go vote. Some of the captions aren't too flattering, but the one that is currently winning is great!
August 13, 2007 Post Link

RP Snowball Challenge #1
RP Snowball Challenge #1: Call 5 people in New Hampshire that are in your industry. For example, I have a mobile windshield repair business, so I am committing to contacting 5 mobile windshield repairmen (whose names & numbers I find on the web) in the state of NH by this Friday, August 17, 2007. Your challenge is to introduce them to RP and request that they investigate him further.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Is the Perfect Storm Forming for Ron Paul?
Of all the GOP and Democrat presidential candidates only Representative Ron Paul of Texas has been diagnosing correctly the shortcomings of the welfare-warfare-fiat money state. In fact, last Friday on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC show Dr. Paul demonstrated once again why he is the only presidential candidate who understands how the Federal Reserve creates financial bubbles that always end in pain and suffering, especially for low and middle income Americans.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul’s future…
Truly, the absurdity of it all is that Ron Paul is the only candidate to reflect the Old Right promoting a foreign policy of non-intervention and a return to Constitutional principles, whereas all other candidates are in general agreement with each other. Hence, the fight becomes one of name recognition and experience. Ron Paul’s future is bright and the cause of freedom and peace is the cause of the future. Let the base die and the Revolution continue.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul Campaign Hits Goals in Iowa
"Our campaign continues to build momentum every day," continued Moore. "As our grassfire movement grows stronger across the nation, our campaign remains in a unique position of strength on the ground unmatched by any other campaign."
August 13, 2007 Post Link

What the Media Should Report About the Ames Straw Poll
Ron Paul showed a 350% improvement over his CNA at the straw poll and is clearly the second winner at the event. It is easy to show such a marked up win when you are only averaging about 2-3% in the polls but his polling average has been 50% lower than Duncan Hunter yet he wiped the floor of Hunter by a factor of 8. He had a raw net gain in percentage more than Tom Tancredo.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul: A Frontrunner in the GOP for President?
With just about every Internet poll registering Ron Paul at 60% or better, this "new" media of the people by the people, a truly free press of citizens across the Internet, of news blogs, news websites, people organizing meet ups, and rallies for their candidate, seem to be declaring Ron Paul a viable candidate.
The old media is somewhat looking stupid and left behind, struggling with the old ways to rely on the mood of the country and are failing miserably at seeing just what is happening and what is changing for them, as information can't be tamed anymore by five or less "mainstream" sources.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Tommy Thompson Drops Presidential Bid
MILWAUKEE - Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson said Sunday he is dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination after finishing sixth in an Iowa straw poll.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul’s wife has surgery
After being admitted to the hospital, Carol Paul underwent minor surgery to correct the problem, he said. Ron Paul said they are still unsure what could have caused the trouble.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul For President
I think Ron Paul is a real patriot for continuing to believe in the principles this nation was founded on.
August 13, 2007 Post Link

What Is It About This Man, Ron Paul?
I think Ron Paul's placement in this poll was just about perfect: strong enough to solidly refute the 'pundits' -- intellectual followers (not to mention shills) who like to pretend they are leaders -- and provide just enough encouragement to the troops to keep everyone working hard, while still making clear just how far there is still to go.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Candidate's wife has pacemaker implanted
DES MOINES, Iowa - The wife of Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas had surgery Sunday to install a heart pacemaker.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

The Fast Lane of Freedom
However, what Tommy Thompson couldn't accomplish in months, Ron Paul and his message of freedom accomplished in one week and two days. He led the former Governor by 266 votes. Since Thompson himself said that anyone in the lower second-half should drop out, I think he will humbly concede.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

The Ron Paul Ultimatumultimatum
People are realizing that President Bush and Vice President Cheney represent evil and then they see Ron Paul and a light goes off – the answer is the US Constitution. Bingo! Government by the rule of law, limited government, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy – that is what made America great. These new converts may not necessarily understand the entire message and may have policy disagreements with Ron Paul, but they realize that our country needs an entirely different direction and it’s the direction of Ron Paul.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Aug 12, 2007, DallasNews Lies About Ron Paul Straw Poll Audience
The Dallas Morning News lied in an article published on August 11th about the number of people who listened to Ron Paul's "soap box" speech during the recent Iowa Straw Poll vote in Ames:
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul – He’s got it all!
Even though the media are not helping Paul, and he is not using millions of dollars to buy people’s favor, his popularity is rocketing. The secret to his success are his views, he wants what every normal American wants, but unlike other politicians, these are not just words to attract voters, he really means what he says!
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Good Job in Iowa for Ron Paul?
In essence, Ron Paul got the biggest “bang for his buck” in Iowa, when many of the contenders felt that Iowa wasn’t that important or worth the money and he got to put the “Internet Only” campaign talks to rest.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Laura Ingraham Owes Ron Paul an Apology!
Did everyone notice Laura Ingraham's sarcastic comment, "The inmates have left the asylum" directed to the Ron Paul supporters as they entered the convention room?
Her entire introduction was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to Ron Paul, and his supporters. How arrogant and mindless! Maybe, she was trying to be funny, but her comments were in bad taste and definitely reflected her dislike for Ron Paul.
I really took offense to her remarks. We should inundate Laura Ingraham's email box and/or call her at 800.876.4123 and demand that she apologizes publicly to Ron Paul and to his supporters.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Romney wins straw poll, Ron Paul's campaign encouraged by fifth-place finish
Paul managed to quadruple his level of support in Saturday's non-binding, non-scientific straw poll with 9 percent of the delegates in Ames backing him, compared to about 2 percent of Iowa Republicans who have told pollsters Paul is their choice. That put him in fifth place among the Republicans competing, but Paul's campaign is encouraged by the result.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul's Open Source Campaign
Writes Jay Roberts:"I started thinking about the economics of the unofficial campaign when I saw the results of the supporters who whipped together a full page ad for the Ames paper in a couple of days. Wonderful result that would have taken weeks and lots of 'buckage' from a PR firm, assuming that they could even put together something as good as that.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Fox News Blacks Out Ron Paul
“Fox News Channel reports on the Iowa straw poll results do not mention Paul in audio, Their graphics skip Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul to show the two Thompsons and Giuliani. Perhaps they think the Ron Paul ’storm is expected to pass."
foxiowaAugust 12, 2007 Post Link

What the Iowa Straw Poll Results REALLY Mean to the RP Revolution
I just want to bottom line it all by saying Ron Paul supporters should take the encouragement we can from the Ames Straw Poll, which is this: Ron Paul placed firmly in the middle of a crowded field. He did not buy his votes in order to do so. He did not spend his entire war chest on this one event. He has increased his name recognition. He is closer than ever before to being considered a top tier candidate.
More importantly, realize that it is time to redouble the efforts, get more insanely crazy about this campaign and increase everyone’s level of personal involvement. I think that this was just the thermometer the movement needed to catapult it to the next level.
August 12, 2007 Post Link

Ron Paul picks up the black vote, Knights of Liberty Rap

August 12, 2007 Post Link

What we HAVE to keep doing.
Both sides did not get what they want. We all wanted to blow out the Ames Straw Poll so we could dance in the streets and start burning our 1040s. They wanted to be able to justify their contention that Dr. Paul should be dismissed as a nobody with no chance. Neither side won a clear victory and both are going to have to work harder at their goal. If we don’t win the greatest experiment in government in recorded history–the US Constitution–is going to fail. Even if we do win the long term survival of liberty is still not guaranteed; if we don’t fight, that failure is assured.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Why Ron Paul got second in Iowa.
Time plus money vs expectations:

17 Days in Iowa Ron Paul(1) 76.76 votes a day
04 Days in Iowa F. Thompson(2) 50.75 votes a day
89 Days in Iowa M. Romney(3) 50.74 votes a day
70 Days in Iowa M. Huckabee(4) 36.95 votes a day
66 Days in Iowa T. Tancredo(5) 29.71 votes a day
115 Days in Iowa Brownback(6) 19.06 votes a day
26 Days in Iowa Guliani(7) 7.03 votes a day

Romney spent over $22,000 per vote compared to Ron Paul’s 200 dollars. Lose.
Brownback bused in 51 busloads at a cost of millions. Lose.
Tancredo has lived in Iowa for 2 months. Lose.
Tommy Thompson spent even more time there and visited every county in the state. Big Lose.
Guliani spent 9 more days, and tried to make it look like he was not participating simply because he was not there that day. Not true. He ran 3 seperate radio ads for weeks, and blanketed the state with mailings. Big Lose.
McCain. Big Lose.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

People Who Hear Ron Paul Love Him
Writes Greg R.: "Ron Paul actually did win the Iowa Straw Poll here is how: Ron received nearly 77 votes per day, for every day he campaigned in Iowa. Thats the best of all other candidates. On the left is the number of days the candidate spent in Iowa; int he center, the candidate and his rank; and on the right is the number of votes he got per day campaigned:
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul places Fifth in Iowa Straw Poll
Since Romney spent about $2,000 in campaigning to get each vote cast on his behalf, and Ron Paul about $200, many Ron Paul supporters are viewing this as a great success.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul at 9.1% not even mentioned when results come in
As you can see, FOX dismisses Ron Paul’s support initially, and then when he gets 9.1% after campaigning for only two days he is not mentioned at all. (Others like Huckabee, Brownback and Tancredo campaigned in Iowa for months). Carl Cameron also dismissed Ron Paul’s results after Ron Paul won the South Carolina debate post-debate poll.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul May be Only Hope of Avoiding Draft
Ron Paul warned us all of this possibility back in November but it never made the headlines. In fact, I am sure most of you never even knew he said it. Once again, Ron Paul has proved to be the most prescient candidate running for President. More importantly, he wants to protect your children and if you are under thirty: he wants to protect your LIFE. Here is what Dr. Paul wrote on November 27, 2006:
August 12, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul movement is bigger than Ron Paul
The Ron Paul movement is about educating people about the real long term interests of America and constantly having to deconstruct the mistruths being sold by political opportunists to the general population. This is a movement of patriotism, and it takes heart and courage to be a part of it.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Winners and Losers: Ames Editions
Ron Paul: He showed that he can convince approximately 10% of the party faithful, in Iowa no less, to vote for him. It's truly amazing when one considers how little he spent in and visited Iowa.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

They distort. I've decided.
I just saw a screen shot where "Faux News" literally showed everyone but Ron Paul -- including McCain, whose campaign around here sucks and tries to pay for it. Sheesh. Hopefully one of our talented YouTubers will do yet-another video that makes fun of this one.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Statement on Iowa Straw Poll
On behalf of Dr. Ron Paul and his wife Carol, and the Ron Paul 2008 campaign staff, I thank our supporters and volunteers in Iowa and throughout the country for the strong showing in the Iowa straw poll. We are pleased and encouraged by the results.
August 12, 2007 Permalink

Iowa Straw Poll Results: RON PAUL 5th Place!!

