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FOX: Ron Pauls's Revenge - Let Ron Paul speak at the convention!

Ron Paul supporters planning 'revolt' at GOP convention
The media starts to show that they are scared of the the power of patriots when they call Ron Paul people "NUTS" Watch the warnings from the other media pundits.
May 13, 2008 Permalink

Is Barr the New Hope for America?

Ron Paul argued for the elimination of the income tax, to be replaced Lewrockwellwith nothing. Barr argues for the elimination of the income tax – to be replaced with a revenue-neutral national sales tax. Just a few years ago, the Republicans ran a candidate who promised "no new taxes." Are the Libertarians now to run one who promises to push for a new tax?
May 13, 2008 Permalink

Fox commentator: Ron Paul revolt could be 'disaster' for Republicans

"John McCain would be well-served to kind of reach out and give him an RAWSTORYolive branch at the convention," Gallagher continued. "Let him speak, give him a role, because if these people are disrespected -- you know, this, combined with Bob Barr's announcement that Barr now is running as a Libertarian, is going to just take votes away from John McCain and could be a disaster for the Republican Party."
May 13, 2008 Permalink

Tidal Wave, Freedom March July 12th 2008"

From JAMES SUGRA, the orginator of the video that started the November 5th Money bomb concept and made political history. See more about him and his story HERE
May 13, 2008 Permalink

McCain Still Failing To Close With GOP Voters

McCain should be equally concerned about whether Ron Paul's huffinton postsupporters will stay within the Republican fold in November. Some pundits might say that Paul's libertarian voters will hold their noses and vote for McCain because they have nowhere else to go, politically. But this is no longer true now that Bob Barr
May 13, 2008 Permalink

A GOP in Melt-down; How a Ron Paul - Bob Barr LP Ticket Could Go All the Way !

Running against the likes of Mr. Compromise himself, one John McCain, a nolanPaul/Barr ticket could potentially out-fundraise McCain, and wind up capturing more votes from the republican base, an increasingly restless and fed-up lot, and gain enthusiastic support as well from liberty-minded democratic cross-overs.

May 13, 2008

Unlike McCain, Ron Paul will bring troops home

It is unfortunate that your coverage of the recent 1st District forum did kennebecnot include the comments of recent combat veterans running for congressional office.
Two of the three complained about the lack of body and vehicle armor and the shortage of medical supplies and food. Both are against the war in Iraq. According to the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Defense pays security contractors, like Blackwater USA, to provide mercenaries at three times the rate of pay of our troops.
May 13, 2008 Permalink

Eliminate John McCain as a candidate for President

If you support Ron Paul for President this petition and process provides the opportunity to bring Ron back into the media with an issue that crosses the party barrier. It also delivers smack down to McCain while giving Paul the shot at the nomination he, and we, deserve.
Our sources indicate that McCain has cancer and that his condition is going to kills him within the next four years. Delegates need to know this as soon as possible.
May 13, 2008 Permalink

Individualism vs Collectivism - The True Debate of Our Time.

A must watch if you want to understand the foundations of Ron Paul's philosophy and your rights. Strengthen your freedom arsenal and the revolution!
The research of Mr G Edward Griffin (Ron Paul supporter & author of The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve) reveals how all viewpoints can be stripped down to 2 basic positions.
Discover how the different approaches of Collectivism and Individualism impact on all aspects of our lives, from human rights, governmental authority and the use of force.

Individualism vs Collectivism

May 06, 2008 Permalink

Paulville? Count Ron Paul out

One man who won’t be moving there anytime soon: Ron Paul.
politico“I don’t think that’s the solution,” says the still-running Republican presidential candidate. “You want to spread out and be as pervasive as possible.”
The community is structured as a co-op; freedom-loving denizens can purchase plots as small as one acre and are not required to use the co-op’s water or energy supply.
But dropping out and creating an isolated community isn’t the answer, says Paul, a congressman from Texas. “You don’t want the ideas to be centered in one place,” he says. “But it shows how desperate people are for freedom.”
May 12, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain

Note: A bit of trash talk by Andrew Malcom of the LA Times
la timesBut in the meantime, quietly, largely under the radar of most people, the forces of Rep. Ron Paul and his libertarian-minded GOP backers are collecting delegates at the local level and planning a revolt against Sen. John McCain at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in Septembereantime, quietly, largely under the radar of most people, the forces of Rep. Ron Paul have been organizing across the country to stage an embarrassing public revolt against Sen. John McCain when Republicans gather for their national convention in St. Paul at the beginning of September.
May 12, 2008 Permalink

