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Update: Ron Paul "Money Bomb" Breaks $2 Million Barrier

On the other hand, the National Ledger is attempting to debunk the whole thing, saying that it doesn't matter how much money Paul raises because his message won't play with the voters.
But that's really what all this about, isn't it? It's about finding out what the voters will accept and support rather than merely speculating about it. And for most Paul supporters, it's about doing what they can to take back our country from a government which thinks it's the next coming of King George III.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

WOW: More Ron Paul Money

Ron Paul, without lifting a finger, is turning the conventional wisdom of raising money on its head and proving once again his grassroots support and his viability as a major candidate. He has raised more than $2 million online since last night; fueled in large part by his supporters.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Commentary for November 5th, 2007

Tomorrow, MSM may be in a bit of a predicament. Mitt has the one-day record so far for this race at $3.1 million. As of about 3pm Eastern time, Ron Paul has raised $2.3 million. The goal now is still to raise as much money as possible but additionally, to make it at least more than Mitt.
If that happens, how will MSM ignore or spin it?
I saw a video of Ron Paul addressing one of the main accusations of MSM that was funny. It's being said that Ron Paul's campaign is essentially a few tech savvy people that are creating the illusion of a large following by spamming. Ron Paul's question was, "How are they spamming in all the money?" Good point and one that the media isn't likely to answer.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's 'money bomb'

Proving again his ability to raise significant cash online, Ron Paul has politicoraised nearly $2 million since midnight via his website.
In what is being called a "money bomb," Paul's fervent backers spread the word that today they'd blast their candidate with Internet contributions, setting up a website, "This November 5th," to push the plan. An aide said they had nothing to do with the effort.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul Radio Ad #3


November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s campaign takes in over 5 million so far in 4rth quarter

Paul was the only Republican to have raised more money in the third usa dailyquarter than in the second quarter and has already raised more money in the 4rth quarter than he did in the third quarter. Ron Paul’s campaign website shows donations received in real time. The tactic had improved an already successful online fund raising operation allowing the campaign to further engage visitors with fund raising efforts.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Larken Rose Comments on Ron Paul Today - November 5th

Who in their right mind would be even slightly enthusiastic about the prospect of having Hillary Clinton, or John McCain, or Barrack Obama in the Whitehouse? What do those lying thieves even believe in? Well, it changes week to week, depending upon what they think will get them votes. The reason that BOTH faces of the authoritarian ruling class really want to belittle and marginalize Ron Paul is that: 1) he actually believes what he says; 2) he believes in a lot more freedom than we have now, and; 3) lots of people like that.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul On Course To Raise Millions In One Day

The meteoric success of Ron Paul's campaign thus far is also reflected in figures we highlighted this weekend, revealing the websites of all the other presidential candidates to be flat and floundering, attracting no new visitors whatsoever. In contrast has seen an 80+% rise in viewings over the past three months.
Once again we urge our American readers to engage in this historic show of activism by visiting and donating whatever you can afford.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Gunpowder Plot -- Update

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports: It's a little early to tell if this one-day abcdonate-off Gunpowder Plot by supporters of Republican candidate Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex., will raise the $10 million bucks they want it to, but the supporters are off to a good start.

November 05, 2007

Ron Paul's cash flow

His campaign said his 12-hour total was $1.9 million — what they said washington timeswas the most successful online fundraising day of any candidate in either party this year, and the most successful of any GOP candidate ever. (John Kerry holds the one-day record, raising $5.6 million on July 29, 2004, during the Democratic nomination convention.)
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Half way through November 5th Ron Paul raised more $$$ than Obama did in 3 days

At this rate the campaign will beat Kerry's 3 million dollar one-day haul record for one day during his general election run
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Paul Supporters Hope to Make Campaign History

If all goes as planned, the Ron Paul presidential campaign could raise wall street journal$10 million today. At least that’s what his supporters are working toward.
A grassroots effort run by supporter Trevor Lyman through the site was initially asking for 100,000 people to sign up and pledge to give $100 today, for a total that could make cash-strapped Republican Sen. John McCain blush. As of Saturday, however, the site had only registered about 18,000 supporters for the “moneybomb” — far short of the total but enough to create a notable and growing boost to Paul’s campaign chest.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Another Ron Paul Surge

In about 11 hours Paul has raised $1.6 million. That surge is part of a mass November 5th fundraiser dreamed up by grassroots Paul supporters: "Remember, remember, the fifth of November" by raising $5 million in one day for Paul.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

MIT Supports Ron Paul This November 5th!

MIT Ron PaulNovember 05, 2007 Permalink

One Day Primary Record of $2.3 Million In Big Trouble

Once the total for today passes $2.3, Ron Paul will have received more daily paulactual contributions in one day than any primary candidate in American history.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Smashes All Expectations, Hauls in More than $1 Million in the first few hours of Monday

Texas Congressman and GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul has once again smashed all expectations, with his supporters raising more than $1 million dollars in the first few hours of Monday by 10.15 am EST. Paul's supporters had set a grassroots challenge they termed "Money Bomb" aiming to get at least 100,000 supporters to donate $100 each with the ultimate objective of raising $10 million ... in one day.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Why its Time to Support Ron Paul - NOW

Today is the DAY to donate at Today is the Freedom Money Bomb. We are going to make history! Never in fundraising history will a candidate raise more money in one day. this symbol of patriotism can very well make Ron Paul the next President.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

$1 Million and Counting for Ron Paul, Since Midnight!

