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Paul supporters blitz state GOP conventions

There are quite a few state GOP conventions this weekend, and reading politicothrough the coverage online one finds a recurring theme: the Paul presence.
The libertarian Repubilcan's hardy band of supporters are showing up at conventions in an effort to win a delegate slot in the Twin Cities in September.
Paul backers have achieved some small success in becoming delegates, but their larger impact has been to offer an element of news at what are largely newsless and ceremonial state party confabs.
May 31, 2008 Permalink

Battle at Spokane II

Within this totalitarian atmosphere Ron Paul backers managed to still nolanget delegates elected to go to Minneapolis for the RP National Convention. As of the end of Saturday the regions that had huge Paul majorities elected Paul delegates. Whatcom County which sent 31 out of 39 County pro Paul delegates to this Spokane convention is in Congressional District Two. There was a major allegation of cheating to get McCain backers in as delegates from Skagit County. Despite a fistful of evidence demonstrating fraud in that county, the Bosses refused to hear the complaints and a slate of McCain delegates was added into the mix and virtually NO Paul delegates were elected from CD Two.
May 31, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Revolution: The Profound Plan For Freedom

Listen to Bob Schultz. He is very intelligent. I have met him several times and know that he is a true American patriot.
Ron Paul has brought a vision of Liberty to the People. This is the practical and profound Plan to peacefully reclaim our Freedom and restore Constitutional Order.

The Profound Plan For Freedom
Please visit for all the details, more video, and the academic research & legal documentation establishing the power of the little-known Constitutionally protected Right at the heart of this profound Plan.
The last ten words of the First Amendment protect a most potent 800-year old, unalienable Right the Government does NOT want you to know about. It is time to move the Ron Paul Revolution beyond the paradigm of electoral politics and reclaim our Liberty.

May 31, 2008 Permalink

Paul exhorts 1,500 Mo supporters to hold fast, fight for liberty

Paul blasted the Bush administration for the way it has attacked stl todayterrorism. The U.S. either gives money to countries, or attacks them, he said.
The U.S. rarely just talks to nations, Paul added. The Bush administration seems to focus on bombing countries “incapable of attacking us,” he said, using Iraq as Exhibit A.
Referring to former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein, Paul said, “As bad as he was, he wasn’t a threat to us.”
Paul accused the administration of using terrorists and the war as an excuse to eliminate personal rights.
“…We don’t need secret courts and secret prisons,” he said. “…They say we’re being attacked because we’re free and rich. Their thinking seems to be ‘if we’re less free, they won’t attack us…’
“ Paul also called for a return to habeas corpus (The guaranteed right for a person to go before a judge when charged with a crime.)

May 31, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's Speech in Branson

May 31, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul draws loyal crowd

Carey's refusal to allow Paul to address the convention was a blessing in disguise, said Marianne Stebbins, the candidate's Minnesota campaign coordinator. "That made people even more curious about what he has to say."

Barring Paul from the convention angered supporters.
"I'm disgusted that a 10-term Republican congressman has to speak in a park, rather than in the convention," delegate Bill Jungbauer of West St. Paul said. That inspired him to work even harder for Paul's principles. "But I can vote for McCain," he said.
May 31, 2008 Permalink

MN GOP Chair Uses "Less Than Savory Tactics" Versus Ron Paul

Republican Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul tries to speak at the Minnesota State Republican Convention - and is denied. His supporters react and discuss their strategy for winning delegates to the National Republican Convention.

May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Hero Against the Evil Drug War

And of course, this has always been Ron's position. He has never voted lrc blogto put a human being in a cage for self-medication, or even peaceful, recreational use. Even before the Reaganite "Just Say No" propaganda campaign began hoodwinking Americans into excusing the explosion of prohibitionist police statism that has transpired since the Gipper took office, Ron was a rare voice for complete sanity and soundness on this issue.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

State GOP leaves Paul backers empty-handed

His supporters, disenchanted with what they view as McCain's lack of conservative bona fides, are devoted to Paul's cause, win or lose. "It ain't gonna happen this time, but we've planted a seed and are going to keep at this revolution election cycle after cycle," said Colin Wilkinson, a convention alternate from St. Paul. "I won't be chattel -- we either own the government or the government owns us."
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Paul wants to change GOP