Big Government Responsible for Housing Bubble

The solution is for government to stop micromanaging the economy and texas straight talklet the market adjust, as painful as that will be for some. We should not force taxpayers, including renters and more frugal homeowners, to switch places with the speculators and take on those same risks that bankrupted them. It is a terrible idea to spread the financial crisis any wider or deeper than it already is, and to prolong the agony years into the future. Socializing the losses now will only create more unintended consequences that will give new excuses for further government interventions in the future. This is how government grows - by claiming to correct the mistakes it earlier created, all the while constantly shaking down the taxpayer. The market needs a chance to correct itself, and Congress needs to avoid making the situation worse by pretending to ride to the rescue.
May 12, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul-I called the radio station today.

Hi people I speak about my little radio call today! NOTE: One bad word.

May 11, 2008 Permalink

First "Ron Paul Republican" in Congress?

Peter James could take the oath of office this summer representing lrc blogMaryland's 4th Congressional District. He was a part of the grassroots effort and has been endorsed by Congressman Paul. If elected, he will be the first Revolutionary to join Dr. Paul in Congress!
May 11, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Delegate Wars (V)

The DW story is beginning to break in larger-circulation media, in nolancombination with a second one: McCain's repeated inability, even as President Bush's anointed successor, to consolidate support in his party. As AOL pundit Tommy Christopher predicted last month, a narrative is beginning to build; McCain's hitherto "free ride" in the media is beginning to end.
May 11, 2008 Permalink

AZ GOP Convention a farce

So, the vote went on. And guess who got all of the slots? Of course, the daily paulMcCain slate. The lemmings went right off the cliff following after. I was so disgusted and ashamed. I thought "how can Americans think this is a democratic form of voting?" This was a dictatorship. We were told who to vote for so everyone did. I believe RP got about 40% but that wasn't enough.
So, we will have to fight and become PCs. They are who eventually run the party. In order to do that, you all have to become involved. This is not just a battle, this is a war.
May 11, 2008 Permalink

Paul's stealth campaign makes Idaho GOP nervous

Paul is supported by a handful of prominent Idaho Republicans. Rep. Phil idahostatesmanHart of Athol introduced Paul at a rally in Caldwell last month and ex-legislator and District 16 candidate Elizabeth Allan Hodge has used Paul's online meetups to campaign.
McAffee chuckled at the notion the Republican Party, which dominates Idaho politics, is nervous about Paul's guerrilla tactics. "They oughtta be," he said in a stage whisper. "We're taking the party back."
May 11, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul’s candidate leading in Lago Vista

With early voting totals in, Ron Paul’s candidate for the Lago Vista City Council is looking strong. Pat Dixon leads opponent Marcia Gully 58 percent to 42 percent among early voters.
May 11, 2008 Permalink

John McCain Exposed

John McCain's foreign policy the way I see it. Special commentary by Ron Paul.

May 10, 2008 Permalink

New York Times - Best Sellers List

Number one baby! How 'bout them apples....

1. THE REVOLUTION, by Ron Paul. (Grand Central, $21.) A libertarian manifesto from the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate.

May 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's manifesto against 'false choice'

Now, Americans realize the war was wrong, and they the revolution: a manifestowant the troops to registercome home – but they still vote for candidates who won't promise to bring the troops home and who are ready or even eager to commit troops elsewhere.
Now, Americans know the economy's in a recession, if not a depression, and inflation worries loom – but still they vote for candidates who offer no serious monetary reform.
Apparently there is much educational work to be done – and now Ron Paul is taking up that challenge, too.
His new book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto," presents his political philosophy and provides a blueprint for restoring a peaceful, prosperous American Republic.
May 10, 2008 Permalink

Surprise GOP rule switch?

The proposed bylaws change comes in response to a request from salt lake tribuneRomney, after he dropped out of the race, to release his bound delegates.
That could free the delegates to support whomever they want at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September - a point not lost on Paul supporters.
On blogs and in e-mails, Paul backers have spread a strategy aimed at getting Paul supporters elected as delegates in order to keep Sen. John McCain from getting enough delegate support to clinch the nomination. That could force a convention fight, they argue, and give Paul a path - albeit a contorted one - to win the nomination.
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Our Revolution

It's a game of inches...