Those who thought that raising $5 Million in a single quarter was "jaw-lew rockwell blogdropping" will undoubtedly be floored to learn what is happening today. Thousands of freedom-loving individuals from the United States are getting behind Ron Paul's message and showing their support by donating $100 at a time. Since midnight, the doctor-turned-congressman from Texas has raised over $1 MILLION, putting him on track to each his $12 Million goal for the fourth quarter.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Leader of the Pack

Ron Paul is winning the hearts and minds of the American people, and in oped newsthe process is setting the stage for the Republican Presidential nomination. He is no longer just an Internet phenomenon, and everywhere he goes, there are large crowds who are inspired by his message. As his profile increases in the mainstream, so are his converts. His message of hope, liberty, peace, and prosperity is an easy sell to Americans, who are disillusioned with the whole political process. He is shattering the left/right paradigm, and attracting support from all ends of the political spectrum. With approval ratings for Congress and the Senate at all-time lows, Ron Paul offers hope.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul garner’s support from Tom Ambrose

Despite long ago repenting from being a Republican and from voting for red pillsRepublicans, I must confess I am momentarily backsliding {you’re not to be blamed, VOTE PERSON NOT PARTY}: I will be voting for Ron Paul. People from all parts of the political spectrum - including many people from the so-called “third parties,” like myself - will be voting for him as well {because Ron Paul is the only rational choice}. Because of this, he has a legitimate shot at winning the presidency and doing what needs to be done to fix our nation. Why?
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Remember, Remember This Fifth of November

This is the decentralized, emergent power of free human action at work: while the pro-corporatist, pro-war, pro-torture, pro-IRS, pro-Federal Reserve, tyrant wannabe candidates struggle to generate citizen interest, the one candidate who actually supports the ideals of the American Revolution – who not only says so but who has a long record to back that up – is enjoying so much volunteer support that it dwarfs his official campaign. And Paul repeatedly points out that it is the message of freedom people are responding to, not him personally. Unlike most politicians, he is personally humble yet confident and sure of his message.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Just Raised Over $240,000 in Two Hours

As of 2:00 AM Eastern, Ron Paul has raised over $240,000 since lewrockwell blogmidnight. Yes, that's $240,000 in two hours. Since I started writing this, he has raised over $20,000 more. Okay, now it's at $270,000. Now it's at $290,000.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Why you should consider RON PAUL for President, and other stuff.

To consider the polls, whichever polls, before making up your mind is pure, unadulterated B[@#!*@]T! The polls are the media’s way of influencing our decisions. The media, through their polls, is saying, “Hey, don’t do that, no one else is. Do this, because everyone else is.” That is almost always the wrong reason to do anything.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on the Christian doctrine of "Just War"

Ron Paul on the Christian doctrine of "Just War" and the requirements that must be met before a war is considered justified.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

The Revolution comes to South Carolina (Days 2 & 3)

The Ron Paul juggernaut continued to roll through South Carolina on rp2008Friday. After a press conference with print reporters, and doing some radio interviews, Dr. Paul made a triumphant appearance at the Strom Thurman Institute Amphitheater at Clemson University. More than 700 students and supporters greeted the good doctor with unbridled enthusiasm as he gave a spirited speech. After the rally, Dr. Paul stayed for more than an hour to say hello to the many supporters waiting to meet the doctor who has cured their apathy.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

A Time for Choosing

We are often told that the aim of government is to maintain peace and prosperity. The line has been used, “We never had it so good”. But from these same people, you never hear about the huge tax burden on the people and the devaluation of the dollar. Every single day the average worker’s salary becomes smaller and smaller, making it increasingly harder to maintain a decent life, while prices and prosperity are farther out of reach. We spend countless tax dollars over seas supposedly to fight hunger and spread democracy and freedom.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

November 5th… The most money raised online for a candidate in one day?

All of this money will come from online supporters of Ron Paul for their candidates campaign. Why is everybody so fascinated by all of Ron Paul’s grassroots efforts? Because it is so incredibly hard to grasp… Some rejoice, some dismiss, and some just are just plain terrified of his support. 18,000 people getting together for a cause they believe in. 18,000 people donating anywhere from 1 million to 3 million all in one day.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Is the Media Trying to Hurt Ron Paul?

It is time to call out the media on their inaccurate and misleading reporting. No longer can or should we as Americans allow this kind of blatant bias to be plastered all over. It hurts us as a country, it hurts us individually, it hurts us as a people. The news used to be run by people that you could trust. You could at least trust that they had, to the best of their knowledge, checked out a story for accuracy before running it. You could trust that they wouldn't outright lie to you. .
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Signs of the Times--How This is Different

And it's different, because the people out here supporting Ron Paul are redstateeclecticnot just conservatives (remember the Reagan Democrats, who were really conservative Democrats who just hadn't made the switch) yet; Ron Paul appeals to liberals, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and who knows who else? It's different, because people who would typically feel disenfranchised--many students--are scraping together their dollars and giving them to a campaign that values them--not just for their willingness to do "campaign grunt work"--but because THEY are the ones this campaign is for.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Gets Much More Than 15 Minutes

Mr. Boyer concludes by saying that play time is over. I have to agree AMERICAN CHRONICLEwith him. It's time for Ron Paul supporters to pull out all the stops. It's time to put your money where your mouth is. It's time to quiet all these nay sayers who think that Ron Paul's supporters are few and far between. It's time to show our strength. Donate. Put on the bumper stickers. Keep going to those rallies and holding up your signs. Keep submitting those videos to Youtube. Keep blogging. Keep writing those articles. Let those in the minority, those like Mr. Boyer, those who think that their vision is the only clear vision, let these people know that they can no longer tell us what to think. Let them know that it is time for them to worry about themselves and not about everyone else. Let them know that the majority of people want to accept responsibility for themselves and want government out of their lives. Let these people know that the ideas of freedom, liberty, smaller government and self reliance are still viable ideas today that resonate with Americans. It is time to elect Ron Paul and send the message that we wish the rest of the politicians to stop playing with our lives.
November 05, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul and Americans