Convention delegate Bill Jungbauer of West St. Paul joined other Paul bemidjipioneersupporters in opposing Republican officials’ decision to keep the candidate off the stage.
“I’m disgusted to see a 10-term U.S. congressman having to speak in the park,” he said from the crowd outside the Mayo Civic Center.
Knowing he was in the middle of farm country, Paul said that the federal government should abandon subsidies.
“Farmers could do a lot better without the government,” he said, citing tobacco farmers, who were cut off from federal payments four years ago and today are making more money. “Markets do work.”
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul speaks outside Republican convention

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Ron Paul continued his push for a speaking role at the Republican National Convention with an address Friday to supporters outside the Minnesota state convention.
minnisota conventionWith state GOP leaders refusing to allow him to speak inside the convention hall, Paul told about 400 supporters he was more concerned about spreading his libertarian message than preserving party unity.
His Minnesota campaign planned a move under state convention rules to land some of his supporters in the state's delegation to the national convention this summer in St. Paul, giving him leverage for a prominent speaking spot.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul's book signing in San Diego, CA.

Just a bunch of "kooks" I guess. If these people are what the media calls "kooks" I guess I'm one also since I spend my days giving you Ron Paul news.

May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters want voice at convention

"This was the first person to actually come out and say these are my minnisotapublicradiobeliefs, take it or leave it," he said. "This is the way I voted for the entire time I was in Congress take it or leave it. And it was just refreshing to see somebody who had that view."
"He's brought in so many people into this that are motivated, that are on the ground floor, that are getting involved," he said. "And not just at the caucuses. They're staying involved. And they don't want to necessarily take over party leadership. They just want a voice."
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul die-hards a force in state GOP

They're still turning out in droves to support the Texas congressman's the seattle timespresidential bid, dominating local GOP conventions in places like Spokane and Whatcom counties.
By some estimates, Paul supporters could total up to 40 percent of 1,100 delegates expected at the state GOP convention that starts today in Spokane.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

His Excellency Ron Paul

Although both men were quite successful in their private lives, both ewrockwellelected to serve in the government. Washington took not one cent of pay while serving his country – both as general during the long years of the War for Independence and again while he served the nation for eight years as president. In similar fashion, Ron Paul has opted out of the lucrative Congressional retirement program. Interestingly, there are even some trivial parallels. Both are tall, athletic men, both have long-lasting marriages, both are prolific book readers, and both are religious men, but not zealots. And there's one more that's not trivial – like Washington, Ron Paul cannot tell a lie. For me, it seems quite clear. Congressman Ron Paul is indeed the George Washington of today.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Could Give John McCain Fits With Biggest Showing Yet

Republican US Presidential candidate Ron Paul cannot be gambling911underestimated heading into the November Elections. The long time Texas Congressman received his largest Primary percentage thus far with 24 percent of the vote, nearly 30,000 votes in all, and these are votes that Senator John McCain is not likely to receive when he presumably goes up against Democrat Barack Obama.
Even more impressive were some of the individual county results. In addition to the 40 percent received in Boundary County:
30% in Bonner
30% in Kootenai
34% in Benewah
35% Idaho County
29% Adams
31% in Boise - the largest city in Idaho.

May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters plan to make themselves heard at Missouri GOP convention

ron paul missouriThe Texas congressman will bring his still-kansas citybreathing presidential campaign — which won almost a quarter of the votes in this week’s Idaho Republican primary — to Branson for an evening rally and speech coinciding with the dinnertime kickoff of the state GOP gathering in another part of town.
The campaign’s goals: Make sure locally elected Paul delegates are seated at the convention Saturday. Try to grab at least some of the 28 available national convention delegates for Paul supporters. Improve the state party’s platform and rules.
And keep the revolution alive.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul, Phoenix, May 22, 2008

700+ in attendance.