May 10, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul and Freedom in serious danger from US "brownshirts"

For many years the American public have been told what to do, who to american chroniclevote for, and to obey every command without question. You have been brainwashed into believing that you live in a country that has freedom and democracy, and have been so busy living this "dream" that you haven´t noticed that it vanished a long time ago!
Ron Paul and his valiant supporters have made tremendous efforts to enlighten others, but the "Elite" controlled mainstream media have made certain that his message was kept out of view. No doubt the MSM can congratulate themselves on a "Mission Accomplished"?
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul March: Life, Pursuit of Happiness and Liberty.

"It just might be that freedom is popular"
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Infighting rains on McCain's party

Note: MSM bias in this article & wrong Delagate counts.
boston.comPaul remains the lone holdout who is still actively campaigning. He has indicated he is unlikely to endorse McCain, and his zealous supporters have turned out in large numbers to battle for delegates at recent GOP gatherings in Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Oklahoma. The Paul supporters do not see themselves as fighting for a hopeless cause, but as members of a new movement founded on libertarian principles. Paul's newest book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto," has soared quickly to number one on the New York Times bestseller list.
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Asked whether he wants Obama or Clinton, McCain picks Republican Ron Paul as preferred rival

"You know, Ron Paul is still in the race," McCain joked Wednesday during a taping of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."
The all-but-certain Republican nominee did reveal a few tidbits. His Secret Service code name, he thinks, "is 'jerk,'" and his choice for a vice presidential running mate is Dwight Schrute, a character on the NBC sitcom, "The Office," played by Rainn Wilson.
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Book Signing in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Paul will be signing copies of The Revolution: A Manifesto at Borders daily-doseon May 17, 2008, prior to his Freedom Rally in Louisville, Kentucky later that day. The book signing will start at 11 am ET. The address is 4600 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207, and you can find the website for that particular Borders here.
May 09, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Republicans on the rise in NC

This is important because while Lawson faces an uphillclimb in a heavily charlestoncitypaperDemocratic district, just the fact he won the district puts it Ron Paul’s hands. Given the way the GOP divies up its delegates to its national convention by Congressional District, controlling a district is a big deal and means Ron Paul’s Republicans are going to have influence and power within the party in the future regardless what happens this fall.
May 08, 2008 Permalink

Housing Market Crash Predicted By Ron Paul And Alan Greenspan

BubblePaul also knew that malinvestment caused by government intervention in any sector of the economy would lead to disaster. Making a statement before the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives in September of 2007, Paul said, "The housing boom was caused by the Federal Reserve's policy resulting in artificially low interest rates. Consumers, misled by low interest rates, were looking to consume, while homebuilders saw the low interest rates as a signal to build, and build they did." The larger the bubble, the more malinvestment would occur, and the more severe the correction would have to be.
May 08, 2008 Permalink

Republican Credential Hearings in Jefferson City Missouri

Over 300 Republicans have been challenged because of their support for Ron Paul. They were not allowed to see the challenges against them, any evidence of the sources of those challenges, or even who it was that was accusing them!

May 08, 2008 Permalink


Whether he wins the nomination and becomes president or not, for the nolanRevolution to succeed, Ron Paul absolutely needs a new Congress. There is only one way to give it to him: Fire the old one.
The Revolution has tremendous momentum in the minds of Americans, regardless of the lull in campaign donations, press coverage, and campaign activity. Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened in the last forty years. In order to make our combined effort a resounding success - and quickly - we need to agree on only a very small set of ground rules:
May 08, 2008 Permalink

2008 & Counting

Sen. John McCain, the GOP’s presidential candidate, has a headache the hillthat threatens to turn into a convention migraine.
Even though the Arizona senator secured enough delegates to claim the nomination in early March, Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) vocal and zealous supporters have given no indication they or their champion are ceding ground.
But since then Paul supporters have disrupted and shut down state conventions, and McCain has struggled to win the primaries in a convincing manner reflecting the fact that the race is over.
May 08, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul #1 on New York Times Best Seller List!

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s newest book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” is number one on the New York Times Best 2008Sellers list for May 18th, 2008. The ranking is yet another of the manysuccesses Dr. Paul has had during his presidential candidacy spreading his message of personal freedom and constitutional government.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on “The Revolution”

When asked where he sees the government headed, Paul said he thinks the U.S. is “moving more towards fascism” than lawlessness because of growing governmental intervention in the form of “big corporations,” “secret prisons, and the loss of habeus corpus.” He said he thinks that “the empire will end” because the U.S. cannot sustain its present course and continue to finance its global objectives.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Manifesto

A Review.

