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The Real Meaning of The Ron Paul Revolution

Like Ron Paul, these revolutionaries do not run because they are power hungry or wish to become famous. Rather, they run because they are in a fight to preserve America’s freedom. They, like their Founding Fathers, restore power to the people.
This is why Dr. Paul’s campaign is called the “Ron Paul Revolution.” There is absolutely no way to stop it. These revolutionary “troops” have already been recruited, and their numbers are likely to be many more than 10,000 strong. As people wake up and become increasingly disgusted with the status quo, the number of revolutionaries will only increase.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Blimp gets banner

Sweet! Please do not forget to buy some blimp time!
December 18, 2007 Permalink

An Open Letter to Pro-War Libertarians on Behalf of Ron Paul

To my fellow libertarians who happen to be war-mongerers and lewrockwellObjectivists (or do I repeat myself?):
I know you hate Ron Paul. He's against the Iraq war. And he's skinny, to boot. And a Christian. And likes babies. Yuck.
But hear me out. I'm giving you a chance to save face. I know many of you are a bit embarrassed by your previous pro-Iraq war stance, and by being lumped in with the likes of Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens. You want a way to save face, but still look macho.
December 18, 2007 Permalink


CNN = Enemy of Liberty. Again they try to discredit Ron Paul.
Time to take the media to the woodshed.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

An Interview with Ron Paul

Doug Casey: Why would the typical American, who gets far more from the daily reckoninggovernment than he or she pays, even consider voting for Ron Paul?
Ron Paul: Even those Americans who receive a higher nominal amount in transfer payments than they pay in income taxes suffer from Big Government. Their standard of living is eroded by inflation, their wages are garnished by income and payroll taxes, their civil liberties are under constant assault, and their economic prospects are limited because of the drag the welfare-warfare state places on the economy. Furthermore, unless we reverse course quickly, future generations will suffer a declining standard of living and loss of liberty. Thus, I expect many Americans to vote for me not only out of concern for their own well-being, but out of concern for their children.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

My dad on Ron Paul

As an amateur linguist and teacher of English, I want to point out that the nonpolitical meaning of "radical" comes from the Latin "radix," meaning "root." So the meaning of "radical" in the political realm means "one who gets to the root" of a situation or problem.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck

Ron Paul on Glenn BeckRon Paul on Glenn Beck
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

December 18, 2007 Permalink

Wag the Blog: What Does Ron Paul $ Mean?

So, we're turning to you -- The Fix community. For today's Wag the Blog washington postquestion, we want to know what you think (or believe) is behind the amount of money that Paul has collected. Is it a validation of Paul's "out of Iraq now" position? A sign of widespread dissatisfaction with the two-party system? Or are we over-analyzing it?
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Jason Sheppard Named to Head Ron Paul Presidential Bid in Arkansas

"Jason has already proven that he knows what it takes to win a state-wide Republican primary. That is what we were looking for, a proven winner," said Assistant National Campaign Manager Debbie Hopper. Hopper was referring to the 2004 campaign where Sheppard managed a Republican U.S. Senate race here in Arkansas. Sheppard believes the lessons learned in that effort can help make Ron Paul a winner in the Natural State.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Jeremiah Black ad #4 (draft)

Our children are not the politicians' children.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Fiscal conservatives may sink the GOP ship

This is great news for Republican candidate Ron Paul who is running on oc registera small-government platform. And fiscal conservatives are probably the reason his campaign coffers and poll numbers continue to skyrocket. In the long run his rising popularity should provide greater bargaining power in the GOP because the Republican Party’s chances to win in the general election are greatly diminished if fiscal conservatives walk away from the polling booth. And it could be devistating for Republicans if, as senor editorial writer Alan Bock mentioned in a previous blog, Paul bolts and runs third party after the primaries.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul WHO Jan Mikelson Interview Iowa

mp3Discusses FOX & Friends Facism Quote
Courtesy of



December 18, 2007 Permalink

Holiday Cheer Means Wearing a Red Sweater

Huckabee Steals Ideas From Ron Paul
boston dailyHow peculiar. Just last week Ron Paul sat in front of some bookshelves and wished us a Merry Christmas and “an absolutely great 2008.” He also wore a red shirt as his family sang “Deck the Halls.” Now we’ve got Huckabee in a red shirt, wishing us a Merry Christmas and “magnificent Christmas season” as a Casio keyboard version of “Silent Night” plays in the background.
We like our boy Paul’s ad best, and not only because we’re biased. Huckabee enthuses about the importance of family and friends at this time of year, but he’s shot alone. Ron Paul’s entire brood shows up to personally sing to us as they decorate a white tree. And Mrs. Paul made some pumpkin pie!
We’re on to you, Huckabee. If you launch a blimp anytime soon, we’re calling shenanigans.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Comments on Mike Huckabee Commercial

Ron Paul was asked a typical media "sucker" question and responded beautifully. Ron Paul made mention of Sinclair Lewis' comment that "when Fascism arrives in this Country it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying the Cross".
Sinclair Lewis put it most appropriately and Ron Paul was exactly correct in how he responded. Mike Huckabee reminds me of the typical "Elmer Gantry" style "Hell Raiser-Holy Roller".
Mike Huckabee will fall back in the pack after Iowa. The New Hampshire voters will hopefully be more sophisticated to see through Mike Huckabee's cloak of Religion.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on Fox & Friends