1. Mitt Romney 4516
2. Mike Huckabee 2587
3. Sam Brownback 2092
4. Tom Tancredo 1961
5. Ron Paul 1305 9.2%
6. Tommy Thompson 1039
7. Duncan Hunter 174
8. Fred Thompson 203
9. Rudy Giuliani 183
10.John McCain 101
11. John Cox 41

Total Votes: 14,202

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Paul's Historic Speech at Iowa Ames Straw Poll - August 11, 2007

Ron Paul Speech at Iowa Straw Poll (Part 1 of 2)
Ron Paul Speech at Iowa Straw Poll (Part 2 of 2)

Ron Paul—The libertarian Republican
Contrary to Congress’ dreams of ever-increasing power, Dr. Paul’s congressional career is laced with legislation that seeks to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. During his first stint in the House (1976-1984), Paul served on the House Banking Committee, where he was an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve policies of the era. From that time forward he has sponsored bills and voted to reduce and eliminate federal taxes, as well as federal spending and regulation.
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Having Fun Doing Good
Incidentally, the suggestion that the Paul campaign coordinates all this activity, down to urging people to vote in every online poll there is, is quaintly obtuse. (If only Paul had a campaign apparatus with that kind of manpower and free time!) But it’s no surprise that political centralists can’t understand a truly decentralized, grassroots phenomenon. They can’t understand how a campaign, much less society as a whole, could operate in the absence of central direction. That, of course, is one of the very reasons the rest of us support Ron Paul.
I have received more emails than I can count from people around the world who write to say that they wish they could be American citizens in order to have the privilege of voting for Ron Paul.
Now can you imagine someone – anyone – saying, "I wish I could be an American citizen in order to have the unspeakable privilege of voting for Mitt Romney?"
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Highlights of the Ron Paul speech at Iowa straw poll
As an example of his view of the government’s return to tyranny, Paul mentioned his opposition to the proposed national ID card. Paul concluded by saying that as president he won’t run your life, your family, and your religious beliefs. He also doesn’t have an interest in running the economy or policing the world. This story comes from my own notes during Ron Paul’s talk. I think I hit the high points of his talk. If anybody was wondering what Ron Paul is really about, he did a great job of laying out his positions and beliefs today.
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Iowa Straw Poll: The Ron Paul Revolution
Again and again, Paul received loud applause during his speech, most notably when he spoke of defending the Constitution. "The answers can be found in the return to the rule of law and strict interpretation of the Constitution," he said.
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Iowa Straw Poll! Dr. Ron Paul may likely be the winner at full swingIowa Straw Poll! Dr. Ron Paul may likely be the winner at full swing
According to online and offline polls, congressman Ron Paul was in the position to win the Iowa straw poll taking place in Ames today. If that happens as predicted, many Americans may have to start getting ready and rolling up their sleeves to help strenghten the growth of the campaign that is already at national level.
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Ron Paul, Iowa and the Presidency
However -- it is in domestic policy where Ron Paul completes the package. Unlike the democratic longshots, and the candidacy of GuiliClintoRomnObamThomEdwaCain, Ron Paul is about real freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to live, freedom to decide for ourselves. He offers freedom from excessive government mandates, excessive rules and regulations, excessive confiscation of our life and property. In this, Paul is the only real conservative in the group, and yes, perhaps the only radical.

Ron Paul may not excite the mainstream press, establishment policy cheerleaders, big investors in government programs, or the military-industrial complex. But Ron Paul really excites a whole heck of a lot of regular people -- and puts the scare in the rest of them.
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Ron Paul Rallies Supporters
The Ron Paul signs, it seems, are practically everywhere you look here at the Iowa Straw Poll. There are bumper stickers and billboards and T-shirts in a wide variety of colors.
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Presidential Candidates - Ron Paul for WNC
The purpose of this site is to attract and support Ron Paul fans ans well as attract members for the Ron Paul Meetup Groups in Western North Carolina. WNC includes Asheville and the surrounding areas, Mars Hill, Canton, Candler, Weaverville, Leicester, Woodfin, Alexander, Swannanoa, Arden, Fletcher, Fairview, Barnardsville, Black Mountain, etc.
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Ron Paul Iowa Straw Poll Plan?
If 25,000 votes are cast, as has been predicted by the Iowa GOP, then 10 percent would be around 2,500 votes. Given the size of the field, 10 percent of the vote might well push a candidate into a respectable position. And the margin of victory between various candidates may not be wide at all.
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Ron Paul Gets Award for "Loudest Presence" at Straw Poll
Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register reports that the loudest support during Saturday's morning portion of the Iowa Straw Polls went to Ron Paul - an 8 to 1 favorite of those appearing at the event. Online gambling websites removed betting on the 2008 US Presidential Elections during the day Saturday citing the important ramifications of the Straw Poll.
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Ron Paul's Performance at the Ames Straw Poll
As USA Election Polls writes, "that wreaks of bias against the non-conformist Republican candidate". Make no mistake about it, Ron Paul will be attacked for his performance at the Ames Straw poll.
If Ron Paul does poorly, they will certainly call him on it. If he does well, they will just attribute that to front runners Rudy Giuliani and John McCain not competing hard for the straw poll.
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Ron Paul...putting Mitt Romney to good use!
Not only is this a great way to get Ron Paul supporters to the polls, but it also limits the power of money in the Iowa straw poll. If people, who aren't Romney supporters, take the buses, Romney's financial advantage will be reduced. And thats a good thing, because in a democracy, money shouldn't decide elections.
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Photos From Ames
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Prelude to the Straw Poll
Around the event center, we drove the full circle around the area. Ron Paul supporters were well positioned at every corner, as well as at a number of locations. From the parking lot we came in at, there seemed to be about 10 Ron Paul supporters to every one other candidates (we saw a few scattered Hunter, Tancredo and Thompson signs, although not anyone who actually looked like a flesh and bone supporter).
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Ron Paul's wife hospitialized in Iowa
DES MOINES, Iowa — Rep. Ron Paul's wife was hospitalized Saturday morning, the Texas Republican's presidential campaign announced shortly before voting was to begin in the Ames GOP straw poll.
The campaign did not say why Carol Paul was taken to the hospital, but emphasized she is out of danger.
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ABC VIDEO: Ted Oberg interviews presidential candidate Ron Paul
Watch Ted Oberg's full interview with presidential candidate Ron Paul.
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ABC - Meet Ron Paul: The Houston-area's presidential candidate
"I think I probably want to influence the debate more than the others," he said. "The others only desire is to be the president. Of course my desire is to be the president, but it's motivated much differently. I don't want to run people's lives. I don't want to run the economy and I don't want to run the world."
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Paul's Online Support Put to Offline Test
micHis YouTube videos are the most viewed of any presidential candidate -- yes, more than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. He has more MySpace friends than Romney, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former senator Fred Thompson combined. His online followers, many of them live-and-let-live libertarians, were essential to his second quarter fundraising haul of $2.37 million, which easily surpassed former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback.
And the big question on many a online political operative mind is: Can Paul translate all that online enthusiasm into offline results?
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Pundits watching Ron Paul in Iowa straw poll
I consider the Iowa straw poll kind of like reality TV. It is fun to watch, but it doesn’t really bear much of a resemblance to an actual election. I think campaigns get too hung up on it, and spend way more money than they should for something that doesn’t count, but Ron Paul is in a good position here. The expectations are low, so if he does anything at all, he will generate a bit more media buzz for his campaign. He really has everything to gain and nothing to lose on Saturday.
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Candidate follows Constitution
Do we want a president that does his own thing? Or do we want a president that abides by the Constitution and governs accordingly? Do we want a president that has more respect for the Constitution, his country and the citizens of American than a political party, big business or the New World Order?
Dr. Paul has raised as of this date, $3 million toward his campaign fund. Obviously, someone thinks he will make a good president.
In 2008, let's elect a real patriot for president instead of the same old party hacks.
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Ron Paul Raises $75,000 in one day!
At about minute 6:20 in the first video (or 2:40 in time left) Ron Paul announces the campaign raised $75,000 in one day.
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LiveBlogging--Iowa Straw Poll
Just a quick reminder--RedStateEclectic will be LIVE blogging from the Iowa Stra Poll in Ames, Iowa today. We'll be uploading video as time allows, as well as photos. We have 3 people "on the job" who will be reporting to you throughout the day, beginning at around 10 a.m.
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Flash!! Flash!! Congressman Ron Paul is predicted to victory in the Iowa Straw Poll on Aug.11, 2007
Never before to see or observe so many Americans around the United States and abroad to keep an eye on the Iowa Straw Poll that is due hours from now. It is strongly believed hundreds of thousands of voters, be they Iowa residents or not, have already assembled themselves in Ames, IA for one reason: The message of liberty, freedom, prosperity and peace, and thanks to Dr. Ron Paul who has been fighting for us in congress for the past 20 years.
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On Eve of Straw Poll, Ron Paul Says GOP Has Lost its Way
GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul will be the first to admit that he's still trying to catch up with the "Ron Paul Revolution." During a telephone interview before a rally in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, the congressman from Texas confessed: "In many ways, I joined the group of people who started the Ron Paul Revolution, because I also wanted to see significant changes in this country."
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IOWA Dispatch: Day 3 - Dr. Paul Speaks at Ronstock

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*Ronstock PICTURES*
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Check Out Chris Matthews MSNBC At 7pm EST
It'll be a replay of the show from 5pm. Apparently he said something along the lines of him loving Ron Paul and thought that he reminded him of Goldwater. Someone please tape it! Speaking of Goldwater I'll be watching "Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater" tonight.
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Iowa Straw Poll Likely to Impact Paul, Romney Presidential Odds
"Dr. Paul's people smell a rat. In endless e-mailings and phone calls to talk shows, they blame an insidious conspiracy to muzzle the 'truth.'"
Even cries of ABC tinkering with polling numbers have been mentioned with some Paul supports claiming his votes went from just over 2000 to just 1700. Polls don't work backwards obviously so something in the water didn't compute.
"I hope it was just a glitch on their (ABC) part," said one supporter.
Even the Conservative Journal of Record, The Patriot Post, offered some support this week for candidate Paul.
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Ron Paul on Kudlow & Company (8/10/07)
Paul comments on the Federal Reserve bailout. So where is Guiliani and Romney on this? They cannot hold a candle to Ron Paul's financial savy.

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Individuals and organizations endorsing Paul's presidential campaign include:
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Unbelievable...People From All Over The World !
are calling the newspaper and ordering copies. The man I just talked to from the paper said he couldn't believe it. He said he just got a call from Iraq that was heartbreaking...lots of military people calling...people from countries he's never talked to....people from everywhere. I think the guy is a Ron Paul fan now. He LOVES the way the ad looks too. Said he was amazed when he got a call saying we are trying to raise the money...and we did...and now all this. That newspaper hasn't seen so much excitement in a long time. He said the whole town is excited. matter how the Straw Poll turns out vote-wise, this is a HUGE success.
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On The Road
Time to pack the laptop up and get ready to head to Ames. Reminder: we'll be blogging live, as well as posting photos and videos as warranted. Be sure to check in with us tomorrow, hopefully starting by 10 a.m. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors. We'll be providing coverage of happenings at the Ron Paul tent, but also in the other campaign areas. You can still e-mail me with questions for staff, supporters or candidates themselves--any of the campaigns that are there.
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World Record Paul Banner Banner — photo mosaic of you!
We’re looking to design, produce and print the world’s largest Ron Paul banner — possibly as large as 40 feet by 12 feet (we can go bigger). We’re going to compose the image as a photo-mosaic of Ron Paul supporters, including you! We’re going to “donate” this banner to the Ron Paul campaign in hopes they can put it up outdoors at events. We’re working on the design now.
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Ron Paul the "talk of Iowa"
We are now getting an email request every minute. Ron Paul is the talk of Iowa this week and here in Ames. The tents are up at the Iowa State University facility along with traffic control fences, etc. Media trucks are starting to arrive this morning. DC
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POLL: Who will win the Iowa Straw Poll?
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NPR-You had such a grand beginning and now look at you.
I just listened to the Adam Hochberg’s piece on Ron Paul supposedly about his blog support. Turns out they had a different agenda in mind.
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President for a New Generation
The race to be the leader of the free world thrusts forward at neck-breaking speeds, inducing a whirlwind of indecisive dust and Ron Paul stands perfectly still on an unwavering foundation of political philosophy . . .The Constitution of the United States. As the only candidate to oppose the war from its beginnings, and with a clear resolution to bring our troops home, Ron Paul stands apart from his opponents in more ways than one. A fresh outlook on American sovereignty, fiscal policy, and personal liberty calls on the youth of a new generation to realign the due course of the American identity to the vision of our forefathers.
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Ron Paul Is President Of MySpace, And Other News Courtesy Of
OK, let's try this again: Anyone interested in checking out the online fortunes of the '08 presidential candidates should head to Personaldemocracy's techPresident channel, where the site keeps a running tab on metrics like MySpace and Facebook friends, YouTube views and Technorati mentions. Among Democrats, for instance, Barack Obama has the clear lead in social network race, while Republican Ron Paul has trounced his competition.
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Soldiers overwhelminingly support Ron Paul. Why?uniform
I know that Ron Paul is the only one that truly speaks for the military. As an active duty Marine, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I take that oath very seriously and see Ron Paul as the only candidate that has actually proven through his actions that he cares about preserving our Constitution and our constitutional republic.
"If there were more public awareness about Ron Paul and what he stands for, I imagine that he would have nearly unanimous support among military members and veterans. However, his fame is spreading fast and I'm sure a lot of ground will be covered between now and the election in 2008."
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Paul Camp May Catch Romney’s Bus
The Romney campaign is bracing for a larger-than-expected showing from Paul supporters, according to Gentry Collins, who is overseeing Mr. Romney’s Iowa operations, although his saying that may be part of a broader attempt to lower expectations for Mr. Romney.
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Ron Paul's Endorsements

