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Ron Paul’s Appeal to the Youth

It might perplex some people that Ron Paul has rekindled the youthful lewrockwellspirit in our movement, but it is also a wonderful sign that he was able to do it. It means that today’s young people are more interested in the timeless ideals of freedom than superficial questions of red states and blue states, political parties or culture-war talking points and trivialities. It means they are willing to challenge their parents on the question of whether, in fact, it is time to repeal the 20th century – all for the sake of the 21st.
The kids are all right. They don’t need 90’s-style political correctness, 80’s-style intergenerational conflict or 70’s-style hedonism. They want liberty, and that’s the song Ron Paul is singing. The youth get it, even if some libertarians still can’t figure it out.
December 6, 2007 Permalink

"All I Want For Xmas"

I think when Americans open their eyes they will want this too.
Consider a sacrifice this Christmas(Otherwise known as the Christ Mass). Instead of buying doodads and gizmos made in China how about giving a donation to Ron Paul?
December 6, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Position Is Correct: Drug Criminalization Is Neither Compassionate Nor Conservative

The War on Drugs is not compassionate or conservative. It is morally lewrockwellbankrupt, coercive, corrupt, and unconstitutional. That’s right: Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution did the Founders give the government authority to wage war against the consumption of an arbitrary list of substances by the American public. There is no excuse that can justify the needless lives lost and destroyed through this draconian public policy. Alcohol prohibition was tried and proved to be a miserable failure. It’s time once and for all to bring an end to America’s failed experiment with drug prohibition as well.
Conservatives are supposed to stand for the Constitution, liberty, and limited government interference in individual lives. The War on Drugs is incompatible with a free society, and the fact that Ron Paul is the only conservative candidate running for the White House in 2008 to recognize that is troubling to say the least.
December 6, 2007 Permalink

We must receive $200,000 in sponsorships by midnight on Friday for the blimp to be in Boston by December 15th!!!

blimpPlease sponsor the Ron Paul Blimp Tour now!
Flight plan just released! Inaugural launch is scheduled for December 10th from Elizabeth City, NC and then to be in Boston, MA by December 15th!
December 6, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Car

What lengths would you go to for your favorite presidential candidate? Donate money? Volunteer in the campaign office? Just cast your ballot? I had the opportunity to meet some fans crazy for Ron Paul in the neighborhood across from mine. This is what he and his wife (along with his friends) did for Ron Paul:
ron paul carDecember 6, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul fights corporate greed

It is unfortunately accurate to say that Ron Paul is unusual, because it has been quite some time since a politician has had the moral soundness to be honest with the people. Likewise, it is a sad state of affairs to suggest that someone who fulfills their oath of office by strictly adhering to the Constitution that they were sworn to uphold, is unfavorable.
December 6, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Campaign Aiming for Third Place in Iowa

One of the most telling indicators such campaigning will reveal is whether it changes Dr. Paul's current unfavorability numbers. Most pollsters have those numbers at over 50%. However, this kind of figure is to be expected for a relatively unknown candidate, which Dr. Paul still is for most Iowans. As the volunteers help people get to know him, that number could fall precipitously. If that happens, watch out! Iowa and America could be in for a surprise.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Secrets ... And A Shocker For Iowa Primary

At a recent Rudy Giuliani rally, the Paul supporters virtually outnumbered the Giuliani crowd. All of this tells me that what looks like 6 percent of the vote for Paul in states like Iowa could easily, especially where turnout is low, move toward double digits. From what my friends in Iowa are telling me, Huckabee or some other candidate may emerge the winner, but the big story that night may be that the contrarian Paul could find himself placing ahead of some really big names. Time will tell.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Paul's Quixotic, Chaotic Run May Make Its Push in N.H.

Last week, it was volunteers belonging to the Paul group at MeetUp, an WASHINGTON POSTonline networking site, who organized an evening of phone calls at Paul's headquarters here before watching the GOP debate together. It was the same volunteers who organized a day of canvassing by 60 supporters Saturday, a frigid day so windy that a gust toppled the huge Christmas tree outside the State House in Concord.
And it is the same people who have churned out tens of thousands of Paul fliers from a Merrimack printing press co-owned by supporter Linda Lagana to sell at cost to Paul supporters around the country, separate from the mailings being paid for by the campaign. Recently, the head of Paul's largest MeetUp chapter in New Hampshire, Jim Forsythe, paid $70 to create a glossy one-page "open letter" praising Paul. Lagana's press rolled off 1,00o copies of Forsythe's letter to be stuffed into the monthly newsletter in Forsythe's town of Strafford.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul, Giuliani Ad Parody - Bring on the Ron Paul Blimp


December 5, 2007 Permalink

Homework Assignment

**VITALLY IMPORTANT** Get in contact with your county or state daily doseRepublican Party. Make sure you find out from them the delegate selection process and how you will be able to participate in this. Our first step is to win the primaries, the next step is to become delegates to the Republican National Convention in September.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul vs. A Nation Of Suckers: Why We Won't Listen To One Man's Common Sense About Terrorism

How crazy is this: we're acting from trauma, but in the fog of rhetoric, to bc ploiticsalleviate our pain, we're killing people innocent of the crime against us. Common sense has been replaced by madness. Our revenge fantasies even include torturing our enemies. We're so upset, we don't mind seeing ourselves as hooded clerics in the Spanish Inquisition. We're so upset, we'd rather spend a trillion bucks on killing people thousands of miles away than on paying our teachers better, or rebuilding our crumbling infra-structure.
Ron Paul, the lonely speaker of common sense, is out there, but we won't give him a fair hearing. We'd rather listen to clueless Rudy banging on about "going on offense against terrorism." We and our media just loves ourselves a jumbo dose of trauma. We just loves ourselves a deluxe helping of cowardice and macho posturing. We just loves ourselves a long draught of vengeance. We'd rather kill Iraqis — and our troops — than listen to common sense.
There is Ron Paul, loud and clear, saying the emperor has no clothes. And there is America, loud and clear, saying the emperor has the most fabulous sense of fashion.
Heck, maybe we Americans are terminally stupid after all.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul phenomenon

By far the most significant and interesting political story of the past 24 ron paulhours is the extraordinary, record-breaking outpouring of support for Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Therefore, it is being ignored by much of our establishment press — not a single article about it in The New York Times or The Washington Post (though it is discussed on a couple of their blogs ), nor even a mention of it on the websites of CNN or CBS News (which found space to report on Stephen Colbert's non-candidacy). But MSNBC and Fox News did at least both post the AP article on the Paul story.
Regardless of how much attention the media pays, the explosion of support for the Paul campaign yesterday is much more than a one-time event. The Paul campaign is now a bona fide phenomenon of real significance, and it is difficult to see this as anything other than a very positive development.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Iran Intelligence Report Highlights Need for Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy of Peace

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – For months, while other GOP candidates have 2008pushed for attacks on Iran, Ron Paul has rejected a pre-emptive attack and emphasized peace and diplomacy.
On June 5 at the CNN GOP debate in New Hampshire, the candidates were asked if they would support a pre-emptive strike against Iran using tactical nuclear weapons.
Each of the candidates responded that they would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons, except Congressman Ron Paul who said:
“I do not believe that [pre-emptive war] is part of the American tradition. We, in the past have always declared war in the defense of our liberties or [to] go to aid somebody.
“But now we have accepted the principle of preemptive war. We have rejected the just-war theory of Christianity. And now tonight, we hear that we're not even willing to remove from the table a pre-emptive nuclear strike, against a country that has done no harm to us directly and is no threat to our national security!
December 5, 2007 Permalink