Faux News is at it again with their LAME interview

Ron Paul on Fox & Friends 12-18-07Part 1   Part 2

December 18, 2007 Permalink


But who are the other "kooks" supporting Ron Paul? What kind of people give more than $18 million in a quarter-year to a Presidential candidate that is almost universally ignored by the mainstream press? What kind of people give record contributions to a Presidential candidate that is lampooned by his fellow Republican presidential contenders?
For example, Mike Huckabee recently said he could support any of the other Republican Presidential contenders (including Rudy Giuliani), except Ron Paul. That means, Mike Huckabee would rather support a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control liberal such as Giuliani than support the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-Second Amendment candidacy of Ron Paul. Why is that?
Furthermore, why are the entire major media and establishment Republican machine either ignoring or lampooning a distinguished Air Force veteran, medical doctor, and ten-term Congressman? What is it about Ron Paul that the elite are so afraid of?
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Maine's Ron Paul fans get organized

But Nancy Lawrence of Augusta and Robert Wallace of Farmingdale say kennebecthey don’t believe the polls or the main stream media when it comes to the presidential election.
“You can’t go by the news media,” Wallace said. “They are fixing the percentages.”
Wallace thinks Paul will get the Republican Party nomination and said he does not want him to switch to a third party candidate. The Libertarians have expressed interest in Paul, and others think he would do well to run on his own.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

WHAM 13, Rochester NY, Refuses To Report on Ron Paul’s Fundraiser

When asked whether they would report on the giant fund-raising event, his response was that they don’t report on presidential fund raisers because there are so many of them. They do, however, report it on their website, if you are Hillary Clinton.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Repeat After Me: "Ron Paul Is NOT Electable!"

Ron Paul is "not electable." Ron Paul "doesn't have a chance." Ron Paul nolanis "not a mainstream candidate." "He's a long shot." Ron Paul is a "spoiler." If you vote for Ron Paul, you'd "might as well vote for Hillary." "We've gotta beat Hillary, and Ron Paul will never get the Republican nomination." "Ron Paul won't make it - that's what they're saying in the circles I run in."
If phrases like these come immediately and unbidden to your mind, please take an honest look at your thought processes. Can you look yourself in a mirror and say without flinching:
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Strikes Again

What this means is simple: Ron Paul is not going away. The fundraising acmedianumbers have not yet translated into markedly higher poll numbers, but he has risen to the high single digits nationally, and is at 11 percent in the latest South Carolina poll. His campaign plans to use the money on more television and radio ads, as well as increased direct mailings in the early primary states.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 12-18-07

Paul explains "we are a lot better than they claim we are"
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul campaign really taking off

And with the subprime mortgage meltdown and the dollar's value oc registercollapsing, another of Dr. Paul's campaign issues is gaining traction – his desire to abolish the Federal Reserve, an unaccountable, privately owned bankers' bank that inflates the money supply. This makes the dollars in your pocket, your savings, and your investments worth less and less each year as the politically favored recipients of the Fed's new money profit at ordinary Americans' expense. The other candidates, who have benefited from the status quo, ignore the issue, but Ron Paul has been fearless; clips of him grilling Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke at congressional hearings have been a surprise hit on YouTube.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Base Could Give Him Post-Primary Influence, Experts Say

Sabato noted that it is the raw passion Ron Paul has managed to awake in his supporters that composes this strength that may live beyond his candidacy.
"Ron Paul has supporters willing to show some skin," he said. "He has intense support among a segment of the population. They are doing something that people are ordinarily loathed to do, which is part with their own money."
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Paul: Bush betrayed people's trust

In a rare campaign appearance in Iowa, Congressman Ron Paul said PRESSTV LOGO.gifgoing to war with Iraq was 'one of the worst things' the country has done under the rule of President George W. Bush.
"We were told it had something to do with 9/11. We were told the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, that they were a threat to us, and that our national security was threatened. And none of these were true," the 10-term Texas Congressman continued.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Unconventional candidate for 2008 elections, makes headway

Even in private practice his devotion to less government spending was wheaton wireapparent; he never accepted Medicare or Medicaid as payment for his services. If a client was unable to pay, he would perform the service for free, would work to create a financing plan or simply reduce his rate. People always claim that their personal candidate is the "real deal," ignoring glaring inconsistencies in their voting records.
Well, if voting records are indeed the measure of a candidate, Ron Paul is the one and only "real deal" in the run-up to the 2008 election.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on "Morning Joe" 12-18-07

Ron Paul explains that it is the message.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters take campaign message to the streets

LOWELL — A series of Ron Paul banners fluttered from Interstate 540 nwanews.comoverpasses Monday morning, the latest signs of a presidential campaign gone viral.
The unauthorized banners and other push-the-envelope marketing tactics are the product of Internet-savvy supporters gathering in Ron Paul “meetup” groups multiplying in cyberspace.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Hedge Mogul Larry Lepard to Buy Ads Across New Hampshire for Ron Paul

Lepard plans on purchasing the full page ads in various New Hampshire fmnnnewspapers, throughout the state, including most prominently the Manchester Union Leader. The ad will actually present an eloquent letter about freedom and Ron Paul penned by Lepard, and portions of the letter have already been published and appeared on the Internet. Ron Paul’s support has been growing rapidly, and just this past Sunday, he took in an astonishing $6 million in one “mass donation day.”
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul is the $6 million man

Moreover, this latest fundraising effort was once again a grass roots small business timescampaign, with no support from Ron Paul's staff. Does that tell you something?
A lot of people complain about money in politics, and that it's too easy for candidates to be bought by large corporations, and rich private interests. Here is proof that there is another way.
December 18, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul touts fundraising

Ron Paul holds a press conference to discuss his fundraising prowess and his plans for his presidential campaign.

