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Scott Horton Interviews Rep. Ron Paul On Anti War Radio

mp3Rep. Ron Paul M.D., congressman antiwarrepresenting district 14 on the Texas gulf coast and champion of human liberty, discusses the relative powers of the president, congress and UN over U.S. foreign policy, his recent vote against a resolution condemning one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the counter-productive nature of American foreign policy in fighting al Qaeda terrorism and his upcoming “no” votes on warrantless wiretapping and immunity for the telecoms.
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Meeting with Rogue Farmers

Now, more than ever, the Ron Paul Revolution must roll forward in force. nolanIt doesn't matter if Ron Paul can win the White House or not. What does matter is that we don't give up the fight against tyranny. The global elite have manipulated our lives for a century. Their schemes to destroy our currency, eliminate civil liberties, enslave us and our children, and spill our blood in the process are all clear and present dangers which must be resisted to our last ounce of strength. We must resist, or we must inevitably perish. For my Amish friends, for my family, and for my country I commit myself to the noble cause of freedom.
Now is not the time to vacillate or shrink from duty. Now is the time to rise and fight.
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters, FairTax advocates, and tax-reformers call for national protest

031008_ANTITAX-CraigPaul's supporters are trying to mount a nationwide work stoppage April beacon15 — the deadline for filing 2007 federal income-tax returns — and rallies in the nation's capital and in cities and towns around the country. "They're asking people to take the day off from work to show solidarity with the idea that our tax system is unfair across the board," said Maureen France, co-chair of Volusia Tax Reform's executive board and a former DeLand city commissioner.
March 10, 2008 Permalink



CNN - Ron Paul is not quiting, dropping out or suspending the campaign!

The conservative base does not support John McCain. Obama is a fake.

March 10, 2008 Permalink

Fighting for a 'revolution'

"You see a guy like Paul, who has fought for these principles for 30 sidelinesonlineyears, and you say [to yourself], I need to do this, too. It's my civil duty to do this," says Brian Comer, an MTSU graduate and Paul meet-up member.
"Paul is concerned with his constituents, the people," Brian says. "Other candidates are concerned with their constituents, as well, except their constituents are corporations and lobbyists. [Paul] actually votes for conservative issues, while McCain has flip-flopped.
I plan on fighting for this message everyday of my life. [I will] teach my children this message. After all, freedom is popular."
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Paul leaves open door to third-party bid, unlikely to support McCain

"I don't think it's very practical, and I think Republicans deserve to have raw storyat least a conservative to vote for," Paul said. "The conservative base does not the support John McCain because he's identified more with the liberal Democrats. So why should they be disenfranchised? Although the odds are slim, but they have a right to vote for someone that stands for traditional Republican principles: limited government, personal liberties. I mean, this is something the Republicans used to brag about and preach, so they deserve a chance to vote for that.
" Paul said he likely would not support McCain for the sake of unifying the party.
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: My 'campaign is never over'

Given the dwindling number of primaries, “It is certainly winding down,” cnnPaul said of his campaign in an interview Monday. However, “If you’re in a campaign for only gaining power, that’s one thing. If you’re in a campaign to influence ideas and future of the country, the campaign is never over,” said Paul who explained he has every intention of participating in the upcoming April 22 primary in Pennsylvania.
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Bowling Green Son Gives Campaign Update

"My dad and McCain are so different, I'm not sure he'll even endorse McCain," says Dr. Paul. "My dad wants to pull out of Iraq. McCain thinks we should stay for a hundred years. I truly think the Republican party's lost it's way and we're going to go down to a utter crushing defeat if we don't change our ways."

March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul--In Retrospect--but not quite yet...

Ron Paul's campaign has revived and renewed a knowledge and nolanunderstanding of Constitutional governance as intended by the Founding Fathers--when you think of it subversive elements have been successfully undermining this for a century or more now--and within this revival and renewal the Revolution which has been birthed can evolve and persevere against the global elements which stand to transgress our Constitution, natural right and Divine Law
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Pa.'s Turn At The Plate

Erie Pa is going to deliver for Dr Paul. Things couldn't be better. Just two canidates on the ballot and our troops are getting bigger.
We have been knocking ourselves out with sign waves and door to door canvassing in this horrible weather. Some folks call us nuts.
March 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul- Can Foreign Aid Save Africa?

Congress is poised to pass the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS texasstraight talkRelief (PEPFAR) authorizing up to $50 million in unconstitutional foreign aid. The bill passed out of the Foreign Affairs Committee with a bipartisan agreement to nearly double the President's requested amount. It is always distressing to see officials in our government reach across the aisle to disregard Constitutional limitations.
Much of this aid will run through government-to-government channels and will be vulnerable to corruption. Some of the aid will be sent to faith-based organizations who, along with accepting government largess, will now be subject to governmental controls and will soon become more dependent on taxpayer funding than private funds.
March 10, 2008 Permalink


McCain’s most horrendous loss occurred in 1967 on the USS Forrestal. Well, not horrendous for him. The starter motor switch on the A4E Skyhawk allowed fuel to pool in the engine. When the aircraft was “wet-started,” an impressive flame would shoot from the tail. It was one of the ways young hot-shots got their jollies. Investigators and survivors took the position that McCain deliberately wet-started to harass the F4 pilot directly behind him. The cook off launched an M34 Zuni rocket that tore through the Skyhawk’s fuel tank, released a thousand pound bomb, and ignited a fire that killed the pilot plus 167 men. Before the tally of dead and dying was complete, the son and grandson of admirals had been transferred to the USS Oriskany.
March 09, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul has shown us the road to victory – Win or Lose

Too much importance is placed on political parties, the "Elite" don´t care amchronlogowhether the next president is a Republican or Democrat. With the exception of Ron Paul, the remaining candidates all have the same masters (with Hilary Clinton getting the nod). I´m sure the majority of Republicans (even if they didn´t support Paul), are probably not that happy with McCain carrying the flag. This is likely to be true for Democratic supporters, they too might have preferred a different choice (if they had one).
March 09, 2008 Permalink


If you support the war then please head to the nearest recruitment office and put action to your words otherwise...bring them home.