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Last Call--Questions For the Ames Straw Poll
As I have mentioned on a couple of occasions, there will be 3 of us representing RedStateEclectic at the Ames Straw Poll. Be sure to check in with us from time to time to see what's happening. We'll be posting photos and some video as time allows, as well as descriptions of what's going on.
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IOWA Dispatch: Day 2 - Video of Official Opening of the Iowa Campaign Headquarters
(Video 1 of 5) Here is the video of Dr. Paul speaking to supporters during the opening of the official Iowa Campaign Headquarters.
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Ron Paul 800 Red Tickets Going Fast
A previous FMNN story focused on 500 red tickets made available by the Ron Paul presidential campaign, which were snapped up yesterday. Another block of 300 is almost gone as well, according to sources close to the campaign, and the Ron Paul campaign will make more tickets available if need be. Red tickets are generally preferred to blue tickets as they entitle the holder to gain access to more political events surrounding the straw poll.
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Hardball Restores Ron Paul Votes
Much has been made about how Hardball had reset the vote count on its video ad contest. Many people wrote MSNBC to complain, and IT WORKED! MSNBC restored Ron Paul's two videos to the top spots!
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Ron Paul campaign distances itself from supporters' vote fraud concernspaulpic
Some supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul have been sounding the alarm about potential voting irregularities in this weekend's Republican straw poll. However, the Texas Congressman says he doesn't support a lawsuit being prepared against the state Republican party and his campaign stresses it has worked behind the scenes to address any concerns over vote-counting.
Representatives of the campaign privately discussed potential security vulnerabilities in the Diebold voting machines to be used in Saturday's vote, but a spokesman tells RAW STORY that Paul's campaign never intended to publicly challenge the vote.
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Dr. Rand Paul's visit to the Paducah Meetup Group
Dr. Paul and I talked briefly about why so many veterans are supporting Ron Paul, and I pointed out that, having taken an oath--and pledged our lives--to uphold and defend the Constitution ourselves, we have a tremendous amount of respect for elected officials who take that oath seriously.
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Paul urges return to constitutional law
Paul criticized what he regards as the erosion of personal and civil liberties fueled by increased government surveillance. He also contended that U.S. military involvement in dozens of countries is weakening the nation's strength and building anti-U.S. sentiment around the globe.
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Paul Campaign Site Omitted
Today, WBUR in Boston has a preview of the Iowa straw poll. The campaign sites of Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback and Tommy Thompson are listed under "Related Links." Ron Paul's campaign site is not listed.
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More ABC News Distortion To Be Included in My Curriculum
I will have another example of media misconduct to teach to my class this Fall, which I would be happier not having at all. For ABC News, this represents the third strike: removing comments of Ron Paul supporters, misreporting the results of its own poll, making Ron Paul's supporters look fewer than they really were. When will it end?
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From Grassroots Great Things Grow
The other candidates in this race may boast bigger bank accounts. They may host larger fundraisers and throw more lavish parties. But I guarantee you that not a single one of them can claim to have such a dedicated, creative, motivated, and resourceful following among We the People as does Congressman Paul.
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Web Whiz Ron Paul Faces Test of Offline Presidential Appeal
The Texas congressman's online prominence has already garnered him heightened attention in the world of traditional media -- The New York Times Magazine recently ran an extensive profile of Paul and his quixotic campaign, and he's enjoyed a blitz of national television appearances.
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Ron Paul is getting NPR air time. What IS this world coming to?
Ron Paul is getting air-time on National Public Radio (NPR), yet is being marginalized by other mass media outlets. Is this a strange world or what? Searching NPR for “Ron Paul” returns 59 results; four from 2002, none from 2003, one from 2004, five from 2005, one from 2006, and forty-eight from 2007, with twenty-seven of those (or nearly half of all results) from June to August of this year. Dr. Paul is definitely making headway on NPR.
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GOP maverick Paul says party is doomed on current course
"If they don't change their foreign policy, they're going to lose big time next year," Paul said during a midway stroll at the Iowa State Fair. "They're going to lose more congressional seats, and they can't win the presidency. They can't possibly win by maintaining the status quo in Iraq."
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Iowa Dispatch: Day 1 - Volunteers and Iowa State Fair Parade

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Paul brings 'freedom revolution' to Cedar Rapids
The grass roots, especially in the Republican party, are responding to that message, Paul said. Fiscal conservatives have been ``annoyed'' with the way Republicans have spent money and Paul promises to return to the Republican tradition of less government intervention in people's lives and less government spending.
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Final Copy of Ad to Appear in Saturday Ames Tribune
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MSNBC video poll reset
It seems as though the 2 Ron Paul videos that were leading the pack in the video challenge have been reset mysteriously! So please go vote again and make Ron Paul #1! FYI - There are two Ron Paul videos to vote for!
It’s strange that Ron Paul went from having thousands of votes to a couple of hundred. In any case, if you want to go and vote, here’s the link
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Early this afternoon, Ron Paul's YouTube channel reached 25,000 subscribers.

Paul -  25,000
Obama -  9,848
Clinton - 5,088
Edwards - 3,679
Kucinich - 2,776
Romney - 2,717
Gravel - 2,501
Giuliani - 2,152
McCain - 1,500
Richardson - 1,414
Biden - 1,146
Huckabee - 782
Tancredo - 683
Dodd - 614
Hunter - 609
Brownback - 511

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Where do the candidates stand on education? Ron Paul on education.
Most of Paul’s educational stances come from his stance against federal involvement in education. In fact, all of his views stem from this, making him appear the most ideologically consistent candidate I have yet seen. He supports the abolishment of the Federal Department of Education, and wants parents to have complete freedom in how to educate their children. Paul voted against mandating prayer in public schools, but also against preventing it—essentially he just wants the federal government out of the issue. He also voted against authorizing No Child Left Behind, believing it represented too much federal involvement in education.
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AUDIO: WHO AM -Congressman Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Senator Sam Brownback, and Governor Mike Huckabee at the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.
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Ron Paul in Iowa, Aug. 8
The day once again began early at 6:00 am with a radio interview by telephone with Andy Peterson, a popular conservative in Cedar Rapids. Luckily, the schedule between 6:30 and 9:00 was clear, affording Dr. Paul a chance for a vigerous walk, a healthy breakfast and some time alone with his thoughts.
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Emergence and the Ron Paul Revolution
There is something about the Ron Paul revolution that people have been unable to put their finger on. It is that thing which Clinton and Obama wish they could manufacture, and Giuliani and Romney wish they could destroy. It is the essence of the movement that gives those involved a sense of incredible interconnectedness to something much larger than themselves. It is the self-organizing nature of a decentralized movement. It is an embodiment of the free-market-without government-intervention principle that Ron Paul himself espouses. This thing is known as “emergence.”
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Running on Angry
Also alluring is his simplicity, which seems unshaken by the increasing complication of the times. Paul often uses the phrase "not complicated" to refer to his ideas. "Our problems are great, but the solution is not complicated," he is fond of saying. Or: "My solution for Iraq is not complicated... We just marched in, we can just march out." Or: "Almost every answer can be found in our Constitution." Simplicity is part of his cachet, and he knows it. Speaking at Google about the "amazing" and "spontaneous" growth of his campaign, Paul explained, "We've touched a nerve with a lot of people who say, 'That makes sense!'"
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What liberal media? Part II
One of the Big Six, General Electric, also owns, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, the History Channel as well as some international media companies. GE is also in the military hardware business and manufactures jet fighters, tanks, Apache helicopters and other military equipment.
Remember that the next time you watch Meet The Press, the NBC Nightly News or Hardball with Chris Matthews. Keep in mind whose stands to profit from favorable reporting on and continuation of the war.
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Romney Leadership Team Member Overseeing Straw Poll
They are claiming of course, that there is nothing to worry about since the voting procedure will be conducted with the assistance and oversight of the Story County Auditor's Office. Story here.
If we look here we see the Story County Auditor is Mary Mosiman.
Mary Mosiman also happens to be on Mitt Romney's "Romney for President Leadership Team".
So there you have it, the Story County Auditor who will take part in overseeing the voting on the questionable machines is part of a team dedicated to "help Governor Romney share his vision for America".
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What you should know about Rudy
When Rudolph Giuliani awoke on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, his political career was in the toilet. Nearing the end of his second term as mayor of New York City, his approval rating was in the dismal 30th percentile, and he was term-limited from running again. He dropped out of a 2000 Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Newsweek referred to pre-9/11 Rudy as "unpopular" and "irrelevant."
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Is Ron Paul being mischaracterized on the VoteMatch on-line presidential selector?
Three early on-line presidential selectors make for interesting results. The fact that even retaking the VoteMatch survey several times (to verify survey consistency), Ron Paul remains in the lower half of my results. Why is Ron Paul apparently mischaracterized in VoteMatch yet the ranking of Hunter and Tancredo is consistent across the selectors?
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Paul says free market best for health care
It is time to move away from a system in which government is involved, Paul said. "When government gets involved it just pushes the price up," the congressman, who is also a doctor, said. "So I don't like that trend. I don't like corporate medicine. That's way patients are unhappy, the doctors are unhappy, the drug companies seem to be happier. The country knows it is a mess."
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Paul Odyssey Update
In the last debate of 10 candidates on June 5 in Manchester NH, Rep. Paul was questioned eight times and allowed to speak for exactly six and a half minutes out of the two hour commercial-free debate. Amazingly, in that microscopic bit of time, he won the debate!
The captive media has good reason to ignore him. Dr. Paul is not for sale. Simple as that. He is beholden to no lobby or special interest or foreign government. Unlike his fellow candidates, he represents the interests of the American people. And, of course, we can't have that.
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Ron Paul Presidential Odds
From When it comes to Presidential odds and interest in them, nobody in the race can hold a candle to Republican Dr. Ron Paul
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Fiscal conservative
H ave you noticed that most of the candidates for president promise to spend more money? Money for pre-school, money for college loans, money for African drought victims, money for national health care and the list goes on. All sound like great ideas. But most of the candidates never tell you how they are going to pay for these items. This means that the federal government will have to borrow money and let future generations pay the bill. Our federal government already spends too much.
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Ron Paul Quietly Converting GOP Believers
Paul's positions are also genuine. He has a very consistent voting record, so much so that it occasionally puts him in hot water in his own district. But his ability to stay on message will get him support from an important corner of the Republican Party -- the evangelicals.
The evangelicals in the GOP have experienced fatigue over the last few years. They have heard quite a few promises from Washington but have had precious few real victories to celebrate. How long can they put up with the pandering from the top tier candidates like Giuliani (pro-choice), Mitt Romney (a flip-flopper), and Fred Thompson (a lobbyist).
Paul has always been pro-life. He was also an original supporter of Ronald Reagan in 1976 against Gerald Ford. But you won't hear him discussing his views on religion in public. He's a firm believer in the Constitution and the separation between church and state.
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Iowa TV AD Spot 2