December 18, 2007 Permalink

Non-News Highlighted Over Paul's Historic Success

The corporate controlled media continue to show the world that they are not in the business of covering real news. Instead they prove yet again that they are in the business of creating a false reality for their viewers. Yesterday, the Ron Paul presidential campaign managed to raise over $6 million in one day, breaking John Kerry's previous one day fundraising record. Despite the amazing success, the corporate controlled media decided that it was more important to focus in on Hillary Clinton's image, Joe Lieberman's endorsement of John McCain and various banter being thrown back and forth between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Even when the media did talk about the Ron Paul fundraising story, they continued to refer to him as a longshot candidate that's trailing in the polls.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

"Money Bomb" Monday Morning News

Some more MSM attempts at our endeavor
December 17, 2007 Permalink

More Hiring and Advertising Ahead for Paul Campaign as the Donations Pour In

Flush with cash after another record fund-raising event, the campaign of new york timesRon Paul said Monday that it was hiring more staff members, expanding its ground operations in early primary states, planning more advertising and looking ahead to competing in the contests on Feb. 5.
The donations eclipsed a previous one-day fund-raising record of $5.7 million, set by Senator John Kerry in 2004 after he accepted the Democratic nomination for president. Mr. Paul’s previous single-day fund-raising high was $4.2 million on Nov. 5, raised in a campaign set up by supporters.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul poll numbers up ...

Then Ron Paul started winning straw polls, and he's won many of those. Straw polls used to be considered important measures, but since Ron Paul started doing well in those, the MSM decided they didn't matter any more.
Next the Ron Paul movement started putting real people out in substantial numbers. He has an amazingly large following, and these are motivated and active people. The MSM has simply ignored that. I've yet to see any real coverage showing how substantial the volunteers and Meetups are.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

GREAT Ron Paul Interview from WOW FM in Iowa - 12/17/2007

mp3Courtesy of



December 17, 2007 Permalink

America's New Year's Day!

Real Americans showing REAL support.

December 17, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Revolutionaries Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

Please help Ron Paul get the country back on track by showing your support and not letting the influence of the establishment run media hit pieces to discredit his message. The public is sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated by the mainstream media. Does this all sound like a dream ? Nope just a dream candidate. In 2008 America finally does have a real choice and his name is Ron Paul.
Long Live The Ron Paul Revolution
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Holds Number One Spot in Chat Room Buzz, Data Say

On Monday, Dream Catcher Technology announced that its Wall Street acmediaChatter Ratings finds that of the 9 primary Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul leads as the most talked about candidate. Democrat Barack Obama is in second place, and Democrat Hillary Clinton is trailing in third place for the first time. Republican Candidate Mike Huckabee is in fourth place.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's $6 Million Haul Makes History - AUDIO

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may be an asterisk in public NPRopinion polls, but he's first tier when it comes to raising money. On Sunday, he set a new record for a presidential candidate in either party, hauling in more than $6 million online. He's poised to be the GOP's top fundraiser this quarter.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Rival$ With Green on CNN 12-17-07

CNN still seems to think we only exist online...
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Smashes Fundraising Record

Now, it is a widely held belief that money equates to support for any acmediaparticular candidate. The more money your campaign takes in the more supporters you have. It is a general rule; however, it does get a little skewed when the campaign of a politician is bolstered by corporate donors and lobbyists. Nevertheless, in the campaign of Ron Paul, it is not the case and his supporters are just average Americans like you and me.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul campaign's Kent Snyder on Tucker MSNBC - 12/17/2007

Tucker friend or foe?

December 17, 2007 Permalink

Tucker Endorses Paul

Though he said he was tempted to vote for Fred Thompson because of lew blogThompson saying his favorite possession was his, "trophy wife," he said, "...but obviously I am going to vote for Ron Paul." Obviously.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Dad, Let Me Tell You About Ron Paul

Fourteen-year-old boy explains the facts of life to his father. Watch the video below.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Old Media a No-Show in Ron Paul's Press Conference to Discuss Record-Breaking Fundraiser

I saw this and I got angry. And then it passed as I am reminded of a REDSTATE ECLECTICquote from one of the articles published today: "[They] dismiss Ron Paul at their own peril."
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Money Bomb Dec. 16, Faux News Reports

So in total about 90secs of "Ron Paul" time by faux news over the course of 12 hours. This is every sec I could find through out the entire morning.
They spent over a hour in the same 12 hours talking about Joe Lieberman endorsement of John Mccain.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Emergency Call to Help Ron Paul VoteWatch

Emergency call to get citizens to eye-witness the vote count in the Iowa Caucus, counted 100% in the open, and the New Hampshire primary, counted 25% in the open. The theft happens at the state level, not the local level. The purpose is to protect the vote of Ron Paul — and everybody else. Citizen witnessed results must be immediately uploaded to the internet for the world to see, to checkmate the 5 TV Networks, AP, and the 4 mega-computer companies, who are neck deep in computer vote fraud.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

CNN Cafferty Ron Paul polling question/answers - 12/17/2007

Jack Cafferty asks if Ron Paul can pull in $6.2 million dollars in a single day, following a $4. million a previous day, how come he's not higher in the polls?
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Jack Cafferty: Ron Paul’s “money bomb”?