March 09, 2008 Permalink

Now Republicans should look to Paul

The only other candidate carrying the debate forward is Congressman inforumRon Paul of Texas. Paul, the traditional conservative, free market, Christian, constitutionalist, noninterventionalist, America first, anti-gun control, pro-life, Reaganesqe, limited government, fiscally and monetarily sane candidate currently has less “pledged” first ballot delegates, but is willing to present his message of hope, prosperity and freedom throughout GOP ranks and the United States.
March 09, 2008 Permalink

GOP hasn't forgiven Paul for opposing Iraq war

Paul's problem is the same one that plagued former Democrat Ronald morningsentinalReagan: He really hasn't changed but his party has. Reagan, a conservative New Dealer, saw his party converted into a democratic socialist regime. Paul has seen the GOP degenerate into another big government warfare/welfare party whose leading nominee's presidential campaign theme is "Invade the World, Invite the World."
March 09, 2008 Permalink

Rand Paul: Is the Revolution Over or Just Beginning?

Reports that Ron Paul has quit the Presidential Race remind me of Mark daily paulTwain's famous quote, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The Ron Paul Presidential campaign continues, albeit at a different pace. What does that mean?
Ron Paul will continue to contest the remaining primaries. Ron Paul's name will be on all the remaining state ballots. Ron Paul volunteers are encouraged to become precinct captains, delegates to state and national conventions, and to try pass Constitutional proposals to each state's Republican platform.
Is Ron Paul still campaigning for president? Yes. Ron Paul has tentative plans to campaign in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Ron Paul will also likely appear in other states that have remaining primaries.
The press is reporting that Ron Paul has quit the race. This is not true.
March 08, 2008 Permalink

The Ron Paul Revolution Goes Home to America

Freedom is about all parts of our lives, each precious. Ron shares those nolanviews and he is a man of his word in all things.
Ron Paul made a promise to his supporters that he would continue as long as they wanted. He is still there for us; when we ask he will come. He has watched the Revolution change the political landscape of America in the last months. He wants that to continue. The Revolution has made a powerful statement and he understands what our work means to the future. By stepping back he is doing more than just keeping his promise to stay and fight. He is removing the confusion over who is in charge. We are.
We will now take the Revolution into our own hands; we will build the visible, living proof that a people can govern themselves.
March 08, 2008 Permalink

MSNBC: McCain TOO HOT HEADED to be President [AKA an insane IDIOT]

March 07, 2008 MSNBC Keith Olbermann.

March 08, 2008 Permalink

Without Ron Paul, Just More Bush* On The Economy

Ron Paul just yesterday said this about the economy:

"An issue that I've been talking about for thirty years is now a key issue of the evening news. That is the dollar crisis and its economic ramifications. The money issue gives our movement credibility and a chance to offer sound solutions. At the rate our economy is slipping, we will likely see the disintegration of the American empire, and that will be no small event. Foreign policy will continue to be of crucial importance to all Americans as its burden on the economy will get worse."

March 08, 2008 Permalink

A Moment of CLARITY.

In light of the apparent miscommunication by the campaign, and blatant war roomspin by the MSM of last night’s Ron Paul video, and in light of many who are obviously accepting the propaganda, still, and apparently abandoning ship, I feel compelled to state the following.
Ask yourselves why you thought germane to get involved in supporting someone like Ron Paul in the first place:
+Were you not aware of the odds?
+Were you not aware of what happens to those who ACTUALLY champion We the People’s cause?
+Were you not aware of what MSM media machine, bought and paid for by the military industrial complex, would do to someone with genuine honesty and sincerity?

March 08, 2008 Permalink

From the horse's mouth, Ron Paul IS IN THE RACE TO THE END

He will enthusiatically go anywhere he is asked. He is in it as long as the daily paulfunding continues to come in. Immediately before writing this I had a discussion with Carol Paul to confirm my understanding. Carol validated our understanding of the Sunday conversation. Earlier she had discussed this over the phone with Ron.
March 08, 2008 Permalink

Stop Choosing Sides

Mr. Speaker: I rise in opposition to H. Res. 951, a resolution to condemn antiwarPalestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. As one who is consistently against war and violence, I obviously do not support the firing of rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations. I believe it is appalling that Palestinians are firing rockets that harm innocent Israelis, just as I believe it is appalling that Israel fires missiles into Palestinian areas where children and other non-combatants are killed and injured. Unfortunately, legislation such as this is more likely to perpetuate violence in the Middle East than contribute to its abatement. It is our continued involvement and intervention – particularly when it appears to be one-sided – that reduces the incentive for opposing sides to reach a lasting peace agreement.
March 07, 2008 Permalink


America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. -Abraham Lincoln

March 07, 2008 Permalink

HERE is a statesman

Ron Paul, the only clear-headed statesman in the US Congress, was also the only vote against a House resolution strongly defending how Israel has countered Palastinian rocket attacks by smart-bombing the Gaza Strip. More than 100 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since last Wednesday. Before you get your underwear in a knot, consider this in Paul's own words.
I almost despair of the future leadership of this country when I read Ron Paul's statement and compare that with the empty blathering -or, worse, chest thumping- of the current presidential hopefuls. Ron Paul is the best hope for the future of this country and nobody is giving him a listen.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Get it through you head! Ron Paul did not quit!