Isn't it about time to feel American again?
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Why the Mass Media Fear Ron Paul

Another week goes by and the mainstream media (MSM) continue to try usa dailyto demonize GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and his message of limited government and a noninterventionist foreign policy. I say take your best shot because as much as they try to downplay his growing support on college campuses and the growing financial support of his campaign, the MSM fear the worst, a president who will pursue a noninterventionist foreign policy.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Christians leaving neocons for Ron Paul

Ron Paul vs. Modern-day Judas
Thanks to Ron Paul my world has been rocked! I come from a Christian background and have been a faithful Republican for many years. I voted for George Bush and supported his campaign. I believed the Republican Party conserves the Constitutional rule of law in which my rights and liberties are protected. I believed they maintain healthy and vibrant fiscal policy for generations to come and that they demonstrate moral and exemplary leadership. In short, I believed I was being a good American as a Republican.
With Ron Paul as president, we can have hope again to be a beacon of light and truth so that our lives and freedom, coupled with Godly virtue and individual responsibility, will continue on earth. I’m so grateful to him for awakening the true Spirit of Christ in me. This is my prayer to the Father for America, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

A Nation of Sheep

Judge Andrew Napolitano supports Ron Paul 100%
November 04, 2007 Permalink

A Washington official dares to tell the truth

Washington is bankrupting future generations. The longer we wait to baltimoresunaddress the $9 trillion national debt and ongoing annual budget deficits, the more taxes our children and grandchildren will have to pay, says David M. Walker, comptroller general of the United States, head of the General Accountability Office and just about the only public official in Washington these days telling the truth about the country's fiscal situation. We're basically taxing future generations without representation (because they can't vote or haven't been born), which he says is immoral.
Walker: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are "going to cost $2 trillion by the time we're done." [They're up to around half a trillion now.] Walker: The biggest deficit in this country right now is "leadership." Walker: If private corporations published balance sheets the way the federal government does, their leaders would go to jail.
People under the age of 30, especially, should be raising hell.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Sinking Currency, Sinking Country

The euro, worth 83 cents in the early George W. Bush years, is at $1.45. yahoo newsThe British pound is back up over $2, the highest level since the Carter era. The Canadian dollar, which used to be worth 65 cents, is worth more than the U.S. dollar for the first time in half a century.
Oil is over $90 a barrel. Gold, down to $260 an ounce not so long ago, has hit $800.
The dollar is plunging because America has been living beyond her means, borrowing $2 billion a day from foreign nations to maintain her standard of living and to sustain the American Imperium.
The prime suspect in the death of the dollar is the massive trade deficits America has run up, some $5 trillion in total since the passage of NAFTA and the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Report: Who Supports Him and Why is November 5th Important?

My observation of the make-up of Ron Paul supporters so far:
mensnewsdaily1) True intellectuals who may have actually read the Constitution and want to at least send a message about that
2) Successful businesspeople between 25-45 who would rather save for retirement than pay for more government
3) Expats, Americans living in other countries whom Congress apparently believes can still be regulated and ruled over
4) Military, especially those who may have been wounded or almost killed defending the Constitution
5) Males who still have a pair and who at least want to send a message about men's rights
6) Women who respect males who still have a pair
7) Women who really think for themselves and not for the sisterhood
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul changes the course of America do in large part to what ocurred on the 5th of November

We have seen the truth. The truth will no longer allow us to sleep, or sit idly by as our nation, and our world, fall further into tyranny and oppression, as our inalienable human rights are quietly slipped from our grasp. The truth is getting inside of the heads of more and more people every day, whether they like it or not. I’d venture to say, some of those who are most hostile against this movement, may very well be our brothers in arms in the not so distant future. Other than the elite power hungry, I don’t see it all as an us vs. them, but rather those who have accepted the truth, and those who have not yet come to terms with it.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

An Open Letter to the Jewish Community in Behalf of Ron Paul

The action of the Republican Jewish Coalition in barring Ron Paul from lewrockwelltheir debate was thus a shonda for the goyim. A disgrace. We Jews are supposed to be the people of the book. That is, open to intellectual dialogue. How is it possible to reconcile this with a refusal to hear out one of the major Republican candidates for the presidency. I urge all Jewish Republicans and libertarians to express their dissatisfaction with this act, and to join Jews for Ron Paul.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul Columbia Rally SC

mp3Excellent and Focused Campaign Speech. The Campaign is exactly defined in this well delivered speech.
Courtesy of Ron Paul Audio



November 04, 2007

The American Revolution vs. The Ron Paul Revolution

The Ron Paul revolution has been sparked not only as a tax revolt, but american chronicalas a re-awakening of the spirit of freedom and liberty. People are talking about these concepts again as a result of Ron Paul's candidacy. People are beginning to question whether or not they have a real voice in their government. Some are wondering just how oppressive their government can become. Some are beginning to feel they are being robbed by the government, that there is taxation without representation. When they try to protest they are shut down by police forces and shuttled off to "free speech zones." The government refuses to answer any redress of grievances presented to them. Anyone caught not paying their tribute, also known as taxes, are thrown in jail. They are forced to choose between giving a portion of their money to a government engaging in activities they may not agree with or not paying their taxes and chancing a trip to the big house. This kind of treatment of the masses makes many wonder just what it means to be free and if we as Americans are truly experiencing freedom. The masses of humanity are beginning to line up behind Ron Paul.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul with Bloomberg's Tom Keene

mp3Ron Paul Sees Need to Control U.S. Government Spending



November 04, 2007

Ron Paul Nov 5th Donation Site: Powerful Statement on Constitution

A press release on the Ron Paul Nov 5th donation site puts the donation free markrt news networkdrive into a Constitutional perspective that is at the heart of GOP Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Ron Paul (R-Tex), a "Constitutionalist," believes in free-markets, a strong national defense and re-invigorating the power of American entrepreneurialism.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