Depends on which poll you are talking about. Do you mean the so-called lewblogscientific polls where the GOP party refuses to even name Ron Paul as a choice of candidates on the poll? Do you mean the poll that doesn’t name Ron Paul as a choice but his numbers and his supporter’s are forced to either choose “other” or “undecided” for lack of other options? Or do you mean a poll that only polls Republicans that voted Republican in 2004 which is a very poor reflection of his support? As a person who is very familiar with who is supporting Ron Paul, the real numbers are reflected in a cross section of Americans who are changing parties just for him. Independents, Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, people who have never even voted before, and everything else you can imagine. A poll of card carrying Republicans, rarely even given the choice of Ron Paul as an option, is a pathetic reflection of his support. The polls are not a reflection of someone’s popularity, it’s just another tool of the NeoCons to manipulate people to tell them who to vote for.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Photo Essay of the Ron Paul Tea Party

ron-paul-tea-partyDecember 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Supporters Raise $6 Million In One Day For Republican Presidential Hopeful

The supporters who raised more than $4 million for Republican MTVpresidential candidate Ron Paul in November pulled in nearly $6 million for the 10-term Texas congressman on Sunday, according to the campaign. The haul fell short of their $10 million goal, but it is record-breaking nonetheless. If all the donations hold up when the campaign files quarterly papers with the Federal Elections Commission, it will be the biggest one-day online take by any campaign ... ever.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Tea Party Dec.16 Mass Donation Day Hour by Hour

Power to the people!

December 17, 2007

Neo-Libs Label Record Breaking Ron Paul Money Bomb "Abject Failure"

Neo-liberal establishment supporterwannabe e-rag Wonkette and its PRISONPLANETsycophantic bloggers have dismissed the 2007 Tea Party fundraising event, which set a new campaign record by hauling in a record $6.6 million dollars for Ron Paul's presidential run, as an "abject failure".
Last month we reported how smarmy Wonkette, whose writers make a career out of attending DC parties and fawning over Bill Clinton and other elitist scumbags, ganged up with frothing Neo-Con blog Red State to form an alliance and "declare war" on Ron Paul supporters
December 17, 2007 Permalink

A Picture Is Worth... How Many Words?

Although the old saw says one thousand, this remarkable illlustration of Dr. Ron Paul may be worth quite a few more. It simply blew me away!
Ron Paul Saves USDecember 17, 2007 Permalink

The 6 Million Dollar Man

This is one of the biggest LONELY SIGNprimary season stories to come out in decades, and it’s importance will probably only be matched by the news of the eventual winner. It’s a true turning point in how politics will be done in the future, and represents the power a disorganized, yet committed, grass-roots effort has when the message is worthy of commitment.
And as has been typical of the old avenues of the Mainstream Media, they meet this momentous occasion with…mostly silence and pretend ignorance.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Message from Ron

The establishment is baffled and worried, and well they should be. They RP2008keep asking me who runs our internet fundraising and controls our volunteers. To these top-down central planners, a spontaneous order like our movement is science-fiction. But you and I know it’s real: as real as the American people’s yearning for freedom, peace, and prosperity, as real as all the men and women who have sacrificed for our ideals, in the past and today.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Tosses Iraq War Overboard - Freeport, TX Tea Party

Patriot in action.

December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: The bionic candidate

Some may not agree with Paul and his positions, but what we are opedwitnessing is true democracy at work when the will of the people is being asserted through the power of the purse. These donors are not corporate America, but Americans themselves. This morning, it is my hope that corporate-America is scratching their heads. One can only hope so. I have called this presidential campaign cycle one of the most lack-luster campaigns that I have seen: With one exception and that is the Paul campaign in which I feel the energy coming from it akin to the ‘Energizer Bunny’. I have not witnessed this excitement coming from the other campaigns even as Oprah Winfrey went on the campaign trail for Barack Obama or as Bill Clinton has continually campaigned on behalf of his wife Hillary Clinton or where Chuck Norris has come out in support of Mike Huckabee. In the Paul campaign, the people are the power.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Finally, a Reason to Vote, Ron Paul

Eliminate the IRS? Dump the Fed? Who is this guy?
american chronlicalRon Paul was saying things that politicians never say. Things that Americans know are true. Dr. Paul was speaking truth to power, and he spoke it with genuine conviction and a deep understanding of the issues. He didn’t need little cards to remind him of his principles. He knew them by heart.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

The Ron Paul Money Bomb Haul, The Media, And The Big Ironic Fatty

The "Big Ironic Fatty" is a term used to describe the very unfair fact that nolanthe people who have given Ron Paul the prickly shoulder while he worked tirelessly to build up his campaign, are the very same people who will benefit from his latest windfall. These are the media folks who scoffed and laughed and did what they could to dissipate any notion of a Ron Paul Presidency.
They mock you and ignore you, and then they take your money.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Health Freedom Candidate Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in Record-Setting Online Boston Tea Party