What is it going to take to get it through that Ron Paul DID NOT QUIT, war roomDID NOT SUSPEND his campaign and DID NOT cancel anything!?! Every time he makes a video message to us people get all worked up and assume the worst!
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Still in Race

Ron Paul is still in the race. He has not removed his name from any ballot nolanor contest. And the Republican Party may yet come to its senses. But, more importantly, the Revolution is not over.
In spite of the nationwide corporate media blackout, the message of freedom is spreading. And more and more Americans are waking up to the true condition our nation is in.
Ron Paul has played, and continues to play, an enormous role in helping to educate our nation. Because of his campaign, the connection between Monetary Policy and Military Policy has been made in millions of American minds, and that is knowledge that will never go away.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Rep. Ron Paul Roars In Lone Star State

Without the deceptive news media—or with fair and honest americanfreepressreporting—Ron Paul would have already sent John McCain back to the Senate and would already be the all but elected new president. But the media have created the appearance that the American people don’t want Paul to be president, when it is the Republican planners who don’t want him. As the campaign trail lengthens and the revolution expands, it is becoming more and more obvious that Ron Paul is the people’s choice.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Playing Games: Ron Paul Revolution Not Over Yet

Despite the fact that ALL the Presidential Campaigns are winding down, Ron Paul’s has been SINGLED OUT to make it look like he’s throwing in the towel, something the MSM has tried over and over to do, and every time, r3volutionaries just keep on coming.
They have done this to discourage everyone AGAIN.
Right now there are so many people earning their living from what the government does, bureaucrats, contractors, etc., that they won’t want ANY CHANGE. They’ll do everything in the power of the MSM to convince regular working folks to keep things the same.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul - Uninformed Republicans Failed You & Their Principles

An eye opening look at some of the best arguments from Ron Paul

March 07, 2008 Permalink

A Call to Action

Tired of the msm saying that Ron Paul has quit?!? Let’s shake things up a bit!
You MUST be encouraged… you MUST realize that there are hundreds of delegates UP FOR GRABS at the RNC!!!
Just because Romney and Huckabee have encouraged their delegates to back McCain… they are under NO OBLIGATION to do so!!!
March 07, 2008 Permalink

"Dangerous and Exciting Times" - Ron Paul

"We live in dangerous and exiting times, and with world events nolanchanging rapidly our efforts are all that much more important."
Referring to present foreign policy, the "dollar crisis," and the resulting desperate economic situation, he predicts the imminent "disintegration of the American empire."
"As bad as it may seem and overwhelming the burden appears, today's events should be seen as a tremendous opportunity for us to change our country for the good. Let us all stick together in this great cause of liberty and show the love that we all share for our country and the constitution."
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Media, cover Paul's candidacy

For the sake of this nation, I urge everyone to learn about Ron Paul and timesargushis consistent voting record. Being outspoken about the issues above, and others, combined with the fact that so much legislation passed in Washington benefits corporations and special interests, it's easy to see why the congressman has been censored. The media shapes the elections with their biased, narrow coverage.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Paul to Stay in Race

Paul said that he has made his mark on history, but while McCain is nolanshort on bound delegates, and facing Federal Election Commission legal troubles, Paul's supporters may succeed in a Paul vs. Obama/Hillary ballot next November. Ron Paul has made this opportunity available and ever the more urgent to Americans who still know what our country was founded on. Hats off to Paul as he once again sacrifices his own comforts to continue in the fight for liberating our country from tyranny and injustice.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

Bad Reporting Strikes Again - Ron Paul Not Dropping Out

It’s not a new experience for supporters of Ron Paul, but the media has once again greatly botched a story and caused quite a bit of confusion through misinformation. As reported earlier, ABC News made a blog entry stating Ron Paul was set to drop out on the 6th in a video. When this video showed the opposite, ABC News slowly, and partially retracted its story over a course of several hours. But the damage was done, and sites such as,, and quicky put up articles stating he had withdrawn.
But the way many in the press have handled this story is both a joke, and outright disappointing. At this point, however, it is not at all surprising.
March 07, 2008 Permalink

ABC Changes Title of False Article

And they still get it wrong...on purpose of coarse.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Message to Supporters

The next steps...

March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Not Dropping Out - [ABC Blog Outright Lies]

In an ABC News Blog Post by Z. Byron Wolf, it is reported that Ron Paul was set to drop out of the race tonight in a video, becoming the final contender outside of McCain to do so. And within a short time, a video was uploaded onto YouTube - before being taken down quickly. However, due to the fact there are sites which archive deleted YouTube videos, the video is able to be seen. And it does not indicate that he is intending to drop out - quite the opposite, he says that his supporters should continue to work to get as many delegates as possible for the convention in the upcoming races.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

AUDIO: CNN Lou Dobbs Interview With Alex Jones.

mp3What is completly amazing about this interview is that Lou Dobbs is saying the same things Ron Paul has been saying all during the campaign!
My question is WHY has Lou Dobbs essentially ignored Ron Paul!?
Where was this talk when Ron Paul was in the news?
Why has Lou Dobbs NOT publically supported the ONLY candidate who supports his views?
I'd be very suspicious of Lou Dobbs...