POTRATZ: Ron Paul: What a real Republican should be

The last thing this country needs is to be divided further. We need someone to unite this nation under the context of its founding: the Constitution. Among the dissonance and chatter of popular sound-bites coming from our candidates, one man is standing up and talking truth. Only one man has the courage to defend the Constitution, regardless of even his own party's disdain of his positions. One man - Ron Paul.
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Path to the Nomination

How can a candidate trailing in the polls in early November overtake the field and win? Here's how:
November 04, 2007 Permalink

Nun Supports Ron Paul on Fox News

God Bless Sister Rose Marie

November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Hits a Home Run on Jay Leno Show

Ron Paul came off as witty, sincere and perhaps the greatest patriot in altermediamainstream politics today. Millions of anti-war Americans have been looking for a solid anti-war candidate, and Ron Paul clearly is the one. Millions of Democrats are disgusted with Hillary’s repeated pro-war pronouncements. The Democrat Party has failed repeatedly to stop funding the war, to investigate the lies that led us into the war or to impeach Bush and Cheney for their criminal abuse of power. We will probably see a record number of Democrats and Libertarians changing parties so they can vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary.
The Ron Paul phenomenon has a fantastic grass roots quality to it. Once people learn about Ron Paul, they can’t help but spread the word, tell their friends and start blogging about Paul until the wee hours of the night. Thanks to the Jay Leno Show, Ron Paul has just been introduced to millions of Americans nation-wide, who probably had never heard of him before. The Ron Paul campaign has just shifted up a gear or two, and the momentum is building faster than ever.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Nov 10th Philadelphia rally back to Independence Mall!

Thanks to the combined efforts of grass roots supporters and the 2008national campaign, the Saturday, November 10th Philadelphia rally will take place in downtown Philadelphia at Independence Mall!
The rally will begin at 1:00 PM.
Thanks to everyone who helped us reduce the cost of the rally so that we could confirm the original Independence Mall location.
Independence Mall is located just off Arch Street, in the historic district of Philadelphia, between 5th and 6th Streets.
No campaign events will take place at Valley Forge.
Join Ron Paul this Veteran’s Day Weekend and stand up for our freedoms!
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul: Thing of Beauty


November 03, 2007 Permalink

Meeting Ron Paul

The crowd was warm and inclusive, and striking up a conversation with folks was incredibly easy. We’re all Americans concerned with the future of our country, and the more we talk with each other, the more bridges we can build to heal the wounds that have divided us for so long. It was a chilly evening in Columbia, but as the crowd grew in the amphitheater, a warmth became apparent that can only be ascribed to the flame of liberty in all those people.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s record may be his secret weapon

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may have a secret weapon usa dailyin the 2008 election. Unfortunately for his opponents it is his record. Paul’s campaign has started running radio ads that highlight his record in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise

A cursory analysis of Ron Paul's web rankings on Alexa proves that his presidential campaign is soaring while all his nearest rivals are no longer attracting any new visitors and are languishing in the congressmen's wake.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul at Clemson University


Ron Paul at Clemson UniversityPart 1   Part 2   Part 3  

November 03, 2007 Permalink

They don’t get us.

After watching Tucker last night it dawned on me what has been obvious all along - nobody in the media understands the Ron Paul movement at all - not even Tucker whom I would have thought would know better. In Tucker’s mind the only people who could possibly support Ron Paul are the relative handful of people in this country like him who “really understand” what Ron Paul is about, leftists who hate the war and tin foil hat wearing, ex-hippie conspiracy theorists. Well yes, we are all of those things, but we are also doctors and lawyers and soldiers and scientists.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Jay Leno Appearance = 8.05 Republican Primary Debates

In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to Ron Paul’s nomination in the Republican primary is his lack of voter awareness. Paul has made some headway in this category through his participation in the Republican debates, but these debates are essentially beauty contests for MSM-approved candidates (of whose number Paul cannot be counted). This week, however, Paul appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. In two months, we may be looking back at this appearance as a true turning point in Paul’s campaign.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

November 5th: Ron Paul Revolution

Ignite the passion for America

November 03, 2007 Permalink

The Spirit in the Air is Ripe for a Third Great Awakening!

The real question is at this very late hour, do we as Americans really want to remove entirely the constitution from our law books? It is presently just given lip service. It will soon be made entirely arbitrary unless something fundamentally changes.
I would venture to say that 70% of Americans who take the time to think about these things would wish for the constitution to be given more than lip service by our leaders today. 70% would vote for a fundamental change. The first obstacle is this disbelief that our efforts will be able to change things. The indifference is so powerfully blinding that it is very hard to get people to focus in on anything political when politics is synonymous with deception these days.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul's Gunpowder Plot

But on their website with a call "for the largest one day political abcdonation in history," Paul supporters want to ignite a monetary bomb of their own. They hope for 100,000 subscribers to raise $10 million bucks for Paul on that day. They have a ways to go over the weekend –- the site lists 15,991 subscribers as of late Friday.
November 03, 2007 Permalink


Even a casual observer of the 2008 presidential race has likely seen the chroniclename Ron Paul. The diminutive Texas Republican congressman’s name and likeness are widely distributed by legions of rabid supporters who put stickers on everything from their cars and signs along hiking paths to massive billboards atop their cars. Though the obstetrician is 72 years old, he also has more Internet presence on youthful websites like YouTube than any other candidate and has had held the esteemed top ranking as a search term in the blogosphere.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul on Anderson Coopers 360 11-2-07