And you want to know the most interesting part of all this? Ron Paul is a news targetdoctor! He was actually trained as a physician, and yet unlike most other physicians, he believes in genuine freedom for patients. Paul believes that patients should have open access to scientifically accurate information about the usefulness of natural remedies and nutritional supplements. This just goes to prove that not all doctors are idiots!
December 17, 2007 Permalink

The Apostles of Ron Paul

Paul fever soon spread to the popular, tech-oriented news aggregator mother jonesDigg, where McBride and other enthusiasts began to search, post, and comment on everything Paul, to the point where the candidate now consistently dominates the top 10 election stories on Digg's front page. Paul continues to win major Internet polls with the help of emails and chat-site notes exhorting his troops to vote. His victories have often been such routs—87 percent of the vote in the abc post-debate poll, for example—that some media outlets have spiked the polls or removed his name, and bloggers have wondered if his supporters were unleashing malicious web bots. The true answer is probably far simpler: At the core of the Ron Paul juggernaut are thousands of obsessive techies for whom online organizing is not a special effort, but second nature.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign

Dr. Rand Paul – son of Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he is worried that corruption and vote stealing may hinder his father's push to win the GOP nomination during the early primaries next year.
Speaking last Friday prior to his scheduled appearance at the record breaking fundraising rally marking the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Rand Paul spoke about the issue live on the Alex Jones show.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Raving Republicans

I don't think I've ever seen anything in American politics quite like the "Ron Paul Revolution," the fervent support for the grandfatherly old-school constitutionalist who is pulling liberty-minded voters and money into the Republican primary at astonishing rates.
Check out the scene at Paul's New York City headquarters last night when the candidate broke another fundraising goal, raising $6 million in one day to break $12 million for the quarter.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul For The Republican Nomination [Andrew Sullivan Endorsement]

But the deeper reason to support Ron Paul is a simple one. The great andrew sullivanforgotten principles of the current Republican party are freedom and toleration. Paul's federalism, his deep suspicion of Washington power, his resistance to government spending, debt and inflation, his ability to grasp that not all human problems are soluble, least of all by government: these are principles that made me a conservative in the first place. No one in the current field articulates them as clearly and understands them as deeply as Paul. He is a man of faith who nonetheless sees a clear line between religion and politics. More than all this, he has somehow ignited a new movement of those who love freedom and want to rescue it from the do-gooding bromides of the left and the Christianist meddling of the right. The Paulites' enthusiasm for liberty, their unapologetic defense of core conservative principles, their awareness that in the new millennium, these principles of small government, self-reliance, cultural pluralism, and a humble foreign policy are more necessary than ever - no lover of liberty can stand by and not join them.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Tea Party '07: The View from DC

Wooldridge's little speech blew the roof off. "How's that war on drugs workin' out for ya, D.C.?" he yelled. "I want to get rid of this"—his drug-war box—"so cops can go back to doing our jobs! Catching the bad guys! Child molesters! Guys who fly planes into buildings!" He raised the box, ready to hurl it down: "Let's kick some ass and make Ron Paul the first good president of the 21st century!"
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul raises $6M in 24-hour drive (UPDATE)

kidsRep. Doctor Ron Paul, R-Texas, raised $6 million and change Sunday, his m&ccampaign said, trumping the fundraising efforts of his fellow Republican rivals in the fourth quarter.
Paul's campaign spokesman late Sunday announced the campaign had passed the $5.7 million that John Kerry amassed in a record one day raise.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul is now the GOP frontrunner

While Ron Paul’s opponents are going broke, Paul is just starting to gain usa dailymomentum and shows no signs of slowing down. Ron Paul’s issue orientated campaign promoting the theme of peace, freedom, and prosperity, is winning.
Ron Paul has emerged the Republican frontrunner despite media censorship. Media outlets that state otherwise are not being honest. The idea that a media generated polls should somehow be more important than grassroots fund raising generated by thousands of donations is absurd.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

Paul Campaign Statement Following $6 Million Fundraising Day

“Finally, as Americans see the value of their dollar plummet, they know 2008Dr. Paul has devoted his political career to stopping the inflation that makes it impossible for middle-class families to get ahead. Only Dr. Paul has a plan to cut spending, balance budgets and take care of people who have become dependent on government programs. “Americans spoke loud and clear on December 16th. They want Dr. Paul’s solutions.”
December 17, 2007 Permalink


GOP hopeful attacks his party's positions
rj"He really makes you think," said 17-year-old E.J. Rudy, a senior who hopes to attend McAlester College in Minnesota next year.
In his campaign stop, Paul did what he always does: Stake out positions far from the standard Republican Party line. And that seemed to please Marguerite Mercaldo, whose 10-year-old grandson, Christopher Herrero, attends the Henderson school. "I'm very pro-Ron Paul," she said, adding that she is tired of the deficit spending and war promoted by the Bush administration.
December 17, 2007 Permalink

CNN’s Jack Cafferty: Ron Paul’s “money bomb”?