March 06, 2008 Permalink

The Dedication of Ron Paul Supporters

That means Gillis will be a delegate from Precinct 123 for the March 29 daily doseRandall County Republican Convention, according to County GOP Chairman John Tyson.
Gillis, who by the way is a Ron Paul supporter, hung around for about two hours to make sure he was official.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

John McCain Vs. Ron Paul

John McCain holds the title for most press coverage of all the Republican nolancandidates. He holds the title for the popular vote in many states. But one problem remains. All the media coverage in the world can never buy him supporters who will become delegates and passionately march to the national convention in September to make their voices heard. The one egging problem in the back of his mind and that of his campaign staff is, 'What if we don't get enough bound delegates?' Unfortunately for him, he is over 200 shy of the needed amount. But as they watch the mainstream tout a Win they go with the flow and do their victory dance, while knowing all the while that this is far from over.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

The Dedication of Ron Paul Supporters

That means Gillis will be a delegate from Precinct 123 for the March 29 daily doseRandall County Republican Convention, according to County GOP Chairman John Tyson.
Gillis, who by the way is a Ron Paul supporter, hung around for about two hours to make sure he was official.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

John McCain Vs. Ron Paul

John McCain holds the title for most press coverage of all the Republican nolancandidates. He holds the title for the popular vote in many states. But one problem remains. All the media coverage in the world can never buy him supporters who will become delegates and passionately march to the national convention in September to make their voices heard. The one egging problem in the back of his mind and that of his campaign staff is, 'What if we don't get enough bound delegates?' Unfortunately for him, he is over 200 shy of the needed amount. But as they watch the mainstream tout a Win they go with the flow and do their victory dance, while knowing all the while that this is far from over.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Only One

If we as Americans are smart enough to do our homework

March 06, 2008 Permalink

Liberal media bias? How about neoconservative media bias - against Ron Paul

Regardless, the neocons had hoped Peden would take Paul out of the charleston city papergame completely, and even distorted, misreported and downright-lied about the political dynamics of the Paul/Peden race, to create their preferred outcome. It didn’t work, obviously.
Am I being a “kooky,” conspiracy-minded Ron Paul supporter by making such accusations? You decide.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters make play for party positions

When the votes were counted Tuesday night, one of the challengers, attorney Craig Young of Kyle, much to the surprise and chagrin of the established Republican party leadership, walked away with the top prize.
The descendent of one of Kyle's founding families, Young defeated incumbent county party chairman Linda Kinney of the Dripping Springs area by a narrow 82 vote margin. A staunch Ron Paul backer in his presidential race, Young has also been active in the anti-toll road campaign in Central Texas.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Statement on Gaza Bill

Madam Speaker: I rise in opposition to H. Res. 951. As one who is speeches and statementsconsistently against war and violence, I obviously do not support the firing of rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations. I believe it is appalling that Palestinians are firing rockets that harm innocent Israelis, just as I believe it is appalling that Israel fires missiles into Palestinian areas where children and other non-combatants are killed and injured.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Dismissing Ron Paul

As the nation’s major media outlets crown John McCain (George W. Bush aljazeeraon steroids) as the Republican nominee for president, their nearly criminal neglect of Ron Paul’s candidacy in the 2008 presidential campaign is nearly complete.
The media barons would never dream of implying that the founders were loony tunes. But the country’s current massive government, with its intrusive activism at home and abroad, is so far removed from the founding vision that the modern-day manifestation of such values appears downright weird to today’s press corps.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ballot with Ron Paul is nice surprise

Ron Paul has a perfect Second Amendment record, as he has a 100 percent rating with Gun Owners of America. Ron Paul would work to enforce our laws against illegal aliens and veto any amnesty for illegal aliens bills that may creep out of Congress.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on Capitol Hill

A brief meet with Paul.

March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Indiana & Missouri Conference Calls

Courtesy of


March 06, 2008 Permalink

Straight Talk from a Texas Meetup

McCain does NOT have the nomination. I hear some of you are daily pauldiscouraged even now. Turn off your televisions. The media lies, people die. How many of you knew the convention process existed 3 months ago?
Why do you think the media is going to tell you all the truth about it now?
John McCain does not have the nomination locked up, and in fact the way things have played out is possibly in the worst shape he's ever been on the delegate front. Many of the Huckabee people are not going to vote for him. In our conventions last night, the no-confidence-in- McCain resolution passed unanimously in many rooms where we were not the majority. Those people are with us now, as long as we get them
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Paul can win GOP nomination for president

No one in the race is more pro-life, pro-gun, pro-small government and morning sentinalpro-borders than Ron Paul. Those are the basics. Once people hear those, they'll acquire a taste for the other outstanding content. I know I did.
The point is: Paul can win the Republican nomination for president. Educated voters, who love his willingness to talk about issues no other candidates will, can push him over the top.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Regarldess of MSM and MSA - Ron Paul is still right.

Yet… they just… don’t listen. It’s like Bush/Clinton/Obama Mind Control. Except without the smell of burning oil, cigars, or marshmallows. So, what’s to blame for this entirely lackluster response from average citizens who ignore the CIA reports about what causes terror? What’s to blame for the mass herd mentality of the public? Could it really be the Main Stream Media? Considering after I stopped watching them I began to think less and less of every politician… I think there could be a connection.
March 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Obviously Cheated in Texas Look Here

They want us to believe that McCain won Texas in a landslide. A place warroomwhere I have never heard anyone mention his name, never seen so much as a bumper sticker, and clearly a state that is covered by Ron Paul signs. Just for the sake of discussion let’s say it’s possible. What I find seriously hard to believe is this:
* Ron Paul got 70% of the vote in his district for Congress—–37,220 votes.
* In that same district they want us to believe he only got 9,931 votes for president.