May 07, 2008 Permalink

A Million Votes for Ron Paul

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul eclipsed an important business wiremilestone in yesterdays primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. By winning over 71,000 votes, Dr. Paul has earned the backing of over one million supporters across America.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Could Prove the Ultimate Threat to John McCain

Come Election Day, there are many who believe that Democrats not gambling 911enthusiastic about Barack Obama could vote for Ron Paul instead of McCain while a chunk of disenfranchised Republicans could lean more towards Paul as well.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Oregon Consumers and Farmers Association endorses Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul shows a genuine concern for the People of Oregon. He is a daily dosechampion of personal property rights and we feel shares our values of hard work and dedication. OCFA feels strongly that Ron Paul is the best person for President and strongly urges the People of Oregon to support him with your vote on Election Day.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Uprising

As the mainstream media obsesses over the Democratic Party’s brewing santa fe reportercivil war, supporters of Republican presidential candidate US Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, are already staging their own quiet uprising at GOP conventions across the nation.
If, by a strange twist of fate, the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, US Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., fails to win the first ballot at the national convention, “all hell will break loose,” one Santa Fe County delegate tells SFR.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

The Revolution Does Not End Come September

It will happen... There is no more hoping, this revolution the people have nolanstarted, will carry them into the future, until that dream is realized. Whether it has to be a slow change or not depends on the number of dedicated people we have, and that is growing at an exponential rate.

May 07, 2008

Ron Paul on Fox News 5-6-08

On taxes...

May 07, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul, The Revolution, and Ending Abuses and Usurpations

the revolution: a manifestoInstead, Dr. Paul politely, laconically, but frankly lays it on the line for hislerockwellcountrymen: America is in significantand potentially catastrophic trouble economically, financially, and militarily; the country’s political class is homogenous, gutless, and ill-educated; its two major parties do not offer a nickel’s worth of difference on important issues, especially foreign policy [pp. 2, 26, 163]; and our leaders are consciously negating parts of the Constitution, compromising America’s national sovereignty, and circumscribing the liberties of Americans. But then, astoundingly and correctly, Dr. Paul does not say "Only I can fix this mess" – as have Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain – he says: "Only you, the American people, can fix this mess." Dr. Paul confronts Americans with a reality that ought to both chill and inspire them.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

B.J. Lawson easily defeats Augustus Cho

B.J. Lawson, endorsed by Ron Paul, overwhelmingly won tonight’s primary contest for U.S. Rep District 4 in North Carolina with over 70% of the vote. The best part about this victory is that his neocon opponent, Augustus Cho, openly attacked Dr. Lawson during a February debate for being a Ron Paul Republican.
May 07, 2008 Permalink

Just had to Repost this...

Save America NOW!May 06, 2008 Permalink

Hillary as Ron Paul II

I'm not posting snippets from this article because it is utter rubbish but the comments on The Independent in the UK more than make up for the ineptitude of this socialist British writer.
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul- University Fort Wayne May 5th

What a thunderous crowd!

Ron Paul- University Fort Wayne May 5thPart 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

May 06, 2008 Permalink

Fans embrace Paul's message: GOP presidential candidate elaborates on limited-government antiwar principles...

"This country is in need of and ready for the message of liberty," Paul tradingmarketssaid to applause. "The most important part of the constitution was written to restrain the government."
Paul labeled McCain, and the Democratic presidential candidates, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, as pro-war and bought and paid for by the Establishment. While Obama opposed invading Iraq, Paul's criticism is based on Obama voting to fund the war and not ruling out invading Iran.
"All we're looking at today is the disintegration of our empire and the bankruptcy of this country," Paul said in a pre-speech news conference. "That's why our dollar is going down and the commodity prices are going up and gasoline's up."
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Spends Cinco de Mayo with 1500 Hoosiers

hoosiersDriving about a hundred nolanmiles from my home just north of South Bend, on the radio I heard political ads, which amounted to bickering between the two Democratic candidates. They argued who is going to do more for me as the next president. They both kept saying how they're going to give me "free" health care and provide a rosy future based more government largess.
May 06, 2008 Permalink