November 03, 2007 Permalink

Cyber Warfare on Ron Paul Campaign Continues

This attack on top of the evolving botnet spam attack makes the situation much more of a multi pronged assault than an isolated hacker in control of a botnet in a misguided attempt to help the campaign. This is clearly an evolving criminal conspiracy to harm the campaign of Ron Paul from a sophisticated professional bunch obviously for hire from someone who wants to stop the Paul Campaign's locomotive strength and they do not care what they have to do to accomplish the task.
November 03, 2007 Permalink


Despite long ago repenting from being a Republican and from voting for Republicans, I must confess I am momentarily backsliding: I will be voting for Ron Paul. People from all parts of the political spectrum - including many people from the so-called "third parties," like myself - will be voting for him as well. Because of this, he has a legitimate shot at winning the presidency and doing what needs to be done to fix our nation. Why?
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul says an American Empire is flakey

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told the host Friday night on USA DAILYCNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 that an “American Empire is flakey.” Dr. Paul was responding to a question regarding juvenile attacks by critics that he is flakey.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

AUDIO: Ron Paul Radio Ad #1


November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul Radio Ad #2


November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul’s Opponents Gambled and Lost

Ron Paul’s opponents gambled on him just fading away, and they lost. LEWROCKWELLThe next tactic will of course be to paint him as an absolute nutball, and again, not by actually debating his positions, but just by asserting them as self-evidently crazy. Over time that too will prove inadequate. At some point, they will need to explain why the party of limited government couldn’t possibly nominate a man who would actually limit government. What are they going to say?
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Joel Stein is Confused! [and sophomoric]

Proponent of the rule of law and the constitution, against illegal undeclared wars of aggression, for civil liberties, lower taxes and sound money is RADICAL?!
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul rallies Upstate voters

“Once you hear what he’s talking about, it’s hard not to agree with him,” Mr. Stout said. “It’s more effective than us walking around telling people about him.”
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul supporters unite to tailgate with Mitt Romney at Michigan State vs. University of Michigan football game

Mitt Romney supports the status quo, Ron Paul supports what our nation was founded on, freedom and equality for all. Who gets Michigan’s vote? I know who’s got mine…
November 03, 2007 Permalink


His support is erupting from every voting bloc in America, and now that he has appeared on the Jay Leno show, millions of Americans who had never heard of him know who he is and what he will do. Leno was friendly and Tom Cruise shook his hand, even though Ron apparently wasn’t sure who he is. Indeed, Johnny Rotten – whom I had never heard of – turns out to be a libertarian supporter, so you had better believe I am now a Sex Pistols fanatic.
November 03, 2007 Permalink

Ron Paul ahead in Polls! What the media doesn't show you.

The corporate media offer the excuse that Ron Paul is not a mainstream candidate and has little chance of winning, therefore their decision to afford him little coverage is justified. But this is a chicken and egg scenario - if the media routinely ignore so-called marginal candidates then they are never going to attain the exposure of a Giuliani or a Romney, thus the media bias becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If Ron Paul was afforded equal media coverage at every step of the way before the Republican nomination, and if America was still a free country with a democratic process that actually worked, then Ron Paul would be a shoe-in for the Oval Office.
But the fact remains, as is painfully underscored by the media's treatment of Ron Paul, that America is a banana republic where the president is not elected by popular will but selected by the corporate and military-industrial kingpins that for whom, upon inauguration, he becomes the puppet.
November 02, 2007 Permalink

FOX:Ron Paul opens a Campaign office in South Carolina

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News From the Revolution: South Carolina, Day 1

The crowds began arriving as early as 9 am for the official opening of the redstateeclecticRon Paul 2008 Greenville, South Carolina office. They came from as far away as North Carolina and Georgia to meet Ron Paul and to hear his message of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Pleasantville Drive was lined with campaign signs as people began to file in. It became quickly evident that the event was going to be far bigger than anyone had imagined.
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Ron Paul: Our Next President?

He would be a man who understands that the right to keep and bear arms is inherent in the right of self defense conferred on the individual and the community by God to safeguard life, liberty, and property; that this right is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution; and that it may not properly be infringed upon or denied.
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This November 5th, Are You Ready?


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Ron Paul’s Slam Dunk Foreign Policy

Ron Paul, for one, is not afraid to tell us the bitter truth about all this, without belittling his critics or minimizing the problems that his fellow Republicans have helped create. The U.S has lost the moral high ground in the Middle East, he says, and all but the blindest supporters of the current administration understand how bad the situation is. Our nation’s arrogance and incompetence have proven poisonous beyond measure for our foreign policy. That seems to be the message I’m getting from the Paul campaign, and boy do I think they’re right.
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Ron Paul Correct, Foreign Policy Magazine Wrong

Foreign Policy magazine reporter Mike Boyer incorrectly charges that Ron Paul's understanding of the intentions of the founding fathers is "profoundly flawed." It turns out that Mr. Boyer's own understand of both the founding fathers and Ron Paul is what's really flawed.
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RonPaulVoices's Profile Page

Submitted by Joey Mariano.
Here you will find and an entrepreneurial Video streaming site with some clips of the crowd before the the Jay Leno taping.
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Rudy’s Glass House

Submitted by Art Oliver.
All in all, America’s Mayor appears clueless and uninformed in his private the new yourk observerremarks, even though the commissioners, by their own admission later, went easy on him.
None of that will surprise anyone who has read Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11, the 2006 book by Mr. Barrett and Dan Collins that delves into many of the errors and falsehoods behind the Republican front-runner’s facade.
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Press Releases › Ron Paul Offers Prayers for South Carolina Fire Victims