* That equates to approximately ONLY 1 in 5 people that voted for him for Congress supported him for President. They can’t be serious. Don’t lie to me!!
March 05, 2008 Permalink

American Troops going Insane [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]

This video is graphic. Sometimes the truth is horrible. The video contains disturbing scenes of American troops sadistically taunting Iraqi children, randomly throwing grenades at sheep herders and the infamous puppy toss with David Motari.
[Is this what you want for Iraq? To all people who support the war, McCain and Bush do you not see a problem here? My God America wake up and DEMAND Ron Paul be our president. This video has already been "removed" once from youtube.]
In a related ABC story of a part of the video below:
Was Killing the Puppy a Way of Coping for One Marine?

March 05, 2008 Permalink

Nine States To Go...Get out that Vote!

What is the difference between Ron Paul supporters and the thousands daily paulof uninformed and ignorant, and pitiably so, voters who cast a vote for McCain? They will go back to their football game and reality TV program and sit back and just wait until November to vote in ignorance yet again. What will Ron Paul supporters do? They will keep writing and calling and donating and WORKING…
March 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul and Raw Milk

His speech was interrupted several times by loud applause and when he finished his message of self-reliance and government non-interference, there was another extended standing ovation. Another Congressman followed him and remarked at how difficult it was to follow Ron Paul. You could tell: half the room cleared out when RP left. What is interesting about the speech of the Member who followed RP is that several times he emphasized that he was 'just like Ron Paul' on this or that issue. That would NEVER have happened before this past year’s events. Members would have gone out of their way to say how different they were from him. Now the opposite is true.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

It's Time To Clean House And Launch The Final Assault

We have been given what we wanted. A last man standing scenario. daily paulRon Paul is paired against a lying, duplistic run of the mill political hack. This is a dream set-up going into the next phase. Seven long months to pound away at the mountain of reasons why John McCain is just bad for America and the Republican Party.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

McCain is still NOT the official GOP nominee

Now that Huckabee is out, they try to create the impression that McCain has officially won the entire nomination process.
But anyone who understand how it really works knows that this is a lie, because there isn’t an official Republican nomination until the GOP national convention in September.
And yes, Ron Paul is still in the race and is not going to quit. He and his supporters are going to prove that the support is far greater than any mainstream media source is allowed to admit.
What’s really going on here continues to become more and more obvious…
Ron Paul won a landslide victory in Texas against his Republican rival for his congressional seat - by over 70%.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

The Ron Paul Money Bomb

Realizing only big groups would win, the campaign then started online usnewschallenges like fill-the-quill, which sought 1787 donations on the anniversary of the day the Constitution was signed. These challeneges helped to raise his record amounts. "People got energized to fill the quills," Lam said. She described how the campaign skeptically thought it could raise $500,000 but $2 million rolled in, in part because the net-roots groups backing Paul started talking to and challenging one another.
March 05, 2008 Permalink


Have we forgotten what it is to truly Live? People have become so secure in their lives,they have let the very essence of life to slip away. Your freedom and rights are the most important things you can have in this life. Vote for RON PAUL and take your life and freedom back

March 05, 2008 Permalink

A shrewd run for Congress

While Ron Paul mostly has been depicted in the media as a political concord monitoroddity whose following is limited to libertarians and bloggers, Paul's past shows he knows how to win tough campaigns - even when he has to fight his own party's power brokers, as he did to win a congressional seat in 1996.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Wins In Texas

My message of limited-government and upholding the Constitution has daily doseonce again been endorsed by the conservative-minded voters in my district. They understand and support the battle I have waged for thirty years to make the federal government smaller, to reduce wasteful government spending, to balance the budget, and to promote a foreign policy that always puts America first.
Some Washington insiders would have you believe that Republicans no longer believe in the principles our country and party were founded upon, but the voters in my district have once again proven them wrong.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

No more Ron Paul and his silly principles

We can now move on as a nation with open borders, higher taxes, MODESTO BEErunaway inflation, more manufacturing jobs moving out of America, higher gas prices, a national ID card where our government can keep track of us 24 hours a day, a private banking system called the Federal Reserve system that can cause boom or bust at any time, a 100-year war with Iraq, our troops in every nation.
March 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Enjoys Landslide Victory

Those embracing his message of liberty and personal responsibility now nolanknow Dr. Paul will once again be at the reigns of the Liberty Caucus. He will also be there to continue his long record of upholding his Oath of Office, defending the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. This he will do no matter how confused his fellow representatives may be or how misunderstood his votes will continue to be. It is now the responsibility of all Ron Paul supporters to work hard and send him some new members to join the Liberty Caucus, their House leader will be waiting for them.
March 05, 2008 Permalink


In his east Texas district, the libertarian-leaning Paul was beating the nationchallenger Chris Peden by a 2-1 margin. "Some Washington insiders would have you believe that Republicans no longer believe in the principles our country and party were founded upon, but the voters in my district have once again proven them wrong," explained Paul on primary night.
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SLAM DUNK FOR RON PAUL [I Want What She Had For Breakfast]

All my canvassing and phone-banking paid off! Tonight I grabbed the Republican packet and ran the meeting myself!!! And this was my first precinct meeting!!! Even though we all fit inside a small room, we had the biggest Republican attendance for our precinct ever! Thanks to all my neighbors who showed up! We passed 14 resolutions to take up to the next convention level!