All I Want for Christmas is a Straw Poll

Here's a novel way of preventing Ron Paul supporters from notching up straw poll wins: Cancel the polls when they arrive. Paulblogger BlueEagle gave this account of the San Francisco Republican Alliance poll in the Ron Paul Street team forums.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

How Phone Polls REALLY Work

I received a fascinating call from a member of the local grassroots community. Just today, he received an automated telephone poll call for Republican primary candidates. And despite Rep. Ron Paul’s obvious stature as a leading candidate, Rep. Paul was nowhere to be found on the list of choices.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Group hopes blimp lifts Paul's bid

One of the largest blimps in the world will be launched in Weeksville on ron paul blimpMonday promoting Republican Ron Paul’s presidential bid.
The blimp tour supporting the Texas congressman’s presidential campaign is slated to formally kick off next week out of Airship Management Services’ office in Weeksville. states that the inaugural launch of the ship is slated for 8 a.m.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Former Google Employee Engineers NH Ground Campaign For Ron Paul

Until two weeks ago, Boyapati was an engineer at Google. Now he's the huffington postorganizing activists all over the country and bringing them to the "Live Free or Die" state to assist with the Paul campaign. For Boyapati, the saga began in July when he flew from Seattle to California to hear Paul speak at Google Headquarters.
Now the Australian-born Boyapati is braving the cold New Hampshire winter and urging others to do the same. According the the website, 405 activists are in New Hampshire or on their way. The goal is to recruit 1000, and progress has been steady.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

500 Ron Paul Canvassers to New Hampshire Need Cash?

Funding had stagnated under $5,000 yesterday, but today is up to free market news network$30,000, and climbing higher. It is still not enough, according to supporters. Vijay Boyapati is founder and director of the larger canvassing effort, described as a “grassroots movement to help ensure that Dr Paul wins the Republican nomination in the State of New Hampshire.” Boyapati gave up a job at Google to help the Ron Paul campaign in New Hampshire and elsewhere.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: OPB NEWS - GOP Longshot Ron Paul Wins Energized Following

mp3December 5, 2007 Permalink

San Francisco Democrat Straw Poll: Ron Paul Comes in Second!?

December 5, 2007 Permalink

Dr. Paul's Patent Inflation Cure!

Dr. Ron Paul has a simple cure for inflation. It is so simple, in fact, that the entire text could almost be printed on a Post-It note. He's introduced HR 2756, also known as the "Honest Money Act."
The bill, simply stated (and it IS simply stated) would repeal the federal "legal tender" laws that give the federal reserve bank a monopoly on money. This would immediately allow competition because you and I would no longer be required by law to accept federal reserve notes as payment of debts.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

‘Students for Ron Paul’ 50,000 Facebook members

"Dr. Paul enjoys great support from college students all across this usa dailycountry who are worried about America's future," said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. "They have a lot at stake—from Social Security to the curtailing of their civil liberties and the prospect of a draft, the youth of America want a new voice of change and freedom, which only Ron Paul delivers."
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Well, That Explains It

Furthermore, Ron Paul supporters found the actual content of his yahoo newscomments pretty offensive. In later debates, Rudy Giuliani could be heard laughing repeatedly while Ron Paul responded to questions. Rudy apparently does not believe that "blowback" exists, so Ron Paul supporters are demonstrating the concept for him. Rude? Absolutely. But Ron Paul supporters are not too concerned with Giuliani's feelings.
Atlanta Ron Paul Supporters show Rudy some LOV3

December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Campaign Floods Springfield with Signatures!

CHICAGO - The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee filed 2008more than 24,500 delegate petition signatures in Springfield Tuesday to secure positioning on Illinois’ February 5 Republican primary election ballot. Signatures submitted on behalf of the slate, which includes representatives of all 19 Illinois congressional districts, amount to more than twice the minimum required statewide.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Letter From a Soldier

Why are we the world's policeman when our own country is being fmnnopenly violated? Why are we borrowing money hand over fist from nations not exactly our friends, just to spend it on our out-of-control foreign policy? I am starting to feel like the powers that be do not have America’s interests in mind at all. It’s starting to feel like our ruin is their objective. From our factories closing and moving overseas, to the plunging value of our dollar, America is crumbling. Yet I love her far to much to watch her fall apart.
This is why I am taking my personal revolution and joining forces with Dr. Ron Paul’s revolution. His “bring all the troops home” non-intervention foreign policy and plans to put America first again are just what we need at this time in our history.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Will Ron Paul Double His Record Breaking $4 Million fundraiser On December 16th?

Given that last time 17,500 pledges equated to 4.3 million, 33,000 pledges could equate to just under double that amount, meaning an unprecedented $8 million super haul is definitely on the cards.
Should a figure somewhere in that region be achieved Ron Paul would have earned a whopping $18 million for the quarter, by far eclipsing the campaign target of $12 million and blowing his GOP rivals out of the water.
The Congressman is already the top GOP earner this quarter, having topped $10 million, doubling his own third quarter earnings.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Republican Straw Poll Results - Ron Paul

The real gauge of a candidates popularity are the straw polls. Not the cooked Media polls. These polls represent people taking time and money to vote for Ron Paul just like they will in the Primaries.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Archer wrong about Ron Paul

Ron Paul is perhaps the most genuine candidate to have run for office in modern history…and easily the most forthright of any running for 08 (Republican or Democrat).
The only “sleaze” that is around Ron Paul are these pathetic attempts to denigrate him through guilt-by-association tactics and misrepresentations of his platform and policies. If Ron Paul returned funds from the unsavory few…then his opponents would be up in arms about how he is “supporting them” by handing them money.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Demands End to Out-of-Control National Debt

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - "Americans can no longer afford the out of rp2008control spending coming from Washington. It is unconscionable that Congress continues to run up the national debt, knowing full well that our children and grandchildren will end up paying the bill for our wasteful spending."
Congressman Paul made the comments following an Associated Press report stating that the national debt is now "expanding by about $1.4 billion dollars every day – or nearly $1 million a minute” and there is now “almost $30,000 in debt for each man, woman, child and infant in the United States.” By the time the next president takes office in 2009, the national debt will likely top $10 trillion dollars.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

SF Straw Poll Canceled - too many Ron Paul supporters

Unfortunately, at around 9:45pm when the straw poll was about to take the paulunteerplace, Gail Neira of the SF Republican Alliance, announced that she was cancelling the straw poll because it was unfair. She was referring to the approximately 40 Ron Paul supports that were standing in the back of the room with Ron Paul signs. She went on to say that she was overwhelmed by the number of Ron Paul supports that showed up, but by that time the crowd was in an uproar.
Ron Paul at SF Straw Poll

December 5, 2007 Permalink

Dear Deluded Mass Media, North American Union Agenda Exists

The media campaign to deny the reality of the move towards a North undercovernews.comAmerican Union in the mold of the European Union, which would encompass a merging of the economies of The US, Canada and Mexico, continues with a sharp focus on attacking presidential candidate Ron Paul who has spoken about the move on numerous occasions.
The North American Union issue came to the fore last week when Congressman Ron Paul was sardonically asked during the CNN GOP debate if he believed in it as his many supporters have suggested.
Dr Paul put the record straight by explaining that it is ludicrous to call the very real NAU movement a conspiracy theory.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