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA—Texas congressman and Republican presidential rp 2008candidate Ron Paul today issued the following statement.
“Together with my wife Carol and our family, I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the families and loved ones of the seven University of South Carolina and Clemson University students who lost their lives this weekend in Ocean Isle Beach. Our deepest prayers and sympathies are with you, and with all those who have lost family members or homes in the fires wreaking devastation upon California. May the grace of God help you find some peace in your times of trouble and need.”
Congressman Paul will be visiting Clemson University on November 2.
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Jesus Loves Ron Paul

I am convinced by his fruit that Ron Paul loves Jesus and is a sincere Bible believing Christian. His stances of sacred issues of life additionally confirm this. His position as peacemaker, not warmongerer, also are signs of this fruit.
To be sure, Ron Paul is a man with his own faults and imperfections but he is also a man who, when asked, will tell you Jesus is his personal Savior.
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The Singularity and Ron Paul

Among many other things, Ron Paul wants to create such a market by busting the medical cartel and the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. Probably the biggest thing you can do right now to massively increase your future standard of living, and that of those you care about, is to devote whatever time and money you can to Ron Paul.
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Rock Star

Of all candidates for president, only one promises to end the war immediately, and it’s Conservative Republican Paul. He is to the GOP boulder weeklywhat Howard Dean was to the Democrats back in 2003 — only bigger, and so far minus the Iowa shriek. He’s the Internet rock star nobody saw coming — the man with a clear message that wins appeal on both sides of the aisle. Like Dean, he’s a physician who began his campaign with a majority of Americans having never heard his name. Like Dean, his campaign has attracted millions of Internet-savvy youths who have typically steered clear of politics, uninspired by the prevailing political prose.
Few mainstream celebrities have drawn as much attention on the Internet as Paul has, with Paris Hilton generating only slightly more traffic. Recent data from Google show that Paul has received 56.1 million hits, while Hillary Clinton has received 6.6 million. Barak Hussein Obama has received 3.3 million, Mitt Romney 2.5 million and Rudy Giuliani 2.2 million. In the established political realm, Paul isn’t a player yet. But in the chaotic and egalitarian Internet realm, he’s King Paul.
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87 New York Delegates Needed for the Convention

If you reside in New York State and are a registered Registered daily paulRepublican, then I urge you to apply to be a delegate at the convention in Minneapolis next September.
There is no better opportunity to ensure that Ron Paul carries our state than by being part of the New York Delegation.
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Ron Paul draws crowd of 700 during midday rally at Clemson University

Paul called for abolishing the federal income tax and criticized the usa dailyFederal Reserve for "creating money out of thin air." Paul told supporters his was a message of hope and that he wanted America to be an example for the world.
Ron Paul’s campaign continues to gain momentum and unify people as he campaigns on themes like defending the Bill of Rights and protecting Americans from a growing police state that does not follow its own laws.
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Bush's Isolationist Policies Cost U.S. 94 Billion since 9-11

To sum up this article we see that the Bush administration's interventionist foreign policy is the true isolationist policy and Ron Paul means to change that if elected with his non-interventionist policy.
It is clear that Ron Paul's asset based currency monetary policy is also going to be very popular with both foreign investors as well as the middle class who can then invest easily for retirement and not worry that the FED will inflate the currency ruining the value of their savings at such an alarming rate.
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Support for Ron Paul on Blowback and Diplomacy

We originally funded and trained Bin Laden in Afghanistan as well as many revolutionaries from Central and South America at the SOA in Georgia. The same group is now training Iraqi forces in California. Clinton courted the Taliban to build a pipeline through the country, but by the time Bush took office their extremism was a political embarrassment.
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Ron Paul Wins 10 of The Last 12 Republican Straw Polls!

Here’s sticking it in the face to all of mainstream media and their shills who claim Ron Paul lacks support when in fact he gets the most support:
Ask yourself why mainstream media is not reporting this.
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Slowly but Surely, Ron Paul Continues the Money Hunt

With each click of the refresh button on the site his money is going up in wall street journalsmall increments, presumably from the individual small donor base he has cultivated on the Internet. Even if Paul averages a $2.6 million monthly haul through December he could raise about $8 million for the fourth quarter.
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Ron Paul: Giuliani doesn't understand 9/11

cnnPresidential candidate Ron Paul talks about Iranian nukes, the causes of 9/11 and a new paradigm for U.S. foreign policy. The full interview airs tonight on "360."
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Time’s Ron Paul Hit-piece

Please consider your role in suppressing the last real hope our country has of pulling out of it’s current nosedive. The empire is about to crumble under its own weight and you are obfuscating through deceit and omissions.
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CNN VIDEO: Ron Paul on Iran, 9/11

CNNPresidential candidate Ron Paul talked politics on 'Anderson Cooper 360.' Watch the full interview November 2, 10 pm ET.
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Freedom Pledge

The American Freedom Agenda, an organization of conservatives NYTfounded last March 20 to restore checks and balances and protections against government abuses, requested all presidential aspirants, including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, to sign an American Freedom Pledge.
Senator Clinton has balked at signing the pledge, as have all other candidates except Representative Ron Paul.
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Chuck Baldwin cautions those on the religious right regarding Huckabee

Christians need to beware of Mike Huckabee. He is not a RED PILLSconservative. Even worse, he is not a constitutionalist. He is an opportunist, however. This is demonstrated by the fact that many of his supporters are openly posturing (with Huckabee’s consent, obviously) for an opportunity to run Huckabee as a potential Vice Presidential candidate with either Giuliani or Romney at the top of the ticket.
Let me ask the reader something. How could a principled pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution conservative be willing to run on a ticket with a liberal presidential candidate such as Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney? That’s right, he couldn’t. {Ron Paul on Jay Leno said he wouldn’t!}
I say again, beware of Mike Huckabee!
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Ron Paul to rally his troops at Valley Forge

The campaign is holding rallies today at Clemson University and in USA DAILYdowntown Columbia tonight. Paul’s campaign will be opening another South Carolina office tomorrow.
Paul’s campaign may be using large rallies that are often outdoors to by pass media censorship and display his support.
Ron Paul’s main battle has not been against opponents but against media censorship of his campaign and he has been given very little time to speak in presidential debates.
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Ron Paul on This Nov 5th!