Ron Paul, Phoenix, May 22, 2008
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Good News

As I have said before, Ron Paul is America’s best congressman. It is antiwargreat that Paul’s campaign has awakened many Americans to the perils of government and the value of liberty.
I hope Ron Paul gets a great speaking slot at the GOP convention. Giving the delegates and the television audience a double-barrel dose of truth could be the best tonic the nation receives this Fall.
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Paul To Address Supporters In Missouri

Tomorrow night, Friday the 30th, will long be remembered by all who attend the Ron Paul rally in Branson, MO at the Tri Lakes Center, 2527 State Hwy 248. See The doors will open at 6:00, Ron Paul will speak at 7:00.
There will be a picnic prior to the rally at Table Rock State Park, 5272 State Hwy 165 from 1:30-5:00
May 30, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Revolution Gaining Momentum

It's such a pity that he doesn't have just a few extra months, or that nolanthis trend had started sooner, because at the rate he is gaining in popularity, he could quite easily in my opinion defeat either Obama or Clinton in the general election, because this guy deals in hard facts, not your typical meaningless rhetoric like the others, and votes consistently for freedom. With the spotlight of a one-against-one scenario, he has the potential to humiliate and ultimately crush the Democrats.
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Two soldiers receive awards from Paul

LAKE JACKSON — U.S. Army veteran Irving Zelade was overjoyed when U.S. Rep. Ron Paul handed him a case of medals framed behind glass. The Lake Jackson resident had waited more than 60 years to receive the awards for his service during World War II.
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: At The Crossroads - A Plea To The Delegates

I have been an outdoor open air preacher for a decade and now will attempt to use all my oratory skills in a last ditch effort to convince as many delegates as possible to abstain from the 1st round of voting to give Ron Paul a chance at the nomination.

May 29, 2008 Permalink

Storm Warning: The Montana Republican Convention

Paul supporters have shown in the other contests this year that they nolanare less interested in the pledges than in the individuals selected as delegates, as their emphasis is on bringing change to the party. And regardless of the position of Governor Romney or the outcome of the primary, there is likely to be a fight over naming the delegates.
Ron Paul is scheduled to be at the Montana convention. Senator O'Neill and Mr. Erickson will also be there. Will Senator O'Neill and Representative Paul convince Montanans to lead the parade toward history? Will Mr. Erickson be able to prevent the idea of personal freedom from rearing it's ugly head at a Republican gathering?
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Interview With Congressman Ron Paul

truthoutDespite what the mainstream news media choose to report, SenatorJohn McCain of Arizona is not the last remaining Republican candidate for president today. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas never abandoned his run for the GOP nomination, and he fully intends to present himself before the Republican National Convention in September as a true conservative alternative to McCain's status-quo candidacy.

In sum and substance, Representative Paul is a breed apart within the confines of the Republican Party. One may disagree with some of the positions he takes or some of the votes he has cast, but he is far removed from the calcified evangelical hypocrisy that has come to define the modern GOP. His is a mind at work, and those who follow him may yet prevail in rescuing the Republican Party from the stagnated failures of the last three decades.

May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul to speak in Branson Friday

Presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak to supporters and delegates rp 2008to the Missouri Republican State Convention Friday evening, May 30th. The event will be held at the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson at 7:00 pm CT and is open to the public. Dr. Paul will be available for media interviews in the south lobby from 6:15pm to 6:50pm.
“Dr. Paul has inspired more energy and enthusiasm in Republican politics than we’ve seen in many years,” said national field director Debbie Hopper. “We are excited that he will be in Branson to address Republicans interested in returning the party to the principles that once made it great.”
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Saturate Delegates With TV - Print - Billboards

They arrive at their hotel, only to see an extremely large group of Ron daily paulPaul supporters, weathered from having just walked over 250 miles from Green Bay, WI, and Ron Paul himself is addressing the crowd as they cheer loudly. They take the elevator up 4 or 5 floors, run into some RP people in the halls, and finally arrive to their hotel rooms.
May 29, 2008 Permalink


As is typical of our tyrannical government Rice gives no solid constitutional answers and pretends Iran is somehow a threat to us. Hmm lets see what about all those other countries that have "bad" people? OH!!! they don't have any oil and are still taking our worthless dollars!