Many of your fellow Ron Paul supporters in Missouri had to attend daily dose“credentials hearings” yesterday to prove that they were “true Republicans” so that they could keep the delegate status they had earned in earlier Missouri Republican meetings. The first thing that pops up in your mind is probably the first thing that popped up in mine - we are the true conservatives, and the principles we defend are the core ideas of the Republican Party.
May 06, 2008 Permalink

How I spent my [IRS] stimulus check: Buying 41 Ron Paul books

He says he spent his Bush bucks on 41 copies of Ron Paul's book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto." He writes, "We need a man with sound monetary policies in office to prevent things such as this 'stimulus check' from happening again; stimulate my ass!"
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Candidate greeted at airport, book signing by devoted Montana contingent

Take note of the key MSM buzzwords at the start of the article to discourage those not in the know.
“He's the only person who speaks about freedom,” said Donat after the missoulianspeech. “I don't want government in my life. I want the government out of my life.”
The crowd at the “Freedom Rally” Monday night filled up 700 chairs, leaving standing room only for the remaining 300 people. One homemade sign read, “STR8 BALL-A.”
Purchasing the books for relatives will help them see that “we elect clowns,” he said. “We have three mental midgets (running for president) right now, not one can you trust if you turn your back.”
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Republicans

Ron Paul has a key primary today in North Carolina, and it is not the presidential primary. Paul has been spending the last four months or so of his campaign to support “pro-liberty” candidates for federal, state and local offices. One of them, B.J. Lawson, is going to see if he can get out of the republican primary.
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul wake up AMERICA

Great Video. However I wish the creators would expand on the references to Ron Paul informational sites ;) ;)

May 06, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul’s new book is a MUST READ for all Americans!!! The Revolution: A Manifesto.

the revolution: a manifestoIt is mind-blowing how much money we are blowing on our empire. Dr. Paul puts it all on the table for those who care about the real issues and not the fake game played by the establishment of both political parties. Why do we have troops in 130 countries? What are we still in Korea 55 years after the war? This was not meant to be permanent! Why do we borrow from Europe in order to help protect Europe? Why do we borrow from Japan to help protect Japan?
May 06, 2008 Permalink

An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

Most Republican officials and party hacks have been criticizing the legion nolanof constitutional Paul supporters in state delegate conventions already. The only way to change their opinions and refute the current neo-conservative thinking in the party is to become policy wonks.
Paul supporters need to immerse themselves in the inner working of the financial market and the economy in general. Just knowing the Fed is unconstitutional will not help the movement, the constant Fed watch and the diagnosis of every policy, is in order to win the "hearts and minds" of the American citizenry.
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Paul Campaign Never Ended, Spokesman Says

"He put out a video in which he said victory in the conventional sense washington postwas not available to us, but there was still much the campaign could try to accomplish," Ron Paul 2008 spokesman Jesse Benton said yesterday. "People in the press reported that as him dropping out when he was not dropping out."
"If it was just for the presidency, it would have ended a long time ago," says supporter Tom Martin, 50, a database administrator from State College, Pa. "The idea was to reinvigorate the Republican Party back to its principles and, more than that, to reinvigorate the American people back to its principles."
May 06, 2008 Permalink

Maine GOP Convention - Ron Paul Rally

If we could all be this supportive!

May 06, 2008 Permalink

The rEVOLution in North Carolina

Book sales numbers aren't the only metric of success Ron Paul cares reason hit & runabout now. He's finishing up a mini-tour of campuses in North Carolina and Indiana, reminding voters that he's on the ballot, bidding for protest votes that will (almost assuredly) pump his total for the primary season over one million.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul, John McCain, And A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On...

The Republican party is marginalizing the very notions that the Republican party once stood for. The party itself is ignoring the Constitution, disregarding its own ideological history, and behaving both immorally and without honor and without a love of individual liberty and country. The Republican party has become its own monstrosity, a monster preoccupied with its own survival and its own agenda and its own needs and desires for power and prestige and control. The GOP is deadRepublican party has become just like the federal government, a large, self-appointed repository of power, completely separated from the intent of the original founders and framers, a place where bubble-up from the people power is overrun by top-down directive and control. It has become an evil, un-American power network infected with the same willful hubris that it once claimed to oppose. It is in it for itself, and not for the American people. It is hypocrisy wrapped in hypocrisy, covered in hypocrisy and submerged in a sea of hypocrisy.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Big Government Responsible for High Gas Prices