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Fraud vitiates McCain! Ron Paul is the real winning GOP Candidate!! Revolution-Fast Track!

It’s not over till the fat lady sings! Let’s help her sing!! Millions of war roomAmericans know this 2008 election is a TOTAL FRAUD!!! And, we Ron Paul supporters KNOW that corrupt GOP hacks, the controlled news media and the organized crime syndicate known as the Bush Administration are responsible for RAMPANT VOTE FRAUD and blatant media CENSORSHIP (of Dr. Paul)…all of which has–in legal effect–made this entire election null and void ab initio.
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Paul's true believers hang tough

"I personally believe he'll be nominated," she said. "I know that sounds strange to anybody who has been following the delegates and numbers."
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Presidential Campaign 2008: David Paul vs. Goliath McCain

You, fellow Republicans and Independents, have two choices now. John McCain represents debauchery, imperialism, and bloated deficits. Ron Paul, on the other hand, stands for good will, liberty for all, and preserving the economic future for our posterity.
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Congressman Ron Paul Easily Defeats Peden in 14th District

Congressman Ron Paul has easily defeated Republican opponent Chris Peden in the 14th District of Texas.
Campaign manager Mark Elam: “Chris Peden is toast. It’s just a question of how big the margin is.” The campaign is looking at a result in line with its final internal polls, with about 70 percent of the vote going to Paul. Now, what’s wrong with the rest of the country? [vote fraud...nobody likes insane, bomb the world McCain]
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Mike Huckabee Drops Out

This leaves only John McCain and Ron Paul in contention for the nomination, and a whole lot of delegates up in the air. While not entirely surprising, it certainly does show Huckabee’s pledge to go it all the way to have been hollow.
Huckabee has ALWAYS been a fake lying false prophet.
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Discover and Imagine: Never Trading Liberty for Security

The newest installment in the “Discover and Imagine” series has been daily dosereleased today and centers on Dr. Paul’s fight against the PATRIOT Act. Dr. Paul was very careful to point out in the aftermath of 9/11 that, no matter how hurt or scared or angry we are, we must never give in to fear and the temptation to vastly expand the federal government’s power in order to feel “safe.”
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Second Super Tuesday States:

PLEASE Watch this before you VOTE! RON PAUL vs. IRS-- Let's Abolish the Income Tax ASAP!

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Candidates for both Republicans and Democrats fall short, Ron Paul right man for the job

He would end the War in Iraq and the War on Drugs, both examples of a government given too much power.
He would pull out of managed trade deals such as NAFTA and the WTO in favor of truly free trade. This would benefit not only Americans but also millions of the world’s poor, who would now have access to our markets to buy and sell goods.
He would end corporate welfare and agricultural subsidies, both exemplars of the hold of special interests over the legislature.
He would return to the states the power to regulate abortion, drugs and matters such as marriage. This would enable true local debate on issues instead of propaganda filled national campaigns.
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A Word From Ron Paul

America became the greatest, most prosperous nation in history through forbeslow taxes, constitutionally limited government, personal freedom and a belief in sound money. I decided to run for president because I am deeply concerned that the conservative movement has drifted away from these principles that we once so fiercely defended. Deficits have exploded, entitlements are out of control and our personal liberties are threatened like never before.
The current state of our economy drives home the hard truth that living beyond our means has caught up to us. Oil is over $100 a barrel, the housing market is in sharp decline and the dollar is in a free fall.
The most permanent tax reform we can undertake, though, is to end the income tax and abolish the IRS. We could remove the entire personal income tax-funded portion of the budget and the federal government would still receive roughly the same revenues that it did during the Clinton years. And we could do this without even touching Social Security and Medicare.
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Op-ed from Dr. Paul on

While many media outlets are content to ignore or marginalize Dr. Paul, is featuring an op-ed from him today in their “Candidate Central” section and a link to it on their “Trailwatch” blog.
Our nation’s economic situation in the 1970s originally spurred Dr. Paul to run for Congress, and he’s been giving the same consistent message ever since his first term: don’t live beyond our means, don’t sell out our economic security to other nations, follow the Constitution, and make sure our money is sound.
So many Americans still don’t know how the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, the reckless spending of Congress, and the printing of money by the Treasury Department have combined to put us in this mess. It’s our job to first educate ourselves, and then to spread the message that there is a better way.
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Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

BBC’s killer documentary called “The Power of Nightmares“. Top CIA war roomofficials openly admit, Al-qaeda is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time. The Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the Laws so they could go after “the bad guy of their choice” namely laws that had been set in place to protect us from mobs and “criminal organizations” such as the Mafia. They paid Jamal al Fadl, hundred’s of thousands of dollars to back the U.S. Governments story of Al-qaeda a “group” or criminal organization they could “legally” go after. This video documentary is off the hook…
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Hope Anthem

A salute to the Ron Paul Movement

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Congressman and Presidential contender Ron Paul said, "Working in the tradition of the framers is attorney Michael Louis Minns. He has defended many Americans against the depredations of the tax police, and argued for a fair and constitutional system in place of the personal income tax." Congressman Ron Paul also wrote the introduction to Minns’ second book
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The Revolution in Colorado

"In addition, a series of eight resolutions excerpted directly out of Ron 2008Paul’s platform were passed overwhelmingly by the committee of the whole and, of the resolutions that were not Ron Paul resolutions, the Ron Paul supporters controlled the vote and voted them up and down as philosophically appropriate."
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Oklahoma Republican District 4 Convention Report

We are happy to report that the Ron Paul delegation to the Oklahoma District 4 Convention made an enormous impact this past Saturday! The main logistical reason to attend the convention is to elect delegates to the national delegation. Our district was allotted 3 spots along with 3 alternates. RP supporters were as organized as the old school members in selecting our nominees and in our voting. At the end of the day, we came out with two alternates! The best part of the process was that our county had the most RP votes.
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More news from Colorado

What really lifted my hopes was when Carl Bruining got up and spoke for Dr. Paul. Every time he spoke of Dr. Paul’s platform, the room erupted in applause.
Here is why my hopes are up… As I sat there, I realized that most of the delegates in that room were Ron Paul supporters.
We had pulled off what nobody yet realizes…we had the majority of delegates!
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March 4th - Good Luck Dr. Paul!

Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island all hold presidential primaries daily paultoday. But the big news is that Dr. Paul is defending his Congressional seat today in the Texas 14th District.
Good luck Dr. Paul!
Those of you on the frontlines, please keep the rest of us updated!
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The Revolution in Virginia

There is so much going on around the country that stays below the the daily doseradar that I thought it would be good to give everyone just one of the many examples of positive change that is taking place as a result of our movement. In Virginia, hundreds of new people have gotten involved in the GOP. Brian Gentry, our Virginia coordinator, has been doing such a great job of contacting supporters and giving them information and tools that they need to engage in their local, county, and state parties that I asked him to write up a brief overview of the process and give us a couple of examples of what has been going on.
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Ron Paul loses 2008 Presidential Election

The evil of voting machines.

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Hope for the Economy

To really fix the economy and get it back on track, though, a sea change, texas straight talknot a quick-fix attempt, is needed. I was very pleased and encouraged that on Friday the Wall Street Journal published my letter to the editor addressing some of our economic problems. The message is getting out because people are demanding answers. The American people are strong, resourceful, hard working and determined. Because of this we can get through these tough economic times, but our leaders need to understand how we got here in the first place. Continuing the same flawed policies that got us here will only prolong the agony.
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T minus 1 day and counting [Call to Action]

We’re now just one day away from important primaries and caucuses in 2008four states: Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. As you may know, tomorrow is being called “March’s Super Tuesday,” because of the large number of delegates up for grabs in these contests.
Help us get out the vote in each of these states. If you live in one of these states and have already signed up to be a precinct leader, please help Ron Paul by making as many phone calls to likely voters as you can. The number of Ron Paul supporters signing up as precinct leaders has dropped off significantly in recent weeks, and we need your help to boost those numbers.
And FYI, in the coming days, we are going to have a few blog posts outlining how the precinct leader program will carry on this revolution even after the 2008 election is complete. The tools that we are providing are invaluable, and will help us organize as efficiently at the local level as possible. Remember: all politics is local. By taking back our precincts one at a time, we will lay the groundwork for taking back the entire Republican party — both the presidency AND the Congress.
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Barack Obama: Top 35 reasons why…

I do not support Barack Obama (anymore):

  • He has no viable plan for reducing the debt.
  • His policies will require bigger government, more spending, and debt.
  • He does not oppose the IRS or the income tax.
  • He will not withdraw all American troops from 130 countries.
  • He will not end the destructive war on drugs.
  • His campaign is primarily funded by Fortune 500 corporations.
  • His campaign is funded by the Council On Foreign Relations, of which his wife is a member.
  • He will not protect the borders or America’s sovereignty.

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Ron Paul and Tax Terrorism [The IRS Lie]

Why do YOU file and pay income taxes? Is it really just your cheerful nolan"voluntary compliance" -- a term the IRS loves to untruthfully bandy about? Or are you simply afraid - afraid that the IRS will apply the overwhelming force of its considerable resources to punish you if you fail to "volunteer?" Whose Money Is It Anyway? Professing themselves to be "tough on terrorism," all but one presidential candidate has ignored this singular form of domestic terrorism that strikes fear into the heart of every American every year.
As a presidential candidate, Dr. Paul has done us all the great service of bringing the issue of the income tax into the realm of public awareness and debate. While Hillary and Obama have never met a tax they didn't like, Dr. Paul's remaining Republican opponents give feeble lip service to tax reduction, going as far (in the case of Mike Huckabee) as mouthing the words "eliminate the IRS." Huckabee is of course speaking of the so-called "Fair Tax," another disaster if there ever was one. Ron Paul, on the other hand, has spoken boldly of eliminating the income tax and replacing it with nothing.
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YouTube HACKS RON PAUL Video View Count

Here is evidence of Ron Paul's video view count being locked at a low number. Was this done to keep his call for a GRAND MARCH ON WASHINGTON from being seen by the people of America?

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Sen. Ron Paul cured my apathy

He's the only one shedding light on the implications of this fiat currency burlingtonfree pressand the absence of gold/silver backing. As Congressman Paul, member of the House Committee on Financial Services and former member of the House Banking Committee, has said, "A perfect storm (is) facing America, caused by a federal government that spends, borrows and prints so much money that our dollars are eroding in value at an alarming rate."
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Decorate Your House to Support Ron Paul, Get Foreclosed On!