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AUDIO: August 9, 2007 - Jan Mikelson with Ron Paul on WHO Radio
Courtesy of
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The Straw Poll Vote-Counting Controversy
I encourage every Ron Paul supporter to avoid these tactics, persuade those they see advocating these tactics to rethink their ideas, and move on to more productive activities. Let's present a campaign of hope, promise, and optimism, not outrage, distrust, annoyance, and pessimism.
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AUDIO on NPR: Blogs Tout GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul
Texas congressman Ron Paul is one of the candidates hoping for a strong showing this weekend in Iowa Republicans' presidential straw poll. His unconventional platform — one he calls "anti-war: and "anti-welfare" — is attracting support from the grassroots and 'Net roots.
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Some background on the Iowa Straw Poll
While the event has no direct connection to the Iowa Caucuses, it is viewed as important as an early indicator of the strength of various candidates. Additionally, the media coverage that it receives can give a boost to a lesser known candidate. One reason that some candidates decide not to participate is the fact that a bad showing can adversely affect the public’s perception of them and have a negative effect on their fundraising ability and campaign as a whole.
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Ron Paul Internet Trends
Note also that from the U.S./2007 pages, Iowa is currently the top subregion when ranked by Ron Paul, and indicates his name the most searched among Republican candidates -- but, go to the Iowa page, there's not enough search volume to render a graph. This is true narrowed to any Republican candidate.
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Presidential Candidates Web Search Results Opening To The Public
Ron Paul is the most popular Republican presidential candidate on the Internet, according to figures from a new Election 2008 Data Center survey.
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Paul Right, Romney Wrong on Iraq and 9/11
By interrupting Congressman Paul with his "Has he forgotten about 9/11?" protestation, Governor Romney not only made himself appear less than presidential, he also confirmed that, where Iraq is concerned, he does not know what he’s talking about.
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Conservative VS Neocon
I have said many times that the American right has been infiltrated by the left and many good conservatives have allowed themselves to be led into following leftist policies. I hope that I’ve extrapolated on, and explained that statement a bit more in depth here.
Ron Paul is a conservative, not a neoconservative. That’s why the neoconservatives see him as whacky. I don’t understand how ANY American citizen can view strictly following the US Constitution as whacky. Many neoconservatives see Dr. Paul’s Libertarian leaning as what is whacky about him, and they obviously don’t understand that Libertarianism is the very heart of conservatism.
The entire country has shifted left, completely by design, with the traditional liberals shifting toward socialism (national healthcare) and the traditional conservatives shifting towards neoconservativism (welfare and warfare).
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Ron Paul buys TV ads in advance of pivotal pollRon Paul buys TV ads in advance of pivotal poll
The Texas Congressman has begun running television ads in Iowa before Republicans there travel to Ames this Saturday for a crucial straw poll. Current and former frontrunners Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are not participating in the poll, meaning Paul could receive higher-than expected support.
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Building Momentum momentum
The purpose of a political campaign is to win. To do that, you have to constantly build momentum and reach top speed on Election Day. The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is now shifting to a higher gear. The next stop: Iowa straw poll this Saturday.
But before we shift gears, let’s remember how our campaign was dismissed by many at first. The “experts” didn’t give us a chance. They didn’t think we could even get our engine started. What they did give us were their inside-the-Beltway opinions why Ron Paul’s campaign for freedom and constitutional government would sputter after only a few weeks.
But the “experts” were wrong. Why?
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Paul Supporter's Letter Makes Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Unfortunately it is this attitude on the part of the media, the major political parties and the public that has gotten our country into the mess it is in today. It seems as if repeating the "talking points" of the major parties has become more prevalent than actually discussing and debating the issues.
I found Dr. Paul's message to be so inspiring that I shall change my party affiliation so that I may vote for him in the next primary election.
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Is 2008 The New 1964?
"Thus, Mr. Derbyshire, when you turn your back on the Temptation of Ron Paul, all you are doing is expressing despair that the Gordian knot of money, power, influence, and bureaucratic paperwork that is currently strangling Washington and the country can ever be challenged. President Bush used to speak of the 'soft bigotry of low expectations.' When you relegate Ron Paul to only a dream, you are only confessing the lowest expectations for any vision of America other than the status quo. "
"I suggest that you find the courage to follow your dream. I know I can say without the slightest chance of contradiction that you will never find a man with more honesty, courage, decency, or integrity to hitch your dreams to than Ron Paul."
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on Monetary Policy

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Iowa ABC Station Gives Ron Paul Supporters Fair Coverage
The GOP better think long and hard about who they think can really challenge Hillery. Ron Paul obviously has some hard core, hard fighting political activist making up his 30,000 strong grassroots volunteer support base the largest of any candidate this early in an election ever from either party. You can’t ignore that kind of strength for very long.
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Ron Paul Now has 30,000 Registered Volunteers
Last week, the National Expositor revealed the Paul camp had more than 20,000 registered volunteers. Today, on the Dale Williams Radio show, Jesse Benton, director of communications for Dr. Paul’s Campaign stated there are now more than 30,000 registered volunteers. In less than one week the Paul Campaign has added and additional 10,000 volunteers.
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Candidate stresses hands-off philosophy
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said his growing number of grassroots supporters turn to him not because they want more from their government, but because they want it to leave them alone.
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We Are Ron Paul
They need people to pledge (not yet donate) money by tomorrow. You can pledge at the Ron Paul Forums thread. $1300 is needed for a half-page ad, but if more is pledged they might be able to go full-page
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Ron Paul: The Internet Superstar???
The question reporters asked in the past has been is it real or some sort of shadow internet society jamming the net with Ron Paul votes? I wonder in your point of view - as a blog reader and therefore smart internet user - does it matter? Are we really seeing the long awaited leveling of the playing field where money doesn't matter as much? Even if it is just Ron Paul fans voting several times for him in online polls does it any way pervert the process? Conversely are these online polls equivalent to American Idol and therefore not a worthy part of the political discussion?
Before I sit down to write, I'd love to hear from you.
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Ron Paul in Iowa (full interview on KIMT)

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Paul: 'I'm a true conservative'
Council Bluffs, Ia. — Texas Congressman and presidential aspirant Ron Paul told supporters tonight he is not a radical candidate but a conservative Republican in the most traditional sense who believes in limited government, personal property rights the U.S. Constitution.
“I believe we have a government and a party that have been masquerading as conservatives,” he said. “Why are we called 'radical’ when we believe in defending our own borders and not the borders around the world?”
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10 Common Criticisms of Ron Paul
What follows is a list of 10 common criticisms of Ron Paul and his candidacy for President with rebuttals for each criticism. The rebuttals include links to Ron Paul’s own words on the issue to support the rebuttal and for further research.
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'The Ron Paul Revolution,' Memphis-Stylesky
"We've taken Howard Dean's idea and put it on steroids," says Holley, citing as one example a massive effort this past weekend, in which local Paul enthusiasts, working from late Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday, put up "over 150 banners and 500 signs" touting the maverick Texas congressman's suddenly nascent presidential campaign.
The small signs, which are posted on utility poles and in other right-of-way areas, appear to be stenciled. The banners advertise in large block letters "The Ron Paul Revolution," and a curiosity of them is that the four letters "evol" appear in a bright, superimposed red as the word "love" spelled backwards.
If that smacks of the 1960s' flower children, that's at least partly because the Paul movement contains several youthful activists of that sort - like a twenty-ish girl calling herself "Sky" (a drummer in a rock band, it turns out) who, one night last week, brandished a poster touting Paul to Germantown Parkway traffic.
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From Barry Manilow to WWE Pro Wrestler "Kane", Ron Paul attracts diverse support
OK, so every body was surprised to see that Barry Manilow made a $2300 donation to the Paul campaign. But how is this for diversity? WWE Wrestling champ "Kane" is a huge supporter too.
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Ron Paul, candidato a la presidencia de los Estados Unidos
En el Congreso, Paul se ha adherido a la filosofía libertariana basando sus posiciones en la Constitución y los derechos de los Estados.
Se ha convertido en uno de los nombre más buscado en google y videos suyos se han transformado en los videos políticos más vistos en YouTube. El señor Paul es un congresista del Partido Republicano norteamericano que quiere ser presidente de EEUU el 2008.
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Paul ad to begin airing in Iowa
LAKE JACKSON, Texas (AP) - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul today began running television campaign ads in Iowa.
The spots for the Texas congressman began just days before a straw poll in the first presidential nominating state.
The 30-second ads will be in rotation in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Sioux City.
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Ron Paul's First TV Ad

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Boycott ABC and Sponsors
What is wrong with ABC? What is the problem with ABC news organization not telling people the truth? Have they made it a habit to lie to the American public with biased and inaccurate reporting? The Presidential election is a very important part of our society and ABC treats it as it's own political stomping ground. How dare ABC disrespect the United States Constitution and insult the integrity of this political process.
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Iowa GOP Extorting Ron Paul Campaign
In what amounts to extortion, the Iowa GOP is telling the Ron Paul campaign they must pay an excessive amount of money to manually verify the results in this weeks’ poll. Both Florida and California have recently decertified the same electronic Diebold voting machines that will be used in Iowa. The validity of the upcoming Iowa straw poll should not rest on one campaign but is the responsibility of the Iowa GOP.
You must let the Iowa GOP know that nothing short of a verifiable manual paper ballot would be acceptable for the Iowa straw poll this week.
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Ron Paul: Young Voters Are Key To Presidential Race
"The number one obligation of anyone representing us in Washington is to obey their oath of office and to obey the constitution," explains Paul.
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Ron Paul Odds Slashed From 15 to 1 to 8 to 1
Following this weekend's Republican debate in Iowa and some extensive mainstream coverage and sound bytes., 2008 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul's odds to become the next Commander-in-Chief have been slashed further from 15 to 1 to 8 to 1.
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What liberal media?
Media is supposed to serve the public interest and report what is happening in our communities, in our country and in the world. Instead they manipulate, homogenize and sanitize information. The mainstream, conservative corporate run news media is ignoring the truth, deliberately working to mold the facts and influence public opinion. No wonder print and television news is suffering financially.
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What 8 Things Can You Do When Ron Paul Inspires You?
Every day more and more people are being inspired by Ron Paul and the message of liberty, freedom and constitutional government that is actually for the people. That’s a great thing and I’m exited to see it happening, but there’s a major problem with inspiration…
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“Convenient” Error in Des Moines Register?
The Des Moines Library confirms that the error made it into the print edition-where the real damage will be done.
This suggests to me the possibility that GOP candidates sponsored by wealthy and corporate interests are scared of the immigration issues–so they feel compelled to play dirty tricks on candidates like Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter that have reasonable records on the issue. The stakes here are very, very high. A simple apology for potentially changing the race early on here isn’t nearly enough.
Iowans deserve some accurate, in-depth reporting on the immigration stands of all the GOP candidates.
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MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Interview with Ron Paul