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Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid

“People are aware of what I am talking about because of seeds that have been planted. I don’t think political change comes out of the blue but from individuals who lay ground work,” says Paul. “The end stages are coming for our economic system and the value of our dollar. Our country is stretched way beyond its means. We have a foreign policy that has stretched us overseas.”
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Ron Paul: Statement on Federal Reserve Rate Cut

Make no mistake, the problems faced by the American people are not statements and speechescaused by unscrupulous mortgage brokers or the rising price of oil. These are symptoms of an economic disease caused by a spendthrift Congress enabled by loose monetary policy. Too many pundits praise the weak dollar as benefiting exporters, but they fail to see the harm done to thrifty, hard-working Americans. Rather than continuing to pursue a policy of easy credit and increasing debt, we need to return to a sound monetary system.”
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Ron Paul head and shoulders above McCain and Romney on 2nd Amendment rights!

“My question to Congressman Ron Paul in contrast was answered red pillsdirectly (not a form letter) from his Regional Campaign Coordinator, it was to the point and the response was in less than 10 minutes. I was impressed to hear about his showing at SAF’s Gun Rights Policy Conference but wanted to nail down his official response on the ATF’s Back Door Attacks on our Second Amendment.”
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Paul: Military overextended; civil rights at risk

An overextended military overseas is weakening America's national defense, and fear is causing too many people in this country to give up their civil liberties, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul told a crowd of nearly 300 Thursday evening.
It's the road to tyranny, he said.
"It's not like this is a new revolution. This is the restoration of the original one," said Paul, a Texas congressman. "And we have a lot of work to do."
Paul supporters from Asheville, N.C., to Atlanta began filing into the Spartanburg County administration building about 6 p.m.
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Presidential Possibilities:The Ron Paul Revolution

The traditional media needs to be humiliated, educated and called out on their false aura of credibility. The sooner "We the People" replace the media machine, the sooner we decide who the candidates will be rather then MSNBC, the better for the world. So get some yard signs and bumper stickers, make a donation, and support an enlightened, much needed, Presidential dialogue.
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News 9 (WMUR) Covers Ron Paul in NH


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Ron Paul "crushes opposition" in Springfield, MO GOP Straw Poll

The results of a straw poll of Springfield Republicans Thursday night lew blogshows what Ron Paul backers say they already know.
Paul is a popular candidate in the conservative Ozarks.
The Texas congressman crushed his opposition in the poll taken during a meeting Thursday of the Springfield Metropolitan Republican Club at the Springfield Library Center.
Paul earned 85 votes, more than all of the other six candidates combined.
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Paul brothers speak in pulpit, on politics

GRAND RAPIDS -- David Paul never was much for politics, but the minister at a Grand Rapids church feels this year as if he has a ringside seat. That would be thanks to younger brother Ron, whose maverick campaign for president is upstaging many of his more staid GOP rivals.
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Photos from Ron Paul in Spartanburg

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Wired: the worst tech magazine ever

At any rate, I gather that some people are cancelling their subscriptions to Wired because of this hit piece on Ron Paul. I wouldn't do that. Instead, I recommend that you cancel your subscription because the magazine is a pretentious waste of time and an embarrassment to the high tech community.
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Why I’m voting Ron Paul in 2008

Of the 18 Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls, Ron Paul is promising more than the other 17 put together. Everyone else is running on one or two issue platforms, like health care or ending the war or 9/11. Ron Paul has the entire Country in perspective. He’s the only candidate to use history to his advantage because he’s the only one in line with what it says. You truly can not find historical precedent for most of the positions of the other candidates. Ron Paul has cured my political apathy. He truly is “Hope for America.”
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This November 5th

A group of folks independent of the Ron Paul campaign have decided to redstateeclecticlead a day, dedicated to making a "big splash" from a fundraising standpoint. Their goal is to get 100,000 people to donate $100 each on November 5 to the Ron Paul Campaign.
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Philadelphia Rally

The site of the Ron Paul rally scheduled for Saturday, November 10 has rp2008had to be moved from Independence Mall to the Valley Forge Convention Center.
Numerous requirements have forced us to make the move, including an $80,000 to $140,000 price tag. This information was slow in coming, but it has arrived from the city, the unions, and the audio/visual rental companies of Philadelphia. In contrast, all previous rallies we’ve held, regardless of city, have cost between $5,000 and $9,000.
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Ron Paul Up 147% in 24 Hours!

Regardless of whether the mainstream media and the Republican National Committee like it, more and more people are hearing Ron Paul’s message of freedom every day. The latest proof comes from, where Dr. Paul’s book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship, is sitting in the 21st spot on their Movers & Shakers list today. The book increased 147% in the rankings, going from the 475th most popular book on Amazon to the 173rd. It’s currently #34 on their Nonfiction Bestseller’s list, and #13 on the list of top selling political books. Win or lose, I don’t see how anyone can still argue that Ron Paul can’t make a difference in American politics.
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Paul Aims To Increase Standing In N.H.