Any time we mention Ron Paul’s name on the Situation Room, his cnnsupporters immediately begin writing into us in droves. They’re fanatic in their devotion to him and very appreciative of any mentions we have ever given him. It’s a phenomenon unique to Dr. Paul. We talk about all the candidates all the time but we never get a response to any of the rest of them like we get to Ron Paul.
Nevertheless, most consider him a distant long-shot and he’s stuck in the single digits in most national polls.
Here’s my question to you: If Ron Paul can raise more than $6 million in one day, how come he’s not higher in the polls?
Tune in to the Situation Room at 4pm to see if Jack reads your answer on air.

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Leading the evil GOP into the light

Take back the Republican Party. Get involved. In many counties, the GOP is in a sorry state. They desperately need volunteers. They need precinct chairmen, they need help at the polling stations, and they need members to just show up at events and meetings. Become a delegate. If you’re a “Ron Paul Republican,” don’t feel like you aren’t welcome in the GOP. If you believe that the federal government should be fiscally conservative and limited in its authority over local governments and individuals, then you are a Republican.
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Smear Campaign Backfires

Hard as the talking heads of the propaganda machine tried, they just couldn?t ignore Dr. Paul for long without continuing to make themselves look foolish. First of all, even though he attempted a shot at the presidency as the Libertarian Party?s candidate two decades ago, he has been a 10-term Republican congressman who won the early TV debates this year with simple logic, pointing out that government must obey the law, too, and the highest law of the land is the Constitution that nearly every politician not only ignores today but has never read in the first place.
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Ron Paul's Tea Party Pulls in the Green

Paul has accomplished a couple of positives for the Republicans, the streethowever. He has returned the focus to small government, which has been a problem for the GOP. President Bush has been termed a "big government conservative" by some detractors. Moreover, Paul has attracted the support of some Democrats and many independents. His Web site even lists the cutoff dates to switch parties in order to vote for Paul in closed primaries.
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Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in One Day, Revolution in High Gear

(Long Island, N.Y.) Whoever said Presidential Candidate Ron Paul didn’t have a chance at winning the primaries is clearly mistaken. Ron Paul, raised over $6 million on Sunday, in a one-day fundraising effort, out raising his rivals and making history as the largest single-day online fundraising haul in U.S. political history.
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Breaking news: Ron Paul campaign donors set a record

As of shortly after midnight Sunday Pacific time, the Paul website was los angelesreporting more than $6 million raised on Sunday from more than 30,000 donors and an amazing fourth-quarter fundraising total surpassing $18.1 million. The little-known pro-life Texan, who favors abolishing much of the federal government and the Federal Reserve, could raise the most money of any Republican candidate this quarter. A spokesman said the average donation was $50.
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You say Ron Paul doesn't have a chance? But who is giving you that idea? The major media outlets

And yet, despite this transparent slanted journalism, Dr. Ron Paul is receiving record-breaking amounts of support. In fact, on this very day, in remembrance of the Boston Tea Party, the People supporting Ron Paul are setting records for rate of donations and unique donators. It's happening today, RIGHT NOW. As I type this, the campaign just passed 14M USD. This is happening primarily to generate some news coverage. It's historic. You can be a part of it if you want.
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The Electoral College is oudtated and is Ron Paul's Only Hurdle

He is not bankrolling his own candidacy. The statement on his donation page is as follows:
Individuals may contribute up to $2,300.00. Couples may contribute up to $4,600.00. Contributions are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are prohibited.
He has no Hollywood names, no corporate sponsors, no special interest groups. He has people. You, me and an electing body that has ASTOUNDED me and given me new hope for the intelligence and future of the United States.
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Ron Paul's top contributors: Google, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Department of Defense

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Paul raises $6 million Sunday [Read the Comments]

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The campaign of Republican presidential cnncandidate Ron Paul said Monday that it had raised more than $6 million on Sunday – a sum that may be the largest single-day fundraising total in U.S. history.
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Deafening Silence From the Right Wing Noise Machine on Ron’s Haul

Last time, I did a blog roundup for the right wing blogosphere’s reaction to Ron Paul’s moneybomb on November 5th. This time, while casually looking around ready to compile links, I found it weirdly silent on the matter.
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Ron Paul: $6 million haul and blimp on CNN (12/17/07)

So this is all the lip service we get from CNN for breaking all political records? Time to take the media out to the woodshed.

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Ron Paul Has Most Successful Fundraising Day in American Political History

With over a half of million innocent Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq, with muckrakermillions more displaced, with tens of thousands of innocent Afghani civilians killed in Afghanistan, and with nearly 4000 U.S. military dead, the time for a sane U.S. foreign policy that strategically targets known terrorists rather than entire nations, the type of U.S. foreign policy that will be free from Israeli influenced entanglements, the type of U.S. foreign policy that Congressman Paul has been speaking of for over thirty years – the time is now for a Paul presidency.
A skyrocketing number of Americans seem to agree.
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Report: Ohio voting machines have 'critical flaws,' could undermine ’08 election

One of the most important swing states in America still can’t safeguard raw storythe vote. So says a new report, commissioned by Ohio’s top elections official, that found all five voting systems used in the Buckeye State to have “critical flaws” that could undermine the integrity of the 2008 general election.
“It was worse than I anticipated,” Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said of the investigation. “I had hoped that perhaps one system would test superior to the others.”
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Dr. No On Ice