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Ron Paul….one of the suprises waiting to happen…MSNBC
On “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” yesterday, MSNBC analyst Craig Crawford, writer for the ”Congressional Quarterly,” commented on Ron Paul and Tancredo’s chances in the Ames Straw Poll by saying, ”those are two I’m actually watching to produce some numbers there that might surprise us.”
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Ron Paul Pittsburgh Rally
The Voter registration table was doing a land office business! Many people changed party affiliation to Republican so they will be able to vote for Congressman Paul in the Pennsylvania Primary next April.
Lots of core people from Pennsylvania's Constitution Party registered as Republicans this past Friday evening.
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Final Piece of Iowa GOP Treachery in Straw Poll 2007 Revealed!
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Woman walks to Concord for presidential candidatekelly
DOVER — ABC Television personality George Stephanopoulos said on his show in July that he'd bet every last nickel that Texas Congressman Ron Paul never would make it to the White House.
His prediction angered one Dover resident, who decided to take the 2008 Republican presidential candidate's message to the streets — literally. Kelly Halldorson, 34, started her 38-mile march to Concord from her Silver Street home at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. She hoped to finish before 11 p.m.
"I'll make it if I have to crawl," Halldorson said.
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Fox 8 Cleveland Stoops to New Lows - Propaganda Defined
This is an excellent, clear explanation of propaganda and how it manifests in our society today. Please pass it along - especially to your friends who watch Fox, and anyone you know in Cleveland!
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Why I'm Voting For Ron Paul For President
I have served in two branches of the U.S. military. I have studied politics all my life, and there are very few politicians in the history of the United States who are more educated, honest, straight-forward, and candid as Rep. Ron Paul (R) Tex.
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ABC Should Explain Ron Paul/GOP Debate Poll & Comment Board Deletions
Here are some comments by FMNN feedbackers that should raise further questions about ABC’s operation of its commentary board and voter tallies. As a “private sector” corporation, ABC is entitled to do anything it wants with its comment boards and in-house polls. But if it wants to maintain the credibility of such, it ought to explain what is going on with its fluctuating poll numbers and even with the removal of commentary on its boards.
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The Instruments of Tyranny
Two years ago, in an article entitled “It Can’t Happen Here,” Congressman Ron Paul cautioned, “We are not yet living in a total police state, but it is fast approaching.”
A lot can happen in two years. In fact, a lot has happened over the past two years, most of it aimed at amassing greater power for the government while undermining the rights of American citizens. And I would venture to say that Rep. Paul’s fears may have come to pass.
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Accusing Ron Paul of Ignorance of Constitution, Human Events's Babbin Displays His Own (Part 1 of 2)
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Strong Supporters of Ron Paul in Des Moines

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HUMAN EVENTS Interview with Congressman Ron Paul, Texas
On the morning of Thursday, Aug. 2, 2007 Cong. Ron Paul (R-Tx), candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was interviewed by the editors and staff of Human Events. The following is a transcript of that interview which has been edited for length.On the morning of Thursday, Aug. 2, 2007 Cong. Ron Paul (R-Tx), candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was interviewed by the editors and staff of Human Events. The following is a transcript of that interview which has been edited for length.
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Can we Trust the Iowa Straw Poll Results?
While the Iowa Republican party Straw Poll will capture votes on the same type of electronic voting machine that were decertified in California on Friday of last week and found to be "flawed" in a Florida study , party officials have stated that they have no plans to manually count the ballots.
"It is very concerning that there will be no checks and balances into the accuracy of this election," said a Ron Paul Meetup representative.
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Paul is only candidate for president with long history of standing for freedom
If you think Congressman Paul is just another phony politician who wets his finger to see which way the political winds are currently blowing, then you are mistaken. He has written dozens of articles and several books over the past 25 years that consistently promote the same principles he's advocating in his campaign.
A simple Internet search will confirm this. So if you're fed up with the endless drift toward socialism and endless warfare, you now know there's one presidential candidate who strongly agrees and has a long track record to prove it.
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On the Road in Iowa
The last meeting ran late, lasting until 9:00 pm, and the Paul crew had another substantial drive to Fort Dodge to get a jump on the next day's activites. The two-car caravan traveled through an intense lightning storm which was beautiful but made for slow going. It was nearing midnight before Dr. Paul finally checked into his hotel after a 6:00 am wake-up call staring him in the face. Dr. Paul is working hard in the fight for liberty and needs all of our support.
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Fox News Uncovers Ron Paul's Most Shocking Skeleton in the Closet
debaterudyIf Ron Paul's biggest skeleton in the closet is the amount of money his district spends on shrimp research, then the establishment media are going to have a difficult time maintaining their assault on his credibility as they panic in fear at the Congressman's runaway popularity.
Their desperation in scraping the barrel to uncover any dirt on Paul previously yielded the equally shocking scandal of one his aides having written fifteen years ago about crime figures and black people - another feeble jab that fizzled into nothing.
Compare the egregious and rampant corruption of Rudy Giuliani with Ron Paul's shrimp overspend and ask yourself why Fox News isn't running hit pieces on the Nosferatu of the Republican presidential race.
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Why is the Media Ignoring Ron Paul?
I realize that Ron Paul has what may be considered an extreme view on many issues facing our country. However, isn’t that exactly what we need? Do we not want our troops home IMMEDIATELY? RP is the only candidate who will bring them home IMMEDIATELY… and not just from Iraq! Ron Paul wants us to stop policing the world! Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Wouldn’t it be nice to give our own country a little TLC? Or perhaps we could pay off our debts and figure out a way to release this generation from such an enormous financial burden. How would you like to not pay income tax anymore? Ron Paul wants to eliminate the unconstitutional impositions of the IRS. In fact, he wants to ELIMINATE the IRS! How do you think your small business will fare when you are freed from this ungodly burden? Don’t you think the economy will soar into heights it has never seen before? I do!!!
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Just Come Home
But in an age of soundbites, scare tactics and mass media manipulation many people have been frightened into wanting to trade their liberties for what they believe to be security. So it is up to those who have not surrendered to fear to convince these people to “just come home”. To come home to the traditional conservative values that grew out of classical liberalism, that grew out of liberty. Values that include respect for civil liberties and personal responsibility at home and minding our own business aboard.
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Ron Paul: As Recess Begins, Spending Spree Continues
These last few weeks the House has been in a rush to pass spending bills before August recess. In fact, visitors walking the hallways of Congress become immediately struck by the apparent spending battle between the “conservative Democrats” of the so-called “Blue Dog Coalition,” and the Republican Study Committee, or RSC, generally representing the more conservative bloc of Republican House members. Members of each of these groups place large posters on easels outside their offices. The purpose behind this seems clear, to point the finger at the opposite party for the current budget mess that continues to threaten America’s future.
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on the IRS

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Ron Paul's Wise Foreign Policy
Ron Paul is the only candidate who truly respects the Constitution, your liberties and the liberties of innocent people in other nations. Ron Paul has shown that he has wisdom and sound judgment when it comes to foreign affairs and has acted in accordance with his principles and the rule of law. Perhaps this is because he is one of the few running who have served in the military or perhaps it is because he considers it important to read and understand the constitution he swore to uphold. Either way, he's really the only qualified candidate for President in the race. The rest should spend more time reading and less time inventing new ways to commit our soldiers to die overseas and our children to foot the bill.
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Ron Paul Fox News Video Gets Over 32,000 Views
Ron Paul refuses to go away. His popularity continues to grow exponentially. The media attacks are continuing. My conclusion: he is winning. It may take a little while, but he is winning. Most people who hear him, or read about him become instant converts. It is hard to argue with a man who wants peace, prosperity, liberty, and freedom for ALL. Besides, who doesn't want to keep their whole paycheck? (Ron Paul is against the Income Tax and wants to repeal it.)
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Protecting Ron Paul, the Rest of the “2nd Tier” and America
The Diebold computers being used to “count” the votes at the Iowa Straw Poll could be used to steal the election from Ron Paul or one of the other party insurgents by, say, “stuffing the ballot box“ with “votes” for a party favorite(s) by thousands of phantom voters, or by transposing some set percentage of votes from one or more of the insurgents to one or more of the party favorites, thereby showing the insurgent(s) such as Ron Paul with far fewer votes than he actually received.
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For what it's worth
But something is happening. The public is hearing the message anyway. Because it is the public’s message. It is our message and we are spreading it. Despite being largely ignored by the large media corporations that dominate the airwaves and press today, the American public is spreading Dr. Paul’s message through grassroots efforts. The traditional American message is so powerful and beautiful that it can not be suppressed no matter how much the corporate elite, the military-industrial complex, the federal bureaucracy or anyone else want to silence it.
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America Says Yes to Dr. No in ABC Debate Poll
This campaign is turning into an unstoppable juggernaut. When people finally hear the man speak, they can’t help but be attracted to the ideas he espouses. No matter where they’re coming from, all but the most ideologically-entrenched are drawn to his message of Liberty and responsibility. As Paul himself has repeatedly said, “The Freedom Message brings us together, it doesn’t divide us.”
The main thing standing in his way up until this point has been exposure. The fact that he has been largely marginalized and ignored by the Old Media and the GOP establishment has helped slow the growth of the movement. Many “news” outlets and state Republican committees refuse to even list him among the candidates until the outcry becomes so great that they must give in to public pressure.
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ABCPOLLAugust 06, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Pittsburgh August 3