May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Wins 24% in Idaho, Best Yet

Ron Paul has been the star of the Republican debates (that he has been aolallowed to participate in), humiliating John McCain at the Reagan Library, making Rudy Giuliani cry "Uncle!" on his way out of the campaign, and yet was never afforded the air of credibility given to, say, Fred Thompson.
A 24% finish in Idaho is a big story, but it seems to be acting more as a negative for McCain than a positive for Paul. The fact that so many people have been caught up in the R3volution, despite a complete lack of encouragement from the MSM, should tell us something more than, "Wow, McCain is really unpopular!" or,"Those Paul guys are intense!"
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Paul offers choice

McCain received an "F" Rating from the Gun Owners of America, while argusleaderRon Paul received an "A+" rating. McCain votes with Teddy Kennedy on every piece of gun control legislation (a worse record than Hillary
peace paulClinton), while Paul is actively working to repeal the last 20 years of federal gun control laws.
We're already seeing the inflationary effects of too much government spending. A McCain presidency (like a Hillary or Obama one) would only make inflation worse.
A vote for McCain is a vote against the Republican Party's very soul. The Republican Party should not be forced to unify behind a candidate who is just as liberal as the Democrats running.
I urge all Republicans to vote their conscience June 3 instead of blindly voting for McCain. Let the National Republican Party know that South Dakota Republicans do not want a liberal for their nominee.

May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Up Again

The Revolution: A ManifestoTHE REVOLUTIONRon's The Revolution: A Manifesto will be #5 on the NY lrc blogTimes Bestseller List for June 8th. This is up from #7, but down from #1. The book took a drop because the publisher ran out of copies, and was not able to get more printed immediately. So let's do #3 the week after, and the appropriate spot, #1, the week after that. See what a gradualist I am?
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul in Idaho

Idaho County was his best showing with 35% of the vote to McCain's capitolhillblue65%. Idaho also has three unpledged national delegates and six unpledged district delegates up for grabs.
These results are further proof that McCain's "presumption" is not sitting well with many Republicans and it remains to be seen how many unpledged delegates Paul can pick up on his way to the convention. Either way, Paul seems poised to shake up the Republican Convention come September.
May 29, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul on the Charles Goyette Show - May 28th 2008

Covering a lot ground in this interview...

May 28, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Beats Barack Obama!!! (In Idaho)

Imagine what would have happened without a media blackout of his campaign..
DEM Barack Obama 23,988
REP Ron Paul 29,749
May 28, 2008 Permalink


Euros only
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Washinton Post's Slander of Rand Paul

"The Washington Post recently claimed that I was paid to be a surrogate speaker for my father, Ron Paul. This is an outright lie.
lewrockwell blog"I was never paid to speak for my father. In fact, the vast majority of the time, I was not even reiumbursed for expenses. I travelled to St. Louis, Paducah, Elizabethtown, South Carolina, Nashville, Louisville, Washington, DC, and New Hampshire (four times) at my own expense. I paid to transport my entire family to New Hampshire to go door-to-door for my father.
"I never received any salary from the campaign. The campaign did pay my air fare (coach) to Montana for two speeches.
"They say we should take solace in the fact that Ron Paul is still important enough to attack, but I'm still too mad to be mollified."
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul for President The Revolution Sweeps Across America

Ron Paul Draws Large Enthusiastic Crowds in San Diego. A good media report for a change.

May 28, 2008 Permalink

The Libertarian Dark Horse is Still Kicking

An Exclusive Interview with Ron Paul
Out of nowhere, the Republican Presidential candidate appeared on counterpunchtelevision for the Primary debates giving blunt, hard hitting, no nonsense answers and lacerating jabs. He criticized fellow candidates for their foreign policy, corporate cronyism, and support of “big” government. His candid demeanor, especially in calling out the Administration for its failure in Iraq, helped win him over many independents, jaded Republicans, and “on the fence” liberals who found his voice a refreshing and legitimate “third option.” He dominates the Internet search engines, wins most of the online polls, maintains an overwhelming presence on Youtube, and recently scored a number one bestseller with his manifesto: “Ron Paul: The Revolution.” Through independent, grass roots activism, his campaign received over $6 million dollars making it the largest one-day fundraiser in U.S. political history.
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Paul has best showing yet, in Idaho