SF Republican Establishment vs. Ron Paul

"The San Francisco Republican Party has not seen energy and enthusiasm like that displayed by the Ron Paul supporters in many lewrockwell blogyears, if ever. Yet instead of opening their arms to this wonderful opportunity to rebuild a failed organization with an army of young, vibrant and intelligent supporters. the San Francisco Republican Party pretends that all is well. Their attitude can best be exemplified by the passive presence of a Vice Chair of the SF Republican Party Central Committee who witnessed the entire event at the Holiday Inn in silence. Amazing!
"It is clear that Ron Paul’s message has achieved momentum and attracted substantial funds. Message, Money and Momentum are a powerful political force. The Ron Paul revolution is alive and well. No wonder that the opposition will resort to disgraceful tactics to stop the express."
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Smear campaign backfires: Recent Attempts to Defame Ron Paul Prove He’s Got Powerbrokers Nervous

For several months you have watched the unfolding of “The Treatment” americanfree pressby the news media in its attempt to make Congressman Ron Paul go away. He continues to frustrate their efforts.
The first stage of “The Treatment” is to just simply ignore any substantial candidate who is not “anointed” by the powers behind the scenes. Anyone who ever ran for political office wearing any label other than “Republican” or “Democrat” has experienced stage one, and few ever got beyond it. (A visitor from Mars can see in one day that the anointed Republican is Rudy Giuliani and the anointed Democrat is Hillary Clinton.)
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Senator McCain

Senator McCain claims the troops want to finish the mission. Senator BLOGMcCain claims the troops told him this while visiting them over Thanksgiving. Senator McCain is somewhat mistaken.
I was a soldier. I served as an infantry paratrooper in Afghanistan and Iraq as a machine gunner and operations sergeant, respectively. I know soldiers. While serving in the military your normal rank and file soldier will rarely try to rock the boat, and the last thing they want to do is embarrass their chain of command. This isn't apathy as much as it is a survival instinct. When you depend on those in charge of you and next to you to save your skin then you try not to cause problems. This is probably why Senator McCain thinks the troops are completely on his side and the side of this illegal war.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Vijay's Operation: Today is the 5th - it's time!

This is the single, most important project going on. What gets votes: daily pauladvertisements or face-to-face conversations? Banners get attention, but people sell.
That's why getting people on the street, knocking doors is essential for our success. Vijay's Operation Live Free or Die is gathering 1,000 freedom lovers from all over the country to go to New Hampshire to knock on doors. They are already more than 400 people!
All they are asking is 5 dollars today ("5 for Freedom"). That's it! If you can give more, do so, but if you can only spare 5 dollars that's ok.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Republican War

When it comes to the dangers of American empire, Paul has been charleston city paperproven 100 percent correct, and President Bush and the entire Republican establishment have been proven 100 percent wrong. As Paul predicted as early as 1997 in a letter to President Clinton, "Policy toward Iraq is ... not designed to protect U.S. national security. It is instead a threat to our security because it may lead to war and loss of American lives, increase terrorism, and certainly an additional expense for the U.S. taxpayer.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

GOP Group Cancels Straw Poll After Ron Paul Supporters Pour In

Scores of Ron Paul supporters showed up to the San Francisco daily paulRepublican Alliance dinner, where they were treated to an hour and a half of speeches for Fred Thompson. When Ron Paul supporters asked to speak, they were told that time had run out and they held a raffle. After the raffle, the organizers announced that the rest of the program had been cancelled.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Could Ron Paul be South Carolina's perfect candidate?

"All the empires of the world went down the tube because they were charleston city paperspread too thin," Paul says. "We're in 130 countries. We have 700 bases. We as a people are taxed to destroy a country's infrastructure and then we're taxed to rebuild it, while at the same time our bridges are falling down."
All of Ron Paul's stances are centered around a core belief that the Constitution should be strictly adhered to and that government's role is to protect people's rights. He sees legislation like the Patriot Act as directly in conflict with that premise. "This administration wants us to believe there's this perpetual war and enemy, so we become incensed with fear and are willing to give up our liberties," says Paul. "Let me tell you, there is never room to give up liberty to be secure."
December 5, 2007 Permalink

‘Independents’ banned from California Republican Primary

The California Republican Party decided only to accept ballots cast by registered Republicans for next year’s presidential primary.
In other words, they are scared Ron Paul will win. Dirty tricks.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Costa Mesa mayor says he’ll endorse Ron Paul

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor announced he would officially endorse the candidacy of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, a congressman from Texas.
Paul, who ran for president as the Libertarian Party candidate in 1988, has been vocal on a number of issues that set him apart from his GOP colleagues, including his opposition to the occupation of Iraq and economic globalization.
“I trust Ron Paul,” Mansoor said in a prepared statement. “The other Democrat and ‘Republican’ candidates are all the same business as usual.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran

Ron Paul is the only non-Armageddon presidential candidate among the anti warRepublicans. He is the only person who staunchly opposes a massive first strike against Iran because of its alleged nuclear program. He has long been ridiculed for his aversion to preemptive genocide in the Middle East.
In the Fall of 2002, Ron Paul stood almost alone denouncing the “phantom weapons” claims the Bush team was invoking to attack Iraq. Once again, he has been proven right.
December 5, 2007 Permalink

Academics for Ron Paul

Americans have lost faith in politicians, and for good reasons. Taxes, spending, and the national debt continue to rise, special interest bribes riddle the Congress, courts, and executive branch, and our schools are in shambles. Yet our government continues to wage a ceaseless assault on the American people’s rights to make their own choices. It has done so through the USA Patriot Act, the REAL ID Act, the War on Drugs, McCain-Feingold, and countless other initiatives. The endless and inept foreign policy of interventionism of the establishment politicians has put our country in grave danger not only of a destructive war with Iran but a new financial crisis.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Right on Iran

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, 2008released yesterday, reinforces Ron Paul’s position that a pre-emptive attack on Iran – an option advocated by other GOP presidential candidates – would be unwise and unwarranted.
Congressman Paul issued the following statement in response to the report:

“We needlessly and foolishly threaten Iran even though they have no nuclear weapons. I find it incomprehensible that as the failure of our Iraq policy becomes more evident, some want the same kind of policy toward Iran. A policy of peace, trade and diplomacy, is superior.”

The report’s finding that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 supports Congressman Paul’s view that military action against Iran is contrary to American national security.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Layla Kayleigh interviews Ron Paul

Fox Business Channel - Ron Paul's Internet SuccessPart 1   Part 2
December 4, 2007 Permalink

How much money has Ron Paul taken from lobbyists?