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Enter Ron Paul and the Libertarians
We need to get Ron Paul elected. He may be running as a Republican, but he is a man of principle and a Libertarian at heart. We need to identify Libertarians in every state to run for the U.S. Congress and Senate. There is good momentum on the Internet for Ron Paul, we just need to transfer that momentum to the average Americans living room and into the voting booth. Americans must be sold on the fact that those that believe in Libertarian ideals believe in the U.S. Constitution, small government, low taxes and civil liberties. The American public is bombarded daily with the message of the "one world" group, we need to fight back and get our message heard.
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'Ron Paul Is a Big Problem' [Neocons Threaten]
In my 78 years, I have never seen a moment like this. The enemy has done serious damage. But their evil influence is vulnerable to a motivated, educated people in revolt, and using the ideas of Mises, Rothbard, and other great libertarians, Ron Paul has jump-started the revolution against all the statists who threaten us. And Lew Rockwell has been laying the groundwork for 40 years, to be ready for just this time.
I believe this is The Moment. Will LRC be able to play its essential role? Or will the neocons be toasting our demise? How I would hate to tell Ron we had to close our doors.
Please help. If you want us to keep fighting, please send your most generous donation. Keep LRC going. We have never needed it more.
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Sunday's Republican Presidential Debate
What was very interesting was that Ron Paul (yes, we are a little biased), was never asked two very important questions in this debate. One was about taxes, regarding the Fair Tax, and the other was about Medicare. Hmmm. Okay, a few of you out there are saying that they didn't have time to ask them. But tell me this. Why not make the time to speak even for everyone? And why would you not ask the only Doctor up there about Medicare? To us, that's just preposterous. And then taxes. They didn't ask the only person who wants to get rid of the IRS altogether and cut spending down to year 2000 spending so people never have to pay income tax again. Hmmm.
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Political Circus
The Republican Presidential Debate on Sunday as moderated by George Stephanopoulos was yet another attempt by the media to manipulate further the already-manipulated American public.
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Things that make you go... What!?!
Anyways, after the debate concluded I went online to the ABC News site to vote Ron Paul as the winner. After I voted I could see the current poll results. Ron Paul had over 50% of the vote. I was completely astonished. "American citizens are finally starting to grow some white cranial matter," I said to myself .
Again this morning, Monday the 6th, I checked and Ron Paul was on top with still over 50% of the votes.
At lunch I check again and I saw something quite astonishing. The headline article was titled:
POLL: Romney Pulls Ahead in Iowa
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ABC News once again tries to “hide” Ron Paul
Just like after the May RNC debate when ABC deleted Ron Paul from the online poll (and later re added him after being exposed) and then deleted all user comments saying they were fake, ABC is at it again. Thier “expert” Green Room 8 minute long video on the front page link : “VOTE: Who won the debate” doesn’t even mention Ron Paul in stark contrast to the public opinion.
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ABC's Abuse of American Electorate to Be Included in my Curriculum This Fall
I'm sorry to see that ABC News is continuing to abuse the American electorate by not reporting the results of its own poll about who won the ABC Republican debate yesterday morning.
The results of the poll had Ron Paul leading with 18,284 votes, followed by Mitt Romney with 2881, Rudolf Giuliani with 2462, and Mike Huckabee with 1902 (with two "Nobody - I'm waiting for Thompson or Gingrich, or, I'm voting Democratic" in between).
And yet, in ABC's 8-minute "Green Room" analysis after the debate, no mention was made of Ron Paul, even though the moderator specifically mentioned Huckabee coming in 4th in the poll.
What, exactly, is ABC's problem? If they think Ron Paul's supporters are "gaming" the Internet poll, why don't they fix it? Or don't conduct a poll if you lack such confidence in its results that you do not report its results accurately.
This is not first time ABC has acted against the interests of our democracy in the aftermath of its polls. In May, ABC removed comments from Ron Paul's supporters in a discussion a poll back then in which Ron Paul scored more than 9000 of 11,000 votes.
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My Return of support for Dr. Paul
I am a ” Ron Pauler” again. Why? Because he is a strong believer in Liberty and basic freedoms. I never was a Republican, I never supported one of their candidates. The last post I did “My Retraction Of Support For Ron Paul” was wrong; all wrong. Ron Paul does not support private companies controlling you. He has voted for legislation that hospitals will have to give you care before you have to pay anything.
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Rudy Giuliani's daughter is supporting Barack Obama.
There's one vote that Rudy Giuliani definitely can't count on in his 2008 presidential bid: his own daughter's. According to the 17-year-old Caroline Giuliani's Facebook profile, she's supporting Barack Obama.
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Ron Paul in Iowa
Dr. and Mrs. Paul will be in Iowa this entire week. The first event was yesterday's debate at Drake University broadcast on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. After the debate, Dr. Paul attended services at First Federated Church in Des Moines. After church, Dr. Paul spoke to a group of supporters at a nearby park. In the evening, about 600 people greeted Dr. Paul and his wife in Fairfield, Iowa for a festive event.
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Come Home - An Ode To Our Founders And Ron Paul
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Ron Paul on ABC Flashpoint
Clearwater Meetup Group on Flashpoint with Brendan McLaughlin, ABC, right after IOWA Debate

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Ron Paul Delivers the Best Moment in the GOP Debates
The most popular story on reddit yesterday and this morning was this blast from Texas Congressman Ron Paul who denounced the continued, failed practice of the United States to involve ourselves in unconstitutional, undeclared wars.
After waving off Mitt Romney who tried to interrupt his roll by asking "what about 9/11?", Paul said that he was in Vietnam for five years and saw how pulling out of there did not end in disaster, neither would leaving a country that did not attack us. He concluded that we can achieve much more, quicker, through peace. To which the audience at a university in Iowa wildly applauded.
Yes, MSM, Ron Paul appears to be playing well in Des Moines.
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Ron Paul: The Internet's favorite candidate
Another factor is Paul's vote against the war in Iraq and his opposition to military action against Iran, making him unique among Republican candidates (and a rarity even among Democrats, after Obama reiterated during a debate that he would not rule out a nuclear strike against Iran). "Young people I think very naturally are opposed to the war that's going on," Paul said. "Soon they're going to turn 18."
This is not a new position: Paul also opposed the United States' first war against Iraq, and the war in Kosovo as well. His political views are broadly libertarian, which means supporting ideas like free markets (less regulation), individual rights (junk the Patriot Act), lower taxes (eliminate the IRS), and civil libertarianism (legalize marijuana).
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America Says Yes to Dr. No in ABC Debate Poll
As I write this post, Paul is leading his nearest competitor, Mitt Romney, by 24,699 votes. Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly 24 hours after the debate, Paul has received close to 28.5 thousand votes, while Romney, the next highest, hasn't even broken the 5,000 mark.
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Fox News Attempts To Smear Ron Paul After Debate
Ron Paul appeared on Fox News yesterday following the Republican debate in Iowa to discuss a number of issues, including the Texas Congressman's association with Alex Jones, in what was an apparent attempt by Fox to smear the presidential hopeful.
August 06, 2007 Permalink Announces Ron Paul DVD Giveaway, an independent site supporting the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul, has announced that they will be giving away free DVDs about Ron Paul's campaign.
The DVDs were produced by and are supplied courtesy of the Ron Paul - President '08 Salt Lake County, Utah Meetup Group and are being offered free-of-charge on the website.
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on the Second Amendment

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Ron Paul Draws Large, Diverse Crowd in Pittsburgh
What struck me most about the group wasn't its size though, but its diversity. There were old folks and young folks, families with kids, people of all colors. When I think of politics (and in turn political supporters), I think of middle-aged white men in suits. This crowd was probably the opposite of that - folks were dressed comfortably for the summer heat.
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Who Is Ron Paul? - Please Help Answer
Many people, upon hearing the Dr. Paul speak for the first time are impressed. They begin to wonder, 'who is Ron Paul?' Between his excellent performance today, and his expected strong finish in next week's Iowa straw poll, it is a question more an more will be asking as we head towards the 2008 primaries.
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Stock Market Meltdown = Police-state
We are now in the first phase of Greenspan’s Depression. The stock market is headed for the doldrums and the economy will quickly follow. Many more mortgage lenders, hedge funds and investment banks will be carried out feet first.
As the disaster unfolds, we should try to focus on where the troubles began and keep in mind Jefferson ’s injunction:
“The issuing of power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
” Rep. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who supports abolishing the Federal Reserve.
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ABC Cites Odd Washington Post Poll to Discredit Ron Paul
This is comical, to open the debate and introduce the candidates, ABC uses a poll from the Washington Post that actually had a sample size of 100 !!! No doubt these cherry picked samples are not exactly representative of the voting population. Over 70% of those questioned have never used a computer to access their chosen candidate’s web sites. Yet ABC quotes these numbers which have Ron Paul at 2%, as if they were from a legitimate poll. This is criminally misleading, ABC is trying to decide our election. Washington Post-ABC News Poll
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Ron Paul on Fox's "Big Story" (1 of 2) (08/05/07)

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Ron Paul on Fox's "Big Story" (2 of 2) (08/05/07)

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Giuliani lied… again
You may recall how Rudy Giuliani openly lied in a previous debate. Well, the flip-flopping Rudester is at it again; this time about his own stance on gun control.
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Fox Focus Group Rates Ron Paul the Winner
Who won? Was it one of the eight criminal pygmies or Ron Paul? Both the ABC and Drudge polls have Ron leading, of course.
And here's some inside info: Fox News held a focus group in a diner near Drake University, where the debate was held. 25 people rated the candidates' answers on Fox laptops, and thanks to a Des Moines Meet-Up member who was able to attend as a restaurant worker, here's an inside report:
Ron's answers were rated far higher than other candidates--indeed, one was so high it froze the main computer, requiring a reboot--and when the 25 people were asked to vote on the winner after the debate by raising their hands, Ron also won.
Whether the Sean Hannity producer who ran the focus group will be reporting on this, I think we know.
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Authorized Candidates Say Words in Iowa
The major takeaway from these debates is that they are highly controlled venues for the authorized candidates. Nothing new is said, and candidates who represent the people are dismissed, admonished and ignored. All the words are just filler for public consumption.
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Are Mr Giuliani et al running on an “Anti-Muslim-terrorism” platform?
From what Mr Dondero says, Mr Giuliani might be thought of as running on an “Anti-Muslim-Terrorism” platform. Mr Obama has recently sounded jingoist about attacking Pakistan, and of course Mrs Clinton seems to want to use nuclear weapons against Iran. Someone else said the other day he wants to attack Mecca and Medina. What is going on? Are the 2008 candidates keen to outdo one another in how aggressive they are, or how xenophobic, or how prejudiced perhaps?
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Ron Paul à Paris!
FranceAugust 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul winning Drudge after debate poll
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Ron Paul, GOP Martin Luther?
Without the Internet - and 'Net polling which shows a tremendous reaction to Ron Paul's message - his points about freedom and the US constitutional republic would have much less public resonance. It is the combination of man and message that is causing the stir.
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ABC Reset Republican Debate Tally After Ron Paul Win?
ABC TV apparently reset its tally of who won the Republican debate it broadcast on August 5, Sunday morning.
At 10 AM EST, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) was winning the debate with over 1,000 votes. Mitt Romney was next with 106. After the debate at approximately 11:10 AM EST when the tally was rechecked, ABC showed Ron Paul had just 445 votes. Second was “Nobody Won. I’m Voting Democratic.”
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Ron Paul in ABC Iowa debate on August 5 , 2007

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Republican Debate
Ron Paul is clearly the best candidate amongst the bunch, amazing as it might seem, he is gaining steam. His issues and ideas are actually getting a fair amount of press. Doesn't surprise me. So many people I talk to express Libertarian view points but would never think to vote the way they actually feel because they are afraid of voting for a candidate with no chance. Well folks, here is your chance. Vote for what you really believe in, vote for Ron Paul.
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Independent Ron Paulians in Iowa
Writes Johnny Kramer: "This is an example of one reason why Ron Paul's support is underestimated by the mainstream media. This full-color, 1/2 page ad is running in the Ames Tribune and the Boone Republican tomorrow, urging Iowans to vote for Ron Paul in Saturday's straw poll. The official campaign had nothing to do with it; two Ron Paul supporters designed the ad and paid with their own money to run it.
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Voters Looking to Ron Paul to Save America from an Economic Crash from Oil and War
At this point in time the devaluation of the American dollar is a warning sign of an impending economic crash that is kept at bay simply by the ability of the Federal Reserve Bank to keep interest rates low. Yet in a day and age when illegal immigration is taking work away from American laborers while big business is exporting customer service work to other continents, thus affecting the lower middle classes, a reckoning is imminent.
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GOP's Ron Paul keeps building support despite naysayers
paulThis Texan just isn't going away anytime soon. Ron Paul's growing base of support and money for the coffers has GOP stalwarts scratching their heads.
East Texas congressman Paul has galvanized a cross-section of all parties and affiliations that are hungry for a politician who is less of a political animal, and more of a straight shooter.
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on Entitlements

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The debate will be held in Iowa, Televised on ABC this Sunday morning.
The broadcast times are kind of screwed up(8am Chicago/Los Angeles), (9am NewYork/Dallas), (10am Houston) check this for your: local broadcast time
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AUDIO: Ron Paul endorsed by Peter Schiff

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Pittsburgh Rally Huge Success!
If we all put a sign in our front yard, we could show America our real numbers. I encourage everyone to buy a Ron Paul sign and proudly place it in your front yard for ALL to see! We have been getting honks and I can only contribute them to our nice new Ron Paul sign. There are supporters out there! As we saw in Cranberry Township yesterday, more than just a few internet spammers and crazed wackos!
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In Des Moines, Iowa
On the main drag, Fleur Av., between the airport and downtown.
billboardAugust 04, 2007 Permalink