Paul's showing came despite making only one campaign stop in the boston .comstate. "Dr. Paul’s grassroots supporters in Idaho and across the country are doing a tremendous job spreading our message, winning votes and laying a strong foundation for the future," campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said in a statement.
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Grassroots A Gem in Idaho

Presidential candidate Ron Paul received 29,741 votes, or 24 percent, in yahoothe Idaho Republican primary yesterday, making it his strongest Republican primary showing to date. Dr. Paul made one stop in the Gem State during the month of April.
Dr. Paul is continuing his bid for the Republican nomination to spread the message of constitutional government and personal freedom, build the GOP back to its traditional roots, and continue the grassroots activism his candidacy inspired.
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Media Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues

Next in line after the New York Times, the Washington Post continues the mainstream media’s shrill smear campaign against Ron Paul in an article entitled “Ron Paul’s Campaign Is a Family Business, FEC Reports Show“. The mischaracterization begins right in the first sentence:
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Ben Stein: Ron Paul - That smart guy from Texas

Glenn Beck being an ignorant shill MSM tool again. Knowing full well that Ron Paul has addressed all these issues he forgets his name.

May 28, 2008 Permalink

Idaho Results - Ron Paul at 24% !

With 100% of the districts in, is reporting that yesterday, Dr. daily dosePaul took 24% with 29,741 votes! According to cnn, he also picked up 5 delegates!

May 28, 2008 Permalink

Signs Of Ron Paul Support

Paul is a U.S. Representative from Texas with Libertarian beliefs. He's keloagainst the Iraq war and is pro-life. He's also against big government, federal taxes and forming federal agencies. He focuses on following the Constitution.
Those are beliefs Whitesock believes were traditionally shared by conservatives, but Democrat and Republican policies have now become too similar.
May 28, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul plans to take his message outside GOP state convention Friday

Paul supporters directly involved in the congressman's campaign lay minnesota postclaim to a history of working within the Republican Party from the local to the district to the state and national levels.
Positioning Paul supporters as "a serious challenge" without offering specifics risks alienating many loyal party members, both inside and outside the Paul camp, supporters believe. Better for the party, they argue, to debate issue differences among Republicans right up to the actual September nomination at the convention in St. Paul.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul to speak in Rochester

Not invited to MN GOP convention, Ron Paul to speak to delegates before the gavel drops
2008“I put in five calls to the MN GOP over the past several weeks, requesting a simple yes or no on letting Dr. Paul speak, with no response,” said Stebbins, “and only received the written denial following a demand for response via certified mail. So the Ron Paul campaign extends our invitation to all GOP state delegates and alternates to hear for themselves why this remarkable man has created such a stir in this presidential election.”
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul: Salute to Veterans

Congress has considered several bills this past week that would affect texas straight talkveterans. Many of the measures are very positive. I applaud efforts to shore up health care for veterans, and make sure that veterans know about the services available to them. I strongly support improving educational opportunities for veterans. I also believe a pay raise is well-deserved, and long overdue for our men and women in uniform. These benefits constitute their pay for serving our country.
What I do not support is inserting immoral, unconstitutional provisions into veterans’ bills. For example, HR 6081 the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act, in addition to providing important tax benefits for soldiers, sends the IRS after civilians who move overseas. This method of funding is actually a slap in the face to our soldiers who vow to keep us free. Afterall, how free are we, if we are not really free to leave? Congress should not use the military as an excuse to behave tyrannically.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

The Obama View

The Obama View
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul backers to pose 'serious challenge' at convention

Ron Carey, Republican Party of Minnesota chair, and Marianne Stebbins, minnesota monitorMinnesota campaign coordinator for Ron Paul, exchanged several e-mails this weekend that were reposted on local blogs. They afford a rare glimpse of some of the internal frustrations that Republicans are experiencing over McCain and Paul, a disagreement that's likely to go all the way to the national convention in St. Paul in September.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Revolution in New Hampshire