Look closely...
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Neck-Snapping Spin From the President

By concluding that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program four years washingtonpostago, the national intelligence estimate released yesterday undermined a key element of President Bush's foreign policy. It raised questions about whether the president and vice president knowingly misled the public about the danger posed by Iran. And it added to Bush's profound credibility problems with the American people and the international community.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

CNN: Ron Paul discussed on The Situation Room

REVOLUTION! NYC Loves Paul. Buchanan must have his wires crossed.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Students rally for Ron Paul

"We can change the course of history in the next election," Saghir said. Tarek Baydoun, alumnus of UM-D, discussed the importance of voting by principle rather than party.
He said that he has been a Democrat his entire life and never thought that he would be voting for a Republican.
Baydoun supports Ron Paul because of what he stands for and the plans he has set if he was elected.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Why the Internet Community Promotes Ron Paul

If Ron Paul has a handicap, it's that his ideas are complex and difficult opednewsfor quick consumption. He doesn't resort to the easy-out demagogy that seems to be political par these days. Instead, he engages the more robust discussions that Americans entertain in coffee shops and academic quarters. As Glen Greenwald at explained, "While Barack Obama toys with the rhetoric of challenging conventional wisdom, Paul's campaign -- for better or worse -- actually does so, and does so in an extremely serious, thoughtful and coherent way."
This sort of thinking is ill-suited for the soundbite-oriented mainstream outlets.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

GOP's Paul freshens race

His opposition to American intervention in Iraq is both principled and dailyprogressshared by many voters of all political stripes, even if it is not the norm for many a Republican candidate.
Unafraid to speak his mind and stand up for his ideas, Mr. Paul has dared to raise topics that other candidates for president prefer to ignore.
With the nation $9 trillion in debt and a federal government that prints money to paper over deficits and pay for wars “off budget,” a candidate who looks for grounding in sound fiscal fundamentals instead of for spending tied to special interests can attract a large following.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Sirius Radio Patriot Channel Mike Church Interview

mp3U.S. Past Interventions | Border Guard vs. Fence Interventions of past Presidencies | Entitlements | Citizenship to Children of Illegal Immigrants | Border Guard vs. Fence | Farm Subsidies | Favorite Founder: John Adams.
Courtesy of

December 4, 2007

Cafferty: Billion$ into Iraq. Ron Paul, Only One Against it.

"It is absurd that we keep investing billions of our tax dollars into Iraq. A better question might be: why is Ron Paul the only presidential candidate who has promised to end this crime against the American taxpayers?"

December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Supporters Boston Tea Party Revisited 16 December 2007

Great news! G. Edward Griffin, one of the founding fathers of the freedom movement in America, has agreed to open our Santa Monica Tea Party ceremony with an opening statement! For those of you unfamiliar with him, he introduced Ron Paul at the USC rally in September and is perhaps best known as the author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, which is a classic on the Federal Reserve Bank.
This could end up being a pretty big event. People are coming from San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Riverside! The vibe looks strong.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Paul: Republicans Face Certain Defeat With Pro-War Candidate

Ron Paul has a message for the Republican base who continue to offer prison planetblinkered support for the endless occupation of Iraq - pick a candidate who has vowed to bring the troops home immediately or surrender the White House in 2008.
"Since 70 per cent of the American people want out of the war and they're tired of it - the Republicans better pick somebody who is opposed to the war or have a new foreign policy or they can't win," the Congressman told CNN's Wolf Blitzer yesterday.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Dr. No: Ron Paul on the rise

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - For months, Republican presidential candidate planet jackson holeRon Paul was considered little more than the darling of the Internet fringe. His zealous web-based supporters were even accused of spamming whenever he won online debate polls.
But that changed on Nov. 5, when more than 35,000 people ponied up $4.3 million to the Ron Paul campaign. Recent appearances on Jay Leno and “Face the Nation” have reinforced his presence in
December 4, 2007 Permalink

POLL: If you could ONLY choose from the following Republican candidates for President, which one would you choose?

December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul at 9% in Latest New Hampshire Poll by Pew Research

In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center between November 7 tarnsworldnewsthrough the 25th in the state of New Hampshire, Ron Paul has received 9% of support.
According to, this suggests that the boomlet created from the November 5th donation drive lasted longer than expected. "For Ron Paul to achieve 9% in New Hampshire in polling conducted over almost three weeks suggests that his success is steadier than we had anticipated" says Terr.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Huckabee, the False Conservative

Huckabee is campaigning as a conservative, but serious Republicans real clear politicsknow that he is a high-tax, protectionist, big-government advocate of a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans. Until now, they did not bother to expose the former governor of Arkansas as a false conservative because he seemed an underfunded, unknown nuisance candidate. Now that he has pulled even with Mitt Romney for the Iowa caucuses with the possibility of more progress, the beleaguered Republican Party has a frightening problem on its hands.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Only Paul puts primary rules to good use

It was bound to happen: Some smart Republican campaign strategist was bound to see the opportunities buried in the rules the party adopted four years ago for its Feb. 5 presidential primary.
Those rules turn California from a bastion of plurality-winner-take-all politics to a place that will essentially run 53 separate primaries, with the leading GOP vote-getter in each congressional district taking three of the state's 173 Republican convention delegates. Another 11 delegates will go to the statewide leader and three more will be unpledged.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

The media pundits and CNN as of late say the Nafta Super Highway is just some conspiracy theory that Ron Paul touts right?

Then please be so kind as to explain why the Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation department has this picture on its website with explanations?
alberta naftaDecember 4, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Revolution

In fact, in the last century, right-wing types had a simple way of describing patriotic congressional representatives like Ron Paul, who championed limited federal government, believed in natural rights, respected the oath they swore to uphold, and eschewed Wilsonian-style foreign policy. We used to call them “conservatives.”
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Barry Goldwater, Jr. Endorses Ron Paul

Score one for the good guys

December 4, 2007 Permalink

Duh, It’s Called Voter Turnout.

Mitt Romney supporters are confused about what their candidate even stands for.
Rudy Giuliani supporters don’t know anything more than that supposedly their candidate was some sort of 9/11 hero; A fact which happens to be widely disputed if you talk to many of the real heroes, such as New York firefighters and police officers.
Fred Thompson supporters are probably all sleeping at the moment. Resting up for what? I’m not quite sure…
Mike Huckabee supporters are fooled in their own right. This man raised taxes as governor of Arkansas many times. He is not much of a conservative in any respect, not that the others are either. However, Huckabee is the only other republican candidate besides Dr. Ron Paul with any grassroots support of any kind, although it can be hard to find.
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Ron Paul Toughest on Terror

There’s a reason why our nation’s finest, America’s military men and women, both active and veteran, have given more donations to Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul than any other candidate in either party. As a veteran, he’s the only candidate who understands how to properly defend America from its enemies, “both foreign and domestic.” His strict adherence to the Constitution and reliance on true conservative principles is the winning formula for defeating terrorism abroad.
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The fair tax: Who does it really benefit?

For those of you who are unaware, there is a proposal on the table to get rid of the federal income tax. Actually, there are several. Ron Paul has long been a proponent of doing just this. When asked what he’d replace it with, his answer was honest and to the point: nothing!
When a purchase is made using the credit card, the sales tax is applied to the sum charged to the credit account, and becomes a part of the balance upon which interest is charged. Trillions of dollars a year in purchases are made using credit cards. Now imagine adding 25% - 32% to that figure. So who benefits from the fair tax becomes instantly very clear.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ladies' Man: Ron Paul's 'View'

Paul's appearance on set didn't come until the end of the show, after abcthe in-depth discussion about Jennifer Love Hewitt's cellulite and body image, the power going out at co-host Joy Behar's last dinner party and Breslin's aversion to math as taught by her tutors.
But then the discussion strayed from the subjects that have given Paul most of his buzz — barely mentioned was his stance against the Iraq War or his pledges to shut down most government bureaucracy — and instead touched squarely on an issue important to "The View's" largely female demographic: abortion.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

'View' hosts grill Paul on abortion

The hosts spent several minutes discussing Paul's abortion position, although raw storythey spent virtually no time on the libertarian lawmaker's fierce opposition to the war in Iraq and his calls for limiting American intervention abroad, which have garnered him substantial support online.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on The View 12-4-07

The topic: Abortion

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Ron Paul Donation Day Top 25,000?