"What freedom does is release creative energy and energizes people," the american spectatorPaul told the crowd as the speech came to a close. "Not everybody will take care of themselves like they should. Not everybody will be responsible. But when we allow people to become more creative, then we understand the real true purpose in life is to strive for virtue and excellence. We can't do that with government bearing down on us every single day.
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Reader's Forum News media ignores Ron Paul

I have noticed the mainstream media's lack of reporting on presidential the athens newscandidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a top-tier candidate and deserves more mainstream news attention.
Seventy percent of the United States is against the war in Iraq. Ron Paul is the only candidate who voted against the war from day one and has a clearly defined exit strategy. He receives more cash from the military than any other GOP hopeful. He attracts huge crowds at his rallies. He raises far more money than other candidates who supposedly have a big lead over him in the polls. The money comes in the form of small donations, which indicates the broad and enthusiastic support he enjoys.
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And Paul is continuing to raise money -- largely small contributions from the nationindividuals who in many cases have never before given money to a campaign -- at a remarkable rate.
The congressman's campaign is dramatically exceeding fundraising expectations in the current quarter. The campaign's unreasonable goal of $12 million has been exceeded by more than 50 percent already and there is every reason to believe that Paul will almost certainly finish the quarter with more than $20 million raised.
Paul could well end up raising more than any of the other Republican contenders and providing the only serious competition for Democratic money leaders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
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The Importance of Fiscal Responsibility in Government

The truth is our enemies won't need a nuclear weapon to harm us if we texas straight talkkeep spending phantom dollars at the current rate. In fact, they won't need to do anything but sit back and watch as we spend ourselves into oblivion. Historically, empires fail because they run out of money, or more accurately, run out of the ability to spend or inflate. Unfortunately, that is exactly the direction we are headed. We need to control spending, immediately, before it is too late.
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Ron Paul Raises Millions In Boston Tea Party Reenactment

Nearly 400 supporters marched to Faneuil Hall and around 700 listened nasdaqto speeches by the candidate, the candidate's son and others.
The donation blitz breaks the previous 24 hour fundraising record. In 2004, John Kerry raised $5.7 million in his run for president.
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Ron Paul Campaign Discloses That More Than $6 Million Raised Sunday

"I have never seen anything quite like this," she said. "The amount of gambling 911financial support from the general public, most of which we are told are relatively small donors, yet the polls don't reflect this? It makes little sense to those of us who have followed his campaign over the past nine months or so."
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Money bomb': Ron Paul raises $6 million in 24-hour period

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, raised an astounding $6 million and change usa todaySunday, his campaign said, almost certainly guaranteeing he'll outraise his rivals for the Republican nomination in the fourth quarter and likely will be able to fund a presence in many of the states that vote Feb. 5.
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Ron Paul Surpasses Fund Raising Record Held by John Kerry

Huntington, WV (HNN) – On the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea huntington newsParty, Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters have set two fund raising records --- one for the internet and a second for most raised in 24 hours.
As 24 hours approach on the West Coast, Paul supporters bested John Kerry’s fund raising record from 2004 when $5.7 million was added in 24 hours. After their “Tea Party” money bomb, Dr. Paul has $6.4 million and counting.
And, Paul donations again set a 24 hour internet record.
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Ron Paul hauls in $6 million in one day via Internet

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign's message is simple: freedoms matter, tgdailyrights matter, upholding the U.S. Constitutional role of a limited federal government matters. And whereas these ideas are not new, in Dr. Ron Paul and the Internet they've now found a face and a voice.
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Ron Paul Campaign Iowa Announces Press Conference in Wake of Record Fundraising

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has raised more money in prinsideone day than any other candidate in U.S. election history. The Ron Paul campaign took in more than $6 million on December 16th, 2007, breaking the one-day record formerly held by John Kerry.
Dr. Paul will speak at a press conference at 12:45 pm on Monday
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Ron Paul raises $6M in 24-hour 'money bomb'

At midnight, donations were over $6 million, according to the campaign usa todaywebsite. Those donations are processed credit card receipts, said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. Benton said the median donation is about $50 in the fundraiser, which was the idea of Paul supporters who are not officially connected to the campaign.
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Austin Tea Party / Ron Paul rally 12-16-2007

Wow! Looks like the spammers lost their computers
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Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in One Day

Candidate Has Most Successful Fundraising Day in American Political History
Business-WireCongressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign had a record fundraising day yesterday. In a 24-hour period on December 16, the campaign raised $6.026 million dollars, surpassing the one-day record of $5.7 million held by John Kerry. During the day, over 58,000 people contributed to Dr. Paul’s campaign, including 24,940 first-time donors. Over 118,000 Americans have donated to the campaign in the fourth quarter. The $6 million one-day total means the campaign has raised over $18 million this quarter, far exceeding its goal of $12 million.
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Bloomberg Really Aim at Ron Paul

Though nobody will say so, Bloomberg’s candidacy, if it comes to pass, free market news networkwould likely be aimed - to begin with, anyway (certainly if momentum builds) at Ron Paul. The more successful Ron Paul is, the more desperate his opponents are to stop him. Even if it means hauling in a Wall Street business mogul to spend up to $2 billion of his own funds to do so.
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An Open Letter to Anarchists on Behalf of Ron Paul