"This grassroots movement almost precedes the campaign," campaign wmurspokeswoman Kate Rick said. "We're in a position where we're having folks contact us for materials and signs. We're not like the other campaign, trying to find people to put these things out."
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The Creepy Liars at "Wired"

So "Wired" has been exposed as lying about non-existent Ron Paul-lewrockwell blogsupporting spammers. Even if they weren't lying, it should be pointed out that Ron's phenomenal fund-raising (and not just spending $60 million of his own money like Romney) would blow away Wired's insinuation that Ron's support is somehow contrived. As Jay Leno pointed out on his show, Ron is THIRD in fund-raising bucks, with many thousands of devoted donors. This is what drives lying little statist creeps like "Wired" editorialists to spew their online lies.
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10 Ways a Ron Paul Presidency Would Help Entrepreneurs

Republican candidate Ron Paul has been toted as the conservative Constitutionalist, a former doctor and longtime Congressman whose purist ideals have led him to pledge a scaled-back presence of the Federal government if he is elected president. How would this philosophy help entrepreneurs? While we’re not officially endorsing Dr. Ron Paul for president, we think these 10 issues would give entrepreneurs and their businesses an extra boost. Read on to find out how.
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Ron Paul quote found in the latest “Daily Reckoning”

“When you print that money, the value of that dollar has to go down and then one of the consequences of inflating the money will be higher prices. But there are a lot of other problems, too, with inflating; it causes financial bubbles and it causes a lot of economic distortions and unemployment…but inflation is very simple. When governments create new money out of thin air, you have inflation.”
November 01, 2007 Permalink corrected Ron Paul Spam story

It should be noted that Paul’s campaign has stated that it had nothing usa dailyto do with it and that it is possible that the spamming itself could have as easily of come from another campaign or anyone seeking to discredit DR. Paul.
While somebody without authorization may have spammed either on behalf of Ron Paul or in a futile attempt to injure his campaign. Several indicators suggest that Paul’s online and offline support is real.
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The Ron Paul Phenomenon

Presidential elections always have movement candidates that inspire politics in iowathe passion their more practical rivals sometimes find difficult. To have candidates focusing on hot-button issues like immigration or getting out of Iraq in 2007 is not surprising. But few predicted the phenomenon that is U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.
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Ron Paul — It's Real, Get Over It

I'll say it again—insisting that Ron Paul supporters are liberals in mother jonesdisguise, as members of the right are doing, is a particularly pathetic blend of paranoia and denial, and it's only going come back to bite them in the rear. There is something real about Ron Paul (maybe it's the fact that Paul, as Frank Luntz says, is the candidate "the most likely to look at the camera during the debates and say, 'Hey, Washington, f____ you.'") that has tapped into the energy and enthusiasm of a bunch of voters that are internet-savvy, willing to donate, and politically educated. That's a group Republicans ought to be courting, not ostracizing.
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The Ron Paul Revolution is apparently translating to book sales today. msnbcPaul’s book, “A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship,” has moved to No. 22 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list. His book sales have jumped from No. 594 to No. 294 -- a 102% increase -- in the past 24 hours.
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Fox News Caught Censoring Ron Paul Supporters

The man directing the cameramen said specifically not to capture Ron national expositorPaul supporters in the crowd. The bald Gentleman seems to respond "Ok, people eating and No Ron Paul" after the order is given.
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Rudy Giuliani Paid Wired to DISCREDIT Ron Paul

An interesting clip alleging that the Giuliani campaign paid Wired Blog Network to publish an article accusing Ron Paul of using advanced spamming techniques to win online polls.
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Yah - So I Like This Ron Paul Guy

I have been following presidential candidate Ron Paul for a few months now. I have to admit that I have never been moved by a presidential candidate or even an election more than I am this time around. No-one ever seemed to make much of a difference to me, at least while I have been at age to care. I feel that until now, no politician has ever showed the honesty and signs of true patriotism more than that of Congressman Ron Paul.
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Paul Is Only GOP Candidate Who Can Handle Iraq Issue in Fall Campaign

Ron Paul knows that, and is currently the only Republican candidate huntington newswilling to declare the war in Iraq a poorly-conceived, poorly-executed botch. For this, the other Republican candidates try to make Paul out to be the strange one in their midst. Reason has oftentimes been met with just such a reaction.
The other Republican candidates, so in love with this strange, unpredictable war, had better watch just how far they go in poking fun at Ron Paul's call for an end to the Iraq War. Why?
Because when they ridicule Congressman Paul on that issue, they are also calling into question the judgment of 70% of Americans being polled about the war these days.
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Ron Paul ads working in New Hampshire

Ron Paul is polling as high as 11% in selected regions of NH. Ron Paul should be feared by the leading contenders in New Hampshire. His message is strong, he fully indicates what he supports, and his campaign is growing faster than anybody else’s.
November 01, 2007 Permalink runs with article casting dispersions of use of botnets by Ron Paul campaign

Of course in an effort to cast dispersions on the Ron Paul campaign or it’s supporters had to run with the article. It seems to me to also be an attempt to show, by implication, that Shill, err, Shawn Hannity isn’t certifiable. The foxnews article entitled “Ron Paul Supporters May Be Using ‘Botnets‘” follows:
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Ron Paul Revolution -Turn Up the VOLUME!!!

Revolution never comes with a warning.
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Radio host says Christians voting for non-Christians unbiblical

Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is a faithless stance.
Christians who take their faith seriously should look for a candidate whose values reflect Biblical teaching. It seems like a simple concept really.
Ron Paul is obviously a much better candidate. He actually has a record that proves his concern for the issues Christians claim to care about.
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