Will Ron Paul's resurgent fund-raising bring him into even sharper clarity fmnnas a successful presidential candidate? The mainstream news media focused on straw polls, but then seemed to lose focus once Ron Paul did better than other candidates in the majority of them.
The mainstream media has also been focusing on fund-raising. Now that Ron Paul seems destined to outrun other GOP candidates in that arena as well, the mainstream media has seemingly begun to focus relentlessly on dubious national "polls."
December 4, 2007 Permalink

Making the case for Ron Paul

From an October 2007 "Middle American News" interview, asked about the napa valley registerhow Paul could reduce the size and scope of government, "The first thing to do is to focus on overall spending. Bring the troops home from around the globe, stop policing the world, and use the savings to eliminate deficits and tide over those who have become dependent on the welfare state, while allowing younger people to opt out. ... If people continue to expect government to take care of us from cradle to grave, then it will be impossible. But if we spread the message of freedom, tell people that we can eliminate the IRS, keep the fruits of our labor and regain local control, then we can cut the size of government in half."
December 4, 2007 Permalink

POLL: At this point, who do you think will win the 2008 Republican presidential primary?

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Ron Paul is the only candidate with a message

Ironically, as long as I can remember, no matter which party raises up kennbecthe newest president, nothing changes as far as policy is concerned. And where is it leading us? I see industry moving out of the country at alarming rates. Masses of illegal immigrants swarm across our unprotected borders while our military is used to protect the borders of foreign countries and big oil. I see a policy of endless preemptive war against an undefined enemy. I see the United States being dictated to by the United Nations. I see dangerous legislation, such as the "Patriot Act," eroding our constitutional rights, passed by a Congress who swore an oath to protect those rights, and I see debates with candidates who argue with each other as to how best to continue these policies.
December 4, 2007 Permalink

President Ron Paul - Could He Really Win?

What if at noon on January 20, 2009 Ron Paul is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States? First, how could Ron Paul actually win the GOP nomination? Second, could he beat Hillary Clinton and win the Presidency? Finally, what could a Ron Paul Administration accomplish with the powerful special interests allied against him and his agenda controlling the leadership of the Republican and Democrat parties?
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: On Illegal Immigration and Border Security

I have also supported the strengthening our border and increasing the texas straight talknumber of border patrol agents. It is an outrage that our best trained border guards are sent to Iraq instead of guarding our borders. For national security, we need to give more attention to our own border which is being illegally breached every day, and yet the government shirks one of its few constitutionally mandated duties, namely to defend this country. Citizens lose twice with our current insecure border situation – we don’t have the protection we should have, and then taxpayers have to deal with the fallout in the form of overstretched public resources and loss of jobs.
The anger is understandable when it comes to illegal immigration and the problems with our borders. I will continue to fight in Congress for more effective ways to address these issues in keeping with the Constitutional mandate to protect America .
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Dr. Paul excluded from the Des Moines Register analysis...

Dr. Paul is being excluded (but not Tom Tancredo!) from the Des Moines daily paulRegister political analysis summary. I sent the author this note and encourage you to do the same. Please be civil...
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A Ron Paul Set-Up By RedState?

ast week's outrage over the YouTube-driven debate that CNN hosted for Republican presidential candidates ended with a curious offer from the conservative blog RedState. Along with the conservative publisher Human Events, RedState invited the GOP candidates to "a do-over debate" with the same format but purportedly on more friendly territory. The curious part is that RedState included GOP underdog Ron Paul on the invitation list. RedState's leaders so dislike Paul that they have banned his supporters from commenting at the blog. That makes RedState's debate offer sound at least as hostile, if not more so, as CNN's proved to be, at least for Paul.
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul camp gears up for 'Tea Party,' one supporter speaks out

“The British also thought they had no problem with the Americans--until Yorktown.” Paul continued, “Rudy Giuliani walked up to me and said, ‘Oooh, you sure have a LOT of supporters.’ “It’s only the beginning, I told him.”
Paul also said, “The military-industrial complex, the biased media, the big banks, the Fed, the waterboarders, and the IRS don’t like what we’re doing. But every good American is applauding us, and daring to hope for a better future.”
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Backers Anticipate Another Big 'Money-Bomb'

Such a showing for the Texas congressman has shocked other washingtonpostcampaigns -- not to mention the media. Most spectacular was the $4.3 million Paul raised on Nov. 5. But the dollars have continued to roll in: Last week, following the Republican CNN/YouTube debate in St. Petersburg, Fla., Paul amassed another $531,000 on Nov. 30.
Compare that to former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.), whose shrewd tapping of the online community raised a total of $751,000 online during the whole of November.
Paul's supporters are planning another "money-bomb," as the candidate's one-day fundraisers are called, for Dec. 16, the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, which helped spark the American Revolution.
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Message from Ron

Want to know a secret? There were two moments I especially enjoyed 2008at the CNN/YouTube debate -- despite my frustration at some of the questions, and the maldistribution of time.
First, I was pleased at John McCain's attack, which he clearly had planned. Not because that sort of stream-of-consciousness nonsense about Hitler and WWII -- when the neocons openly want what they call WW IV! Are we to forget that the first war crime charged at Nuremberg was waging aggressive war?
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul says “It’s only just beginning”

Paul expressed his dissatisfaction with the CNN debate and the bias of usa dailylimiting his time to speak but he did say that he was happy that McCain launched his premeditated attack toward him.
Paul said, “Mainstream politicians NEVER attack an opponent they think is far behind. The McCain campaign, we've heard, is worried sick about New Hampshire, and they thought a slam at me would help. Ha! Of course, it only strengthened our forces.”
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Ideas & Steps to Help Ron Paul Win the Nomination.

A useful list of resouces you need to get out the word for Ron Paul.
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Here's the steps to successful canvassing:

Enthusiasm is key. You either believe what you are saying or you don't. In our case, Ron Paul Supporters love and respect him, so our enthusiasm is natural and genuine. All the sales training in the world cannot take the place of enthusiasm.
The next step is to simply speak from the heart. If the election wasn't important to you on a personal level, you wouldn't be initiating contact. Nothing takes the place of telling them why you volunteered to support Ron Paul, and why you choose to spend your day knocking on their door. I would tell everyone you meet that you are a volunteer for the 2008 presidential election and that you are helping spread the word of your hero, Congressman Ron Paul.
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Adroit online, Ron Paul backers hit the streets of N.H.