In the past few months, American workers, consumers, and businesses texas straight talkhave experienced a sudden and dramatic rise in gasoline prices. In some parts of the country, gasoline costs as much as $4 per gallon. Some politicians claim that the way to reduce gas prices is by expanding the government’s power to regulate prices and control the supply of gasoline.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

The Ron Paul Strategy

Delegates will soon begin to think about what this means for the fall nolancampaign. As soon as they do, however, nightmares may replace their dreams of victory. They will have visions of Democrats playing the tape of McCain’s little jig on "bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran," to the tune of "Bar Bar Bar Barbara Ann" over and over again, until that tune together with McCain’s words are singing in the head of every voter in the country. They will then flood the country with ads featuring McCain’s comment about staying in Iraq for "a hundred, "a thousand," and even "a million" years," until McCain is not only identified as the "war candidate," but the "candidate of endless war."
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Beyond McCain: Ron Paul's supporters hope to reshape the GOP

The GOP is the party of limited government. It's the party that touts minn postfiscal responsibility. It claims to be the party of principle. The Minnesota Republican Party puts a premium on loyalty, yet it doesn't bind national convention delegates to its caucus presidential poll. So why is the state GOP being so hard on Ron Paul supporters with track records of supporting limited government, fiscalconservatism and loyal service to Republican candidates?
ron paul changes the GOPWhile the GOP leadership takes a dim view at best of pesky Paulites crashing the party, in the more free-wheeling blogosphere Republican faithful, even those disagreeing with some of Paul's positions, say Paul and his supporters have sent a wake-up call to GOP leadership.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Alaska Delegates Project Goes Nationwide for Ron Paul

We still need a variety of people - especially:
nolan1. Organizers in every state to help get the delegate lists for their states.
2. Organizes in every state to address and mail DVDs to their states national Delegates.
3. A larger legal team to help ensure state GOPs share Delegates contact info in a timely manner, and to help defend or guide the defense of delegate credentials challenges.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Endorses Amit Singh For Congress. And Lunch

Visit & pledge lunch money May 15th 2008, to help Amit Singh win Virginia's 8th district and get Ron Paul a lunch buddy in Congress. Visit

May 05, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul and Benjamin Franklin: Doctors of Capitalism

Sandwiched between the Poor Richard writings of Benjamin Franklin and the current publication of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, we find a period of intense historical interest and confusion, one that has brought to a pimplehead of putrefaction the build-up of white corpuscles that has grown in size as the Republic has degenerated from its Libertarian, Capitalistic roots, to a totally controlled, collectivist-nanny state.
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Mo GOP targeting 300 pro-Ron Paul at Monday ‘credentials meeting’

At the meeting, according to the email, about 300 of the 1,900 elected stltodaydelegates to the state GOP convention May 30-June 1 must disprove allegations that — presumably — accuse the targeted delegates of not being bona fide Republicans and/or not committed to supporting John McCain for president.
“The state Central Committee spent approximately $1,000 on certified mailings that do not even state the allegations,” said the email sent from one challenged delegate. “A small group of insiders in the Missouri Republican Party are attempting to prevent delegates, properly elected at their county caucuses, from attending the state Convention in Branson…
May 05, 2008 Permalink

Maine GOP Convention...what a disgrace!

A fancy "hollywood style" McCain Video was shown during the convention but an effort to allow a RP video was denied. They eventually agreed to show a RP video during the lunch recess on the second day (yes during lunch when nobody was in the convention hall). Even this video appeared to have been edited for content by the party elite. Platform amendments based upon conservative principals and the language of the Constitution were voted down. Then, after the proposals were defeated, the very delegates responsible for this gave standing ovations to commentator Cal Thomas when he spoke of THE EXACT SAME THINGS during his speech to the convention body.
May 04, 2008 Permalink

Freedom Festival Update from the Granny Warriors

There is no way I can tell you the excitement this announcement gives daily paulme. I have been so absolutely worn out and depressed at the obvious fate of our Country with the elections and all the campaign retoric constantly and now I can see real light at the end of the tunnel. This has made it necessary for me to stick around for another couple of years to help with this event. I am doing my best right now not to say what it is until Penny gives us the word but you can bet you all will be the first to hear this great plan and news of how to get it done.
May 04, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul speaks at UNC Chapel Hill

Ron Paul speaks at UNC Chapel HillPart 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

May 04, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Delegate Wars (IV)