Many of you may know me from my brief attempt at running for U.S. daily paulCongress out of N.H., having been endorsed by Dr Paul. During my run I realized that this was not the year to make this happen in my district, and I decided that my time and energy could be better spent in other ways. I wanted to update the community on these efforts, since they will help New Hampshire in the short term, and by increasing freedom in the first primary state, the entire country in the long term.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul & Paul Volcker - House Joint Economic Comittee

May 27, 2008 Permalink

Support Ron Paul

What would America be like if we up held the values of the Constitution? press&dakotanReducing the size of government and stopped imposing our values on the world, this speaks to the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” approach to lead nations by example, not by demand or force. My understanding of Ron Paul’s message is that the Constitution allows us to defend ourselves against aggressors; but that we should evaluate the situation and use proper law procedures, before taking action.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Can Win Washington State!

Republicans will meet in Spokane, Washington this week, from May 28th nolan chartto May 31st, to select delegates for the National Convention in Minnesota. John McCain is the preemptive candidate and should pick up a fair amount of delegates at the Washington convention. However, there are a variety of predictions that a good number (predictions range from 40% to 75%, depending on your sources...) of the delegates at the Washington State Convention are expected to support Ron Paul...!
May 27, 2008 Permalink

The Spirit of the Ron Paul Revolution

It makes you feel good.

May 27, 2008 Permalink

A Memorial

It is up to us, ultimately, to keep the movement alive and growing, so daily dosethat on Memorial Day next year, we can look back with pride in what has been accomplished and the ones who have been added. As Dr. Paul has mentioned before, let it not be said that we did nothing. Let it not be said that we didn’t try. Let it instead be proclaimed that when the message of liberty was once again threatened and seemingly surrounded, those who trusted in its principles and lived by its ideals stood by it and championed it in an uncertain battle, confident in the righteousness of their cause.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Evidence of Rampant Voter Fraud

“I’m from the 4th district, which is heavy Libertarian leaning Republicans up here in the foothills, with lots of support for Ron Paul up here, but the election results show no significant support for Ron Paul up here, no different than anywhere else in the State of California, which is clearly false.”
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Paul adheres to Constitution

Freedom for Americans means being free to spend their money as they wish rather than having the government control a significant portion of their paychecks. We need to reduce our overseas empire and entitlement spending at home so we can begin to live within our means.
May 27, 2008 Permalink

Memorial Day - Your Sacrifice Will Not Be In Vain

This Revolution, with Ron Paul really sounding the call, is that time for nolan chartus. The call to fight for our American way of life has sounded, only the fight has changed, along with its weapons. The greatest of all challenges we face, our country faces, is a simple but sometimes invisible enemy: APATHY

May 26, 2008 Permalink

Whatever Happened to the Country We Loved So Much??

Have you taken a moment and looked around you and wonder war room“whatever happened to the country I love so much”?
How do we grow and survive and take back this beautiful land of ours from big government and big corporations?
How do we stop these controlling governmental issues such as NAIS, National ID, DNA gathering?
How do we bring home our troops, end an unconstitutional war, secure our borders and stop Illegal Immigration?
The Revolution Freedom Festival is just that answer.
May 26, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives

This is a speech given by Ron Paul on the House floor in which he names the neocons and the views they adhere to. The speech in its entirety can be viewed also...just search "Ron Paul Neo-conned." It's about 51 mins and goes much more in depth.

Congressman Ron Paul vs. The Roman Fascists

Inflation hits like an Liston right connecting to the jaw. The American public’s head snaps back.
Too bad, America. You could have voted for Ron Paul, but you chose inflation and poverty. The choice was all yours. For the American Republic, it was RP or R.I.P., and America chose the latter.
Don’t say there weren’t those who warned you. Ron Paul or economic chaos. Again, you chose the latter.
May 26, 2008 Permalink

Idaho primary Tuesday

All Ron Paul supporters in Idaho - don’t forget that the Republican daily doseprimary is this Tuesday!
If you’re out of state but know someone who lives in Idaho, be sure to contact them and encourage them to get out and vote!
May 26, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul Revolution: The Profound Plan For Freedom

Ron Paul has brought a vision of Liberty to the People. This is the war roompractical and profound Plan to peacefully reclaim our Freedom and restore Constitutional Order.
Please visit for all the details, more video, and the academic research & legal documentation establishing the power of the little-known Constitutionally protected Right at the heart of this profound Plan.
May 25, 2008 Permalink

Who ordered the media blackout?