Manchester, N.H. - They're coming from Miami and Seattle, from the "big CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITORsky" state of Montana, and from close to home here in New Hampshire. They're coming to help political iconoclast Ron Paul get elected president – many as campaign first-timers who, characteristically independent, may not even feel obliged to tell the Paul camp what exactly they're planning to do on the candidate's behalf.
The Paulites' push for old-style, on-the-ground politicking in New Hampshire, coming just five weeks before the primary, marks a change for a support network that has always relied on websites and online fundraising. They're here now because they see the Granite State – with its reputation as antitax, anti-big government, and pro-individual freedom – as especially fertile ground for a libertarian-leaning Republican candidate like Mr. Paul.
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Bush Speaks the Truth! [aka Ron Paul's positions]

For all those so called "Core Republicans", media pundits and those who oppose Ron Paul's constitutional track record, see what your two faced hero George Bush said.

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Ron Paul Leads the Republicans in the Wall Street Chatter Chat Room Presidential Poll

Technology's (PINKSHEETS: DRMC) Wall Street Chatter Ratings ( has reported today that of the 9 primary Republican presidential candidates, the Wall Street Chatter Presidential Poll has Ron Paul leading as the most talked about Republican candidate.
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It’s Not Ron Paul, It’s the Message

Ron Paul has a message and we should all listen to it. It’s a message american chroniclethe founders of this country believed in. It’s a message that many believed died long ago. It’s a message that some would just as soon bury. But these are ideas that are inherent to mankind. These are ideas we constantly try to implement no matter the circumstances, no matter the oppression, no matter the punishment for failure. No matter what happens with Ron Paul’s candidacy, no matter what the future may hold, it is most important that we keep broadcasting the message. With hard work and vigilance, we will see Ron Paul as our president, but we should try to remember the importance not of Ron Paul, but of his message.
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Who's the real deal?

patriot actDecember 3, 2007 Permalink

Huckabee’s 15 minutes of fame? A Ron Paul Surge in Iowa?

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has taken a four point lead usa dailyover Mitt Romney, 29% to 25%, in the latest poll of probable voters in the January third Iowa GOP caucus. That’s the good news for the Baptist minister who never fails to remind GOP voters at the debates that he is a member of the clergy. However, polls in Iowa are notoriously unreliable.
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Follow The Money - A Look At Who’s financing our campaigns

1) Google Inc
2) US Army
3) US Navy
6) US Air Force
14) US Dept of Defense
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Ron Paul Blimp Flight Plan

Flight plan just released!
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Hell Yeah, Dr. No

Exactly when did New York turn into Ron Paul country? The ostensible front-runners for both parties are locals, yet when was the last time you saw a Rudy or Hillary button? Much less a Depeche Mode–style band like the Violets singing a tribute to one of them as part of their set in the dim East Village bar Lit, as they did a few weeks back? “
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul emerges in presidential campaign

Sanford now is walking precincts for Paul because he said the candidate daily heraldis strongly against the war in Iraq and can appeal to millions who believe that America has "strayed too far from our values" and fundamentals laid out in the Constitution.
"For young people, it's the war; for older people, it's a straight common-sense approach" to taxes, the economy and values, said Holly Clearman, California field coordinator for the Paul campaign.
December 3, 2007 Permalink

CNN vs CNN - Flip Flopping on NAFTA / NAU

CNN flat out lies and then contradicts itself obviously to try to discredit Ron Paul. Seeing is believing.

December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Deleted from GOP Results: Provides Proof

In this case, the mainstream crowd thinks it can actually remove Ron Paul from the GOP straw poll results without anyone noticing. As if we haven't heard of "freedom of information", "honesty", or "the internets."
According to current Straw Poll results, support for Ron Paul does not even exist. Yet, in earlier results, he is totally in first place. SO, either his support has vanished into non-existence overnight, or someone has been playing around with their delete key...
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Ryan Holiday Doesn't Care About Ron Paul

The real flaw in Mr. Holiday's suggestion is that he doesn't seem to lewrockwell blogrecognize what a rare exception Dr. Paul is. The idea that we can simply "force" the other candidates to become defenders of liberty by dangling our votes in front of them misunderstands the nature of the game and of the players. Ron Paul has spent 30 years demonstrating that he is committed to liberty. When he says that he will do everything in his power to diminish the role of government in our lives, he means it, and those who support him trust him to do exactly that. The same cannot be said about any of the other candidates who are running. The very fact that Mr. Holiday believes their positions can be dictated by pressure from voters is proof that he already knows this.
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Letter Writing Campaign

To help us reach our goal of delivering 700,000 letters to Iowa "no party" voters and 100,000 letters to New Hampshire Independent voters, contact us NOW!

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Common Sense

See the hypocrisy of Bush & Cheney. Watch Ron Paul shine.
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Ron Paul is a baby elephant

But perhaps the best explanation of the Paul phenomenon came from salonRammelkamp, the young man from Long Island who had taken on significant credit card debt for the Paul campaign. He told me that to understand Paul, I had to think of the American people as a baby elephant, chained to a tree. "It realizes that it can only walk 5 feet in each direction. It realizes that it is a slave. When it grows old enough, it is strong enough to break away from the tree. But it doesn't know." He pauses, to let this sink in -- the American people are a captive animal unaware of its own power to claim liberty. "When was the last time you tried it?" he asks me of breaking free. "Maybe you are strong enough."
December 3, 2007 Permalink

Giuliani nearly drowned out by rival's supporters

It was Rudy Giuliani campaigning for president on the Marietta Square ajcon Sunday afternoon, but anyone listening may well have thought the candidate's name was Ron Paul.
"RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" — a crowd chanted from Glover Park, effectively drowning out comments from the former New York mayor and occasionally changing the chant to "FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!"
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Anatomy Of A Ron Paul Smear

1.) Brand supporters with a nick-name.
2.) Associate them with people identified as evil or crazy.
3.) Relegate their campaign to "internet people".
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"The message is so powerful, in spite of my shortcomings"

We thought we could get 100 or 200 people out in Austin, Texas. And all salon.comof a sudden there were like 600 people there. And it was a result of the debate. Because it was the first time that a large number of people [had heard my message]. I thought I did a lousy job, and I only had four minutes, and all I had to do was shout a few lines. The message is so powerful, in spite of my shortcomings, that the people came out. And I thought, well, this thing is different. I've never had this before. That to me was a real eye opener.
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Ron Paul Owns The Internet!!!

google trendsDecember 2, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Iraq is not Nazi Germany

"Iraq is not Nazi Germany," says Congressman Ron Paul to CNN's Wolf raw storyBlitzer, "and besides, I thought it was Hitler that caused World War II, not the American people, who opposed going in."
Senator and fellow presidential candidate John McCain confuses "isolationism" and "non-intervention," says Paul. "I advocate non-intervention: Not getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations, and not pretending a country like Iraq is equivalent to Nazi Germany."
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul tells Blitzer “Something big is going on”

Ron Paul said “Iraq us not NAZI Germany and besides I thought it was usa dailyHitler that caused World War II not the American people.” And “Isolationism isn’t what I advocate, I advocate non intervention, not getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations” and “not pretending that a country like Iraq is equivalent to NAZI Germany. Iraq had no army, no navy, and no weapons of mass destruction, and had nothing to do with 911.”
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Paul Expects Over $12M in 4th Quarter

WASHINGTON -- Republican Ron Paul said Sunday his upstart washingtonpostpresidential campaign is on track to raise more than $12 million this quarter, boldly predicting the Iowa polls "are going to continue to shift" once he's finished spending it all.
"People are just starting to think about how they are going to vote in these primaries," Paul said. "The people are really annoyed with conventional politics and we are spending this money. We are spending it in Iowa. So I think those polls are going to continue to shift. Our numbers are going up."
December 2, 2007 Permalink