Other eyes as well. Even the "luminaries" of the Trilateral Commission, nolanat their Apr. 25-28 meet in Washington, DC (reports American Free Press) "expressed concern that Paul's rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting 'their political education.' They want Republicans to pressure Paul to drop out now and stop his education rallies. This assignment was given to Thomas Foley, former U.S. House speaker."
Good luck to him. Paul is clearly enjoying the campaign, and has no intention of conceding before the National Covention. As he told CNN's Roberts: "What's the sense of having a convention if everything is decided?"
May 04, 2008 Permalink

Military donations to anti-war candidates rise

During the reporting period, Paul — a former Air Force surgeon who airforcetimesbroke with his party to vote against the Iraq war — received the most military contributions, with $201,271.
That’s significantly more than the presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain from Arizona, who received $132,133 from military donors, according to CRP.
“I think that our fighting men and women want to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for Rep. Paul’s campaign. “I think they’re sick and tired of being sent overseas on these police actions and getting caught in the middle of these civil wars, and want someone like Ron Paul speaking sense.
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The rebel forces of Paul -- Ron Paul -- organize to resist John McCain

Eric Herzik, a political scientist at the University of Nevada, Reno, said losangelestimesthe disruption reflected, among other things, that McCain had "yet to capture the hearts and minds of Nevada Republicans." Previously, Paul forces had elected about one-third of the delegates to the Missouri state Republcan convention.
All of which suggests there might be some drama or at least confrontations in St. Paul at the GOP's national convention in September after all.
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The Republican Party has not fulfilled its promise to shrink the size of heraldbulletingovernment and restore our Constitutional Republic. Instead, deficits have exploded, entitlements are out of control, and our personal liberties are threatened. I believe that the solution to our problems can be found in Americans being as free and prosperous as possible. We need a president who will hold the federal government to abiding by the Constitution. I would focus on returning America to a sound monetary policy, strengthening our national security and ending our interventionist foreign policy, and stopping the abuses of our civil liberties.
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Ron Paul takeover doesn’t materialize - Idioacracy alive and well in Maine GOP

I am constantly amazed at how our own citizens will defend a govenment that steals their property and enslaves them.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Later, when that still took too long, the majority voted to forgo any kennebecdebate and just vote on the amendments.
Among them was a proposal to adopt gold and silver as legal tender, abolish the IRS, conduct an audit of the gold at Fort Knox and repeal all federal firearm laws.
That one was soundly defeated.

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While they are confident they can deal with any “potential president,” americanfreepressthe Trilateralists paid huge tribute to Ron Paul in an equally large twist of irony, by expressing alarm that he is causing “significant future damage.”
They expressed concern that Paul’s rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting “their political education.” They want Republicans to pressure Paul to drop out now and stop his education rallies. This assignment was given to Thomas Foley, former U.S. House speaker.
The reasons Paul’s “education campaign” strikes fear into Trilateral hearts are obvious. Paul would refuse to surrender an ounce of U.S. sovereignty to an international organization and TC wants world government.
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CNN: Ron Paul in Situation Room - Book Bomb 5/2/08

Ron Paul interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room. Good and fair interview. Also after the interview interesting segment on the currently in progress (May 2008) "book bomb". #1 on and #7 currently on NY Times best seller list.

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Allan Handelman interviews Ron Paul on FM Talk 101.1 WZTK (NC)

Another great interview.

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GOP candidate Ron Paul still campaigning

Paul, 72, the iconoclastic Texas Republican, gets less attention these thenewsobserverdays than he did when he was among a raft of GOP contenders. But organizers say at least 2,000 people have signed up to see him speak at a 3 p.m. event in Chapel Hill and a 6:30 p.m. speech in Durham.
"The state GOP has done their best to bury him," said Roxane Premont, an organizer of the events. "This is not really about a presidential campaign -- he is the leader of a movement that's about restoring our Constitution and our civil liberties."
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Ron Paul supporters not lining up behind McCain

But tongues were set wagging about whether the adjournment was a la timesmaneuver to save McCain from the embarrassment of being swamped by Paul delegates.
Eric Herzik, a political scientist at the University of Nevada, Reno, said the fracas reflected, among other things, that McCain had "yet to capture the hearts and minds of Nevada Republicans."
All of which suggests there might be some drama at the GOP's national convention in September after all.
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Why We Need Ron Paul