As for corporatism, taxation and economic issues, Ron Paul says what lewrockwellthe phony limited-government Republicans never dare to utter: The most evil and destructive of taxes is the inflation tax, the printing of money that robs from the value of the poor man’s dollar and shovels profits into the coffers of Wall Street, the big energy and pharmaceutical firms, and especially the defense contractors.
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Ron Paul Breaks One Day Fundraising Record

The original record was set in 2004 by John Kerry to the tune of $5.7 million. And that was after the Democratic convention. Think of all the press surrounding that event. Think of the drive to try and get Bush out of the White House.
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Paul attracts crowd with ‘Boston Tea Party'

FREEPORT — More than 600 people gathered in an open warehouse used for offloading freshly caught shrimp and filled the fishy smelling, chilly air with a passionate energy of idealism.
It was supposed to be a surprise, but word travels fast through an Internet-fueled campaign. With a passionate roar, the crowd applauded as Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul made his entrance.
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If money bombs become vote bombs, Paul could be a force

Paul’s renegade appeal is remarkably elastic. A bit of Eugene McCarthy with a dash of Ross Perot and a Jimmy Stewart delivery, he’s a magnet for anti-government sentiment, left, right and center. The fire in the heart of this campaign is his opposition to the war, but for many young, libertarian-leaning Republicans he also gives the clearest voice to their frustrations over the party’s big-spending, blundering-government ways. You can spot his bumper stickers in neighborhoods that otherwise divide cleanly, red or blue.
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Paul's one-day haul a record

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas yesterday broke the single-day Republican washingtontimespresidential-campaign fundraising record he set last month, raising about $6 million and giving him almost $18 million for the fourth quarter.
Mr. Paul's campaign shattered its goal of raising $12 million this fundraising quarter — the amount his campaign had said it needed to run the necessary ads in Iowa and New Hampshire to raise his name recognition.
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Ron Paul supporters hold "Austin Tea Party"

If you can't do it in Boston, come to Austin.
statesmanReminiscent of the 1773 protest, the state capital was the scene of a modern-day tea party Sunday afternoon as supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul marched down Congress Avenue to Auditorium Shores, where they tossed crates etched with phrases like "IRS" and "Big Government" into Lady Bird Lake.
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Ron Paul TV Special for Iowa

Ron Paul TV Special for IowaPart 1   Part 2
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Ron Paul Tea Party ‘07 - Santa Monica, CA

I attended the Ron Paul Tea Party today. I estimate we had about 700 patriots in attendance. We marched down the sidewalk on Wilshire Blvd. to the Santa Monica pier. I met a number of anti-illegal immigration patriots there and a guy I used to work with about six years ago, so it was pretty fun.
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New Ron Paul 'money bomb' may break record

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised an astounding $5.58 million and counting politicoon Sunday, almost certainly guaranteeing he’ll out-raise his rivals for the Republican nomination in the fourth quarter and likely will be able to fund a presence in many of states that vote Feb. 5.
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Make history tonight

We are close to making history. In November, we mentioned that the all-rp2008time, single-day primary fundraising record is John Kerry’s $5.7 million in 2004. At this hour, Ron Paul stands at $5.4 million.
Won't you help Ron Paul make history?
If you are considering donating, please help us by making your donation before midnight EST tonight. And if you have donated already, won't you help us by contributing again?
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The Final Hour 11PM EST 8PM PST Tea Party Push

What you think you can't afford it?
ronpaulforpresident2008.comChew on this...the IRS takes half of everything you have. When Ron Paul wins-
That alone is a huge raise for you. Vastly more than any donation you make today.
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Reinventing the Revolution

The revolution, it seems, will be televised. Or at least streamed live over nytthe Web.
On the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the Ron Paul revolution — or re-love-ution, as his supporters call it — drew some of Mr. Paul’s acolytes to a snowy gathering in Boston on Sunday for the real world complement to what was mainly an online fund-raising blitz.
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Dec 16th Ron Paul donation day coverage on CNN

The media just does not get it. DONATE

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Keep Your Seatbelts Fastened, Ron Paulians

After the huge Tea Party fundraising today, and all the other signs of lewblogrEVOLution, not to speak of Ron's coming success in the early caucuses and primaries, we can expect smears that will make Barry's look tame. After all, Ron is far more of a threat to the rip-off regime in power than Barry ever was, since Ron will work to end the military empire, and the Fed's too.
But this time, the lying smears will bounce off him. The elites have never dealt with a man and a movement like this. They called Reagan the teflon candidate. Ron Paul, for reasons of reality rather than PR, will be untouchable. Neocons and all the rest, gnash your teeth but get used to it. You'll have eight years to do so.
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On Tea Party Anniversary, Ron Paul Raises Millions

Rep. Ron Paul, whose rock star status on the Internet has washingtonpostsinglehandedly fueled his campaign, is poised to break another online fundraising record.
His own.
On Nov. 5, which was Guy Fawkes Day, a symbol of rebellion in British history, Paul hauled in $4.3 million in 24 hours -- the most money raised online by a candidate in a single day. Today, the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the day that helped spark the American Revolution, Paul's Web-savvy, intensely loyal supporters planned another "money-bomb." And by 6 p.m. EST, the "Paulites" had raised $4.1 million from more than 30,000 donors, bringing the Texas Republican's fundraising total this quarter to $15.8 million. And counting.
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