My Talk at The Ron Paul Rally in Berkeley

For years, the Republicans and Democrats have been united in their lewblogsupport for their insane policy. But Ron Paul has been a lone voice in Washington in his relentless and principled attack on the drug war. Even in the early 1980s, he was discussing on the House floor the pure hypocrisy of politicians drinking alcohol and condemning to prison elderly women who used medical marijuana. But he has always opposed the whole drug war, seeing it as a moral and constitutional disaster. Of all the candidates, only he offers a real way out of this totalitarianism. This alone makes it worth supporting him.
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence

Once at the straw poll, Sophie and others noticed that Mitt Romney prison planetsupporters were voting for their candidate dozens of times each. The St. Petersburg Times would later document this in an article. Sophie was upset that the rules she had been told were not the rules after all. On Thursday, the day after the debate, she called chairman of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, Tonoy DiMatteo to inform him of the misdeeds that had occurred at the straw poll. She was shocked when he answered: "It's too bad for you, and if you start any trouble you will be hurt.
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Ron Paul -CNN Late Edition 12-02-07


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A Letter to Shelly Concerning Ron Paul

In part, Ron Paul first impressed me when I learned he was equally opedinformed about the real sources of our economic problems: government making more promises than it can deliver, government growing too large, and a medieval banking system run by a cartel of private banks and based on an unsound and unstable currency. This combination has brought us to the point where the U.S. government is bankrupt, and foreign governments are financing ours because and only because the U.S. dollar still holds the status of the world’s reserve currency, a status that is deteriorating at a quickening rate.
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What President Paul Could Do

"I think perhaps folks under-estimate the extent to which Ron Paul could lewrockwell blogmake a real difference were he elected. The veto is a tremendous tool if properly and skillfully used. The corrupt Congress could be forced to give up some of its spending in order to keep the rest of it. Besides, they tend to kowtow to anyone who is President, especially the Republicans. Further, the Presidency truly is a bully pulpit. A President with wisdom and courage can address and educate the country any time he wants, without advance censorship by the media. A President determined on reform could do what Reagan promised but never did—send dedicated, smart people into the departments to cut, cut, cut spending. The talented and dedicated people are out there. They just need to be identified and put in place instead of party hacks.
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AUDIO Antiwar Radio: Joe Dumas

mp3The Chattanoogan’s Joe Dumas discusses the Ron Paul Revolution and his view that only Paul can defeat the Democrat in the general election.


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Tucker Carlson receives my ‘Smarmy Award’ for smearing Ron Paul

As we all know, Carlson is married with four children and one has to truthnewswonder: Why is he hanging around a brothel owner let alone prostitutes? Where are his conservative values?
I am serious when I say this: MSNBC should throw him off the air. No this is not a freedom of speech case or where a racist remark was made; he clearly violated the ethics of journalism and embarrassed MSNBC that is if they have morals. More importantly, I do feel he did this to embarrass Ron Paul and create a controversy to surround him. If anyone owes an apology to a candidate, the viewing public and the American people in general it is Carlson.
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Reading of the Votes Virginia Straw Poll Dec 1, 2007

The Revolution claims another straw poll
December 2, 2007 Permalink

President Ron Paul - Could He Really Win? (Part 1)

A Bush Strike Against Iran & Resulting Oil Shock To the World Economy - american chronicleThe assumed Iran response would likely push oil to $150 a barrel and gas over $5.00 a gallon and the voting public will wake up to at least the economic disaster of the Bush foreign policy. Hillary, currently the leading Democrat candidate for president will also be blamed as she supports the Bush/Neocon plans against Iran. This action could win Ron Paul the GOP nomination and the general election if it takes place before or early in the primary season.
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul leaves impression on college students at football game

NASHUA – A crowd of onlookers and Ron Paul supporters gathered and shivered as blustery winds whipped about.
“It’s good to be here,” said presidential hopeful Paul, a Republican representative of Texas.
Paul made an appearance at Greeley Park to meet with students, faculty and staff from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack to field questions about his campaign and personal views.
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What Is Ron Paulapalooza?

* A massive fundraiser event for Ron Paul. This event will be the largest fundraiser in presidential election history guaranteeing Ron Paul the presidency in 2008.
* 2 days of music, guest speakings, freedom, and Hope For America.
* The greatest assembly of freedom loving Americans since 1969.
* A vast array of national musical acts that support Ron Paul will be asked to attend.
* Strategy workshops to educate citizens on how to rally support for Ron Paul in their local community.
RONPAULAPALOOZADecember 2, 2007 Permalink

Political gospel of Paul

The Nov. 21 piece in The Times piece mentions that online news content WASHINGTON TIMESon Mr. Paul routinely draws "hundreds of responses, many of them angry and nearly all of them accusing major press outlets of ignoring Mr. Paul." I don't know about "angry," but there has been a yawning gap between Mr. Paul's huge Internet presence and his anemic mainstream coverage. After he suddenly raised $ 4.2 million on Nov. 5, the media had to pay attention. But there has been little coverage otherwise, and the overall tone is still subtly dismissive. For example, nobody calls Mike Huckabee's campaign "quixotic," yet Ron Paul has raised 7 times more money than Mr. Huckabee this month alone.
Has anyone bothered to ask why, if there is no mainstream blackout of Mr. Paul, none of the other candidates has the same level of grass-roots Internet activity? You would expect them to have more. Don't their supporters have computers too? Why does Ron Paul generate 12.9 million hits on Google when runner-up Hillary Clinton can't even come close with 7.45 million?
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Presidential underdog excites some locals

It is an unlikely group — older businessmen, snowboard bums, and vail dailyrecent college graduates who describe themselves politically as anything from Libertarians to Ronald Reagan fans to disillusioned Democrats.
But that is the amazing thing about Paul’s following, said James Norman, a software engineer from Dillon.
“He draws a variety of people from all walks of life, because everybody likes freedom, and that resonates with all kinds of people,” said Norman, 26.
December 2, 2007 Permalink

1-877-RON-PAUL? Use it or lose it?

Obviously the official campaign sees the value of including this on many daily paulof the new campaign pieces, including a number of the new slim jims. Having been in communications for seven years, I recognize both the value and power of using toll-free numbers. On November 5th. half way through the day, I realized that the newly gained toll-free number should be co-equally and jointly marketed with the campaign website because many older voters (who we desperately need to reach) don't have, or use the internet as much.
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Paul Handily Wins Virginia Straw Poll

"It means we've got the strength to go the next step to take on the washingtonpost]primary in Virginia," said Dennis Fusaro, Paul's national field director. "It shows our great organization. We won with a combination of people new to the process and the people who have been involved in the party a long time."
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Focusing on the important stuff for Ron Paul

Blimps, money bombs, YouTube videos, online polls, straw polls, blogs, full page newspaper ads, and complaints about the mainstream media will not get Ron Paul elected. The ONLY thing that will get Ron Paul elected are people voting in their state’s primary. While the previously mentioned things absolutely help the campaign, no one wants to see them stopped, there are very important things that aren’t getting any attention.
December 2, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul packs the house in Charleston