The reason we are in our current predicament is because, "We the lewrockwellpeople" have elected politicians rather than leaders. Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines a politician as "a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons." The people we have elected to Congress and the Presidency are politicians who are more concerned with their own re-election, maintaining power, and enrichment of their financial backers than they are about our great country.
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Two Ron's make a right - Excellent, Memorable Video

Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan

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Oklahoma State Convention this weekend

Anyone can attend, but in order to vote you must be a registered daily doseRepublican and a delegate from your Oklahoma county. It is recommended that you be there Saturday before 8 am. Those of you in Oklahoma should have the necessary information and contacts. If you live in Oklahoma and need information, be sure to email me at
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Atlanta's Rock 100.5 The Regular Guys Interview Ron Paul

the regular guysNote: The beginning of the interview uses the same old MSM tricks of downplaying the Ron Paul and the movement.
These guys almost sound like war party cheerleaders. Taking positions that are largely towing the party line which is why the country is in the mess it is.
These guys are part of the MSM and thus part of problem.

May 01, 2008

Republicans split on state delegates

The fight for dominance in the state GOP is playing out in small battles smalltownpaperscounty by county, as supporters of Congressman Ron Paul wage war against the party establishment.
A group of Paul supporters in Hays County filed a complaint this week with state party leaders, alleging that delegates to the state convention were selected in a secret meeting in violation of party rules prior to the county conventions on March 29.
Griffin T. Spell, a political science major at Texas State University and a Pct. 334 delegate to the county convention, spearheaded the challenge.
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John McCain is deceiving Oklahoma Republicans by having his volunteers say that they are from the State GOP

My husband just received a call from a woman stating she was a daily paulvolunteer for the Oklahoma GOP. She asked if we were planning on making it to the Oklahoma State Convention and since my husband wasn’t at the meet-up last night, he told her ‘yes’. I told him afterwards to call back and let them know we weren’t sure (because we don’t want anybody knowing our numbers), and when he did a reverse look-up on the number, it was from the John McCain HQ in Arlington, VA!!!
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Manifesto Destiny

I may not be first, but I predict Ron Paul’s new book The Revolution: Aa manifesto lewrockwellManifesto will be a runaway best seller. A frightening thing for the other candidates: they haven’t done their homework. They will have nothing to offer at examination time when the American People ask: "What have You written lately – and how does it relate to restoring and protecting our Original Liberties and God-Given Rights?" They can cram if they wish, by reading some of Dr. Paul’s other books. Even if they cannot agree with anything in Dr. Paul’s new book it may be a good idea for all of them to read it very carefully, because we will all have to deal with the principles sooner or later. "Facts are stubborn things," said John Adams.
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We the People 2.0 - Revolution March on July 12

Please help promote the march by rating, favoring, commenting, and spreading tis video on your websites, myspace bulletins, and facebook! We need this vid to go viral. Thank you!

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The rEVOLution marches on!

Dr. Paul's new book is number one on Amazon and is climbing the New York Times and other best seller lists.  Ron Paul supporters dominated the Nevada caucuses, and he took his best showing in a primary so far in Pennsylvania recently with more contests approaching fast. Even the MSM is starting to pay attention to the good doctor again, don't miss the interview on CNN American Morning:

There are many great opportunities to continue the rEVOLution:

May 1st (today!) is the Mayday money bomb for congressional candidate Vern McKinley who is one of the best chances we have to get another Ron Paul Republican in Congress.  Even Dr. Paul himself has cited Vern's public policy work!

Other Ron Paul Republicans are running in other races.

A new organization "Freedoms Ground" is attracting many of the best and brightest of the grassroots organizers to build the infrastructure we need to further the cause of liberty.

Granny Warriors hosted a fun rally on the Capitol grounds where Dr. Paul spoke; they are now planning a Revolution for Freedom Festival in Sturgis, South Dakota on July 2nd to the 6th.

The big March on Washington comes right afterwards on July 12th. Get info / help plan it here:

Operation Cat Herder is reaching out to those wanting to keep the revolution moving.

There is so much more! The fight for our future continues, spread the message via your blogs, meet-ups and more
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Ron Paul Brings Campaign to Indiana, May 5

On Monday, May 5th, Congressman Ron Paul will be holding a Freedom daily doseRally at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne. The event will be in the Auer Auditorium in the John and Ruth Rhinehart Music Center (2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499) at 7:00 PM ET.
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