Certain interests were threatened by his ideas - which involved removing their ability to effectively lobby congress to spend money on their behalf and lessening the government's ability to further regulate business - which removes their ability to legislate monopolies or other self interests.
May 25, 2008 Permalink

Paul backers to make their voices heard at Washington Republican Convention

But a substantial portion of the delegates to the Washington state the seattle timesconvention perhaps as many as 40 percent, according to some estimates will be backing another candidate and looking to make their preference known at that national gathering.
In pockets around the state, Paul's supporters, some of whom are political novices, worked the arcane caucus system hard enough to control county conventions and legislative district meetings. Nowhere was that more evident than in Spokane County, which will send 114 delegates to the state convention. Of those, 106 are Paul supporters.
May 25, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul at San Diego Civic Center Book Signing

At San Diego Civic Center Friday 5/23/08

Ron Paul at San Diego Civic Center Book Signing May 25, 2008 Permalink

So, How's That Workin' For Ya?

Ron Paul says "America FIRST", before it's gone
The way things are going in this country, we may never have this opportunity again. Let's do something RIGHT for a change......and we NEED change. Vote for RON PAUL........for yourself, for our kids......for our grandkids...........for our country. As in....OUR country.
Unless of course you're satisfied with business as usual. If you're ok with having your wallet fleeced, if you don't mind the illegals, and China's economy takeover, if it's alright with you that our government keeps giving billions to foreign countries while we're paying four bucks a gallon and heading into a recession, if you don't mind being spied on and controlled, then by all means..........go vote for McCain or Obama.
May 25, 2008 Permalink

We’re All Party Animals

As soon as a government servant has made a decision based on party lewrockwellassociation, affinity, or loyalty, and in violation of his oath and ethics – he has in effect sold out. This experience usually happens very early in his party career – unless he is Ron Paul. Once you have sold out in the little things it becomes easier to move on to the big things. But if you happen to be a Ron Paul you tend to gain a reputation for being one of those recalcitrant people of true and enduring principles. Those folks can really annoy the establishment who regards them as hopelessly naïve – right up until the bottom falls out.
May 24, 2008 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters keep hope alive

Ron Paul supporters haven't given up on their presidential candidate and will hold an event Sunday in an effort to keep the "revolution" going.
"The news media wasn't giving the true facts by not saying that he is still in the race," said Jim Brislin, assistant organizer for Pike County Ron Paul meet-up group.
"He is not out of the race like many believe. He just gave a speech at Duke University this month. I think that Ron Paul has a chance at the presidency. Anything can happen. There is still time."
May 24, 2008 Permalink

Rand Paul's introduction speech in Louisville

Rand Paul: "We're going to St. Paul whether they invite us or not!"
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It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission

Mr. Paul was supposed to be a memory by now. But in the Oregon new york timesprimary last week, he won 15 percent of the vote, and the campaign appears to be growing into something beyond a conventional protest campaign. Some supporters have helped turn the outspoken congressman’s campaign into a colorful, loud sideshow with their guerrilla marketing tactics — self-penned Ron Paul anthems on YouTube, a Ron Paul blimp, T-shirts that portray Mr. Paul as a world-historical icon like Che Guevara.
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Republican Presidential Candidate Paul Visits San Diego

san diegoPaul Wolf, a Navy petty officer, called Paul "a true conservative" for staying true to the constitution.
Wolf, of Ocean Beach, said he likes that the congressman wants to decrease spending on items that aren't necessary.
Paul told his audience that he was planning a rally next month in Texas, and another in Washington, D.C., in July. He said he hoped to follow up by taking a large contingent of supporters with him to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.
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Ron Paul Supporters Dared Greatly at Hawaii GOP Convention