GOING ON TODAY: Ron Paul “I-5 Freeway to Freedom” August 4th
On August 4th, the day before the CNN debates, Ron Paul members will have banner wavings on I-5 Freeway overpasses from San Diego to Canada. The brainchild of the Seattle Meetup group, they have rallied other groups for this border-to-border effort to bring name recognition to the champion for the constitution…Ron Paul.
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Ron Paul surges past Obama
I've been waiting for this to happen. It was inevitable, but it is still encouraging. Sometime yesterday or today, Ron Paul became the leader in the only YouTube statistic he had yet to lead - most channel views of any candidate, not just Republicans.
August 04, 2007 Post August 04, 2007 PermalinkLink

The secret that politicians don't want you to know...
I could go into a lot of the same things everyone is saying, but I know you've heard it all. I am going to tell you why I know we are not as free as we think. When I was a kid, I remember being taught about America and how free we were. Free press, free market, bill of rights. But as I've grown up and gone through hardships in my life I noticed that a lot of things are not really free. I think anyone can relate to this and if you think about it, it's like neo in the matrix movie, you kind of feel something is wrong here.
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Thousands of "Phantoms" Appear at Ron Paul Mars Rally
So much for that little theory that Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul's consist of just two people and a bunch of Internet bots. Quite the contrary.'s Kira Wissman was expecting a room with maybe 100 people at a Mars, Pennsylvania rally for Dr. Paul. She ended up fighting her way through some 2000 plus people. That number, Wissman admits, may have been a conservative figure.
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Congressman Ron Paul's Secret Revealed
So, is Dr. Paul the best kept secret in this campaign? Perhaps he is. One can only hope that it will not be for long. The people need him and need to know he is out there. They need to know he is a choice. With any luck, and continued exponential growth, Ron Paul supporters will soon be strong enough to overtake the media manipulation machine that has done all it can to silence him.
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Two Myths: Ron Paul's Chances and Isolationism
There are many great columnists writing in support of Ron Paul's positions. A number of them, unfortunately, feel compelled to preface their comments with "He won't be the President, but...". There is no real basis for such extreme pessimism at this juncture. Both Carter and Clinton were polling in the very low single digits at this stage. When Reagan first ran, few took him seriously. There are many such stories of outsider candidates defying early expectations.
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When Will We Have Had Enough?
When will America WAKE UP? When will we stop being good consumers, Democrats or Republicans and start being vigilant Americans? Freedom is not free. When will Americans stop listening to the Orwellian main stream media and take back what is rightfully ours? The USA can only vote Ron Paul if she understands what is at stake. Otherwise enjoy your shackles of servitude.

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Ron Paul Wins FreedomWorks GOP Presidential Straw Poll
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreedomWorks officially closed its Republican Presidential Straw Poll early this morning after 16,371 limited government conservatives cast their votes over 3 days of polling. Texas Representative Ron Paul won by a wide margin with 56 percent of the vote. Senator Fred Thompson snatched the second place position, with Duncan Hunter taking third. The FreedomWorks Straw Poll provides the most complete view of the limited government movement heading into the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th.
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Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Would Make America Safer
Had America been governed by the principles of Ron Paul, America would be a safer and more peaceful nation. And it outrages me that idiots like Rudy Giuliani can preach offense on the war on terror as if it was a sporting event. And Tom Tancredo can say that he will bomb Muslim holy sites as a deterrent. Are you kidding me? Muslims around the world should not have to pay for the actions of the terrorists. Isn't that state sponsored terrorism? Is America a state sponsored terrorist? What kind of message are we telling the world other than we are a Christian nation and that we hate Muslims? No wonder they grow up hating us and thinking we are the devil. Hate does not grow in a vacuum and all you Tancredo-Giuliani assholes are only making America less safe as stated clearly in the 9/11 Commission Report.
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on Healthcare

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GOP Debate Reminder - ABC News, Sunday 8/5 Morning
This Sunday, a live 90-minute debate with the Republican Presidential contenders on a special edition of ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos." Check your local listings for the exact time. Tune in, and tell your friends to listen to Ron Paul!!!
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Ron Paul is Right: Blowback is Undisputable Fact
Is Ron Paul correct in asserting that blowback is an undisputable fact? Polling numbers compiled by USA Election Polls seem to bear witness to the fact that his momentum is increasing or at least remaining steady, and considering Mr. Paul’s vociferous stands on foreign policy, this is a reasonable assertion. Occasioned by the republican debate in South Carolina, Mr. Paul acknowledged that blowback is at least in part to blame for the 9-11 attacks.
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In South Dakota the following ad appeared in The Sioux Falls Shopping News:
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Antwerp Belgium Supports Ron Paul!
This is an excellent, amazing video that shows how far and wide Dr. Paul's influence and popularity extend. You have to watch all the way to the end for the kicker! Dr. Paul's campaign is not just about 'Hope for America' but 'Hope for the World!'
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Online Ron Paul Rally Video
Please check it out, and if you like it, give it a positive rating and add to your favorites. But most importantly, leave a comment and HELP DISTRIBUTE the video widely, all across the net, as well as the rally itself. Let's show everyone the MASSIVE support base that exists for Ron Paul.

August 03, 2007 Permalink Survey Finds Ron Paul is Leading Candidate Among Libertarian Voters
A recent Cato Institute analysis indicated that libertarians constitute a significant portion of the swing vote - even larger than the fabled 'soccer moms' and 'NASCAR dads' and about the same size as Christian Conservatives. A new survey by has taken a look at the libertarian vote with respect to the 2008 presidential elections.Of these voters, Ron Paul is clearly the leading candidate and here's the data.
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YouTube Debate May Have Affected Candidate Site Traffic
As for Republican candidates, independent-minded Web celeb Congressman Ron Paul remained on top and appears to be steadily gaining traffic market share. Hitwise data show the candidate's site rising almost 6 percent in traffic market share during the last two weeks in July, up from 27 percent in May to 45 percent in the week ending July 28.
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“Paul is the only politician I can get excited about at this point,” says Osborne. “He’s the first politician that I have found who has absolute integrity. He bases all his votes and decisions on the basic principles of our Constitution. If you don’t have fixed principles, things like money and power can sway you. That’s what makes Paul an attractive presidential candidate — his principles and integrity.”
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Political Hacking At
Ron Paul Made the front page of about an hour ago with this story under the title “GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal” Then, 11 minutes later, the headline is changed to “Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom” Other than that, the 2 articles are identical. But notice the incredible difference a headline can make.
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Ron Paul in National Review
While I think most Ron Paul supporters understand that the odds are stacked against their candidate, that doesn't mean that they ought not fight the battle to win. Perhaps the British-born Derbyshire missed that lesson in American history which told the story of the rag-tag batch of colonists who decided to take on the world's most powerful military might back in 1776.
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NEW Radio Ad for Ron Paul!
This ad was made by someone outside the Ron Paul campaign! Listen to it below:
mp3August 03, 2007 Permalink

Message from Ron Paul August 03, 2007
Then a 14-year-old girl told me she was helping the campaign so her daddy, a soldier, would not have to go to Iraq. I told her there are many thousands of us working to that exact end, to keep him and all the others safe. What an outrage that we are accused of not supporting the troops. What a scam when the warmongers claim to be pro-soldier.
Lots of military people turned out to be aware that our campaign got more donations from soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines than any other. Funny, that made a big impression in Congress too. Many of my colleagues were amazed and encouraged that you can be against this unconstitutional and disastrous war, and get military support.
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Ron Paul Leads Republicans in Web Traffic by a Whopping 45%
A recent review by has the Texas Republican representative with 45.38% of the overall market share, followed by Mitt Romney at a distant 13.93%. Ron Paul gained 6 percentage points over the previous week. Both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain lost around 4 percentage points.
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AUDIO-Dale Williams Interveiws Ron Paul's Western Regional Coordinator, Jeff Greenspan

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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Endorses Ron Paul
Over 70% of LP membership in recent polling, would be willing to cross party lines, for a chance to see Paul win the Republican nomination and the Presidency. LP members only gave their candidate Steve Kubby, 3%. Factors, such as the party polling, Ron Paul's media attention, and his rise in campaign funds, are reasons why Kubby decided to back Paul.
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Don’t let them steal the straw poll from Ron Paul
YES - despite a study from computer scientists at the University of California paid for by the Secretary of State of California - publicized in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times LAST SATURDAY (July 28, 2007) - the Iowa GOP is STILL planning to use the easily rigged Diebold computers to “count” the vote at the Straw poll!
You see, the study showed that the Diebold computers were easily hacked, easily rigged, — and totally unreliable for conducting elections. And this is old news, several authoritative studies have already shown this from MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton University, and numerous other sources.
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AUDIO- ABC's Political Punch: Did you know?
Did you know that Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas did NOT vote for President George W. Bush's re-election in 2004? This and other interesting facts in our ABC News Shuffle podcast interview with Mr. Paul
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on Civil Liberties

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Bad Polls?!?!?
According to the Republican National Committee the three core values of the Republican Party are:
1. Smaller Government
2. Lower Taxes
3. Personal Responsibility
Well apparently those republicans in power have forgotten those things. If you consider yourself a true republican I think that you have to vote for Ron Paul. If you believe in the idea of capitalism, and hate the idea of america becoming a socialist republic than you have to vote for Ron Paul. And if you are sick of the way today's political process works you have to vote for Ron Paul.
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Why Rudy McRompson is good for the election
There is only one candidate on the republican side that is for the constitution, peace and freedom. The more clowns bush lite clones that run in republican party the better it is for Ron Paul’s chances, and in my opinion, America. While there is speculation about why Fred is so quiet (and I would rather he was out burning money like McCain, so people could see what a sell out he really is), I believe that having a multitude of me too’s only highlights the best choice.
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Stop bashing Ron Paul!
I've been very interested in Ron Paul for a while. He's (if you don't know) a libertarian running for the Republican nomination for the 2008 presidential race. He's hovering around 6th (middle of the pack) in Republican polls. He is, however, 1st in just about any internet poll which includes him. The media gives him almost no coverage but he's listed as the number one searched name on Technorati. Now, conservatives and liberals alike have been bashing him on blogs and in the news. Here I'm going to attempt to "debunk" the allegations.
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Clear the Stage
The real problem isn’t that Ron Paul can’t win the White House, or that progressive candidates might “muck up” a debate; if anything, they’ve started a debate the media don’t want to have.
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MSNBC Censors Ron Paul Commercial?
In MSNBC's "Hardball Campaign Ad Challange" Ron Paul's video (with the red X) cannot be played nor does it have a play button like all the other candidates. These videos are submitted by the viewers. You can still vote for it anyhow. However, there is another Ron Paul video directly above that you can play and vote for. The video that cannot be played can be seen below:

UPDATE: They seem to have "corrected" their error and now you can watch it on the MSNBC web page.
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Glenn Beck snubs Ron Paul in on-line poll (8/2/07)
Well, I guess this is one of those, “Beck, you are an idiot” days (this must be what it feels like to have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)). On Beck’s home page at, he has a ‘Poll of the Day’ window with today’s question being, “Who will win the ‘08 Republican nomination?” In the list of options, Ron Paul is not found (see below)! Yet there’s Fred Thompson (who hasn’t even announced) and Tom Tancredo (though I like the guy, he is no Ron Paul).
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Ron Paul's clear position on Healthcare