Nannette who painted her whole house Ron Paul.. in the sleepy little town of Magnolia has received a notice from her Mortgage company, not the Home Owners Association but the actual mortgage company. Her house will be foreclosed on if she does not have her house repainted by March 17th. It seems the Mortgage company does not like the paint colors?
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Tens of millions of Christians, Catholic, Baptist or whatever denomination, have been disillusioned about the Republican Party moving so far away from their core principles. Yet, supposedly millions of those same Christians voted for liberals like Rudy Julie Annie and John McCain during the primaries. Now, smarmy "conservative" leaders like Gary Bauer are trying to sell a liberal like McCain to the party faithful because he's the lesser of the evil Democrat candidates. At the same time, Christians, regardless of denomination, will ignore a truly Christian man like Ron Paul because the power brokers know he's a threat to them and a friend of we the people.
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Media´s Deafening Silence and Ron Paul´s Candidacy

Yet here he is running for the most important position in the world, one amrican chronicleof three left who could possibly become the Republican presidential candidate, and so many still have no idea who Ron Paul is and what he stands for. So many people out there are just too lazy, just too dependent on the mainstream media to find out what their choices are. As a result, we all get the bottom of the barrel, the dregs of the political establishment, and so it is that corruption is so rampant in Washington DC.
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The Evolution of the Ron Paul Movement

For those of us who have intently followed every single Ron Paul-related nolanarticle, blog-post and comment, it may appear that the Movement is fracturing. I myself have felt almost excluded because of the push to work from within the Republican party. I then thought about all those Paul Patriots who's States have not yet had their primaries. They may feel excluded too. Even those who are working so hard to be Paul Republicans -- they may also be feeling it. I then realized that what we are seeing is not fracturing, but something much more natural.
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CNBC Chicago traders cheering for Ron Paul

CNBC anchor Rick Santelli talks about reaction of traders in Chicago market during Ron Paul questions to FED chairman Ben Bernanke.

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Michael Scheuer: The Candidates clueless on Terrorism

Michael Scheuer who was in the C.I.A. and head of the Osama Bin Laden unit was on Fox news talking about the threat of terrorism. He states that with the exception of Ron Paul and perhaps Dennis Kucinich no other presidential candidates understand what motivates terrorism. The 2nd interview is Michael Scheuer on the Bill O’reilly radio show. Michael Scheuer is Ron Paul’s foreign policy advisor.
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My Turn: Paul would uphold Constitution

For other candidates this seems to be a non-issue. Instead, they are burlingtonfreepresslooking to expand the war to Iran (and/or Pakistan) or create universal health care, each costing over $1 trillion more over the next few years. If the U.S. were a business, it would have closed its doors a long time ago. We need a president who will protect our national sovereignty, eliminate the deficit and restore the strength of the U.S. dollar.
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Paul Refocuses Attention on House Seat for Now

In a last-minute twist, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) bowed out of a big americanfreepressHouston energy forum to focus on his congressional reelection in the short time remaining before the Texas primary March 4.
This event initially was promoted as a debate, but neither Sen. John McCain, nor Mike Huckabee, responded to invitations to participate on the GOP side.
It’s conceivable that this was a tactic to deflate the Houston event and deny Paul a national forum where he could have intellectually outshone the other contenders right before the primary.
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War at Any Cost?

The continuation of the war in Iraq will end in disaster for this country. antiwar Parallels between the Roman Empire and our own are numerous, although our decline and fall will happen far quicker than that of Rome. The current financial crisis has awakened some to the perils that await us, but solutions that address the root of the problem and seek to fix it are nowhere to be found. There must be a sea change in the attitudes and thinking of Americans and their leaders. The welfare-warfare state must be abolished, respect for private property and individual liberties restored, and we must return to the limited-government ideals of our Founding Fathers. Any other course will doom our nation to the dustbin of history.
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GOP: Goodbye Old Party!

Listening to the front runners of this year's Republican Presidential nolancampaign the call for critical thinking and tough questioning is gone. Replaced with ideas of controlling lives through tax incentives, building up troops for ever more battles oversees, embracing socialization and continued centralization of national government, all to a level that would leave Thomas Jefferson and James Madison scratching their heads in disbelief.
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End the Federal Reserve - 04/15/08

If not you then who? If not now then when?

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Did you forget about what Dr. Ron would do despite his faults? On Inauguration Day he would start to abolish IRS and the Fed. He would secure our borders. He would stop the handouts that inspire the illegal aliens to come. He would restore the Constitution and our national independence.
He would pull us out of the North American Union the world government traitors are trying to trick us into. He would start extricating us from Iraq. He would not make more war in the area. He would restore our military and take good care of our veterans. How is all that for a start? All the other candidates in both parties would do exactly the opposite.
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Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution!

Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution! Owner of freedomsNetwork Solutions Shuts Down Murray Sabrin's Money BombJersey City – A $17 billion private equity firm, managed by major Democratic donors, General Atlantic, shut down Dr. Murray Sabrin's website last night immediately after Dr. Ron Paul sent out a nationwide email asking his supporters to participate in his online fundraising drive.
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Paul delegate to convention proud to serve

When push comes to shove, it's this unlawful stuff we have in our kennebecpockets that's called money but is in reality no such thing -- it's this that is directly responsible for the downward economic spiral that our country is in. While the problem of correcting it certainly is a monumental problem I certainly would not want Paul to compromise his intent to change it.
I am a Paul delegate to the state convention, and proud to serve.
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Ron Paul: Still Relevant, Still Ignored

Nobody in Washington seems to want to take responsibility for the poltical loremistakes of the past that have lead to the dollar’s plunge but rather most in Washington are willing to charge ahead and not allow a responsible, yet painful transition period to occur on their watch. So the answer continues to be extremely short term stimulus by way of rebate checks.
And therefore the country is faced with a national debt that is approaching 10 trillion and a stock market that is plummeting.
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