Even Paul supporters shouldn’t get too excited by corporate poll results, muckrackerwhether conducted by Zogby, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, or the Wall Street Journal. These polls have no value, even though the promoters of the results go to great length to convince the end users of the data that it is reliable and not pushed. The fact is that all political polls are push polls to varying degrees – no matter what those responsible for the polling claim. All the so-called reliable polling sources are now engaged in political telemarketing masquerading as a polling. If Behre is relying on them to justify calling Ron Paul a long shot, he is desperate, distracted, and detached.
December 2, 2007 Permalink


IOWA CAUCUS FAQ If you are an Iowa resident or student at any Iowa university, you can change history by caucusing for Congressman Ron Paul for President on January 3. This is a quick guide for those that have not caucused (primarily students) and also a sign up to pledge your vote and receive email reminders about the event.
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Ron Paul and the Media Bias

It is with all of this very much in mind that those who are centrally in control of our syndicated, constitutionally protected news corporations have resisted Dr. Paul with all of their considerable might. They could never deny his existence completely, though they tried, but they could attempt to marginalize him, and have, again, tried. Thanks to the efforts of 38,905 individuals on the fifth of November, 2007, and thanks to the efforts of everyone around the nation who has heralded the message of liberty and freedom, Dr. Paul is now beyond suppression. In fact, many in the media, who are unable to further ignore or marginalize him, have begun to embrace him. The embrace may be tentative still on the part of most, but the simple fact of serious recognition is a harbinger of things to come.
December 01, 2007 Permalink

Operation Live Free or Die 5 For Freedom Testimonials - Ron Paul NH Grassroots

Donate to the Operation Live Free or Die PAC on December 5th


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Will Ron Paul Raise Most Money In Q4?

He’s on track to vault over his $12 million goal, and that could seriously outpace all of his GOP rivals, including the deep-pocketed Romney.
Add to this the fact that the Ron Paul Blimp idea apparently reached it’s $350K goal and the craft is set to launch on Dec. 10th for a month long tour of the nation. That website is now even raising money for advertising time on the blimp.
December 01, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Wins Virginia GOP Straw Poll

Texas Congressman Ron Paul was the runaway winner of the Virginia state Republican Party Straw Poll today, held in conjunction with the 24th annual Donald Huffman Advance. Final results were (subject to correction):
Ron Paul ..... 182 votes ..... 38 percent
Fred Thompson .... 112 votes .... 23 percent
Mike Huckabee .... 51 votes .... 10 percent
Mitt Romney .... 45 votes .... 9 percent
Rudy Giuliani .... 43 votes ... 9 percent
John McCain .... 23 votes .... 5 percent
Duncan Hunter .... 19 votes ... 4 percent
Tom Tancredo ..... 4 votes .... .08 percent
Hugh Cort .... 0 votes
John Cox ..... 0 votes
December 01, 2007 Permalink

Long shot Paul pushes individual freedoms

The obvious problem is that many of his supporters prefer cell phones to the gazetteonline.comland lines so they aren't contacted by pollsters, Paul, 72, explained during a recent visit to Cedar Rapids. Other supporters don't show up on pollsters' call lists of "likely caucus-goers" because they are young and have never caucused, or they are Republicans who have dropped out of party activities for a decade or more, the 31-year Texas congressman added.
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A Psalm for Ron Paul at Christmastime

Ron Paul comes now before our nation bearing the true message of Christmas, "Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men." Why should we let celebrities or so-called "Christian leaders" sell us another candidate based on a negative and war-like message of fear?
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Ron Paul's Coat Tails

"I wanted you to know that the Ron Paul movement is fighting with vigor lew blogin Maryland. We have candidates running for all delegate and alternative delegate positions on the ballot, some of them unopposed with only one day left to file."
"I have announced my own candidacy and filed today for U.S. Congress in the Second Congressional District of Maryland. My Democratic opponent was most likely planning to run without opposition from either party. The once anemic Maryland Republican Party is being infused with energy from Ron Paul supporters in every county."
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Buy a timeshare of the Ron Paul Blimp Tour

ron paul blimpImagine.. the mainstream media is mesmerized as the image of the Ron Paul blimp is shown to tens of millions of Americans throughout the day (and throughout the month). As GPS coordinates stream to the website a map shows the Ron Paul blimp's location in real time. The local television stations broadcast its every move. The curious flock together and make a trip to see history in the making. Emails with pictures are sent, then forwarded, then forwarded again. Youtube videos go viral and reach tens of millions of views. Ron Paul becomes the first presidential candidate in history to have his very own blimp. The PR stunt generates millions upon millions of dollars worth in free publicity, and captures the imagination of America.
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Donna D’Errico, Baywatch babe, endorses Ron Paul for President

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Ron Paul GOP Frontrunner

Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, is now the frontrunner in flickrthe GOP race according to this months fund raising numbers. Paul rose over 10.3 million in the fourth quarter with a month left to go in the quarter. That number is double of what Paul raised in the third quarter.
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Paul's candidacy gets to the root: the Constitution

Jonathan Last, in his attempt to trash Ron Paul, actually lists some of his most important attributes ("Ron Paul: A Big Tent, but Don't Bet the Farm," Nov. 25 guest editorial). There is a broad base of support for Paul of people who see our deviance from constitutional principles as the root of the problems being addressed by all the candidates. The difference is that the other candidates only offer solutions that perpetuate those unconstitutional and destructive practices
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Media Getting Wind of Ron Paul Blimp

t was bound to happen. The mainstream media are starting to get wind of the Ron Paul Blimp. Yes, you read that correctly -- a blimp. In case you have been hiding under an Internet boulder, Ron Paul's wildly creative and resourceful supporters have been up to their old tricks again, much to the dismay of leftists around the country.
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Follow the Words of Paul

At the recent CNN/YouTube Republican debate, a question was asked of lewrockwellthe candidates: Would Jesus use the death penalty? Mike Huckabee cleverly dodged the question by stating that Jesus is not a politician. After all Huckabee, who does support the death penalty, is a Baptist minister who ceaselessly touts his devotion to Jesus’ teachings. Yet any Christian who has bothered to read any of Jesus’ word would realize that Jesus would not support the death penalty. I am sure we are all glad, as Huckabee pointed out, that Jesus is not a politician because chicken-hawks, such as Huckabee, probably would not vote for him.
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Foot soldiers for the Ron Paul revolution

But after that, they defy categories. A quick survey of the Pasadena los angeles timesgroup found Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Constitution Party followers uniting behind some or all of the Paul libertarian agenda -- ending the war in Iraq, abolishing gun control laws, legalizing marijuana and dismantling big hunks of the U.S. government, especially the IRS and Federal Reserve system.
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Ron Paul now GOP frontrunner according to fund raising

December is setting up to be Ron Paul’s strongest month yet. usa dailyGrassroots organizers have picked December 16th to commemorate the Boston Tea Party with a Ron Paul Tea party. The online fundraising effort has 22,500 people already registered for a $100 donation for the event. There were approximately 16,000 pledges for the November 5th money bomb that yielded a record 4.2 million dollar day.
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A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy

"Rainey's" account will describe how this man's followers appear to be los angeles timesordinary citizens with jobs and family by day. But at night they gather openly in chat rooms and living rooms to plot how to promote a tiny unassuming man whom they call reverently Dr. Paul. With little central direction but tons of commitment, idealism and passion, Dr. Paul's followers do everything they can think of to mobilize voter support.
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