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Ron Paul: On Fire Online
The Texas congressman preaches simply the Constitution
samkickSo if Paul is so clearly winning debates and support, why does nobody in the mainstream press give him a chance in hell to win, and why don't scientific polls reflect his popularity? That's what his supporters want to know, even if most pollsters and political scientists would scoff at such questions.
The answer is a complex blend of the unscientific nature of such Internet surveys, the limitations of traditional polling that looks only at frequent voters and Paul's support base that includes many disaffected (even downright angry) people who rarely, if ever, have gone to the polls on Election Day. Having the most MySpace friends of all the candidates (as Paul does) may be impressive to MySpacers, but it generally doesn't earn a lot of cred among the national press and punditry.
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Ron Paul to Hold Rally in Pennsylvania
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will be holding a rally at the Four Points Sheraton North in Mars, Pennsylvania on August 3 at 8 p.m. The Ron Paul rally will give the Texas congressman an opportunity to return to his home state, Paul was born in Green Tree, Pa., just southwest of Pittsburgh.
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Quotes from Ron Paul’s: Freedom Under Siege
# America is no longer a bastion of freedom, prevailing ideology, grounded in economic ignorance and careless disregard for individual liberty, is nurtured by a multitude of self-serving, power-seeking politicians spouting platitudes of compassion for the poor who are created by their own philosophy. Reelection is paramount in the minds of most of those who represent us, while freedom and constitutional restraint of power are considered old-fashioned and unwise.
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GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 07/29/07 - Launch Pad Edition
Just in time to beat the Ron Paul YouTube Spotlight Rush, these charts represent a snapshot of YouTube internal statistics for all the GOP presidential candidates on the day before Paul's YouTube profile was placed on the Spotlight calendar - July 29, 2007. When the spotlight period is over, we'll take another look and see what impact the extra exposure had on the one candidate who was already leaving the rest of them in the dust.
viewsAugust 02, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Innovation on YouChoose '08
We have over 2.5 million channel views and our videos are generally watched 100,000 times in just a few days. More importantly, our channel has nearly 23,000 subscribers, more than double those of Barack Obama (9,000) and nine times greater than the second place Republican, Mitt Romney (2,600). In just four months, we have become the 35th most subscribed channel of all time, in any category.
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How Ron Paul as President Would Affect the US Dollar
A staunch supporter of lower taxes, a dramatically smaller government, and long-term conservative monetary policy, a Ron Paul presidency could mean big changes for the US Dollar and its relationship to other currencies. In this article we investigate the specific affects of a Ron Paul presidency on the US Dollar and on the global forex markets.
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Grassroots in Dallas
carrevolutionAugust 02, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Only One Prepared to Stop America's Pending Economic Crash
In a day and time that foreclosure numbers are soaring and the grim reaper of adjustable rate mortgages finds a plentiful harvest for his sickle, a pending economic crash is inevitable. While there are still those who champion the growth in the job market and cite the numbers of jobs added on a monthly basis, even the staunchest believers in the notion that America is in a fiscal upswing are beginning to sound a bit shrill.
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The Ron Paul Saga-The Best is Yet to Come
There are some who view the Constitution as something obsolete and an obstacle to their agenda. Time after time both the congress and the president ignore it. One man stands head and shoulders above all as its defender. If believing in freedom and following the constitution is radical, then Ron Paul is as radical as they come. When I personally look at any issue, I always pose the question, “Will it give me more or less freedom?” We will have more freedom with Ron Paul as president. He is one of the only politicians who truly understands the role of government. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for liberty and freedom. The Ron Paul saga isn't over, and we don't know how it will all end, but I assure you that the best is yet to come.
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The Republican Party has become Masters of Marginalization
From the state and local level we can begin building the political systems that are responsive to populist demands and, subsequently, begin limiting intrusions of the national government in our lives, liberty and property. For the past three decades some very honest and decent people invested their trust in the Republican Party with the hope that it would return the function of government to its constitutional order.
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Meet the Candidates: Paul a hero with Internet set
He recently spoke with Publisher John Beaudoin about the debates, the IRS and who he thinks he may be running against on the Democratic side.
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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul, the Internet's BFF
This is the start of our YouChoose '08 Spotlight week. Throughout this week we will be featuring a new video each day of presidential candidate Ron Paul talking about a specific issue. Please submit your questions, comments or your positions on the issues by posting your video comments on our video pages.

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Let's get #1!!
Dr. Paul is #1 in many things on the internet, but not the number of times he has been requested (or "demanded") on Eventful. Please go to and on the right side demand him. Pass this along in other forums, meetup groups, etc. Let's take #1 from Obama!! It'll be one more way to get some free positive press.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul MeetUp Groups Nearly Double in One Month
meetupRon Paul's MeetUp growth also shows the undeniable signs, albeit early stages, of geometric/exponential growth. In other words, the snowball is rolling.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Big Government and Ron Paul
Because of this, says Derbyshire, conservatives are not flocking to Ron Paul because they realize the futility of railing against the federal leviathan. To make any real changes would take a revolution, he says, and conservatives are by nature not revolutionaries.
That's hogwash, and dangerous hogwash at that. It gives credence to the idea that anyone who opposes the growth and expansion of federal power is, perhaps, disloyal, i.e., a revolutionary. In fact, opposition to the growth and expansion of government is singular fidelity to the founding ideals of the nation. It is patriotism in its purist form.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Fear - Ron Paul on government’s best friend.
It is incumbent on a great nation to remain confident, if it wishes to remain free. We need not be ignorant to real threats to our safety, against which we must remain vigilant. We need only to banish to the ash heap of history the notion that we ought to be ruled by our fears and those who use them to enhance their own power.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Should a Ron Paul Supporter take Mitt’s Free Bus to Ames?
Mitt Romney plans to bribe Iowans to vote for him in the key Ames Straw Poll (flier below). He’ll pay all the expenses for an Iowan, feed them and transport them to and from the event in in an effort to buy their vote.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Pulls Ahead Of All Candidates On
Ron Paul’s simple campaign message of Peace and Freedom may be catching on. Often touted for using the internet more effectively than his counterparts, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has ratings that top all other candidates. is a search engine that loosely rates websites based on web traffic.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Trumps Abortion
There is only one man running for president right now that will protect the sovereignty of our country and follow our constitution in everything he does, Ron Paul. With Ron Paul, there will be no North American Union, no expansion of government, no raising of taxes and no erosion of personal freedoms. We know that because we study his voting records and realize he is the real deal.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

The Army Times: Ron Paul 'Surprise Fave Among Troops'
WHAT'S UP: Among Republicans running for president, the anti-war candidate — Texas Rep. Ron Paul — has the highest total of campaign contributionns from service members, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission reports. Paul collected $14,840 from service members, slightly more than the $14,775 collected by Arizona Sen. John McCain, a supporter of the war in Iraq. The other Republican candidates got $2,600 or less from contributors who identified themselves as service members.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul, my contribution to our next president
I do not have alot of money to contribute myself, but I have a creative way to support a man who I greatly admire and I feel is our best hope for the 08' election. What I am proposing is that I will donate any revenue generated from this blog back to the Ron Paul 08' Campaign.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul would revive wishes of the Founders
Fred Thompson (who apparently will run) is very popular and receives much praise in conservative media. But he has way too many ties to the current Bush administration. To think that he would be anything other than more of the same is very naïve, especially in the areas of foreign policy and trade. He voted to expand NAFTA, which destroys American sovereignty and has sent much manufacturing overseas. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a main group behind a North American Union.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Fusion Candidate
And for those who say it can’t happen, here’s the beauty part: Get Paul through the primaries, to the Republican nomination, and he has the tools to take on Hillary. He plainly gets the libertarian swing voters that the Republicans lost in 2006, he should garner most conservative votes when contrasted with Hillary, and — here’s the clincher — he gets a huge share of the bourgeoning antiwar vote to boot. Think about it: Clinton has already alienated the substantial antiwar faction of the Democratic party, while Ron Paul has inspired a supportive banner even at an anarchist rally full of hippies and punks, urging people to join the Ron Paul “love revolution.”
But don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s some flower-child. A seventy-two-year-old conservative Texan, Ron Paul is also one of the most pro-life members of Congress, wants better border enforcement, and, as a doctor, prefers to allow the states to manage the war on drugs, rather than praising drugs, as some less cautious libertarians are prone to do.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Campaign – A Masterpiece of Web 2.0 Marketing
To me it doesn’t matter if that belief is well founded or not, the reality is for any chance to exist, belief must come first. It is belief that creates excitement, belief that raises contributions and belief that encourages active participation. The real success thus far of the Social Media explosion for Ron Paul is the creation of this belief and what that will do is make Ron Paul a bigger factor in the primary elections then anyone believed was possible at the beginning of 2007 and indeed with out the Internet, Social Media and Web 2.0 it never could have happened.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul gets grassroots support
Although Paul’s official Web site has a link to, campaign finance regulations have forced the grassroots Paul groups to keep a slight distance from the national campaign. Simply put, these groups started on their own or solely with the help of other local groups.
The members have made their own campaign literature, planned their own events and designed graphics and products to sell promoting their candidate.
“This doesn’t cost the national campaign a penny,” Rasmussen said. “It was never directed by the campaign.”
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s quixotic campaign confuses career pols
Paul faces a set of obstacles unlike any other candidate in the race. He bucks the machine that wants you to choose from carefully screened and selected candidates from both parties that will not upset the big corporate American applecart: Big oil, big pharma, and big agra - the corporate scions who like their laws and tax breaks undisturbed, and are happy to see you drive off in a Hummer while gas looms over the horizon at 4, 5, 6 dollars a gallon; that aren't losing sleep that your health insurance premiums are unaffordable.
They also want you to continue to ingest high fructose corn syrup and cheap food fillers that they get away with until enough people cry foul. The results of that folly fuel the growing sick population saddled with diabetes and other poor choice related diseases that require lots of expensive maintenance prescription drugs, and even more expensive healthcare.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Novak likes the idea of President Paul
However, Novak offered his own personal endorsement of Texas congressman Ron Paul. "He's a very engaging person... I'd like to see him as president," Novak said. "Can you imagine him at the United Nations?"
August 01, 2007 Permalink

She’s taking big steps for Ron Paul
Kelly Halldorson, a supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, plans to walk from Dover to Concord on Saturday to raise awareness about Paul's candidacy. The Dover resident plans on carrying a backpack full of Paul campaign literature and audio CDs of various interviews she has burned herself, to hand out along the way of the 38-mile walk.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Urges Congress to Respect the People’s Money
When Congress attempted to appropriate $30,000 of tax payer money to award a gold medal to the Reagans for their service to the nation, Ron Paul slapped a buck on the table and urged his peers to do the same. “It is, of course, very easy,” he said, “to be generous with the people’s money.”
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Presidential candidate Paul to speak at Marshall rally
Ron Paul, a Green Tree native seeking the Republican nomination for president, will speak at a public rally at 8 p.m. Friday at the Four Points by Sheraton Pittsburgh North, 910 Sheraton Drive, Marshall.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Naturally, top Republicans (well, let's just call them 'Neocons' shall we?) are still hanging on to their hope that "scientific" poll results "prove" that Ron Paul's online support will not translate into on-the-ground support. They may do this to their own demise.
Persistently rising online support of this magnitude, in combination with the embarrassing performance of Neocon candidates when it comes to support from the military, should be taken serious by anyone who is serious about winning the next election.
August 01, 2007 Permalink

Why Are Conservatives Not Supporting Ron Paul?
What was the cause of the failure? I asked him. He: “We didn’t realize this is a mature economy. So many permits, regulations, accounting rules, taxes! In China, we could have got this off the ground in no time, working out of back rooms and sticking up poster ads. Here — forget it! You’re killed by lawyers’ and accountants’ and agents’ fees before you get started. Stick up an ad, the city comes after you.”
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Ron Paul and the Empire
When evaluating his chances, it’s important to accept one fact about contemporary America: This is not a democracy, and certainly not a constitutional republic. America is actually a carefully concealed oligarchy. A few thousand people, mostly in government, finance, and the military-industrial complex, run this country for their own purposes. By manipulating the two-party system, influencing the mainstream media, and controlling the flow of campaign finance money, this oligarchy works to secure the nomination of its preferred candidates (Democratic and Republican alike), thus giving voters a "choice" between Puppet A and Marionette B.
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