Each and every Ron Paul supporter who participated has gained a world of experience in standing up to incredible odds. We were outnumbered four to one and I roughly estimate, out spent over a hundred to one. Our wits, skills and resourcefulness were not only tested by the Hawaii McCain campaign, but also the Hawaii Republican Party and RNC consultants.
I understand they were fearful of what happened at the Nevada convention where the Ron Paul supporters were the majority. They got really scared, went "Scarface" and ended up losing a lot of respect from many long time Republicans. With the experience gained we have the dignity of knowing we did our best for our convictions and earned the respect of many.
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The Economics of a Free Society

These selections lay out my views of the proper role of government, ludwignamely that it should serve only to protect the life and property of its citizens. pillars of prosperity-
I respect the Constitution not because of a nostalgic attachment to an anachronistic document, but because the Founders knew the danger in allowing government to overstep its legitimate functions. It is unfortunate that many Americans today don't understand the Founders' wisdom in framing our government on the principles of federalism and republicanism — as opposed to "democracy."
A free society can only work when its members agree that there are certain things left to the discretion of individuals — no matter what a temporary majority might think. In practice this means the government must respect private property and the rule of law, or what is also called free-market capitalism.
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Revolution 4 Freedom Festival - Ready…Set…Go!!

May 2008 Donation Appeal: While we war roomappreciate our loyal donors who have been so consistently generous, the Granny Revolution Freedom Rally July 2-6 in Sturgis, SDwarriors would also like you to help us make this week a week even the media cannot ignore. Make a donation today that is comfortable for your budget. If a majority of our readers and supporters did this, we will be able to put on an event that you will be able to hear about from corner to corner of the USA and the world.
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Revolution March - July 12th

Keynote Speaker: Ron Paul

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GOP Leaders Struggle to Contain ‘Revolution’

If this pattern continues, even with crackdowns at future state american free pressconventions, Paul supporters are still likely to fill a lot more seats at the national GOP convention in September than would normally be justified by his showing in the (fraudulent) popular vote, “perhaps 30 times the 21 delegates they are officially entitled to based on the state primary results,” suggests political writer, Dave Nalle.
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Being Ron Paul

The free-market Texas Congressman is still drawing a portion of GOP wall street journalvoters who remain unconvinced of Mr. McCain's conservative bona fides. He drew 16% of the vote in Pennsylvania, his highest numbers yet, and he has gotten more than a million votes nationwide. He's even been collecting a few delegates along the way.
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The Cure For Ron Paul's Issues: A Profound Plan For Freedom

This message is for all people who support Ron Paul's message of RevContinues1Freedom and want to know what they can do as a "Freedom Keeper." Listed just below are seven activities of the federal government that are un-constitutional.
With the exception of Ron Paul, all of this year's presidential candidates, past and present, would have us believe these activities are mere matters of public policy.
Ron Paul says "NO!" -- These are not matters of public policy, they are VIOLATIONS of the Constitution.
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This is BIG, really BIG. Flood the National Convention Floor even if you are not a Delegate

The National Convention is looking for 10,000 volunteers to help. We daily paulcan be a large part of that floor. Ron Paul's name is going to be nominated from the floor. We'll be there in mass inside the convention to wave signs and chant when that happens.
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Ron Paul calls Missouri He's Coming to Branson May 30th

Ron Paul calls Missouri to let them know he *IS* coming May 30th to Branson. Further details in the video. This video stars MANY MANY people all across the state of Missouri from the many Ron Paul meetup groups.

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New to Ron Paul?

This may be your first visit to our site, or maybe you gave it a quick look 2008before and have returned. Curious as to what all the fuss is about and why so many people across America are having their political apathy cured by Dr. Paul’s message of freedom, peace, and prosperity? You have come to the right place.
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Revolution 4 Freedom Festival - Granny’s Update - 5/22/08

The Festival is coming together in a great way, new people are stepping war roomup every day requesting to speak, put on workshops or give seminars. This is wonderful, it is also rather sad as we only have so much time and do not want to in any way stiffle any of the events already in place.
We have done everything we can to assure a beautiful setting, easy access and great events during the Festival. We have stressed this is a family event. The kids will have lots to do while parents are at workshops and seminars and will be supervised in games and fun events giving parents time to relax and learn.Revolution Freedom Rally July 2-6 in Sturgis, SD
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